• I have some amazing ideas for quality of life and content updates.

    Burying Treasure

    One of the things that always bugged me is that I am unable to save treasure.

    Sometimes I have something urgent to do in the sea of real life and am unable to sell treasure before I get off. I believe we need to be able to bury treasure on an island and be able to get of quickly. So long as we come back within a 3 days of burying the treasure, we can dig it up again and sell it (Barring chests of rage).

    The server we buried it on, however, will still have the treasure, meaning other players could still potentially steal the loot!


    I know I know, dragons seem a bit much but hey, the Ashen Dragon is named after something, isn't it?

    Dragons should appear as extremely rare events, but drop valuable dragon chests and scales. The should have similar mechanics to the Megalodon(the difference being that the fly, of course). They could circle the ship and occasionally spit fire, putting holes in the ship. Every time the dragons health drops to a certain level, it will fly over and land on the mast, breathing fire at the helm before flying away and breaking the mast in the process. Unlike the Megalodon, the dragon won't stop attacking within title card distance of an island.

    Dragon Types.

    • Regular Dragon
      The most common type of dragon and the easiest to defeat.
    • Ashen Dragon
      Only found in the Devils Roar, slightly harder to defeat. Will occasionally spit flaming rocks.
    • Storm Dragon
      Only found when close to(or in) a storm. Spits lightning instead of fire (Lightning has appearance difference only).
    • Spectral Dragon
      Ghastly dragon pulled from the Sea of the Damned. I actually don't know where/how this one would be used(probably something only found near Flameheart's Fleet).
    • Blood Dragon
      The hardest to defeat, only found near the Devils Shroud(Aka The edge of the map). Spits Blood Colored Fire.


    There should be a few more skeleton types, some with new abilities, others just re-skins.

    • Burning Blade Skeletons
      The Elite Cohort of FlameHeart. Fear them! Much better fighters than normal Skellies- Probably Quest-only Skeletons.
    • Storm Skulls
      Electrified skeletons, player will take Lightning damage whenever he/she hits them . Can only be safely destroyed at a distance. (only encountered near storm, in or out of fort).
    • Banshees
      *Screams at players, knocking them into the sea, rare encounter at forts.
    • Skeleton soldiers
      Skeletons with helmets, a degree of armour. Just a re-skin of skeletons at skeleton forts
    • Karma Skeletons
      Will spawn on the deck of a ship that sunk another ship unprovoked, hinders repairs. 5-20 will spawn depending on ship type.
    • Tiki Skellies
      Re-skin for normal skeletons, will appear in the Wilds.

    New Cannonball

    A new cannonball idea I had.
    You ever wish skeletons would board you? Well now's you're not so lucky day. A new cannon ball can be used by boneheads and players alike. The Skull ball will spawn 3-6 skellies on your deck depending on ship type.

    That's it, I hope you like and use some of these ideas!

  • You simply should not be able to swing at me while I'm at full health or eating meat and kill me with a few swipes while just moving forward and spamming your attack button. The sword was perfectly fine in my opinion before they ever updated it after Shroud update. Now it is so easy a first week player watches YouTube and realizes, move forward, spam attack with sword. There is absolutely no skill involved in using cutlass anymore whatsoever. So in any fight you're ever in now, you may as well never use anything but blunder and sword, because you're most likely going to get sword spammed out of your mind before you can do ANYTHING in ANY fight. It's ignorant that it only takes four swipes to kill, it's ignorant that it practically has no cool down rate after a swing. Fix the cutlass, or you're most likely just going to keep losing the fa base you have worked so hard to develop. Nobody wants to stick around for a PvP game that can't figure out proper melee combat balance.

  • Greetings, Pirates and Lubbers alike!
    Deckhand Lootin' Lizalaroo here!

    I am back with your next mission.......

    Winner of this competition will receive a code for the Obsidian six pack plus bonus this week..... The Obsidian Capstan!

    Your mission?? Should you choose to accept it?

    Let's see yer best 'All Aboard the Skeleton Ship' screenshot!

    To add you screenshot, upload it to a photo hosting site (like Imgur) then copy/paste the link straight into your post leaving a blank line between imgur link and your text.

    There is only ONE winner regardless of how many are in your pic. You post it, you’re in with a winning chance :)
    Note that only your first screenshot will be accepted, all others will be ignored and it must be posted in the competition thread. Please make sure screenshots taken are your own.
    Deckhands decision on the winning screenshot is final.
    Code will be DM'ed to the winner so please remember to keep an eye out for a direct message on the forums :D

    Entries will be taken up until Monday 6th July at 4PM BST
    May the best Pirate win!

    Lootin' Lizalaroo

  • Sugiro ter 2 lados para podermos escolher... nós temos a Athena’s Fortune , mas também poderíamos ter a Miséria de Hades ou algo do tipo, Onde seria o reverso de Athena’s Fortune, esses dois lados adicionariam muito ao gameplay , exemplos: Novas Lorotas , Novas Companhias e Novas Missões , além de proporcionar uma certa rivalidade, que é algo necessário em um jogo de Piratas como o Sea Of Thieves

  • Hello Pirates!

    Now that there are ghostly fleets sailing the Seas, we are running a competition on our Creator Crew Forum for all our creative community.

    With ghostly fleets terrorising pirates on the seas, what better time to kick off another creator competition and this time we want to see your epic Clutch moments! Whether you swoop in and destroy an attacking vessel or you get that perfectly timed bucket to save your own, we want to see it!
    So, get your creative hats back on and get creating!

    Welcome to the ‘Clutch’ Competition:

    Competition Submission Guidelines can be found here.
    Competition Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    • Must be in video format
    • Minimum 720p
    • No longer than 2 minutes long
    • Must be uploaded to YouTube
    • Must be submitted on the Creator Crew “Competition” forum
    • Must contain clutchtastic plays

    How to Enter
    • Click on the "Add Content" button in the top right of this post
    • Enter a brief description
    • Enter your YouTube video link
    • Enter the "creator-crew" tag
    • Select "Competition Time" as the Category
    • Click the "Share this Content" button

    The Competition:
    Time Frame: June 26th (15:00 GMT) to July 31st (23:59pm GMT)
    Xbox One Controller with Sea of Thieves Creator Crew branding

    Winner Announced: August 7th 2020 on Socials

    If you want to post things that don't match the above requirements please use the "Strut your stuff" channel, we may periodically remove videos that excessively don't meet the requirements, for example, 10-minute videos.

    Our 5 favourite videos will qualify for internal judgment within Rare for the winner.

    Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you all create!

  • I start from the fact that I think this game is one of the most original in this gen, you made a great job with the world, musics.. but if you would like to make it better and longevous you should focus on some things that in my opinion are essential (this is the aim of the forum, listen to the players..).
    I looked for many opinions of other players around the world and here I will mention some topics that you should work on because still didn't improve:
    1- Gameplay system
    I've never found a game so slow like SOT, you can spend all day playing and finally you can loose everything, so you could give the possibility to have a storage crate at the beginning of the session (also buying it at merchant, not for free) to avoid the players have to spend 20 min making supplies each session; when carring the chests or any treasure, please give the same higher speed in run/swim or at least give the option to carry 2 objects in one time (a skull and a key for example...we have 2 hands right??)

    2- Fighting system (PVP)
    This is really embarrassing, there is a great lack of fluidity and speed in movements and this frustrate during the fights, also some different kind of attacks would be appreciated.

    3- Pc and Xbox players
    I'm sure that this issue has been mentioned a lot before my feedback but you need to solve this problem or at least try to fill the gap of speed and precision between pc players an xbox players. I know xbox players can play with mouse and keyboard but there is still a big difference, too big. If an xbox player has a friend on pc and they want to play togheter, the first one will never be enough competitive in pvp and this causes only frustration beacause there is no chance to win fights.

    I'm a player that has been playing videogames since 25 years now... I think as an "old player" I know which are some important elements that make a game funny, there is few sense to me when you focus on change colors of clothes or animals during the updates, when there are big lacks to fix that seems you are not willing to change.

    This is also true, many players complained for the lack of variety in terms of adventures, quests, enemies (just an example, why all the megs act the same? It would be interesting that each meg, like different in color, could have different kind of attacks, to give them...personality; or the kraken...the biggest monster, the poorest loot in the game..why?!)

    The story of videogames, as we all know, teach us that the graphics or the variety of the gameplay can lack sometimes and a game can still be funny, but when a game doesn't allow you to moove or control your character as you want, you don't even enjoy all the rest, even if beautiful...you just get angry and loose the desire to play...

    This is not my only experience, I know many other players, which are your customers, who agree with the concepts I wrote here.

    I hope that with the next update Rare will start a little change in this direction. If you'll start doing it, you will have even more success than you already have with this game.
    Wish you a good work and hope to see some changes that make people willing to play SOT, which has a great potential.

  • Hi!
    When the Ships of Fortune update came out, the sword was buffed from 20% hp/slash to 25% hp/slash, making it a 4 hit kill. Ever since this update, many people I met on the seas complained about spamming the cutlass, and how its too OP. I, personally, didn't have that many issues with this, although i think the cutlass needs a little bit of rebalance, so here's my idea:

    The cutlass has a three-hit combo, right? What if the first slash did 15, the second slash did 25, and the third slash did 35 damage? This way, the overall damage of a three-slash combo would remain the same, but you would need to land 5 hits on an enemy (assuming you can combo your hits) to send him/her to the Ferry. This change would encourage people to combo the sword with a flintlock, meaning this weapon would get an indirect buff.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  • Ahoy ye scurvy dogs!
    I really love this game, but I have a hole in my heart for more monstrosity, hence my idea: Leviathan the great sea serpent. It could be a raid type of event, like the fort of the damned. To summon the great beast, you would have to sacrifice 3 megalodon meats (as it is the leviathan’s favourite feast) at a certain, predetmined spot. Once it has been summoned, its location could also appear on the map, so other players could join the fun. The encounter itself, would consist of the Leviathan’s body making a circle around your ship, trapping you in an “arena” where you have to fight yourself free. Abilities would include a kraken type bash with its tail, depositioning your ship, biting a good chunk out of your boat, and even breathing fire to ensure maximal chaos on board. It certainly would take a great deal of trickery, thievery and piratery to slay this legendary monster!

  • A crew of 4 is nice but what about people who actually have a lot of friends? Could their be a new arena game mode like...idk...fleet wars? Oh! Better idea! Guilds (fleets)! You can make your own banners, ship paints, customizations galore!

    Added to this we need to ability to identify what server we are on so I can alliance with my friends in other crews. I get people dont have a lot of friends that play the same games but there is huge portion of your gaming population that have more then three friends that want to raid and plunder! Imagine the battles that could be had with 3 fleets of ships going at it!

    And optimization shouldnt be a problem anymore with the release of unreal engine 5! Even then....I'm sure you can manage a fleet of 3 4man crews or ships =12 pirates wont be hard to handle with today's tech. Hell, I know you're using the windows online services and they scale to what you need!

    So, what are your thoughts.

    Fleets (guilds)
    More customization
    New arena mode (Fleet Wars!)
    Besides skeletons (you have some creative variants) but what about crab people, spirits, mega boars or massive snakes!

    I love the idea of the game, and love the game in general. Just wish I could play with my community or make it easier to link up in servers to make alliances!

  • Been playing Arena and it’s fun, but too difficult to earn 20 wins for the third Achievement: FIGUREHEAD OF COURAGE.

    We haven’t won a single match let alone 20 matches.

    The goal should be 5 matches or tops 10, but definitely not 20.

  • Today after finally getting into Arena because it is extremely bugged out and is really hard to get in an actual match for, I was met by some Arena players who killed maybe two players, and maybe fired four shots at a ship that had people on it. They won. No chests. No kills. No cannons. And you know why? Because sometimes the ships that have no people on them still spawn, this allows for players to bucket and keep them alive and just farm them for points. When I actually engaged with these players after fighting the entire rest of the server, they were hot garbage at PvP but because of this exploitative technique they could win. I was in another round with them where they only went for chests too. They were able to just run from people, luckily that round the entire server was on them pretty much, and I won, and they couldn't escape the PvP. But the fact you can farm empty ships and PvE in the PvP mode essentially is so infuriating. They literally put no effort in, they just farmed a ship and then ran the entire rest of the match. Some ideas to fix this are 1. I noticed the empty ship was empty in the Other Crews section before we were actually put into the match, that means the game knew it was empty, but because of the function where you can rejoin previous matches the ship didn't go away. Rejoining previous matches on an empty ship should NOT be an option. The ship should go away and scuttle immediately. If they had another team mate however they should be able to rejoin, as there is somebody there. But if they are starting late enough to the point where their ship has been sitting their for five minutes, they've practically lost anyway, make the ship scuttle. Or if you keep the option, the ship can just spawn back in when they rejoin. 2. You should not be able to bucket or repair enemy ships in Arena, this will prevent people from farming these empty ships if somehow the first option is a definite no.

  • I'm tired of being the only one to angle, set, and steer. I'm also tired of being the only one that can communicate in chat. Please have common sense.If you know how to do both add me on xbox. ITZ CODE412

  • Ahoy Matees,

    Due to Covid-19 I was looking to raise some money for NHS or another charity still TBD! What I was thinking of doing is a 24 hour gaming marathon/stream next Saturday and I was looking for 3 other crew mates to run this with. The plan is to start Saturday the 9th at 12am(BST) and run all things Sea of Thieves for the 24hr duration! I will be setting up a page for people to donate once I have a crew/finalised a charity!

    Drop me a message if interested!

    See you on the seas,


  • Sea of Thieves Books of Lore


    You can bury your earned treasure, hand in your Book of Lore and make double the money.

    The General Idea

    So everyone that played the game lost some treasure and they usually want it back.

    On the Defender's Side: This will add a new mechanic which increases the amount of gold you can get plus if you lose your treasure it will give you more time to get it back from the people who sunk you.

    On the Attacker's Side: This will possibly allow the Defending team to stockpile on loot for you to steal.

    The Specifics

    So you've amassed a significant hoard and would like more than what the Gold Hoarder's have to offer. With this update a new faction 'The Lore Keepers' would sell you a Lore book (similar to TT books) but with blank pages for you to shape your legacy. With the treasure you already have, you will receive an extended adventure where you'll have to bury your treasure once more but this time it is signed under your name! Once you take your treasure to a designated island which is determined by the Book of Lore you can bury one piece of treasure in there. If you do so, the Book of Lore generates an 'X marks the spot' map on the first page of your Book of Lore and it creates a new 'Blank Page' with instructions on where you can dig your next piece of treasure. Once you're done digging all of your treasures, you can hand in your Book of Lore to gain double the amount of gold for every buried piece of treasure.

    Unfortunately on your way back a mighty sloop outsmarted your crew and sunk you, stealing your precious book of treasures. They now have the chance to steal everything that you've buried, but they'd have to dig them back up again! Since you and your crew buried them in the first place, you will now have an advantage on the knowledge side of things. You can either go back and attack them, hide in an island you know where there's a really good piece of treasure, or you can wait at the nearest outpost for an all out war.


    On the visual side of things the Book of Lore can change visually as follows by burying treasure based on these factors:

    Gold Based

    0-2500: Plain Weathered, Leatherbound Journal

    2501-5000: Sturdy Leatherbound Journal that deserves a slap

    5001-10,000: Black Journal with Golden Adorments etc.

    10k1g-20k: Skeletal Journal with emeralds and golden teeth.

    20k1g-100k: Black Ashen Journal with flaming gems all around (Similar to the Magma's Grail)

    100k1g-500k: Ghost Journal similar to Athena gear. (If you want to add a serious fear factor, make this level and beyond trackable like the FotD key)

    500k1g-1mil: A Book of Lore that resembles the design of the Wonderous Box of Secrets, maybe can also have a chipped off piece from the Shrouded Ghost.

    Treasure Based

    Initial: Plain Weathered, Leatherbound Journal

    If you have any loot: Sturdy Leatherbound Journal that deserves a slap

    If you have any fort loot: Skeletal Journal with emeralds and golden teeth.

    If you have any Athena chests buried: Ghost Journal similar to Athena gear.

    If you have any Reaper chests buried: A slick Black Journal with a few Skeletal runes on it resembling the Reaper chests. (If you want to add a serious fear factor, make this level trackable like the FotD key)

    (The issue for the treasure based visuals is I have no idea which visual should be prominent over which)

    This update wouldn't be a Mega-Update, instead it would be a Fort of the Damned scale of an update.

    If you've read this far, thanks and I hope you liked the idea. Please considering commenting your thoughts and sharing a link to this thread for more people to chip in their thoughts.

    Also upvote the post!

  • Rare go back on my data and watch in Arena, you will see this player use aimbot and an extra health buff somehow, said player constantly one shot at any range said with a blunderbuss. Spent two rounds with player. Any other sailors on the high seas please be cautious of this player. I am new to this game. I love it. I don't want ppl like that hurting it.
    If I was any good I'd kill him on sight but i somehow dont think a galleon with a four man will beat a cheater.


  • The fort of the damned is a great idea and definitely brings a challenge for all players, however the issue with it is that once activated it just becomes a regular fort for all players to attack. This shouldn't be the case. One crew has decided to take it upon themselves to gather all the lanterns and to find a ritual skull in order to start the fort. Me and my crew did this, defeated the final boss only to have other players swoop in and sink us to take all the loot, not only that but throughout the fort we had 2 other ships attempt to attack us so we blew all our resources on them. The fort of the damned should be a private fort that a crew can attack without the stress of other players, the challenge then should lie within sailing to an outpost to sell where the protection is no longer available and they're not invisible on the map due to the Reapers bounty that you collect from the vault. To balance things out you could maybe make it harder to activate the fort but to add such a valuable thing to the game that requires players to activate it and then make it a public occurrence is very unfair to the crew that went through the effort (such as myself) and then to loose it all due to some players who were waiting for us to finish it.

  • For the past 3 days me and my buddy have been getting screwed every time we play the game. 3 days in a row. 1st day in the span of 3 hours twice we got triple attacked by kraken, megladon and skelly galleon. Even with over 200 wood and cannons we were savagely beaten. I have been attacked by 3 player ships at a time and stood a better chance. We were destroyed in less than 5 minutes. The boat had every possible hole in it and even bailing couldn't help us.we lost all the treasure and trophy fish we were gonna turn in to get the commendation. This happened twice. Last night on a brig we were playing with a friend and telling them about our bad luck. As we were finished at molten sand the volcano starts erupting. I jokingly said "oh we should see the kraken,meg, and skelly ship. POW! JUST LIKE THAT! sunk in 2 minutes as we got hit from every side all at once while being rained on by volcano. Who's toxic? How about next time the rare guys do one of their weekly videos they recreate this scenario and show us what's the best thing to do. No seriously please make this happen. Because if 3 level 10 PL can't survive it who can? I really wanna see. Also why dont you take a break from adding new bombs and stuff and work on fixing all the bugs. Because I'm really getting tired of being beaten because of stupid game glitches while some kid is messaging me get good newb. ![alt text](image url)

  • I feel that the game would have a better experience for players who have played for a while a new boss to let the players fight something new. I feel with your ocean crawler set you could make a boss out of it maybe a big crab that grabs the bottom over your boat and sends smaller crabs to kill the players and maybe it could use its claws to poke trough the hull and the player has to cut the leg and make it take its leg out. This may not seem like a good idea but wish you could add another open sea boss that makes the game a bit of a challenge or just a new experience. Have a nice day

  • It has been two years and all we have seen are a couple new cannonballs. Rare wants to promote combat so they add new items hoping that people will fight over them, but nobody does... if you want combat then new weapons would definitely do the trick. Not new cannonballs, that isn't going to change anything. When the game first released, ALL the combat was new and people fought everywhere because everyone was learning to use everything. A new weapon like a spear would open up so many new confrontations. We really REALLY need a new weapon. There is no way I'm the only one that feels this way.

  • Currently finding a game in galleon arena seems nearly impossible.

    Are people still playing it?
    What can I do? I'm playing with 4 and we're searching the whole sea.
    Do I have to search XBOX only?
    How long do I need to wait?
    Do other matches need to let out before we can join, or even get into a tavern?

    What are we doing wrong?

  • I realized the problem I have with Sea of Thieves. I haven't played this game in over 6 months and it really breaks my heart. New content is always being added but the same problem that has been since launch is still there. There's no progression. Absolutely nothing. You can gain level and get access to new cosmetics but the gameplay still doesn't change. You dont get any special weapons that other players dont have or anything, just some lame cosmetic to slap on your ship or character to "one-over" them to show how "scary" you are. They need to stop with this "equal playing field" junk. The whole point of an open world progression game is that you build up to getting better equipment, but everyone has the exact same stuff. I know they want everyone to be on the same playing field, but it's exactly what is killing the game for so many people. Every encounter is so predictable because every crew has the same weapons. It's so boring. This really needs to change for me to get back into the game. They even said themselves that there aren't enough people fighting and they keep trying to implement new things to go after that will cause people to fight, but it still isn't working. If they just cut the junk and make actual progression with advanced equipment for higher levels then it would bring so many new ways to fight other players.

    I am once again reminded of the horrible community this game holds. Every post I have ever made on here is shot down because nobody is open to new ideas anymore. I guess everyone just wants the same old garbage and doesn't want anything new. Rare says they are putting in "new and interesting" ways to play, but one new voyage doesn't change a dang thing. I am not saying that skill isn't necessary in a fight, I'm saying that the same old weapons gets BORING. Every game that has combat is ALWAYS adding new weapons. New cannonballs won't cut it. We need a new weapon to make things fun. And I am saying that you don't get anything but experience from leveling up, which just is NOT worth it. But I guess that a new hat every month is enough for you soyboys.

  • What do you all think about having a third player name color for those you are in an alliance with? We have white for “enemy”, green for your crew, maybe add yellow for allies. This way you know what players you’re actually in an alliance with, and which ones are infiltrating. Now, as someone who does/has infiltrated I will say being able to blend in is nice. Hence me just seeing what the community thinks!

  • Greetings, Pirates and Lubbers alike!
    Deckhand Lootin' Lizalaroo here!

    It's that time again when us Deckhands bring you the next Guess for Gold Competition!

    Read on to find out what stat we want you to guess this week!

    How Many Skellies were killed in the past 24 hours ( February 5th - February 6th)?

    (Guesses between 3,000,000 and 4,000,000 - Additional details below)

    Grand Prize

    • 10,000 Gold Pieces & 30 Doubloons (in-game currencies)
    • Sea of Thieves 'Spinal' Figurehead (cosmetic code)

    How does it work?
    It's actually quite simple! Every week will bring with it a new Sea of Thieves statistic and your challenge is to try and guess the total amount. Once you've thought of your answer, post your guess in the comments below.

    Example - How Many Shrouded Ghosts Defeated in the past 24 hours?
    Guess Example - (Probably) 0 but who knows lol...

    Entries will be taken up until Monday 10th February at 4PM BST

    Note that only your first guess will be accepted, and it must be posted in the competition thread.

    Win Conditions
    The weeks winner will be selected from the following:

    Correct (or Nearest) Guess -
    The pirate to guess a number closest to the answer will win the grand prize of Gold, Doubloons and a Sea of Thieves Cosmetic Code for their account on Sea of Thieves!

    You can also check out the Official Guess for Gold Terms & Conditions on our website: https://www.seaofthieves.com/guessforgold

    That's all from us for now, so get your piratey thinking caps on and good luck!

    Lootin' Lizalaroo

  • There has always been something missing on the seas that I feel I have come up with a solution to, competitive PvE content. What I propose is a "season" of about 3 months where there are actually quite difficult puzzles for players to solve, ones that will take a lot of thought and aren't straight-up pointed out in the riddle. There could be about 4 different long chains of things to do which at the end of each you receive a commendation or a medal or something which saves you to that checkpoint. That gives a place to shoot for in-case players need to leave, as well as each of the chains could maybe come out each after a week to allow some to catch up. These don't have to be all riddles, other aspects of the game could be incorporated as well. Now the competitive portion comes in, at the end of the entire chain there would be a single chest which would unlock extremely rare cosmetics, im thinking of like flaming swords, wispy ghost face paints, things with very detailed art which people would want to hunt for, and the kicker would be that only the first 100 or so people can get it. This creates urgency. For the end of each chain the first 100 to finish each part of the chain would receive like a leg up, like say they get an hour or so head-start for the next chain to be fair for people who are ahead of the game and who want to finish first. You could even add in a special color palate for like the first crew or something as well. There is also room to add in PvP in some way, but make getting sunk not the end and doesnt restart you.

  • I suggest adding a new mode for Arena called "Fleet Clash." In this mode you'll have two teams of ships go head to head in a competition to secure a control zone that will periodically move positions. Points will also be earned for kills of either whole ships or individual pirates.

    Teams will consist of all three ship types, one type for each team. The crews will have the ability to either queue for the ship of their choice, or be fitted into whichever ship needs more crew. Crews without enough deck hands will have the option of opening their ship to other pirates for mid game joining.

  • I feel there needs to be more piracy related commendations for adventure mode. Give players more reason to make attempts to steal items. I know a few of the mercenary voyages have theft commendations, but there needs to be more.

    Maybe add theft commendations that are vendor specific:
    Gold Hoarder Privateer: Grades I-V
    Order of Souls Privateer: Grades I-V
    Merchant Alliance Privateer: Grades I-V
    Hunters Call Privateer: Grades I-V
    Athena's Fortune Privateer: Grades I-V

    Maybe add special daily voyages that require the reapers mark. Make the reward good, but risky.

    As far as how much should be stolen via value in gold I'm not sure, but as a whole its an idea.

    Yes obviously there will also be necessary activities to encourage people to actually collect items. With this obviously we need more gold sinks via cosmetics, or other things...

    *Ship trade ins
    -Allow players to maintain their place in a server and use the shipwright to scuttle their current ship in favor of spawning a different ship class, up or down. Make the cost significant in gold.

    *Buy storage crates
    -Allow players the option to buy a storage crate from a vendor at an outpost. Have this crate come loaded with 40 cannonballs, 15 planks, and 16 bananas. Have the cost be high, but reasonable. I feel this would help to not only make a player feel that their gold has more value and reduce the labor needed to collect items from barrels at islands. A storage crate is very handy when taking the stock off an island.

  • The sniper needs to be HEAVILY nerfed. Combat makes me so mad because you never feel like a pirate. It feels like you are playing a first person shooter game because everyone just uses a stupid sniper. Even with the huge nerf to hip fire accuracy, people still just scope down the lines and use it like a shotgun. It completely ruins the feel of combat and destroys the image of what a pirate it. In arena I can't even spawn in because someone camping just shoots me once and then one sword slash and I'm dead. This is not at all how combat should be. I already know that so many people are gonna shoot down my idea because that's just how toxic this community is, but I don't care.

  • This game is long overdue for some new combat, and adding new cannonball just ain't going to cut it. You wonder why nobody fights anymore and it's because the combat is broken and too repetitive. Everyone just uses snipers like it is a call of duty game, and ship combat is just going in circles for an hour. We need better ways to ensure that ship combat is fun and fast paced. If we had something like docking hooks that hooked the masts together then the two crews could jump from ship to ship and fight. It is just way too boring going in circles trying to land hits. And for hand-to-hand combat, we REALLY need a new melee weapon. Something like a spear or axe would just be so refreshing. Combat is one of this games main focus yet it is so repetitive and boring.

  • So lately I've been thinking about this, and I'd say this would be a great idea to add to the game as another gamemode, like Arena. How it would work: The players spawn on an island, X amount of players depending on the size of the island. For instance, spawn ~8 players on islands like Crooks Hollow, or ~5 players on islands like Snake Island. The players get 10-15 minutes to fight and kill as many enemy players as possible, with kind of the same point system used in Arena, but only receiving points for damaging/killing enemy players. If possible, you could add X-Marks-The-Spot maps, and when you dig on the X, you receive a small amount of points, but it has to be much less than the points from damaging/killing enemy players, so the gamemode won't turn into another PvE gamemode. I would say killing someone gives one 10pts, and when it comes to damaging players i'd say every 1/10th of the health bar = 1pt. The X-Marks-The-Spot maps could probably give the player ~2-3pts per X. It would also be an idea to let everyone spawn with 5 Coconuts, or at least some healing. So when you die, you respawn with full ammo and food. It could also be an idea to place more ammo boxes on islands for this gamemode, as there will be a lot of gunfights. Personally I would love to see ~10 players fighting on K12, the Arena island in the center of the map, because there's just so much vertical difference in the island.