• I feel it would be cool for there to be a house or class like system where you can pick between gold horders, souls, and merchant (or maybe 3 new houses with appropriate pirate like names). I feel this will allow for some friendly pirate rivalry and give your character a sense of identity. Each house could also have a exclusive weapon. Like maybe one had an exclusive sniper and drum while the next had an exclusive blunderbuss and accordion. Maybe even a title could also be cool and each house could have exclusive commendations.



    Founded in July of 2018, The Pirate Council started with long standing communities found on the Sea of Thieves Forum. Since its inception TPC has grown to form a larger coalition of several organizations within the Sea of Thieves Community. We all share a common passion for the game.

    The TPC presents a united front providing events, knowledge and assistance to the Sea of Thieves community. With people from around the world bringing different perspectives, skills and insight, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our own community members and the larger Sea of Thieves Community. General goals are to better the community through interaction with each other, and showcasing positive PvP/PvE events that we hold (like En Garde, Skull Ball, Grand Odyssey Etc) as well as our public outreach on Social Media and the Sea of Thieves Forum.


    Our vision is to unite as many communities as possible under one name while maintaining a group of respectful, honorable, and truthful members that will provide the highest level of professionalism within The Pirate Council. These individual representatives will work within the alliance, using our discord server to communicate and work with each other to meet our combined goals of development or community behavior and events. It will be a priority to ensure that our allied community is a safe and entertaining place to be competitive and support member’s endeavors both in public outreach and community events.


    We the community leaders of the Sea of Thieves, in order to establish a method of communication between all fleets and communities free from any bias, promote the general welfare of both the game and its community in a healthy, positive and respectful manner; and adhere to the very principle of equality between all. The members of the Pirate Council, are committed to excellence in providing a positive impact on the Sea of Thieves community through our PvP/PvE events using multi-fleet/individual cooperation, our public outreach on the Sea of Thieves forum, as well as our Social Media Platforms.

    TPC Logo

    Are you a streamer or do you represent group interested in joining The Pirate Council? Please leave us a message below with some information about you, and we will be in touch with you.

    Current Groups, Members, and Contacts.

    Blackwater Bucaneers - @Reavantos-x
    DADS Pirates - @DreamingNomad
    Dread Pirates - @DreadPirateDoug
    Fleet of Assasins - @CAPTAINxTRIDENT
    Fortune Union - @SirioNDB
    I.D.I.O.T.S - @Commander-Qball
    Iron Fleet - @PrinceOfPromise
    Jolly Badgers - @Krotukk
    Kingdom of Eoland - @Eredhar
    Old Salts - @Musicmee
    Rogue Legends - @CodeName-Jenova
    Steve Irwin's Revenge - @Remarka6le

    Casters & Streamers


    Follow Us On YouTube!

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    Follow Us On Twitter!

    TPC Wax Stamp

  • Ive had times where I wish i could get into the game and send some kind of mass message to all other ships on the server simultaneously where ever they are across the sea. maybe suggesting a server alliance, or help with an achievement or commendation needing multi crews.

    This would solve the common issue of ships not being close enough to use the speaker horn as well as them sailing away the moment they spot you from so far away its ridiculous to try and catch them.

    IDK how it is on PC but for Xbox this is my dilemma.

    So.. the IDEA would be a "Carrier pigeon" themed utility
    there could be a box on the masts posits the ladder or somewhere else since the mechanics for repairing the masts is in the way but IDK i think it would be helpful instead of tracking each individual ship most sailing away or blowing you to bits before you can even start conversation.
    and Im aware a way to do this is the ferry
    but again Im simply saying it would be a cool convenient don't have to die first and wait, feature to have.

  • ⚠️ Communauté ⚠️
    ☠ Black's Mermaid ☠

    ▶️ Présentation ◀️
    Black's Mermaid est une communauté souhaitant rassembler un groupe de personneq recherchant les mêmes valeurs et les mêmes idées sur Sea Of Thieves.

    La communauté comporte beaucoup de membres avec lesquels vous jouerez sûrement.

    Ces personnes sont la pour plusieurs raisons :

    ➡️ La recherche d'une équipe, de nouveaux amis ou d'aventure .
    ➡️ La recherche d'une communauté francophone
    ➡️La recherche de rôle play, d'événement organisé, de compétition, de gameplay posé

    Il y'a un staff à l'écoute qui propose des événements avec des cadeaux à la clé ou des formations pour les débutants.

    ▶️ Critère de recrutement ◀️

    • Tout le monde accepté (Débutant, Expert...etc)

    • Préférence +18 ans (-18 accepté si mature)

    • Micro obligatoire

    • Application Discord

    • Fiche pirate à faire par un admin à l'arrivé sur le serveur.
      Spécialisations par la suite (Canonnier, Fusiller, Duelliste..etc)

    • Importance du respect d'autrui

    ▶️ Informations supplémentaires ◀️
    Cette communauté à été crée pour rassembler le plus de personnes possible voulant jouer tranquillement sans prise de tête ou de joueurs perturbateurs.
    Le serveur discord est utilisé pour chercher des matelots pour votre équipage, chaque matelots à des spécialisations, selon ce que vous recherchez vous pourrez trouvez votre bonheur !
    Venez en privé pour plus d'informations

  • sep galeone 2.0

    Good morning to all pirates,
    for those of you who don't know us, we are Sea of Thieves Italia, a community of Italian Sea of Thieves players. We have a very active Discord Server on which we have been organizing numerous events for a long time and we propose activities to involve players both in the game and in the community.
    In particular, we are very proud of the private Crews/Clan system that we have created. The members really like the Role Play environment created between the different crews and the pirate atmosphere that has resulted from it.
    The recent introduction of a fictitious currency inside the Server has improved things even more, involving more and more pirates in our adventure.

    But we are not here to advertise, on the contrary we are here to put on the table a proposal that we believe could be useful to the whole international community of Sea of Thieves.

    As some of you may already know, platforms like Discord allow you to create BOTs that improve and facilitate interations and daily life on the portal, adding features and upgrades.
    It is thanks to these BOTs that we were able to create the Crews/Clans system and the internal economy of the server.
    To make these BOTs, developers need to provide APIs that allow programs to receive the information they need. Many games have made these APIs available so that you can collect some game data such as GT, factions levels, hours of play, achievements, single achievement progression for each faction etc.
    This data would allow the creation of infinite features for those like us who care about this game and want to see it grow with their community.

    However, Sea of Thieves doesn't offer these APIs to date, and it's very difficult for us to create something interactive with the game.

    Currently, the only possible way is to access a paid service that, however, only provides very little information about the players and only concerning the Xbox achievements and not directly Sea of Thieves.

    What we propose to developers is that they can make APIs available so that realities like ours can use them to create and develop features for external platforms such as Discord and engage players even more.

    • We can give an example:

    Within our server we give a role Legendary Pirate lvl 10 to all those who achieve this goal in the game.
    At the moment the only way to do it is to have a screenshot sent with the levels of Athena and assign the role manually. As you can certainly understand, this type of process becomes complex when you have large communities like ours (almost 4000 users).
    With the API instead it would be possible for example to configure a BOT that, when a user becomes PL lvl 10, is able to automatically assign the role of Pirate Legendary lvl 10 in the Discord server by making a simple verification of the player's information through the use of the API provided.

    We would like to conclude by specifying that the API would not allow in any way to create cheats or anything like that, but would only provide information about the game to be reused externally.

    sep galeone

    In the following Gif, you can see the actual Bot for the Server Economy, that gives a certain quantity of 'server money' after an user register his GamerTag xbox, and the api returns the statistics taken from the hero/public that you make public (and are visible also from Xbox App).

    gif bot use

    Thank you all for your Consideration!
    Sea of Thieves Italia Community Staff

    Sea of Thieves Italia Official Discord Server HERE (where the BOT is in)

    sep galeone 2.0

  • Please add some counter to toxic players during Tall Tales quests. I just finished killing Briggsy and getting the skull when a galleon came up, sank my one-man sloop at the island, killed me, took the skull, and left. THERE GOES 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Tall Tales are one of the most fun things added to this game but they are ruined by slimy members of the community. Please add some counter to this, whether it be that players can't pick up Tall Tales loot that isn't theirs, or have the loot respawn where it was dropped if it's not sold by the same crew who earned it, or have Briggsy respawn when the quest isn't completed or the skull isn't sold by the right crew, or at least have the quest still get completed when the skull is sold. Personally, I think the best counter to toxicity like this would be to just have private servers. Private servers would be restrictive in that there would be no skeleton forts or skeleton ships, but it would make it a much more enjoyable experience for players simply doing quests and the storyline. Casual players don't enjoy wasting hours of their life just to get nothing in return and have to restart the quest over and over, it drives people away from the game.
    (I've bolded the things that I think are viable suggestions)

  • Looking for a chill place to kick back, get some grinding done and sneak in a bit of PvP too? HAYAM is a Multi-Game community born from a War-thunder squadron (we also support war thunder, R6 Siege, and have a few LoL players). In Short if you want a relaxed casual experience without any strict requirements other then Mic and discord, this is the place.

    -Mic + Discord
    -Chill attitude
    -No Drama

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/whUatWZ

  • Hi, so I was thinking that maybe it could be useful to both passive and violent (not in a bad way) players to be able to communicate better in PVE mode.

    I think this is possible by using the flags not just as a customisation option for the ship, but to use them to communicate different messages regarding the ship it is flying above. For example, the white flag is available to all players as soon as they login - so I propose that the white flag has a different description that references a passive pirate. Similarly, the red flag could symbolise that your crew is going to be a ruthless crew that will plunder anyone they come across. Ostensibly, this will be abused as violent crews may lure passive crew by flying a white flag; however it is more of a moral issue than that of a game issue.

    To educate players on the different flag colour meanings, you could add in some text on the loading screens for each type of flag colour and possibly even add a note somewhere within the tavern and at each of the sea posts.

    By doing this, it would allow some people to think twice before approaching a crew with the intention of making friends, only to be sent to Davy jones’ locker as soon as they are in telescope distance.

  • So what if random, ominous, creepy things were added to the game that only a select few pirates could see. For instance let's say a pirate goes to an uncharted island that has a book which tells the pirate clues to go to another island in order to reach some sort of secret. This place would only be available to a certain amount of pirates. Thousand maybe? (or more or less) This would create theories and "Tall Tales", but from the actual players! If these "Tall Tales" get popular (and interesting) it would create something new that the community can get excited about. This would therefore allow new content that the players directly made themselves is a way. But these tales would have to fit in with the SoT lore, so theres also that.

    Remember, just a suggestion. :)

  • I was unable to unearth an email with which to contact devs. I hope this finds the right people:

    Dear Devs,

    I am a Gamedev from Germany. Mostly indie stuff, so I don't presume to be in a position to give Rare of all people advice. I mean, I grew up on games like Conker's Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong Country. You guys are legends! But I have been kicking around an idea and have been running it past other players to a lot of positive feedback.

    I am an avid Sea of Thieves player. As Devs in touch with your community, you are aware of the schism. The PVE players interested in forming alliances and immersing themselves in the quest and story content of the game are "salty" about the more PVP-inclined players. Clearly, you are aware of this problem, as you have been considering allowing XBOX players to opt out of cross-play with PC players, as most of the more hostile players tend to be a part of the PC community. Separating the two communities might help towards resolving the issue, but may also isolate the more peace-seeking PC players, dooming them to a sea of trolls, while the more PVP-loving XBOX players will find no one to pick a decent fight with. Adding the arena was a brilliant stroke. I'm happy to report that since its implementation, my own game experience has improved significantly.

    I propose an elegant solution that should allow both types of players to get the most out of their in-game experience.

    You have an algorithm that places players onto servers and shuffles those players around as servers get too full or empty. Why not give each pirate a hidden variable that increments every time they kill another player or sink a player ship, then tell your algorithm to place players with high kill aggression values onto servers with other high-aggression players, and likewise for players with low scores? Players would then be increasingly likely to encounter like-minded players. Peace-loving pirates would meet more pirates to form alliances with or give a friendly wave to when they run into each other at outposts. Aggressive pirates are more likely to run into others with the same style, offering more chance at epic battles on the high seas. Players who would rather play "Sea of Friends" can, and the part of a community that finds that style ridiculous are now able to play together. The more you kill other players, the more you will run into other players who want to kill you. The more you let other players live, the more pirates you will meet that have no interest in killing you. Everybody wins.

    I love your game, and immensely enjoy experiencing it as it grows and improves. I do hope you will consider my idea and look forward to watching Sea of Thieves develop.


  • Hello! I know that you have so many things to do, but thank you to help who have vision problems, like me, who can't see the differences from colors, Before this update i had problems "only" to see enemies (and now in the arena the problems are bigger), and also for cooking i can't see when something is cooked.

    Thank you so much Rare

  • Hey Rare and Sea of Thieves community, Ive been playing for a while now and over the time have gathered a crew. But now the crew has become more then just 4 people, and we all want to play together. And the only way to do that is to find someone who will surrender their ship (which take FOREVER). What makes a good game is a game that interacts with its community (which you do). BUT the bottom line is that we need a ship that has a crew of at least 6 people. Thanks and hope to see it added.

  • We've been working on a special event for you lovely pirates. Let us know what you think.

  • Arrrrgghhhh Pirati!
    Finalmente è uscito il nuovo Trailer per il nuovo racconto e viaggio delle Shores of Gold:

    Qui sotto potete trovare il Trailer modificato da noi, con i sottotitoli in Italiano, sul Trailer Originale:

    Qui invece potete trovare il Trailer originale:

  • I think it would be cool if large communities with large player base for SoT could submit their ship Customization designs. Maybe 3 or 2 colors. This could imply that large communities can show their colors and let others know who they are. Maybe something a community can buy?

  • Hi guys we have added a section in our discord for Sea of Thieves.
    we are looking forward to playing with you all.

    Please join us as we expand our community!
    we are about 1750+ members strong and would love to see those numbers grow with your help.


    If you are looking for a place to hang your hat and rest easy, come on in. We're a laid back, but fun group of people. We have a very active community with 1750+ people over multiple games.

    What we can offer you:

    -Fun and active discord community

    -LFG and chat channels

    -Diversified players from all sorts of different backgrounds

    -Multiple games

    -Respect and a good time
    Memes (because who doesn't love stupid fun stuff?)

    -Players of all skill levels


    -Helpful and friendly people

    -Maturity and considerate attitude

    I am currently looking for more people interested in joining this community for Sea of Thieves, and making it a great place to find groups, interact with others, theory craft, and just overall enjoy the game.

    If you believe you fit the description of what we're looking for (which is practically anybody who can respect others and have fun), then please feel free to join us.

    We're striving to be the #1 discord community for Sea of Thieves! Help us make that happen.

    Please feel free to join us. The discord link


    Assign your games once you accept our rules to see our channels!

  • So, i must be not the only one who doesn't mind to check the forums on their phone here and there. And using the website, because it isnt designed for specifically phone use gets very annoying and could be solved by a simple app for the forums. So it would be great, if possible, that we get an app for the phone.

  • All Hands On Deck!

    A year has passed and time has come for THE GRAND ODYSSEY to return to the Shores of Sea Of Thieves! Prepare yourselves for the unexpected!

    Adventure Awaits!

    I. What is The Grand Odyssey?

    The Grand Odyssey is one of Sea Of Thieves' oldest and most grandiose community event brought you by the Fortune Union. This Event is a Scavenger Hunt, a Treasure Hunt, and a Race! This Event will pit up to 50 Crews of Pirates against each other in an adventure to acquire the treasure of the Duke of the Ancient Spire!

    II. When does it start?

    The Grand Odyssey is set to happen on April 20th, 2019 at:

    -12PM PDT
    -3PM EDT
    -8PM BST

    III. Who can participate?

    This year's edition offers all sorts of changes. This year, we will limit the number of participants. We will be accepting a maximum of 50 Crews composed of 3-4 Pirates in this competition!

    Whether you're more comfortable on a Brigantine or a Galleon, it's up to you!

    Assemble your crews!

    IV. How can I register my Crew?

    Registration is simple!

    You can sign your Crew up by contacting us through Twitter

    You can sign up by posting directly in this Forum Thread

    You can sign up by directly contacting us through Fortune's Discord.

    You will need to provide the following information:

    • GamerTags of all participating pirates.
    • A Unique Crew Name
    • 1 Discord ID (in-case we need to contact you)
    • 1 Twitter ID (REQUIRED to provide Proofs Of Completion)


    V. What are the rules?

    You and your crew will be tasked to complete 13 Riddles and provide a Proof Of Completion for every one of them.

    Once a Riddle is completed, the next one will be made available to you and all the other participants.

    Those who have yet to complete their Riddle will still have to provide their Proof Of Completion before moving on to the next Riddle.

    A Crew is composed of a minimum of 3 pirates and a maximum of 4 pirates.

    The individual Gamertags are needed to validate the Crew submissions of Proof of Completion.

    Each Proof Of Completion must contain the Gamertags of the participants. Either through Non-Verbal Command, Chat, or Name Plate.

    Crew Roster changes can be made up until 48hrs before the Event starts.
    Officials have to be notified for those changes (via Twitter, the Forums or Discord).

    The Crew name is a vital component when it comes to search for your submissions on Twitter, which is why it is important for each Crew to have a Unique Name.



    4 x SEA OF THIEVES LEGENDARY NECKLACE by Sea Of Thieves Community Member FOXDIE


    2 x 14-Days XBOX LIVE GOLD



    The Fortune Union doesn't disappoint!

    VII. How do we provide the Proof Of Completion?

    At least one Person of each Crew is required to have a Twitter account (preferably the person taking the screenshots/videos as proof of their Riddle solving).

    Participants submit their solution to a Riddle via Twitter (either video or screenshot).
    It is important that each Tweet consists of the following:

    [Crew Name]
    [The Riddle the solution is for]
    [Attached screenshot or video as proof]


    How to set up Twitter Sharing on Xbox One:

    • Press the GUIDE/XBOX BUTTON on your controller.
    • Navigate to complete right-end and open settings.
    • Press the RIGHT BUMPER, and navigate to the System, and then select settings.
    • Go to Account > Linked Social Accounts > Twitter.
    • When you click on this, you will have to sign-in with your Twitter account to approve sharing on behalf of Xbox.

    alt text

    How to share to Twitter from Xbox One:

    • Press the XBOX BUTTON on your controller, and it will open the Guide Menu.
    • Right at the end of the guide menu, you will notice a couple of options.
    • Long Press the VIEW BUTTON on the controller to open Capture options.
    • This will list all the Recent Captures you have till now. It also includes details of how many days ago you took that screenshot.
    • Select the screenshot which you want to share, and press A BUTTON.
    • This will open a Share Panel where you will have a lot of options including Share, Upload to OneDrive, set as Background, Rename, Delete and more from this game. The names are self-sufficient on what they do.
    • Select Share and press the A BUTTON. Select Twitter from the list.
    • Xbox One will generate a shared link to the media file, which anybody can see, and preview on Twitter. You can now add the required information (Teamname, Riddle) and hashtags before sharing.

    alt text


  • My wife and I are ones to enjoy yoga and at times meditation, and Sea of Thieves has been one game which she's claimed to make her fall asleep so quickly, so; i decided to make a yoga and meditation video with soothing melodies and the environmental sounds of Sea of Thieves. See for yourselves and let me know your thoughts.

    Bonjour, I am the Capitaine Peinture de la Lure aka Peinturelure of the Navy of His Majesty the King of France.

    As you may have already noticed, I already have posted a message on the Sea of Thieves forums to introduce you my RP guide "La Royale" which explains how to play a French seaman of the French Royal Navy.

    We have decided to go further and create a community for players who would be interested in joining us in this adventure.

    We are open to players who want a more advanced RP (hardcore) but you are not forced to play this way, many people here are not necessarily hardcore role players and just prefer to sail the seas in French uniform and speak with a very high haughty accent for the pleasure of it.

    We are mainly European players and we all speak French, if you are interested do not hesitate to join us at this Discord address.

    Bonjour, je suis le Capitaine Peinture de la Lure alias Peinturelure de la Marine de Sa Majesté le Roi de France.

    Comme vous avez pu peut-être déjà le constater j'ai déjà posté un message sur les forums de Sea of Thieves pour vous présenter mon guide RP "la Royale" qui vous explique comment jouer un marin français de la Marine Royale Française.

    Nous avons décidé d'aller plus loin et de faire une communauté pour les joueurs qui seraient intéressés par nous rejoindre dans cette aventure.

    Nous sommes ouverts aux joueurs qui souhaitent un RP plus approfondi (hardcore) mais vous n'êtes pas obligé de jouer ainsi, beaucoup de gens ici ne sont pas forcément des rôlistes hardcore et préfèrent juste naviguer sur les mers en uniforme français et parlé avec un fort accent hautain pour le plaisir.

    Nous sommes principalement des joueurs européens et nous parlons tous français, si tu es intéressé n'hésite pas à nous rejoindre à cette adresse Discord.

    text alternatif

  • So salty has gone from Wanderer's Refuge but where is he now? rumors are going around he might be into plundering? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N41MqjE0vmc

  • Now imagine your mid game and you and your crew need to take a small break.

    You head to an area on the map and sail into an entrance of some sort and when you load in you are all in a new area specifically designed to enhance the social aspect of SoT, to display your ships to strangers, to show off your achievements, An area like the new Arena area but with ships parked up would be cool, like a “singapore” style none pvp area where ships appear parked next to each other really close and people can lark about meeting new crews in that server. Make alliances and new friends. There could be a Pub and Shops etc too. And it wouldnt have to be huge as there is always a max number of ships on a server anyway, it could be a port where the centre is a hub of shops etc on stilts and the ships are docked on jettys in a star shape,

    To avoid taking loot there the items on your ship should dissapear to stop greifers using it,
    Maybe the loot just floats up at the entrance in the open world.?

    Its an idea i have had for a long time, would be so cool to see each other in a none agressive light.

    To leave you would just have to all go to the ship and use a vote to leave method.

    Just a thought.

    Happy Sailing!

  • So i have literally gone 20-30 hours of play time in a weekend previously without getting kraken’d, meg’d etc. just yesterday i played for ~5 hours and got the kraken 4 TIMES. One of those times a meg spawned with the kraken at the same time. Can we tone that down a bit, its now more of a headache and hassle rather than a rare chance of PVE. Also, why arent kraken kills tracked for a pirate legend commendation but yet meg’s are; should have both IMO.

  • A lot of my friends love this game, but can’t all play together due to the 4 player limit in a galleon. This ends up in people inevitably being left out.

    I’d love a “fleet” server option when loading into a server to split people in your session into different ships. This server option would obviously be designated to those who want to work in a big group and take on the risk of running into other big groups. You could have a cap on how many ships you could run at one time - 1 of each ship type perhaps. This way you could get a total of 9 friends into the same server to play with each other rather than perpetually server hopping to find your friends.

    Love the game, love the community, love the new update. Just want to be able to play with all my friends who love the game with such a large world map :)

  • Hello Welcome to the United States Navy, I am the Leader of this USN group, I Command the ship U.S.S Enterprise, I hope this group can be a good experience to you as well as give you knowledge if you want to join the actual USN, I don’t expect there to be any mistreatment or any harassment of any kind on higher ranks and lower ranks, If there is any mistreatment contact me @Black Sheep 420 or your Captain or CO, The things we do in this group is a military aspect, we do have ranks/rates, also we do have a standard of respect among HR’s (High Ranks) as well. The things we do is try to do voyages with your Captain or who ever is in charge of you, Every Voyage you do with your Captain should be reported in the #reports📄 channel, the more money you have the more active you seem too me. We also have an #economy💵 channel so you can mess around with the @UnbelievaBoat so you can make a little bit extra money or see how much you have. The #the-galley🍻 is used for talking to crew mates as well as getting to sail with other people, the #announcements💡 is when we announce Fleets or other things, the #navy-rules-and-regs📖 is the rules and information about this club, there will also be a chat at the bottom of the discord when you are assigned to a ship where you can talk to just your crew. Message Sumptiner#0803 On Discord To Join

  • Ahoy Piraten,

    wir laden euch herzlich in unsere Community ein. Finde Spieler und reden Aktive mit ihnen. Suche ne Crew und sein Live bei Unser Sea of Thieves Livestreams. Oder beschäftige dich mit anderen Themen. Unser Discord ist für jeden Gedacht. Du kannst dich auf Events und verschiedene Turniere freuen.

    Werde ein Teil der Head or Coin Community - wir freuen uns auf dich!
    Wir sehen uns wen der wind wieder richtig steht Ahoy!

  • I am looking for a fleet/community I can easily grind out my levels in peace away from murderous trolls and riff raff from merging/open servers. I am currently sitting at reputations 45 - 40 - 40 - 4. I am 27 years of age and just getting tired of the BS and want to actually enjoy the game. Also in terms of speaking I have access to discord and use it on a daily bases but most of all I am just looking for a PVE community that will allow me to do my own thing and not be trifled or have to worry about someone stopping me from enjoy the game due to disruptive behavoir. Therefore to wrap things up nice is short I am willing to do an in voice discord interview with no problem and I do look forward to hearing from some recruiters. :)

  • Ahoy, it's my first post, and I'm not sure if everyone will play along with it or even liked the Idea,
    but I wanted to try to make something like this for some time now.
    so here we go!

    The Story:

    Since the moment you woke up at the Tavern and sailed away up to this day you always knew that the Sea doesn't belong to the Humans nor to the skeletons.
    you always knew that there is something more then what you knew,
    after months of sailing the seas,
    you started hearing the whispers in your sleep,
    whispers which driving you slowly to madness,
    searching for something you don't know what that is,
    and why you search for it.

    One day you see that you wake up on a shore, you never saw this Island, you can't see any other Islands around you.
    your ship has sunk,
    but you can't see any of your crew nor The Mermaids or Merfolk,
    the storm is raging above your head,
    is raining and lighting shots at your feet as it tries to hit you,
    in front of you, you see a small peak,
    you rush inside to find shelter from the storm,
    as you enter to see a giant stone door from your dreams,
    In hope to find your crew and find out the meaning of your dream, or even better a treasure!
    you push with all the strength that left in you and enter.
    as you enter the Room the door shuts closed.
    you try to open the door,
    but there is no power left in you.

    suddenly you feel a chilling feel runs on your spine,
    like you being watched from behind,
    as you pull your sword and turn around what you see,
    cannot be explained by any worlds.

    as you Gaze into the room your heart fills with Fear.
    you start to hear Whispers from your dreams once more
    as the whispers get louder and longer,
    you try to understand but with no success,
    as you fail to understand the whispers,
    you Feel your mind Hurts and Pound!
    you fall on your Knees holding your head,
    you Feel you about to lose your mind!
    until suddenly everything stops.

    you hear once more the whispers,
    but this time, you understand the whispers.

    you understand why men never should have ruled the sea.
    Now you understand why the Kraken hunts Men and their ships.
    and you Know, why you must too.
    why you must Defend The Kraken,
    whatever the cost,

    even if it's your own Life.

    The Challenge:

    complete one of the following:

    • Fight other crew while not attacking or damaging the Kraken.
    • Steal The Treasure of other Crew while the Kraken Fights them, without hurting the Kraken.
    • Have A Revenge upon a crew who killed a Kraken
    • survive over 15 min while defending the Kraken

    In order to finish the challenge
    (combat versus other crew/s):
    You must YELL,
    "For the Order Of The Kraken" upon victory against other crew.

    have all the Kraken customization on the ship!

    Feel free to leave a comment of what's your opinion about the challenge.
    and if you completed the challenge feel free to post photos or video, or just a comment.

    See you at the Seas!
    alt text

  • I made a video about a month ago going over the entire game from when it was announced to now. I never thought to put it on the Sea Of Thieves discussion page but today it came across my mind to do it. In the video, I go into detail about where the game started and how the game has changed/ adapted over time. It would mean a lot if you could check the video out and give some feedback on what I could do to improve it for future content! Thanks