• Hear ye', matey. I've got some booty to drop into this 'er lagoon...

    Sorry about the lame intro, thought it would suit the theme. But yes, to the point/s.

    I have been playing the game for a short time now and I have really been enjoying it. But there are some grievances I have that I'd like to express through some though-out suggestions for the game.

    So here's the list I would like to share:

    • Add one extra crewman slot to each ship size, as playing the game and doing stuff on the ship always makes you feel like you're one pirate short of a fully effective team.
    • Add the ability for friends to join your server without joining your crew, so alliance fleets are easier to arrange.
    • Add the ability to buy crates of cannon balls and other supplies from the shipmaster at the docks of outposts.
    • Add a new feature in the future where pirates/alliances can claim territory over a fort so they can have pirate coves? So players feel more impactful on their surroundings and maybe also have basic outpost options for annexed forts. Defending your ship while at an outpost is awkward but with a fort, you can have cannons all around to protect your ship while dropping off loot.
    • Change the Grappling hooks to one in the front that shoots a 270deg facing straight, then one on the top facing backwards.
    • I know this is probably a far cry but being able to maybe change the layout of your ship or change the position of the cannons would be great as customization of ones ship to suit their style would be awesome. Like having the ability to upgrade or buy a secure door for where you spawn in your ship would be great so it prevents players from spawn killing you if you live in a place with terrible internet connection. It's a painful experience.

    That's all the ones I'm willing to share, the other ones you have to buy with Ancient coin ;). But they're just ideas and suggestions. I look forward to any new features for the game. I really am having fun... just can't stress the idea that I'd love to have one more crewman slot for each ship haha!


    The Fort Of The Damned update is coming tomorrow and Sea Of Thieves France is preparing for Halloween!

    From the 16th of October you can earn new and exclusive time-limited titles on the french community discord!

    Thirsty for more? Take part on our screenshot contest and win a wonderful gift!


    La mise à jour du Fort des Damnés arrive demain et Sea of Thieves France prépare Halloween !

    Dès demain nous vous mettons à l'épreuve pour débloquer de nouveaux titres événementiels sur le Discord communautaire francophone !

    Ces derniers s'obtiennent pendant une durée limitée. Ils coloreront votre pseudo le temps de l'événement.

    Préparez-vous à participer au concours photo de l'effroi afin de gagner un lot spécial !

  • So, right...how can I put this. So on the Galleon you have the doors where the mid-deck cannons are supposed to be, however there aren’t any down there, they are only there for decorations. HOWEVER, I think that in the future (if it will happen), there will be at least four cannons (2 on each side) in the mid-deck so that we can utilize the cannon doors and shoot below rather up-top.


    What you guys think?

  • Anyone other fellow streamers out there ever think about ideas of allowing your viewers have the ability to see your stats?

    Personally, I feel it'd be cool to to see an interactive Twitch Extension for the Seas.

    What would be involved within the extension?

    • Pirate Stats
    • Top 3 Islands Visited
    • Number of Ships Sunk (Player/Skeleton)
    • Number of Kraken/Megladon Kills
    • Number of Forts Raided
    • Top 3 Loot Items Sold
    • Show a Preview of your Pirate's Appearance
    • Favourite Weapon Used (Including Powder Kegs)

    Obviously, this list can be expanded a lot more.
    Think of this idea as how you see other games that are more of a Competitive Game Vibe and how you could implement that idea into Sea Of Thieves and make a great Interactive Extension.

    I hope this could become a possibility and have the ability to add an extension to a Twitch Stream and show your viewers some fun stats.

  • I want the ability to make my pirate left handed. I was playing with my nephew, hes a lefty, he wanted his pirate to be a lefty like himself. He brought to my attention every pirate we see is right handed. Not a single left handed pirate.
    I think this would add a bit more depth to an already deeply detailed game.

  • This is a quick video on 5 things you might not know in Sea of Thieves and this is not just for new players i have had some Legends learn a thing or two from This video!!

  • Calling all content creators!

    The Sea of Thieves - Creator Crew (Unofficial) Discord is in search of new and seasoned content creators alike. Whether you stream, create Youtube videos, take amazing screenshots, or do IRL projects, all are welcome to join.

    We are currently a small group of people with the simple goal of learning from each other and supporting each of our own individual channels and brands. If you have questions, need tips and tricks, or just want to share content with others like you, this is the perfect place to be.

    If you're not a content creator but are interested in supporting our fellow Creator Crew members there is a place for you here as well.

    Come join us and let's build an awesome community together!

  • Ahoy, fellow Sea masters. I have a question for you, have you ever wanted more friends to join, have you ever wanted to be a part of a community in the SOT (Sea Of Thieves) world?

    With SOT's ever-growing player base and strive to reach out to players, it's vital that everyone gets a positive experience within the game. To guarantee this I would recommend adapting the game for much larger crews, perhaps 1-6 or even 1-8 if possible.

    Furthermore, I feel the ability to sail the seas knowing you have permanent allies will be a fantastic addition to the game's online mechanics. There are a handful of things I would like to see in the game, I feel ambitious about the future however I feel the connection between players is overall negative.

    I have a list below of my suggestions and I will elaborate on them;

    • Bigger ships and crews (1-6 players or 1-8)
    • Clan or naval teams with the ability to have custom flags hanging from masts (similar to after an alliance has happened) Perhaps consisting of 1-50 players and the ability to join lobbies together.
    • Larger Lobbies and private lobbies, I would like to have larger servers that consist of more players perhaps something similar to the size of 30-50 players per server. I would also like the ability to host private servers for clans or just in general, I understand this may be a negative impact due to people having the ability to get money easier but perhaps a repercussion could be made, for example, only a third of the profit can be made.
    • Making sailors from the same trading companies have flags showing who they are with and have them as allies.
    • New flags idea, front flags (front mast and ram) Trading Company flag, Middle Flags (Middle/main mast) Chosen flag and alliance flag, Rear flags (Rear mast and Back of the boat) for their clan flag.
    • Usable furniture, I'd like the ability for people to use furniture and be able to place objects in set places, for example, sleeping in a bed regenerates health, sitting down in the captain's office gives an attack boost things as of such and the ability to place small luxury goods (Skulls, trophy's, fish) on shelves and the ability to decorate a brig and captains office.

    These are just a few of my suggestions any questions please do let me know, I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful :)

  • This Topic is mainly targeted on Polish SoT community

    Ostatnie wydarzenia spowodowały u większości End-gamowych graczy myśl o stworzeniu serwera na przejrzystych, przystępnych dla każdego zasadach. Stąd, powstał nowy serwer Discord zrzeszający polskich graczy SoT.

    Jest to miejsce dla osób zaawansowanych oraz poczatkujących - tutaj zyskasz dostęp do wiedzy innych piratów oraz przyjazną atmosferę. Jako administracja chcielibyśmy organizować eventy PVE/PvP i wspierać własną inicjatywę graczy.

  • Why do our weapons have to disappear when not in use..? Shouldn’t our swords be hanging at our sides or our blunderbuss/rifles be strapped to our backs? I think it would be nice to show off our hard earned swords or guns without having to arm them in our hands.

  • Been a fan since the beginning and have quite the collection of collectibles...Except a statue of my character! I remember Blizzard had a license through the company FigurePrints to create custom miniature character statues for players and I think SoT would do really well to have the same type of thing going.
    Spent some good money for a figurine of my World of Warcraft character and would do so again to have one of my SoT character too!

  • For some reason, did the loading time increase because quite frankly—8/10 chances it takes a little longer for me to join back in the game or my boat. We all know that the moment you die, you will immediately spawn in the Ferry, but now it’s like I’m on the “Black Screen of Death” while hearing the sounds of being on the Ferry, AND THEN it puts me in the Ferry before the doors open for me to come back into the real world. That’s when I have to wait “impatiently” until I come in the game after a long time on the loading screen. Yes, I am a XboxONE player, but the loading time is really a kill and will cause stress.

    So has the loading time gotten better or gotten worse?

  • sep up

    forte di spade

    Ahoyy everyone,
    Here is the new event signed Sea of Thieves Italia !

    This is the first of an Event Calendar created by Sea of Thieves Italia Official Discord

    Il Forte di Spade

    sep v2

    Event informations:

    • Date: 4-5-6 October (and the next weekend if the event need more time)
    • Stream: Sea of Thieves Italia Twitch Channel
    • Beginning time: 7PM (GMT+2/CEST) ~ 5PM (UTC) ~ 10AM (PDT)
    • SoT Location: Old Boot Fort
    • Registration fee: 10.000 (Value of the Internal Official Sot Ita Discord Economy system)
    • Event type: PVP Between Crews

    sep v2

    Event Rules

    Match purpose in order to win

    • Conquer the Malicious Skull placed on the highest tower of the fort and take it to your ship.
    • Each Match is 'At best of 3'

    Attackers purpose

    • They have to start from a near island
    • They have to go on the fort and try to steal the Skull from the highest tower

    Defenders purpose

    • They have to defend the skulls on the fort without using their ship cannons (when the attackers drop the anchor)

    sep v2

    You can find the Official thread of the event on the official Sea of Thieves Italia Discord, where
    you can also find the full list of the Event Rules.
    The majority of crews are from SoT Italia Discord, but there are also Crew
    from other affialiate and friends Discord Servers from other countries.

    Click here in order to view the post in the Official Sea of Thieves Discord Server

    We will wait for you for this event in order to support all The Pirates Crews!!! Arrrggghhhh!
    See you in the Seas!!

    sep down

  • PAX AUS – 2019 – Melbourne

    Ahoy there fellow Aussie pirates & those who are traveling from afar. PAX Australia is almost upon us so If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, you’d better get on it!

    Last year @stacky-a & I had a blast bumping into fellow pirates and sharing our tales from the seas. Once again we’ll be heading over from the west coast so if you see us come over and say hi. I’ll be posting our whereabouts on my twitter page to help you scallywags hunt me down. You never know, I may have some loot worth plundering.

    Those looking to bellow out some sea shanties, head over to the Wombat Theatre at 9:30pm on Saturday and join in on some high seas hijinks.

  • I tested the game with Game Pass, and now I'm thinking about buying it even though the price is really high. (It's like 3x the price on my country... I'll be eating bread for a few weeks.) However I'm very wary about buying multiplayer only games since I bought Overwatch and Dead by Daylight, and I know that Summit1g plays this game a lot. I just want to know whether the developers have done anything with these kind of streamers, since it seems like most of the game's popularity comes from the streaming community. I've only seen Summit1g's "style" of gameplay, so if anyone's got any other streamers like him that play Sea of Thieves please do tell.

  • So... You've started your channel already? GREAT!

    Now that it's out in the wild, what do you do next?
    How do you take your channel to the next level?

    Take a look at these Top 5 Tips that have helped many others and myself in creating a community of their own!

    ~ Captain Jay
    The Crow's Nest

  • Hey Everyone, ive been thinking for a while now what could be added to the game that can help bring multiple of friends together, working towards the same goals even though they cant be on the same server due to how the matching making works for fair game play.
    So i thought that a guild system that unites there efforts all under one name/ roof or ship :D

    1. one idea is being able to have your own custom guild name.
    2. Guild Missions - this bringing multiple friends together working towards a bigger goal, all contributing to multiple achievements that unlock cool items for the guild.
    3. Guild Vs Guild in Arena, Game mode that allows guilds to settle there issues on whose the best pirates out there. (Some Kind of Rewards could be given for the winners or some kind of item that could be shown on the info about there guild to show there wins and defeats).
    4. Guild Menu - obviously for, invites but to be able to check on progress and other info that could be necessary.
    5. Guild player banners / Cape, an item of clothing that the guild leader can purchase and customise for the guild out of many different options to make a unique logo for the guild.
    6. Guild Ship Flags - like the banner idea but for ships to represent the guild before a battle has even started.

    please let me know what you all think of this idea.

    looking forward to reading your comments.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    I doubt that this will become popular but hear me out, what if we could actually sing in the game like some people could play a instrument and the others could sing like-Drunken sailor or Ra ndy dandy oh or even sea of thieves originals like we shall sail together or the devil roar song

  • Here me out, when we spawn in the tavern's all we see is the girls at behind the counter, the mysterious pirate at the back, and Duke. So I am thinking, there should be other pirates/other people in the taverns, but not just the same people, but different pirates (like each tavern will have at least six to seven NPC, different from each other at other taverns around the seas of Sea of Thieves). For instance:

    THE WILDS: - These are ruthless and aggressive NPCs. This is where you will see most of your fighting, rough-housing, and drunkard pirates. They tend to want to pick a fight with you, REGARDLESS of what you do.

    THE ANCIENT ISLES: - These NPCs' are your more sane and simple pirates. You can interact with them without any hassle and they tend to dance, have fun and talk to one another, including you. They are more of those pirates were they are not to aggressive, but will sometimes get a little tough here and there.

    THE SHORES OF PLENTY: - This is where your rich and classy pirates are located. They speak class and are condescending. They will also talk smack about the pirates in the Wilds, and talk more mannerly about those in the Ancient Isles.

    DEVIL's ROAR: - Straightforward, The Wilds' pirates but 2x worst.

  • Ahoy thar ye skeevy skallywags!

    As fellow rapscallions, we simple sea folks of the Pirate Armada would like to call an offer to join our merry marauding ranks!
    Whether ye take to buccaneering, privateering, smuggling or full on piracy; be ye a young sea pup on yer first voyage, or a retired and returning legend o the sea; the Armada welcomes ye all!

    Welcome to The Pirate Armada!

    The Pirate Armada is a growing community based on and built around Sea of Thieves. We are a place for fellow pirates to find crew of all play styles, on all platforms. You can share your favorite stories, converse with like minded scoundrels, as well as sign up for one of our bi-weekly events!
    Hope to see you along!

    We welcome new and old players alike, so no matter your skill, the Armada has a place for you. Whether you are a bloodthirsty PvPer, or a casual PvEer, we unite pirates of all walks of life to offer the best experience possible. So join the Armada today, and set sail for adventure, rum and riches!

    Embark on your journey here!

    Hope to see you on our crew, and happy sailing!

  • Ahoy there Pirates!

    The Deckhands 'ave managed to plunder a pile o' doubloons, gold an' a cosmetic code for all ye treasure seekers!

    Try yer hand at this 'ere riddle this week!

    How many Forts Raided in the past 24 hours?

    (Guesses between 2,000 - 3,000 Forts Raided - Additional details below)

    Grand Prize
    10,000 Gold Pieces & 30 Doubloons (in-game currencies)
    Sea of Thieves 'Spinal' Figurehead (cosmetic code)

    We will be hosting more regular competitions on the Forums, offering you the chance to win in-game Gold, Doubloons and cosmetic codes.

    Introducing our next weekly competition, Guess for Gold!

    How does it work?
    It's actually quite simple! Every week will bring with it a new Sea of Thieves statistic and your challenge is to try and guess the total amount.

    Once you've thought of your answer, post your guess in the comments below.

    Example - How Many Shrouded Ghosts Defeated in the past 24 hours?
    Guess Example - (Probably) 0...

    Note that only your first guess will be accepted, and it must be posted in the competition thread.

    Win Conditions
    The weeks winner will be selected from the following:

    Correct (or Nearest) Guess -
    The pirate to guess a number closest to the answer will win the grand prize of Gold, Doubloons and a Sea of Thieves Cosmetic Code for their account on Sea of Thieves!

    You can also check out the Official Guess for Gold Terms & Conditions on our website: https://www.seaofthieves.com/guessforgold

    Let the guessing commence and Good Luck to all!

    ~ KattTruewalker ~

  • So I tried to join an arena match with only xbox players, but it always put me in the "all players" pool.

    I know it's supposed to do this, yet maybe it shouldn't. I think people will waste more time jumping in and out of matchmaking to find an xbox only arena server.

    I feel that this just needs a fix in the form of simply putting an xbox only crew into an xbox tavern; even if they're alone in that tavern. Things should progress from there as I feel people would prefer to wait in the tavern rather then being put in the all players pool.

    Has anyone else found an xbox only arena server yet?

  • In Adventure Mode, the Sea Dog Tavern is shaping up to be a real competitive space. With the upcoming changes outlined in next months patch notes, I would love to see additional competitions/games to participate in amongst pirates in the open world.

    The Sea Dogs pride themselves on their competitive spirit. I find it a fitting addition to the game to make the Sea Dogs Tavern an area where pirates from all around the Sea of Thieves can come together in the spirit of competition to test their mettle.

    Imagine pulling up to the tavern to see pirates participating in timed obstacle courses, testing their (good) eye in a shooting range, launching teammates from cannons through flaming rings for varying points, or even putting their hard earned coin on the line in a game of dice or cards.

    What I think would also be awesome would be if these competitions could reward you gold, or even a new currency to spend at the Sea Dog vendors. Imagine exclusive items that could only be purchased from participating in these team based, or head to head games. This would be a great way to pass the time on the seas, create a place to form new friendships and alliances and also serve as a hub for players to show off ship sets and cosmetics.

    What do you guys think? Would you like to see such an area exist in the Sea of Thieves? I know I would! Let me know what you think.

  • Hello! I'm Achromate (i can't see/distinguish the similar colors). My previous posts for this problem:

    I've a request, if it possible, so helpful for who have problems similare to me:
    The Fishing: i've so problem to distinguish what kind of fish i've found and the type of that fish.
    For example the Devl's Fish, i can't distinguish them (or not all).
    I can distinguish if a fish have a light color or dark color. Not so much more.
    The unique fish is the ponds, that i can see "good", because i can find ONLY them in a pond, and i can fish into
    the water and i can distinguish their body drows.
    For all other fish i have so many problems. I always need to fish near someone that have to said me if
    the fish is correct.
    Then if i also finish a type of a fish, sometimes at the end i uses half of lures for fish that i have just ended.

    So why could not you add something that indicate which fish is and the color?
    For who have "Normal eyes" it's not change anything, because they see the colors and they have not
    problems to choose if the fish is the wanted or not.

    For other animals, when i have the cage i can see the name sating above or behind them, why not for fish?
    This is the same thing :(
    Is not an advantage, but a simple feature the simple permit to play fish like other players.

    Thank to all that consider me :)

  • Red death gaming are looking for active laid back friendly crew members. We play daily 7pm - midnight eastern time and we are willing to help players learn and reach pirate legend.We welcome pve and pvp players. If you are interested join our discord https://discord.gg/yRc5GNj Tell us what times you can play and we will work out a schedule for example you can only play tuesdays and thursdays , we will hold a spot on our 4 man crew for you to play on those days basically CapnDeath and myself are looking for a tight 4 man crew to play with daily.

  • Really simple, this would work with all sets in the game. If you dont have a complete set it would be left what it is currently. Basically have 3 custom outfits which can be switched immediately within a new category called "sets". I am forever changing my cosmetics and have many sets but 3 custom ones should be enough. If you would want you can have an all "Hunter" Set. It will save you the hassle if you wear just forsaken shores or whatever.

  • Hi I think this would be great for more experienced players as I think some experienced players struggle to make money for better hulls I think the payed outcome should be 30,000-35,000 but harder skeletons to fight and a volcano on the island which would erupt every so often so it makes it more challenging the captain Skelton should have some form of fireball that he throws and there should be a round that have ashen skeletons and the rest should be the same skeletons with an ashen look and a bit more power like gold ashen skeletons tropical etc. I think this would be a great idea and the community would agree with! Please edit my idea as you want!

  • I've heard quite a few people I've sailed with question as to why we can't change our ship without abandoning the whole server. It has been a question that pops in my head from time to time when I play it. Now that I've been playing it more, it is a more prominent thought that always crosses my mind. Being able to scuttle the ship you have to have a new one replace it? If there is a flaw in some sort of mechanic like that that prevents them from creating it, do tell me.

  • So I was recently doing the Ancient Isles Dark Relic voyage from Duke and at one part of the voyage I had to go to Plunder Valley to fight four skeleton captains (which all turned out to be gold ones.) and they were spawning near the top of the island which made it impossible to weaken them with water effectively. On top of that the waves that spawned were always the same (all melee wave, pistol wave, all blunderbuss wave, all pistol wave again.) All in all it was a pretty annoying fight waves of gold skeletons where I spent way more time than anticipated trying to complete the voyage.

    My first idea is to have skeleton wave spawns always have some diversity, preferably with at least one keg skeleton per encounter. I feel this is a must for any time you go up against at least two gold skeleton waves. Not every wave mind you just like every other wave or something, and rarely for a wave with a skeleton captain.

    My second idea way to change the way players attack gold skeletons. Instead of swinging your sword and having it bounce with a bit of a delay maybe you can have a combo of three or four quick swings that bounce off (like quick forceful chops that all bounce) then you have to take a breather similar to a sword lunge, but you can still move around afterwards. I feel like attacking them with sword does next to nothing and I just want it to feel more impactful and do more damage.

    My third idea was to change the way gold skeletons attack and get attacked by players. I'd like all gold skeletons to attack slower, reload weapons slower, aim slower, miss moving targets more often, and eat bananas really really slow. Also gold skeletons should not be able to be knocked back or staggered by anything. I think this would make gold skeleton fights more entertaining and active (instead of slashing in one spot forever then deciding to find a gunpowder barrel to kamikazee with.)

    Forth idea don't make gold skeletons spawn on top of Plunder Valley, or anywhere not near water for that matter.

    Let me know what you think about these suggestions and other ways you might improve any skeleton encounters on islands or on ships.

    P.S. I might just be salty because after completing the voyage I didn't even get the commendations, so I wasn't even able to buy the new stuff from Duke. On top of that my game bugged out on me halfway through my play session, but that's a topic for my SoT support ticket.

  •  (Moderate Tall Tale Spoilers) My story starts at Dagger Tooth Outpost.  I’m grinding the Tall Tales so I head to the North Star Seapost to start the Stars of a Thief Tale.  I collect the Enchanted Spyglass, Star Jewels, Crab Totem, and Shroudbreaker Stone without incident in just over an hour.  I’m on my way back to the Seapost when a four-man-galleon comes out from behind and island and rams me.  Me, being a one-man-sloop, I try my best to run, but to no avail; I’m taking on water and I’m outnumbered 4-1.  I jump on their ship and manage to take one out with a blunderbuss but I’m swiftly charged by the remainder of the crew and after a quick brawl, I succumb to lead poisoning.  
     On the Ferry of the Damned, I ask the sailor I’d killed, Redbird Ninja, if I could have the Shroudbreaker Stone back since they couldn’t sell it and would therefore be of no importance to them.  After I return to my new ship, I am sent a party invite by a crew member of the galleon.  They propose an agreement, a reaper’s chest for the Shroudbreaker Stone.  Me, being young and naive, gladly accept their offer, after all, it’d only take me a few minutes to get a reaper’s chest and I wasn’t about to do the whole talk Tale over.  I get a reapers chest and meet up with them close to Dagger Tooth Outpost.  
     Throughout this entire conversation, a third party consisting of a brigantine and a sloop are attacking the galleon and they start to suspect that I am with them.  Knowing that they have a distinct advantage over me and after I had confirmed that I was, in fact, not in an alliance with the brigantine and sloop, they decide to make the switch.
     A member of their crew climbs aboard my sloop and takes the reapers chest and sails off in a rowboat.  I actually expected them to hold their end of the bargain but the Shroudbreaker Stone is no where on my sloop.  I bring this up with them and I’m promptly kicked from the party.
     So, that’s it right, they have the Shroudbreaker Stone and now a reapers chest and I am in no position to make any sort of bargain.  “It’s the Sea of Thieves, not the Sea of Friends,” one of them tells me.
      So I sail away and after a few minutes I am close to just getting off and heading to bed.  But just before that though is finished, I get sent a party invite.  They said that I was a man of my word and delivered on my end of the deal, so to set things right, they’d give me my Shroudbreaker Stone back.
     I didn’t expect this at all.  I was 100% convinced that I was never going to see the Shroudbreaker Stone again and I would just have to complete it on another date.
      They instruct me to meet them at Plunder Valley, where their row-boating-crew member has ended up.  They can’t stop, however, as the third party is still following them and landing some critical hits to their ships hull, but they have managed to board the sloop and take it out of the fight.
      I’m on my way to Plunder Valley and the brigantine that has been following the galleon has now directed its attention upon me.  I’m a sloop after all and they’re in a brigantine; easy pickings right?
     Wrong.  The two members that make up of the brigantine’s crew board me but a blunderbuss shot and a couple of sword swings send them to the Ferry of the Damned.  I hop on my cannon and fire off ten cannonballs in rapid succession.  They sink in no time and I turn back towards Plunder Valley.
     A member of the galleon’s crew jumps off with an object in hand.  I fully expect this sailor to be carrying a gunpowder barrel, but upon closer inspection, it’s an ancient chest containing one Shroudbreaker Stone.  I thank them for keeping their word, we form an alliance, and then I sail to the North Star Seapost.  I turn in the Shroudbreaker Stone to Sudds and log off for the night.
     That’s where this story ends.  In hindsight in the time it took me to recover the Shroudbreaker Stone, I could’ve completed the tall Tale twice over, but I learned something that day that kinda restored some of my faith in humanity, it is a Sea of Thieves, but it doesn’t have to be, with a little communication and understanding, it can be a Sea of Friends.
  • I feel like that censorship is a very controversial thing in this game and many players disagree with how the censor system works. I know that developers are mostly trying to prevent harassment and racism in this game, which is completely on the place, even though its a game about pirates, there needs to be an order. And then there is this thing: Is it better for the game to punish you with some kind of silence or temporary account lock after you have been proven guilty of harassing other players, or if it better for the game to even prevent you from typing harassing stuff at first? Sometimes I think its even better to prevent you from typing toxic stuff in the chat, but then there are moments, when I'm not even able to communicate in my native language, because part of the word for example is an insult in other language, which is really annoying... What do you guys think about censorship in this game, do you find in on the place, or above the limit?