• A lot of my friends love this game, but can’t all play together due to the 4 player limit in a galleon. This ends up in people inevitably being left out.

    I’d love a “fleet” server option when loading into a server to split people in your session into different ships. This server option would obviously be designated to those who want to work in a big group and take on the risk of running into other big groups. You could have a cap on how many ships you could run at one time - 1 of each ship type perhaps. This way you could get a total of 9 friends into the same server to play with each other rather than perpetually server hopping to find your friends.

    Love the game, love the community, love the new update. Just want to be able to play with all my friends who love the game with such a large world map :)

  • Hello Welcome to the United States Navy, I am the Leader of this USN group, I Command the ship U.S.S Enterprise, I hope this group can be a good experience to you as well as give you knowledge if you want to join the actual USN, I don’t expect there to be any mistreatment or any harassment of any kind on higher ranks and lower ranks, If there is any mistreatment contact me @Black Sheep 420 or your Captain or CO, The things we do in this group is a military aspect, we do have ranks/rates, also we do have a standard of respect among HR’s (High Ranks) as well. The things we do is try to do voyages with your Captain or who ever is in charge of you, Every Voyage you do with your Captain should be reported in the #reports📄 channel, the more money you have the more active you seem too me. We also have an #economy💵 channel so you can mess around with the @UnbelievaBoat so you can make a little bit extra money or see how much you have. The #the-galley🍻 is used for talking to crew mates as well as getting to sail with other people, the #announcements💡 is when we announce Fleets or other things, the #navy-rules-and-regs📖 is the rules and information about this club, there will also be a chat at the bottom of the discord when you are assigned to a ship where you can talk to just your crew. Message Sumptiner#0803 On Discord To Join

  • Ahoy Piraten,

    wir laden euch herzlich in unsere Community ein. Finde Spieler und reden Aktive mit ihnen. Suche ne Crew und sein Live bei Unser Sea of Thieves Livestreams. Oder beschäftige dich mit anderen Themen. Unser Discord ist für jeden Gedacht. Du kannst dich auf Events und verschiedene Turniere freuen.

    Werde ein Teil der Head or Coin Community - wir freuen uns auf dich!
    Wir sehen uns wen der wind wieder richtig steht Ahoy!

  • I am looking for a fleet/community I can easily grind out my levels in peace away from murderous trolls and riff raff from merging/open servers. I am currently sitting at reputations 45 - 40 - 40 - 4. I am 27 years of age and just getting tired of the BS and want to actually enjoy the game. Also in terms of speaking I have access to discord and use it on a daily bases but most of all I am just looking for a PVE community that will allow me to do my own thing and not be trifled or have to worry about someone stopping me from enjoy the game due to disruptive behavoir. Therefore to wrap things up nice is short I am willing to do an in voice discord interview with no problem and I do look forward to hearing from some recruiters. :)

  • Ahoy, it's my first post, and I'm not sure if everyone will play along with it or even liked the Idea,
    but I wanted to try to make something like this for some time now.
    so here we go!

    The Story:

    Since the moment you woke up at the Tavern and sailed away up to this day you always knew that the Sea doesn't belong to the Humans nor to the skeletons.
    you always knew that there is something more then what you knew,
    after months of sailing the seas,
    you started hearing the whispers in your sleep,
    whispers which driving you slowly to madness,
    searching for something you don't know what that is,
    and why you search for it.

    One day you see that you wake up on a shore, you never saw this Island, you can't see any other Islands around you.
    your ship has sunk,
    but you can't see any of your crew nor The Mermaids or Merfolk,
    the storm is raging above your head,
    is raining and lighting shots at your feet as it tries to hit you,
    in front of you, you see a small peak,
    you rush inside to find shelter from the storm,
    as you enter to see a giant stone door from your dreams,
    In hope to find your crew and find out the meaning of your dream, or even better a treasure!
    you push with all the strength that left in you and enter.
    as you enter the Room the door shuts closed.
    you try to open the door,
    but there is no power left in you.

    suddenly you feel a chilling feel runs on your spine,
    like you being watched from behind,
    as you pull your sword and turn around what you see,
    cannot be explained by any worlds.

    as you Gaze into the room your heart fills with Fear.
    you start to hear Whispers from your dreams once more
    as the whispers get louder and longer,
    you try to understand but with no success,
    as you fail to understand the whispers,
    you Feel your mind Hurts and Pound!
    you fall on your Knees holding your head,
    you Feel you about to lose your mind!
    until suddenly everything stops.

    you hear once more the whispers,
    but this time, you understand the whispers.

    you understand why men never should have ruled the sea.
    Now you understand why the Kraken hunts Men and their ships.
    and you Know, why you must too.
    why you must Defend The Kraken,
    whatever the cost,

    even if it's your own Life.

    The Challenge:

    complete one of the following:

    • Fight other crew while not attacking or damaging the Kraken.
    • Steal The Treasure of other Crew while the Kraken Fights them, without hurting the Kraken.
    • Have A Revenge upon a crew who killed a Kraken
    • survive over 15 min while defending the Kraken

    In order to finish the challenge
    (combat versus other crew/s):
    You must YELL,
    "For the Order Of The Kraken" upon victory against other crew.

    have all the Kraken customization on the ship!

    Feel free to leave a comment of what's your opinion about the challenge.
    and if you completed the challenge feel free to post photos or video, or just a comment.

    See you at the Seas!
    alt text

  • I made a video about a month ago going over the entire game from when it was announced to now. I never thought to put it on the Sea Of Thieves discussion page but today it came across my mind to do it. In the video, I go into detail about where the game started and how the game has changed/ adapted over time. It would mean a lot if you could check the video out and give some feedback on what I could do to improve it for future content! Thanks

  • i went to liars backbone and he was not there. is there something explaining in the world why or did Rare just take him cause whatever

    • Random Question -
  • Right now I am trying to find a spinal figurehead but finding one is harder than it seems so I was wondering if anyone has one for sale right now and what the price is?

  • It'd be nice to have a central safe area in game such as an island towards the middle of the map where you can meet other pirates on your server, form alliances, goof off, etc... It would need to be impossible to harm other players in this area as trolls would be rampant otherwise. The point would not be to loot or gather supplies at this island but rather to form alliances, meet other players, start voyages, etc...

  • Have you seen one? killed one? or don't believe they exist! [Gameaholik]

    1. Fix the swords
      Swords should never stun lock other players, nor get them in a vortex of death they can’t escape from.

    2. Fix the blocking
      The blocking dose not work with the sword. If your hit by multiple people all hits go through, or the enemy can jump and in doing so, pass the block completely, by hitting your head.

    3. Hit registration
      This is by far the most prominent issue here. Perfect shots missing, and shots that should have missed hit. Hell I’ve even been killed by sword swings in front of a player while I was behind them.

    These things and many more I’m sure I haven’t touched on, need to be addressed ASP before the launch of arena. There is just no way they can be ignored.

    Forgot to mention I play on xbox.

    (Update as of March 6th 2019)
    Blocking still dose not work properly, characters locking up apon sword hit is still at large. New gun delay seems more like a glitch, than an improvement. Extrodanrly large loading times from the ferry of the damned, whilst crew is in combat, is still a thing. In addition the hotkeys barely work, requiring several clicks on controller to bring the item out. (No this has nothing to do with my controller.)

  • Good day, everyone.

    I would like to suggest a very simple thing regarding the voice channels in the official discord of SoT.
    Would it be possible to implement like 10 Push-To-Talk channels, as I would like to play only with the people that has that option on. Me and my crewmates hates voice activity and majority of people has that on. In a long run it starts gets annoying to listen all the buttons being clicked or any other background noises. Voice activity isn't bad thing if you know how to configure your mic if it is decent, however not everyone has the means to get one or knows how to set it up properly.
    I believe Push-To-Talk channels would help the community.

    Much appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Uncle Dew

  • For a more immersive experience I wanted to try out to only use the proximity chat to talk to my friends.
    Just like I would with other players. So, could we all turn down our crew chat volume and still hear each other
    over the proximity chat? I will try it out tomorrow anyway and will post the results, in case no one here knows either.

  • At first, i thougth this game missed some content, and a way to play by myself. Youtubers and Twitchers alike all said that SoT had the most amazing community of players, but my very first run - and actually a lot more after - was like Sea of Fortnite.

    Posting something here and there, to get the grief over the overcoming feel of having spent a bunch of money for a beta testing software, I found precious advices from decent people, and in no-time my gameplay level raised.

    Long story short, what REALLY is missing in-game is a "cool it, noob" guide, to answer the most common unanswered simple question: "what a pirate would do, if it where me?" Be wise, read beneath the words, not the opposite sentence. First rule to master them all: this is a roleplay game, ACTING, in bone,flesh and mind, as the pirate you would like to be is the way to gain the trust of even those bloodthirsty PvPers, and have fun, as to die means nothing to the progression made and treasures spam everywhere.

    Couldn't be more clear than with an exemple: today things led to things, and skellys sunken my sloop near their Fort, not far from Plunder Outpost. Swimming and hiding from a shark in the shipwreck of the Wrath of Ares, i jumped over a skellys watchtower. Late night, a galleon approached slowly with sails set. From my position, i saw skellys getting (very slowly, imho) the tower cannon ready. Flashed my lanter like there was no tomorrow to warn them, but this crazy people on the galleon kept nearing their fate. And so i saw the powder barrel, lit it, and bumped into the cannon-crew skellys as skellys do. Would have seen the boom from the galleon! I accomplished nothing, but SoT is not SoFamilyPicNic, SoApex, SoFarmville and so on. It's a sandbox experience in which you have fun only unleashing your pirate way, ACTING as you really intend a pirate to be, with the tools given and a world of possibilities.

    Devs should have written in-game books, diaries, messages and so on from the common knoweledge of expert players, maybe already being PLs, as tips for the newbies. Something you can find while searching outposts for supplies, to let them know the stories of the SoT pirates community beforehand, as inspiration to their deeds.

    This is what the game is really missing to attract and keep people glued, with the will to be part of something and not only a lone sea wolf.

    My opinion. Yet, a parrot would also do the trick! :-)

  • There are many amazing fleets in this community, each with their own flair and awesome stories. In the spirit of collaboration and competition, we are Introducing Thieves Den!

    The Thieves Den is a hub for fleets to come together on a neutral ground to organize and participate in events. This is not a place for cross recruitment or politics, simply a meeting ground for running events/scrimmages.

    In addition to The Pirate Code, we also abide by the following:

    Thieves Den Code:

    1. Everyone is welcome here, no matter what fleet. (Must be in the SoT Forums as a listed fleet), use the bot commands for making your fleet in this server
    2. We are all here to make the game better, outside of in game PvP, we are here to help each other.
    3. No fighting in discord, all arguments should and will be settled on the seas.
    4. All fleets are equal no matter how big or small.
    5. No griefing or trolling in this discord.
    6. Respect all players and all fleets.
    7. Cheating and breaking of NDA's is not welcome here and will be reported to Rare.
    8. No posting hateful, racial, or harmful materials.
    9. No recruiting members from other fleets.
    10. Admins and Admirals are in charge, please listen to what they say.

    Click the link below to join the Discord. We look forward to seeing you in Thieves Den, where you will be able to compete amongst the best pirates in Sea of Thieves and win exclusive prizes!

    Thieves Den Discord!

  • Hello! I Started, for hobby, to write on JavaScript (already learned a bit on school), in order to create small Discord Bots for fun and for my community.
    So my question is: Is there a possibility that you will introduce a Sea of Thieves API? (There is an Xbox API but it can be used only with Microsoft Apps with the Pro License of WIndows, and only the achivement of xbox can be registered).

    For exemple, the possibility to see the statistics, levels, in-game factions achivements, and above all, now that you will introduce The Arena, with and PvP Mode, there can be implemented some kind of statistics, that for exemple can be seen directly from a Discord Bot, or other programs. This can be so funny for Developers who likes Sea of Thieves, and helpful to Improve the SoT Communities in the various platforms.

    Thank you for consideration and Good Game Pirates!! :)
    (I 'm almost sure that there wasn't an other thread about this, i think)

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Today I've got a quick question for ya:

    Should the Ruffian Sea Dog, Grand Admiral and Imperial Sovereign sets get their own Figureheads?

    Let me know your answers in the comments mates!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Here is my fourth fan content update. It takes the idea of whirlpools and how they can be introduced into the game with a boss battle. Also this it introduces a new area The Groaning Expanse and new cartography voyages.

    As always feel free to skip the lore part if you're more interested in the content.


    Once again the Shroud has dispersed revealing a new area of the sea to be explored, but along with it deadly ancient creatures never seen before have rolled across the land. It is believed to be a distant relative of the dreaded Kraken that over time had evolved and become even more intelligent.

    Instead of flesh though these beasts appear to feast on minerals and have developed a scent for the metal that makes up the framework of most ships. Have extra caution when travelling with a large haul of gold or they may just sniff that out as well.

    Shortly after the Shroud first revealed the Groaning Expanse it appeared all the creatures vanished. Pirates on Thieves Haven witnessed as the islands in the new region one by one sank into the sea. Then a deafening groan came that shook the entire island and with it new islands rose from the depths as fast as they vanished.

    New Encounter - Unnamed Whirlpool Monster (suggestions?)

    alt text
    Art Credit: Polina Hristova

    These are heavily based on the creature from Greek mythology Charybdis (see above). Both in appearance and how they attack ships. These versions of the creatures don’t actually eat everything, instead they absorb what they need and spit out the remains.

    In the new region under sea an enormous immobile one slumbers. Occasionally it will feast on all the islands that have formed on it, as well as food that had been brought by its offspring. Then like its offspring but on a massive scale will spit out what it doesn’t want, forming new islands.

    Finding the Creature

    As mentioned they are intelligent creatures, so rather hunt constantly they set up traps for unexpected sailors. Barrels of Plenty and shipwrecks can now sometimes be one of these traps. They can occasionally randomly attack a ship however, this is only when a large amount of chests and minerals are on board.

    Fighting the Creature

    As soon as the encounter starts the ship will pulled into a whirlpool forced to circle the creatures mouth in the center. It is possible but very difficult to break out of the whirlpool. The creature can either be attacked the traditional way with cannon and bullet fire. Or alternatively loot can be dropped into the water that will slowly feed it. Or gunpowder can be dropped to cause a large internal explosion, however you do run a risk of catching the gunpowder on your next rotation.

    Certain cursed cannonballs will affect the creature. For example sleep ball will slow the whirlpool making it easier to escape, Grogball will make it spit out chunks of loot, Jigball will calm some its attacks, and so on.

    The creature does not attack rowboats, so another possibility is load the loot into a rowboat and sacrifice your ship to end the encounter.

    Creature’s Attacks

    The creature only has three attacks however the ship is constantly affected by something similar to a storm. With water slowly filling part of the ship.


    • There’ll be several large flipper like tentacles on the edge of the whirlpool. These will sometimes collapse down. Causing your ship to crash into them taking slight damage and falling deeper into the pool.
    • They can be defeated with 3-4 cannon shots, but as you are constantly moving it makes it more difficult to do so.
    • They don’t directly attack the ship as the creature can’t see where you are.


    • These will spike out in the whirlpool and will cause damage to the ship on impact.
    • Each tooth can actually be destroyed with a single pistol shot. But they spawn often and in plenty.


    • The mouth will occasionally spit rocks out at random, similar to a volcano in the Devil’s Roar.
    • Multiple cannon balls to the mouth will calm it down.

    New Area - The Groaning Expanse

    All the islands in this area are murky and swamp like. With sinking pools where the player will have to jump multiple times to avoid getting stuck. Occasionally new islands will be generated. These will be made up of existing elements on current islands as well as part of the new islands. Giving familiarity but also new areas to explore constantly.

    Loot found on the islands will always be sunken variants of treasure.

    A new animal type has appeared as well for the merchant alliance. The turtles, although slow they pack a nasty nip. They have to be attacked to make them hide in their shell before being captured. Similar to snakes they’ll attack from their cages.

    Barnacled Skeletons from The Fractured Isles will appear on these islands.

    The outpost in the area isn’t an island itself but instead a large floating jetty. When the islands reset the outposts location will be moved.

    New Voyages - Island Cartographer

    These new voyages can be purchased from the Scholars in the tavern. When islands reset you will no longer have them on your ships map. Instead you have to discover the new islands. Once you purchase the voyage you’ll receive a blank piece of parchment.

    You’ll need to go to one of the new islands and you’ll see the parchment will begin to form a map. Some islands will have points of interest. Once the map is filled areas will glow on it that will need to be explored in order to complete it. These will be similar to locations where riddles are completed.

    When the map is finally completed it can be sold your chosen trading company for a large XP reward as well as some lovely gold.

    And that is everything for this update. Any suggestions please let me know, especially for the creatures name as I'm a bit stumped on this one.

    Previous Posts:
    Scholar’s of Curses - New Trading Company / 16 New Loot Types
    The Fractured Isles - New Tool / Encounter / World Event
    Trial of Fools - New Gameplay / Enemies / Vanity Items

  • Sith Empire Remnants
    Xbox Club Link: https://account.xbox.com/en-US/clubs/profile?clubid=3379831851791657
    Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/4D7Mhfy

    Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people?
    Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock?

    Welcome to the Sith Remnant's Sea of Thieves Embassy

    Greetings everyone! I am Darth Kenobi and I am representing the Sith Remnant. This is a second go of a clan that once reigned on Halo Reach with numbers above that of 200. We plan for the Sith Remnant to surpass our ancestors and become something truly great, something eternal. This clan is a community that spans many titles. There is a huge emphasis on growth and member participation. We want all members to be a part of our structure and leadership. If you are tired of being in a clan where you are always the grunt then take hold of your ambitions and join the Sith Remnant!

    Reasons to join (not biased opinions at all)

    • Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all)
    • An intriguing and fascinating ranking system
    • The chance to lead if that is what you aspire to do
    • A unique clan system that differs from about every other clan out there
    • A fun-filled environment
    • And Lastly, A clan that works for you!

    Requirements for Joining

    • Must be at least 13 years of Age
    • Must join the Discord Server (hub of communications)
    • Be respectful
    • Have a mic
    • And Most of ALL, Have common sense

    How to Join!

    • Join the Discord Server
    • Shoot a message to one of the admins on the Xbox Club to help speed along the process

    Clan Structure and Organization

    The Sith Remnant is a clan based off of the tenants of the Sith Order from the well beloved Star Wars franchise. While we strive to avoid the backstabbing and betrayals that are hallmarks of the Sith Order a lot of the lore is used to base our structure. We will state that it is not a replica of the Sith Empire as we make adjustments in structure to make it a more effective and enjoyable system. For a more detailed explanation of the clan structure feel free to contact myself or one of our leaders and they will walk you through everything!

    We encourage everyone to contribute and to take up positions and seize power for themselves. A meritocracy.

    "My 'vision' is of an Empire ready to fight across the battlefield of life. That is all I require."
    ―Darth Marr

    Sith Remnants Goals
    Grow into one the biggest and successful communities in gaming
    Have community wide gamenights on a weekly basis
    Form successful competitive teams
    Provide opportunities for everyone to rise to where they wish to be in the Sith
    To conquer the galaxy and know true power!

    "For now, Sidious, know that you are the blade we will drive through the heart of the Senate, the Republic, and the Jedi Order, and I, your guide to reshaping the galaxy. Together we are the newborn stars that complete the Sith constellation."
    ―Darth Plagueis, to Darth Sidious

    This is a community is always growing so if you aspire to be a part of another great movement then join today. We have many openings as of now and if you have the skills, the enthusiasm, and the tenacity to make your goals happen then you are in luck. This is not a clan where you will be stuck at the same rank forever unless you are truly content with that. I believe, we all believe in giving opportunities for advancement. Your path, your choices are yours alone so what will you choose? There are many ways to make your mark. Join today and walk the path of power. If you have any comments, questions or concerns you are more than welcome to message me!

    Very Respectfully,

    Darth Kenobi - Dark Lord of the Sith
    Head of the Sphere of Expansion - Member of the Dark Council

  • Since the update, I noticed that my game will freeze and close out randomly during a loading screen, no error screen, just completely closes. It happened 3 separate times on update day. Twice while loading into a fresh game, once while coming back from the Ferry of the Damned.

    Fast forward to the following night, buddy and I cleared a fort then a kraken on the way to the outpost. Just as we loaded the Kraken loot, server merge screen pops up, screen freezes, my game closes out. I'm on PC, my buddy is on Xbox so I figured no big deal, I'll rejoin him. As I'm reopening the game, his game kicks him out into the 'choose your ship' menu. Unfortunately we lost the fort and kraken loot.

    Hoping this will get looked at and fixed if it's an ongoing issue with various players.

  • Hey Pirates! It’s a new year, and a new list of feedback from myself and some Community Members I have played most versions of the game: Technical Alpha, Pioneers Sessions, Insider Sessions, Closed Beta, Scale Tests, Final Beta. So I've played this game a lot, prior to release. I've got a massive list of feedback/ideas from both myself and people in this thread. So take a look, if you don't like an idea/ have an idea/ like an idea, reply to the thread! All feedback, on this feedback thread, is much appreciated. I will be checking back daily.

    New Content Additions

    New foods:
    (All can be sold to the Merchant Alliance in Crates, in exchange for Gold, during Merchant Voyages)

    • Coconut- Obtained only from palm trees (Using Blunderbuss, Flintlock, Eye of Reach, etc.) and Crates. Not barrels.
    • Pineapple- Obtained only from the Player picking off the bush, and Crates.
    • Watermelon- Obtained by Player picking, also found in Crates. Not barrels.
    • Grape Bunches- Obtained by Player picking, also found in Crates. These grapes can vary in colour, for example, green, purple, etc. The colour variation could depend on the location you're in (The Ancient Isles, The Wilds, The Shores of Plenty, etc.). The grapes are also used to refill The Ship's Grog.
    • Water- For any pirates that aren't wanting to drink the good stuff, can be found on the second layer of the ship, next to The Grog. Or you can drink it directly from the bucket, although that will make you sick, and tired out. Eww... Salty!

    New Land Creatures (Friendly)

    • Tortoise- Hides in shell once provoked, can eat fruits on the ground, used in Merchant Trading.
    • Turtle- Can eat dropped fruits in the sea.
    • Parrot- Can mimic sounds, for example, gunshots, skeletons, pirate chatter, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Chicks- Found in Chicken nests, placed in a basket, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Lizards- Can kill and eat Chicks, move fast, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Monkeys- Can be lured into a cage using Bananas, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Land Crabs- Can kill Lizards and Chicks, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.

    New Sea Creatures (Friendly)

    • Whales- Can be seen squirting water out of the sea, and jumping. Also can bump into ships causing some hull damage.
    • Dolphins- Can travel in pods of 4-6. Can be seen jumping out of the water occasionally, used to add more friendly sea creatures to the game. Also can scare off any sharks that are close to your ship.
    • New Fish- Different fish types that can be implemented with the Merchant Alliance.
    • Sea Crabs- These are bigger than the usual Land Crabs, they are slower, but if the player gets too close they will try to attack. Causing low damage.

    New Land Creatures (Hostile)

    • Poison Dart Frogs- These are very small frogs, that can spit small amounts of poison at the player. They are found in tropical areas, but can leap away if the player comes too close and looks at it. This meaning it's very hard to kill with a weapon. But the player shouldn't worry, it can't deal lots of damage. It's only there to make the game more colourful and thriving with life, and of course to make the Pirate's life harder.
    • Rats- These rodents can infest your Ship, stealing food... what a pest... Arghh!

    (Any others you'd like to see? Comment them!)

    New Sea Creatures (Hostile)

    • Sea Serpents- Have the ability to wrap around a Player's body, dragging them under. Can be killed and drop Sea Serpent's tooth (Rare). Most commonly found in underwater caves.

    (Please comment on any others in the comment section!)

    New Enemies:

    • Skeleton King- Large Skeleton, with increased health and damage. Haven’t you ever wondered what Skeleton sits on the Skeleton Throne?

    Random Events:

    • Giant Crab- These are hidden under sand, close to islands and grab the ship with both pincers, causing hull damage. To kill it the Player must use the Cannons/Guns to crack the shell of the pincers, then use the Cutlass to slice the exposed flesh, for the most effective way. This is a random event and will trigger once a ship has come into the area. This can attack sloops, not just galleons.
    • The Skeleton King’s Hideout- The Skeleton King’s hideout is similar to a Skeleton Fort, but this time the island isn't on the map, hence why it is a hideout. The whole island can only be seen when active. Pirate Captains, Pirate Ships, etc. will be patrolling in and around the Hideout. Multiple crews will have to come together to take this one down. This Hideout can be taken down like the Skeleton Fort when the Captains, Skeletons, and The Skeleton King is dead.
    • Whirlpools- Open up randomly across the sea, causing any nearby Player Ships to be pulled in! Can be escaped from by going fast enough, however, this causes hull damage. (What’s funnier than being swirled around while frantically trying to escape?)
    • Castaways- Can be found on an island, big or small. Just as rare as a 'Message in a Bottle' or 'Golden Artefact', once found, he can either be captured for some money, or the player can drop him off at their desired outpost. Dropping the Castaway off may result in more or less money than capturing them, it’s a gamble. (This will link into the ‘Wanted Pirate’ posters around outposts).
    • Rogue Pirate Raid- NPC Pirates take over an outpost, like the Skeleton Fort, however, the Outpost cannot be used properly until all the Rogues are killed. After they are, you can go around to all the shops and the Inn, to claim a reward, for being a good sport. The three traders will also give you Reputation for your help.

    Ship Ideas

    New Ships

    • Players could have the choice of selecting a different ship, depending on what voyages they are wanting to do. For example, a Merchant Ship would have a small crane on, to lift supplies and fewer cannons, but move faster. While a Gold Hauder's Ship would have lots of cannons but move slower. (Credit: El Roadkillo)

    Ship Customisability:
    (All can be bought from the Ship Market)

    • New Lantern designs. [Shape]
    • New Map designs.
    • New Barrel designs.
    • New Mast designs.
    • Modular Ship Interiors- Such as lower decks being swapped out from the regular barrels to maybe a crew area full of beds and furniture, a stockpile of gold/skulls or even a hay-filled pig-pen, depending on what Voyages you are wanting to do. (Credit: @El Roadkillo)

    New Ship Features

    • Ship Name engraved above the entrance to Captain's Quarters, and on the sides of the ship/rear.
    • Walk The Plank-Players who have to leave the game, whistle on the ship has the option to 'Walk the Plank'. This would make the plank have an actual use, and would be fun to watch a scurvy pirate jump to his long-awaited fate. Even the sharks would love this feature! Free Snacks!
    • Gambling- Long voyage ahead? Why don't you stand around a barrel and gamble away all that gold! This would make long voyages more entertaining, and create panic moments when there's an enemy ship coming your way!
    • Barrels Spawn- When a ship sinks, the Cannonballs/Planks/Banana barrels spawn above the wreck in the sea.
    • Closing doors- Doors should be able to be closed on the Galleon,

    New Character Content

    Character Customizability:
    (All can be bought from the Clothes Shop)

    • Glasses
    • Commendations should be able to be worn as badges on clothing.

    New Equiptable Items:

    Musical Instruments:

    • Harmonica
    • Guitar
    • Flute
    • Bell
    • The Music Box- Used to keep snakes calm during voyages, can be placed and activated on the ship. (The one in Taverns and Shops)


    • Blowgun- Shoots a dart from a small tube, can be tipped with Snake Poison to cause nausea and poison to the enemy. (Similar to cursed cannon balls, tipped arrows are rare).
    • Boarding axe- (Tool type weapon) Can pry off boards used to plug hull damage (Takes roughly as long as to place a Plank) and chop rigging to weaken or even disable a sail (requiring an interaction on the chopped line to repair it).
    • Boarding hook- (Tool type weapon) The real reason to take this weapon is for quickly climbing ships! Charge attacks will jab and hook it into the wood, to climb up. Can also be used to climb terrain.
    • Throwing Knives- (Throwing weapon) Quicker than a flintlock, lower damage, has an arc and CANNOT be retrieved to avoid unlimited ammo during battles. Can be restocked at the ammo chest.
    • Coconuts- These can be placed into cannons and fired at ships to cause some damage, and if hit near a player will fill their screen with milk!

    Trading Companies Updates:

    Order of Souls

    New Loot:


    • Gilded Skull: Dropped by Golden Skeleton Captains, this skull is immensely heavy and the carrier is slowed down due to the weight.
    • Ivy Skull: Dropped by Wild Skeleton Captains, this skull blends in very well with bushes, grass, etc. Can poison the carrier, occasionally.
    • Ghastly Skull- Dropped by Shadow Skeleton Captains, cannot be seen well in the night, however, with a lantern, it can be uncovered.

    Rogue Pirate Marks
    These marks can be exchanged to Duke, for doubloons, and some rare customisation options. They are a patch of cloth, think of them as ‘Dog-Tags’, the more experienced Rogue Pirate you kill, the rarer the Mark will be.

    • Mark of the _____ (Common – like Castaway)
    • Mark of the _____ (Uncommon- like Seafarers)
    • Mark of the _____ (Rare- like Marauders)
    • Mark of the _____ (Rare...er- like Captain’s)
    • Mark of the _____ (Rarest- like Chest of Sorrow, Chest of a thousand grogs, etc.)
      (Spaces left for the tier of the Rogue Pirate)

    Gold Hoarders

    New Loot:

    New Normal Chests:
    Check out @Cows-n-Muffins Chest Designs here

    • Legendary Chest- Golden, with diamonds engraved. 2000-2700 Gold.

    New Cursed Chests

    • King Chest- Only found after the Skeleton King’s Hideout has been taken down, it is held shut with skeleton arms, imagine a skeleton embedded within the chest. However, as this chest is cursed, it may only be exchanged in the Order of Souls. 28000-3200Gold.
    • Hermit Chest- Ruby red glow, with a pair of pincers sealing the chest down. It houses a crab in it..? Yeah... also I forgot to mention it's going to be really hard to keep this chest still! So make sure you keep an eye on it! 1000-1600 Gold.
    • Kraken Chest: Found floating in the ocean after defeating a Kraken, or, is held by one of the tentacles and make the Kraken drop it by shooting it with cannons. It's best to keep this chest somewhere secure, you'll often see a tentacle come out of the chest and try to damage anything around it. Even the ship hull. Can be exchanged at the Gold Hoarders for gold.

    Merchant Alliance

    Merchant Items:

    • Crate o' Feathers
    • Jar o' Venom (Also used to tip darts with poison)
    • Pig Skin
    • Barrel O' Rum- Barrel full of grog, different rarities.
    • Parrots – Can be captured in the bird cages we see throughout the world.

    The Fishing Guild:

    With Sea of Thieves having so much water, I was quite surprised to not see any fishing related markets or activities. A new Fishing Market could be added to the game, where players go fishing in a certain area, to catch a certain type of fish. The Player could store the Fish in barrels of water with the lid off, near the Character Customisation area of the lower deck. This could then be brought back to the Fish Market, located on the pier of an outpost, and then exchanged for Gold. This will add the option for a new food source, fish. Which the Player could buy from the Fish Market. I won't list all the possible fish types, I'll leave that for Rare to come up with! :D (Extension of the Merchant Alliance)

    Outpost Ideas:

    • Gambling games- Located in the Tavern, players can play games such as Card games, Dice games, etc. To win Gold! This gives players a reason to not be too hostile towards others on the Outpost, well not during the game anyway!
    • Barber Store- This would make the game more realistic, having an NPC stand behind you, while you're sitting on a barrel. This could also make it so the NPC may not do the correct haircut every time, which adds some humour to it.

    New Gameplay Additions

    • Daily Voyages- Add in Daily Voyages for each Trader that you can pick up from the Vendors on the Outposts. Daily Voyages would provide more reputation than your average voyage, possibly a set percentage of a level. It would provide a more reliable way to progress for more casual players.
    • Weekly Voyage- This Weekly Voyage could be a big voyage, which happens at the end of every week. This could be a high number of Chapters Voyage and even have a mix up of the 3 Traders in there. The Voyage would be just as rewarding as taking on a Skeleton Fort.
    • Full text support for Xbox One, with Keyboard+Mouse support being added soon, we need to be able to type using the controller!

    Character Improvements

    • Players should be able to carry two small items, such as Goblets, Skulls, etc. Instead of only carrying one at a time.

    If you have any other ideas, comment them below and I'll add them to the list. This isn't complete yet, and I will be updating it again daily. So far, I feel like the whole Sea of Thieves Community has been quiet, I'd be happy with a weekly content update, even if it just adds small things, like parrots.

  • I would like to hide a my own chests on an island, "create" a tresure map and let other pirats find and fight for the "big whoop".
    let us creat our own little storys about beeing a pirat.
    let the community do what they are best in.
    just imagin what could go crazy wrong, when the whole server is hunting ur "big whoop".
    just imagin the crazy cool adventures u can watch on twitch.
    And in the end u find the "big whoop" hidden in a undersea cave.
    Just imagin

  • I've come to the Sea of Thieves because I'm looking for a challenging way of life and incredible social interactions that will fill me with great memories to share with others around a nice filled tankard. I'm also quite fascinated by the Pirate Code and will one day discover all about its origins.
    Me interests consist of interacting with others, helping others but also bringing balance in the Sea of Thieves. If I notice you spamming a new player you can be sure that my whole crew will come for your heads! I intend on bringing order and justice in the Sea of Thieves.

  • Here's mine:
    Skeleton ships
    I hate them, I hate them, I HATE them!
    Waiting for an island to stop exploding so that i may grab the 6 chest I just finished digging up and a skeleton ship appears so I lower my sails then go to raise the anchor and I get hit with sleep. Okay so I try again. And it happens again. Now I'm frustrated that I cant raise my anchor and turn a wheel. I try again and sleep. I finally get it done after the third try and go to steer ship. Sweet as. I fire a ball into them to make them sick so I can go repair. And barely a second later I get hit with sleep while bucketing water. So I keep going after this long as stun of liying on the floor. I get it down a little bit before I get hit with sleep and it rises up so fast that the ship starts to sink. So I closed the game and I'm not playing ever again. This happened in literally 28 seconds. FIX THIS STUPID STUN OR REMOVE IT!

  • I feel like a fun addition would be adding sheet music to the game that players can find in various places. If another player happens to have found the same song as you, they can join in. Good for camaraderie and enjoyable moments in my opinion.

  • so we started a discord for sot we like to get our community involved with us if its just looking for someone to play with we have roles you set up so people know your play style. it makes it easier for what kind of person your looking for.. we also do events with our discord and giveaways so feel free to join https://discord.gg/Uf9xTrC[link text](link url)

  • So, we all should know that sea of thieves recently has become very popular amongst streamers, with Sumit1g Starting it and now drdisrespect and Timthetatman, hopping on it really is a great thing, with all the views as well as new players joining its defiantly increasing the lifespan of the game. But with the new streamers i think its become apparent that the new players have brought with them a wave of toxicity that i feel a lot of the hardcore fans are really disliking.

    The issue is, is that most of these streamers arriving have a very divided community that arnt the best of people but can be, they also can be very toxic, and i mean very. Furthermore when looking at what the streamers play, most are from Fortnite, which as well all know are very, toxic to say the least, and most are kids, so its very hard now especially since the community im saying is increasingly bigger, to hold it very close and nice amongst us. And what was once a very calming sea has become one what was envisioned from the title of it, its full of players who are willing to risk it all to earn a couple coins and ruin other peoples day.

    Benefits of streamers:
    More players
    Gets the game out there
    Increases rares public image (Very good for the game and company)
    And i imagine more but thats all i can think of

    Negatives of the streamer wave:
    quite a bit of toxicity
    arguments between the devs and the streamers
    Kids(And by this i mean kids that get the game cause ninjas got it and dont really understand then complain about it and cry basically because they couldnt get their castaway sold)
    The community is getting more divided

    I do believe streamers are a good thing for the sea, but i dont think its good for the community, as there will be a big divide now between og players and ones who joined recently. These people are the ones who complain and argue that everyone should get time limited cosmetics after they're time on sale has gone.

    good but bad, people who scoop the poopdeck vs captains, thats how i sea this(yes i did mean to put sea when i meant see)

  • I believe one of the misconceptions that many people have about this game is that it's boring as they go to single island, dig up chest just to head back and deliver it at outpost... rinse and repeat.

    This makes up for extremaly boring gameplay as these players spent a lot of time being idle without feeling any pressure, emotions, nothing.

    I believe a really welcome addition would be a bonus that would reward players to hold onto their treasure for longer and sell it in quick succession

    for reference let's say, to rack up bonus you need to deliver treasure every 2 minutes to keep up the 'quick succesion' bonus
    Deliver 4 treasures - extra 10% reward
    Deliver 10 tresures - extra 30% reward
    Deliver 16+ treasures - 50% reward

    Once you deliver it and the 'timer' ends, you get your extra reward for everything you've just dropped off.

    You may hate PvP and risk of losing stuff, but without PvP and that tension Sea of Thieves would be extremaly boring and you would hate that game... say whatever but anger and fear is better than boredom and lack of any kind of emotion when you're playing the game.

    Thing about having more stuff with you is that it amplifies your alertness, the pressure you feel when you're passing nearby ship, just brings makes the game a lot more interesting.

    It's like that first time when you've done a skull fort and you wanted to hold onto that treasure with all your strength.

  • Something I just mentioned in another post, that I think needs to have some light shed upon.

    I’d like to suggest that we have the option to purchase individual Bottles of Rum from the Taverns as another form of drink to the game, that has an extra charge of let’s say.... 5-10 Golden pieces?

    You can also purchase a second option, which would be to buy a Crate of Rum, which you can bring on board to your ship, or share around with others in the tavern or on your travels.

    This crate would be different than the crate that you get from the merchants alliance, since this crate doesn’t have a desitination labeled on it’s side, it would be of no value... so there’s no “Buy a crate, sell a crate.”

    I think this would add a good social experience to the game.

    And, Rum... Rum is important. Because Rum.

    You could even expand on this. Make it to where it’s harder to get drunk off of Grog, while as one bottle of Rum will make you wasted.

    Too much rum will not only make you go loopy, but you have a chance of your screen blacking out for 25-30 seconds, and it forces you into the “Sleep” emote for 8-10 seconds following the “blackout”.

  • text alternatif
    All Hands On Deck!

    Fortune, in collaboration with The Pirate Council, is proud to present its most recent addition in a series of exciting and thrilling PvP Oriented Events! A clever twist to the King Of The Hill Gamemode!

    Enter Beacon Brawlers!

    text alternatif

    text alternatif

    text alternatif

    • What Is Beacon Brawlers?

    Beacon Brawlers! It says it in the name! Each crew will be assigned a flame colour and their goal is to light the Brazier and hold it until victory is achieved! For this particular Event, each crew will be bringing forward two Pirates to duke it out Smuggler's Bay!

    • Rules

    Each Crew will be assigned a colour: White, Blue, Red, Purple and Green

    All Weapons will be in play.
    Bananas are allowed.
    Buckets of Water are allowed.

    There will be NO FIGHTING on the Ships.
    Cannonballs are FORBIDDEN.

    First Crew to accumulate 3 Minutes on their Clock will win the Round.
    First Crew to Five Victorious Rounds wins the competition.

    • Who will be participating?

    For the First Edition of Beacon Brawlers, we are happy to present:

    Rogue Legends
    The Old Salts
    @JPIZZLE133 & Friend
    DADS Pirates

    • Where can I see this?

    As usual, you will be able to watch this through the eyes of our Official Shoutcaster @ELLISisBEAST, but this time through our Pirate Council Twitch page!

    • Can my crew participate?

    Unfortunately, we will be unable to take new contestants. That being said, if you're interested to participate in future event, please contact me directly through discord!


    • What is the Pirate Council?

    The Pirate Council is is a coalition of fleets and organizations that share a common passion for Sea of Thieves. With different perspectives, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our community members and the larger Sea of Thieves Community. If you wish to know more, don't hesitate to contact us!

    We are:

    Iron Fleet
    The Blue Devils
    Fleet of Thieves
    DADS Pirates
    Steve Irwin's Revenge
    Sea Of Thieves ITALIA
    Tactical Fleet
    Fleet of Assassins
    Rogue Legends

    text alternatif

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Skill Gap
    I have been seeing a lot of discussion lately about how PVP should be separate from PVE in sea of thieves.

    However I haven't seen a lot of discussion about combat itself. Obviously there is the aspect of mastering the boats and cannons. However if we are talking about gun or sword combat it seems somewhat limited to me.

    The pistol and sniper in sea of thieves are the middle/long range weapons (however they are used close range a lot) they are almost always used together because a sniper shot plus a pistol shot equals a kill. They are also used together because of a quick switching exploit currently in the game.

    The blunderbuss and the sword are the close range weapons they have no uses at long or median range. The sword is mainly used in close combat or for PVE. The blunderbuss is used commonly in both close up PVP and PVE.

    This was a very short post on skill gap combat but a lot of things were missed such as movement and pc vs xbox.

    My main question is are the developers shrinking the skill gap between players until it is impossible to beat a crew with more people then you. Or are they open to adding a skill gap to allow smaller crews to take on larger crews.

    please comment below I would love to see a wide range of opinions on the topic.