• Example would be:
    Grade I: Get into the Red Sea
    Grade II: Survive 30 seconds in the Red Sea
    Grade III: Survive 1 minute in the Red Sea
    Grade IV: Survive 5 minutes in the Red Sea
    Grade V: Sail around the whole map while into the Red Sea (follow the map limits)

    End title: Legendary Suicidal Sailor of the Blood Sea

  • Hey devs and others! Weapons recently have started to grow stale. Blunderbombs and Firebombs are nice but are consumables and more of a luxury to have. We have 3 weapons all used for different things and cannot be dual wielded. So what if we could?

    Obviously they need to be balanced like we can’t have two swords that act the same because we’d be dead in seconds. So here are my thought on dual wielding(minus snipers because that’s op and it’s a two handed weapon): we will have an off hand and a main hand.

    For sword, we can only dash with main hand and off hand sword will have more staggered hits rather than a combo. So 3 hit combo with main sword and one hit with the off hand after the 3 hit combo. Also, there can be a charge attack like the dash where instead of launching forward, we just wind up our arms from the back and kind of poke opponents which deals 75% damage(this is kinda iffy).

    For pistols, we can only aim with main hand while the off hand is more of luck when shot. Along with that, to reload, only the main pistol can be reloaded but the player must put away the off hand pistol to do so. In short, you can shoot two bullets at the same time or any other configuration but, the reloading can only happen for main hand pistol and requires you to put the off hand back in its holster(for the other hand to put the bullet in).

    For blunders it’s simpler. You can dual wield but dual wielding will result in the blunders becoming inaccurate because the big weapon can’t be pointed. So people could get past the shots if they stand in the middle of the blunders because the blunders will shoot off to the sides rather than directly in front.

    Lastly, knives. I think it would be interesting if knives were introduced. For their mechanics, knives can only be thrown. They will deal a quarter damage to health but there is only 4 that can be carried. So what happens when you throw them? They can’t be reloaded so player will be able to receive them from the dead bodies OR find a small supply of them in ship barrels, like consumables but it’s a main weapon slot.

    Well that’s all I have so tell me thoughts and/or different ideas in terms of balancing!

  • So far, I’ve been playing the game for a while now, though I took a break from it due to exams from about January to July, so I missed the month limit...

    For the sake of fans of the Ori´s license just like you’ve done with the Spartan set for Halo fans, please bring back an opportunity for us to acquire the set, rather be it an emporium item or a twitch drop or whatever, I really hope for them to come back.

  • Considering the respawn distance has been increased a while ago, what would some benefits and drawbacks be to adding more supplies to the ship at spawn/respawn?

    I find myself spending 15 to 30 minutes just stocking the ship before setting sail, and as a result, I find myself not logging on as often during the workweek because the startup time from power on to sailing is increased significantly by needing to stock the ship.

    I am NOT complaining, however I think increasing the number of cannonballs and wood at least would increase playerbase and encourage more people to play even on a more limited schedule.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  • So there is an axe model in-game and basically I have naturally conditioned melee with mobility due to the swords movement and utility. So here is the idea:

    The Climbing axe: when equipped, a rope is wrapped around you. It sticks to surfaces and you can then pull yourself to it, whether you are in the water essentially harpooned to a ship or pulling yourself up a cliff. When you reach the axe you can jump up from it and keep climbing.

    You can also use the Climbing Axe to keep players tied to you. Lets say someone is running to loot, you throw the axe (skillfully) at them, and the rope is tied to you, so you can now prevent them from selling unless they break it with a sword or kill you.
    CONTROLS: Activating the throw is right click (sword block) and to throw it would be left click. You could also just use it to hit by just hitting left click. The damage is less than the sword. When reeling yourself in, it would be a constant left click then right click back and fourth grabbing the rope and inching yourself towards your destination.

    I think this would be SUPER fun and it would be a nice change to ship combat as ladder camping is quite boring.

  • I just had a good idea for sea of thieves. So as we all know the alliance system is very ehhhh. Most of the time it’s abused to sink other people, and it’s only really useful when we manage to get into the same lobby as our friends. So what they should do is add a new kinda of alliance one that is more permanent. It would only be available at the set sail screen. And what would happen is you’d make your crew and then you could invite other people to be in your alliance but they would be on a different ship and it would find a lobby to put y’all in. This alliance would be as if y’all were in the same ship as in you can’t kill each other and you get 100% of the profit they make when they sell. However it would only be available to make at the set sail screen. And they’d have to make a point system so like for example you only get ten points and a gallon is with five, so you can only have two gallons do this. And like brigs could be three points so you could have three brigs and sloops are worth two points so you can have five sloops. And then obviously you can mix and match different ships in the alliance as long as it doesn’t go over ten points. And this would greatly improve the game as more alliances would be formed, this would allow more people to play with their friends in a session and it would make way cooler sea battles as there would be more ships. This would also improve the Temporary temporary alliance system as the solo ships in a server can muster a quick fleet to battle these permanent alliances and they would have the advantage of having no cap, meaning they could have three gallons, two brigs, and a sloop if that’s what is in the server. If this is implemented it would only make the game better and allow for more Memorable moments while also allowing for more friendships to be created, as well as remove the conflict of trying to form a crew when all your friends want to play at the same time.

  • Hi Rare I suggest reading and considering what I’m about to say. I think you’ve done an excellent job coming up with new and creative content and a progressing story through the months. But, you guys need to take a month or two off and sort this game out.

    Every patch you push more people away by supposedly fixing bugs only to continue having them and if anything, bring more in. I am always the first to test upcoming content, watch developer updates, and engage in Sot events but this has gotten out of hand.

    Combat needs a makeover along with other bugs within the game that inevitably leave the community in rage because the game can be unplayable. You guys have kept to your word and delivered content monthly that just gets better and better but I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say: Take time off and rework the game.

    We have plenty of content to keep us busy and we’d much rather have a working game than a broken one. Everyone would be more than happy to chill and wait for these bugs to be fixed before more content releases. You’d even attract players who have quit because of this.

    Rare, I hate to see people angry over the game because I know you guys are ambitious, creative, and passionate developers. Think about this for everyone because this would dramatically better this game. Thanks devs and please consider this.

  • I just come from leaving the game after doing a few quests and going back to a place to sell some crates and skulls. The problem is I've not been able to do it, basically because in the way to this island, I found myself fighting a shark, and a ghost ship, and I ended getting sinked by this last one when I was about to arrive. I lost 1 hour and a half of searching, digging, sailing and killing, just because of a little ghost ship. This ghost ship wouldn't have been a problem if I had been playing with another person, but as I said I had done all of this solo, which also makes everything harder as I have to drive the ship, shoot, repair, take off water, charge cannons and eat all by myslef.

    This extremely unlucky experience is seeming to be not that unlucky, as today, in about 6 or 7 hours of playing, it has happened me up to 3 times. I just got sinked or stolen or killed and lost absolutely all of my work because I was playing solo, and because of that I couldn't do nothing to fight this situations.

    Talking about stealing, I've found that the community of people who play this game is extremely bad. Nobody is friendly, and everybody's goal is to simply ruin other's people gaming experience by killing them, spawn camping, stealing, or simply insulting. This get's worse when you are playing solo, because you are by yourself when it comes to getting killed, or stolen, or getting caught in the middle of the sea. Most of the people, even knowing I'm alone, they still fight me, and most of the times they'll be 2 people or even more. So basically I have nothing else to do than destroying my ship and loosing absolutely all my loot.

    I'm posting this because I've been playing this game for about a few weeks, and even though I love the game itself, the community and some small aspects of the game are making me wanting to stop playing it. About the community and stealing I maybe understand that this is Sea of Thieves, so everybody is a thief, but, does people need to be dicks? I mean, if a ship comes to me and sinks me down its ok for me, because I know that's the game's risk. But if some guys just spawnkill me, steal me, insult me, and call me noob. I'm not taking the risks of being a pirate in the sea of thieves, I'm just getting my gaming experience ruined by some stupid people who's only goal is to make me feel miserable.

    All I want is that the game changed it's ways for solo players. I'm not asking for private servers, because I know its very hard to make it possible. One of my main ideas would be to help solo players in some ways. For example, the game could change the possibility of random encounters like ghost ships, megalodon, kraken and some others for solo players, to make sure they don't find this troubles as much as other people, as solo players are the ones who are more vulnerable to this encounters.

    Finally I have to say that this is just my situation, and maybe im the only one who is suffering from this problems, but if its not the case i would love to get this things solved somehow.

    Thanks for the attention.

  • Even though it has become part of the game over the years and technically there is nothing wrong with it, spawnkilling is getting little bit out of hand.

    Lets be real here, sloop has only about 3 different spawn points, which means, whoever knows about them all, can easily guarantee, that you'll get blunderbuss into the face, right as you come back from the dead.

    I believe adding approximately 1 sec spawn protection wouldn't be a bad idea at all, its not a dealbreaker, but at the same time, it can provide time needed to orient and take matters into one's own hands.

    I see no problems with implementing this into the game, I feel like it can't be taken an advantage of.

    What you think?

  • On July 16, 2020 at 6:05 PM (GMT+8) I, Sandblisz single-handedly in a Sloop took down the Sea of Theives' recent threat to all pirate-kind, Captain Flameheart's Ghostly Armada of Ghost Ships.

    Below is the proof of my amazing feat and victory against Captain Flameheart.

    Also my bounty for defeating his Ghostly Armada. I sorted them out for easy access when selling them to each appropriate pirate guild.

    If there isn't a commendation for defeating Captain Flameheart solo, well, there is now and I earned it.

  • حياكم الله في ديسكورد عربي للعبة بحر اللصوص مع اكثر من ألف قرصان مستعد للإبحار ، نتطلع لمقابلتكم
    Hello and welcome in our total arabic server for sea of thieves with over 1 thousand member, can't wait to meet you there. ❤️

    alt text

  • Hello!

    I've noticed that there are many people asking for the same thing.

    Community Problem:
    "We need a way to play with more than 3 of our friends."

    I do understand why 4-player crew for a Galleon was made for balance, but now that we have the "Alliance" feature, wouldn't it be better to have it so that we can make an alliance before we "Start sailing" and have our 2 crews already an alliance in the same server.

    Idea 1: Pre-made alliances.

    • Before sailing, the lobby has a toggle option for add an alliance.
    • The crew could start inviting another crew from their friends list.
    • The receiver of the invite would have to accept/reject the invite.
    • Once the invite is accepted, the lobby will be filled up of 2 crews each with their own crew ship.


    1. Maybe we can limit pre-made alliances to 2 crews.
    2. Having a queuing system that matches crew sizes to enter the same server.
      (example: A 6-player crew will queue up to match with other 6-player crews to enter the same server.)*

    Idea 2: Server subscriptions

    Do you guys play Minecraft? Ever heard of "Minecraft Realms"?
    Here's an idea. Why not let players subscribe for a server? You get money,
    we get our friends in the same server.

    * In your Sea of Thieves website, have an option for "Server subscriptions" with different tiers.
    * Each tier price is based of the number of people that players want in the server.
    * Player servers automatically closes if there are no players in it, costing
    you guys less money to maintain and host player servers.

    Now I don't know what your development cycle is, if its agile, waterfall, or whatever and who handles the product backlogs but both ideas do not require you to change any feature that is already in the game.

    These are ADDITIONAL FEATURES to be developed and deployed.

    Thanks for reading and good job for a great game!

  • Yo Ho Ho! Ahoy Mateys!

    Shiver me Timbers! Looking for new crewmates as I've been primarily a solo player when I've played (I'm on PC, I've been playing for a few hours here and there casually raising the emissaries levels).

    Looking to have some fun and switch it up and sail with some new mates doing everything/anything SOT (Quests/Tall Tales, Treasure Hunting, Plundering, Etc.)

    Schedule: I'm able to be on daily, hours change from week to weekend due to work.
    MON - THUR: 5PM or 6PM -- To Whenever -- EST-USA
    SAT - SUN: 5AM or 6AM -- To Whenever -- EST-USA

    Add me on:

    Microsoft: Itz Matiks
    Steam: 862482400

    Let's sail the Sea's together and become Legend.

  • Sugiro ter 2 lados para podermos escolher... nós temos a Athena’s Fortune , mas também poderíamos ter a Miséria de Hades ou algo do tipo, Onde seria o reverso de Athena’s Fortune, esses dois lados adicionariam muito ao gameplay , exemplos: Novas Lorotas , Novas Companhias e Novas Missões , além de proporcionar uma certa rivalidade, que é algo necessário em um jogo de Piratas como o Sea Of Thieves

  • As I know that people don't like to read essays and the issue should be well known already, here's my question/suggestion right away:

    Does the "Find a crew!" section need an additional anti-spam rule and/or a rule that alliance memberships applications need to be done on the alliance website/discord rather than on the SoT forum?

    The problem in a nutshell, for all who're unaware:
    (Everyone else might stop reading here as the only change suggestions were all made above )
    Some alliances get bumped to the top of that section over months and even years so far because...

    1. ...membership applications are specifically requested by the OP to be made within the same post instead of the alliance website/discord.
    2. ...of repeated and constant ad-bot like comments from members that only contain single phrases like "omg, dis alliance so good!!"
    3. ...of several unnecessary double or even quadruple comment postings (instead of just editing the post) by both the OP and alliance members.
    4. ...of OP announcements/updates that basically only mirror the information of his/her initial post of page 1 and don't tell you anything new.
    5. ...any other lesser relevant comment imaginable that's seen as necessary to bump the thread once again over one of another alliance that's also doing the things as mentioned above. Nice runaway effect here.

    As a result of this, it's always the same few alliances that are always on top while other alliances' posts with a less, let's just say "questionable", approach or those of single guys that just want to find a little crew are getting buried pretty quickly.

    Do you see this as a problem as well?

  • Live date of South African servers?![alt text](https://p18.zdusercontent.com/attachment/518064/c6zMXzMRZ9ghpS0gvZnLlKtKt?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..XTL6mh7Pjt6kTa5uPjknSw.7iw9KvcFswWmzKHCXId87nqzqIZ6iN8pSIL_1_wkyfGZUCtbHx7bpM-ukNuaZfE2jNGIOahsMdYi3T3yIYLRdA2PO6dZWYS9Zts2lI1xnBDJLNgNsEysBjQN5G-fNeVDm3a4dxC079wacJnseMrVckz_UgMSYIxsXSjRW6H4xlf1A3_FORrPm02mavMsGy0ZRfKLOFhCXdLbIpVitHPVPo_jBFS8nCGAqmM8HK-wHVLRPu9QHow11Q0-AoAV1SmqUDDEiFFpZBoIGGqORdEtNQ.Aq-BKysbCjDqr16jV7GaZQ

    Ahoy. When I read the new patch notes I got so excited about SOT bringing South African servers. I am currently playing in the South African region and still have 220 pings. I can't seem to connect to any South African servers thus I still get high ping.

    The game is still completely fun and good with the ping but I would just like to know when the South African servers will be up and ready to play on.

  • I love this game and I have quite a few friends that enjoy this game as well. It would be great if we could all play together at once. My suggestion... bigger crews or the opportunity to join servers. I believe the ships could hold more than allowed. Why not make Sloops 2-3 people, Brigs 4-5 people and Galleons 5-6 people? Otherwise, make it to where we can join the same server as our friends. If you want to get more PVP involved, there would be nothing like several crews going at each other with several ships.

  • With the Steam release, many new players are being dropped into Sea of Thieves. The Maiden Voyage covers most of the essentials to Sea of Thieves, while other aspects of the game are taught through experience and play as they should be.
    However, in my experiences with new players, none of them knew what an alliance was. To make matters worse, several of them wanted to stop fighting in certain situations, but didn't even know an alliance was an option in the aggressive pirate game.
    Dealing with the PvP portion of the Sea of Thieves is equally, if not, more important than knowing the PvE portion of the game, but since it's not addressed in tutorial, players don't know how to appropriately handle it, to either fight, flee, or join. It would be as easy as having the player join an alliance with the Pirate Lord during the Maiden Voyage, before leaving to the Sea of Thieves.

    Emissaries are also incredibly ambiguous. I've read about them, I've used them since their release, but know nothing about them aside from Faction Pride and having a target on your back for the Reaper's Bones. I don't know if it's too advanced for the Maiden Voyage, but a tutorial or dialogue to call back on to explain them would be greatly appreciated.

    And on that note - please add a Hunter's Call emissary. They're my favorite faction and I love them beyond belief. I don't care if it doesn't have any special unlocks or bonuses, just let me tote a big sharky emissary flag on my ship. Hunter's Call deserves much more love. Give me my fish love.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Hey i was wonder how do i do push to talk. every time I turn it on no one can here me

  • You could essentially bribe some corrupt NPC guarding a passage to a new map or parts of the map. You would meet more experienced players there because it'd cost a lot of gold. The new islands could be in different biomes like artic, where your ship could freeze. Some special events could be happening only there, like teaming up with everyone around to kill some giant monster and then fight for the loot with others. You could gain access to special vendors that sell exclusive items... Sky is the limit.

  • Tall Tale: The Mermaids Call

    New tale about finding more information about mermaids (And maybe their curse?).

    • New underwater temples deep beneath the ocean not near islands (maybe near the random rock spawns).
    • New Chest: Mermaids Chest - gives x gold & x doubloons.
    • Curse: Gills & Fins (Cosmetic only)(Different colors purchasable after unlock?).
    • New item: Rebreather(?) - Tool(Like shovel, etc). Allows the user to have x amount of oxygen to breathe underwater longer. ( x many charges/cooldown)(Can unlock cosmetics for it like other tools).
    • New Reputation: Siren's Call - Related to mermaids. Gold from mermaid gems highest paid vs other reputations. (maybe even some doubloons) Location of an underwater outpost. (Beneath Mermaids Hideaway?)

    Underwater Temples:

    • Mermaid Gems / Mermaid Chests.
    • Coral Skeletons that can walk normally underwater / swim (But maybe has a certain range that it wont leave just like skeletons on shore to make sure its not too hard, or they can just chase you to your ship and climb aboard). (Climbing aboard would be sick).
      -Coral Skeleton Bosses - Coral Bounties.
    • Lore about Mermaids / Pirate Legends / Karen / Megan / Skevin.
    • Once temple is looted, temple sinks into the ocean never to be able to enter again (along with the random rock if its attached to that? or uncharted mini island?)

    New Mechanic: Ship Salvaging

    • New ship type 1 - 4 players (pick the size like sloop, brig, gall). Instead of harpoons has metal claws that sink into the ocean to grab a sunken ship to bring to the surface, or almost to the surface. (Once ship is looted, it breaks apart due to change in pressure).
    • More ships on the bottom of the ocean randomly, to salvage (vs cosmetic ones that we currently have).
    • Loot being Wood / Cannonballs / Chests / etc.
    • While salvaging a ship, fend off waves of Coral skeletons that invade the ship? or invade the waters? Have to defend the metal claws? Claws have X health, if 0 drops salvage ship?

    New items:

    • Rebreather(Name?) - X charges? gives x oxygen or increases oxygen capacity by x?
    • Grappling hook - Twirl grappling hook rope to launch self onto higher elevation? (Faster area climbing) Can hook barrels that float in the water? (Like harpoon) Speed of twirl increases distance?
    • Mermaids Chest - Gold & Doubloons?

    Ship Cosmetic:

    • Mermaid styled ship
    • Ocean colors / Mermaid Colors
    • Mermaid Cannons / Wheel / Capstan / Sails / figurehead.
  • The skeleton ships are broken. It seems every time i get good loot, a skeleton ship spawns or comes and attacks. They spawn and shoot cannonballs non stop. Best example after i complete a fort they always seem to spawn. And are relentless with cannonballs. Especially when your fighting another player ship it's ridiculous. This happens with any ship. You barely have a chance to repair. And they take a long time to sink. This has been a long time problem, they need to be fixed.

  • Hi,
    i want to see more battle ship content and some little changes;

    • Ships deals damage to player when hit with high speed because of phsyics and lot of player swim foward to ship and climb and makes troubles this is block for some ship actions.(espacially for new and casual players) but next suggestion(raise up climb rope) is a little bit fix for this.
    • Crew can raise climbing rope (problaly nerf for ninja player but this improves ship battles) because in ship based games and movies pirates or crews can only jump when ships locked together and this means cool update for ship battles. Oh! also friendly crew need rope to climb too!
    • Fort towers can be destroyed by players or other skeletons. After skeleton cloud disappers fort may repair itself because no one attack that fort while there is not skleton cloud on that fort.
    • New options for +4 players which they want to play together or play againts each other.
    • This game designed for crossplayer but maybe we need some close combat mechanic update too and some little new weapons.
    • More minigames(card games like uno or fast one, rolling a dice and more) when sailing or waiting for other players.

    I am waiting for your answers, I hope we can see in the game, what I wrote, especially the first 3 items.
    Thanks for reading
    Have a nice sail!

  • **Hello THERE !!

    I made a discord channel for people for Balkans to group up :) Feel free to invite all friends or people that you know that play !
    All are welcome ( Croatia / Serbia / Bosnia / Macedonia / Montenegro )!

    Email: SoT.Balkan@gmail.com
    link to channel -> https://discord.gg/b3JPjUX!
    alt text
    pozz brate !**

  • Edit: After reading some of the comments, let me rephrase they need to add this in game. It shouldn't be an issue, you can change servers in game. I play with xbox players all the time/am limited to playing with.

  • Here me out, I’m not asking for much other than a reason to play daily/ weekly to keep bringing the community back for more every chance they get. The incentives can’t be too sought after or the players will be upset they missed their login, turn in, or challenges which take a while to complete but worth enough to want to want to play to earn their daily/weekly challenge. I love the game and what has come to it since launch. Incredible!

  • I was wondering if it was possible to download SOT on I MAC through steam or is it just windows?

  • What time of day on June 3rd will SOT be released on Steam?

  • I got to the level in the emissary ledger where I get the sails. This was before yesterday and 7 CST. It is not in my inventory and I can't buy it. Where do I get it.