• I've done a very quick research and it seems that they've stopped adding them after the Forsaken Shores update(There are overall 3 scar vanity items If you don't count player creation generated ones), which is a real shame in my opinion.

    It would be cool If they added a new ones that could be a reward for Megalodon or Kraken slaying commendations, maybe even the Tall Tales as a mark of experience and overall indication that the player has been through many adventures that left scars on them.

  • Hey !

    I play Sea of Thieves for about 1 year, and I love animation !

    I've been searching for a while now about downloadable 3D generic character models and textures to increase the quality of my Sea of Thieves montages, but I'm not finding anything that could help me.

    Is this kind of support available for the community as it is for many games I used to play, or isn't it shared ?

    If not, it should be a brilliant idea !
    Maybe useful only for a minority, but I'm pretty sure that really nice creation could merge with it :)

    Thanks for reading me ! ^^
    Have a nice day on the sees !


  • With a discussion going on about Private Servers on social media I wondered what people though about this idea...

    Some believe that Private Servers should still offer the same reward experience as Public Server.
    It is my opinion that Private Servers should be restricted so that it is not an easier way to earn Gold and Rep.

    My crewmate suggested

    Private Servers could only reward Gold and Rep for the Merchant Alliance
    This is an interesting thought... in a similar way that the Arena only provides Rep for the Sea Dogs.

    Meaning that items are still sellable if found - this might also be a friendlier approach to capturing animals and completing orders for the Merchant Alliance.

    1. Maelström-Enhanced storm of middle area with an eye in the middle pulling the ships inside, causing increasing damage by getting closer. Any ship that would reach the middle of it would receive massive damage.

    2. Heavy rain-Enhanced storm of great area, without lightning strikes, very quickly filling the ship with water.

    3. Light rain-Common storm of small area without lightning strikes, slowly filling the ship with water.

    4. Crushing waves-Medium area of significantly larger waves with a slower occurrence that can push the ship to other direction. (Possibly pushing players themselves into the sea If they are not careful)

    5. Stronger wind and Water currents-Rarely encountered sea occurrences that could either speed/slow your ship a lot.

    It would be cool to see at least few of these things making it into the game. Some may say its unnecessary, but I think that we've really conquered the sea bit too much lately and we are hardly ever truly endangered by the current sea hazards.

  • This story begins about two years back, whispers had spread across the seas of a man camped out on Shark Bait Cove by the name of Merrick, you may know him now as the man who runs the hunters call, naturally me and my mate Captain Oden decided to see what the fuss was about, as did 2 other galleons, we decide to form an alliance and hear out what the old man had to say, he told us tales of his crew, and the monstrous creature that did them in! After reading his journals and hearing his story’s, he taught us a song, gave us some coordinates and we set out. After arriving at the coordinates we positioned our ships and sand our song, before we know it.... BOOM!! A ravenous beast called The Hungering One emerged from the depths!! No not a hungering one, The Hungering One!! He began to circle us, we all unleashed a hailstorm of cannon fire that would make The Pirate Lord proud! He took a chomp out of Me and Captain Odens sloop and the damage was to much! We jumped over board and climbed atop one of the galleons, at this point The Hungering One had begun to slow down, he was hurting! But still fighting, he came in for a bite of out galleon, but he was behind the ship! Out of range! We had no wood! It’s the end of us!!!! Then we here a shout! “I’ve got this lads! This beast won’t sink us yet!” It was Captain Oden!! He grasped his cutlass and charged in to the gaping maw of The Hungering One! We thought for sure he was a goner but alas!! He had done it! The beast let out a mighty roar before going limp and sinking into the bottom of the water we mourned the loss of our legendary Captain, before he climbed up the ladder and raised a frothing remakes of grog! “ WE GOT HIM BOYS!!” Captain Oden roared almost as loud as the beast! We nearly didn’t make it back to tell Merrick for how drunk we were! I’m proud to say I still sail with Captain Oden to this day!

  • Don't get me wrong, I love this game, even though being mostly just reskins, the addition of monthly updates bringing regular changes into the Sea of Thieves has been so far one of the best things implemented into the game lately.

    I also understand that Seabound Soul TT was a mere prep to whats coming, but I hope that once new Tall Tales drop, it won't be in a form of monthly drip feeding tale by tale for next 9 months. I'd rather wait longer and play all the new Tall Tales at once, rather than getting one part every month for example.

    I'm really curious, what do you think about this matter, did you get used to monthly updates so you wouldn't mind or even prefer getting one tall tale per month, or would you rather wait longer for the whole pack?

  • Hello Rare!
    I want to give out some lovely ideas for a way to style your boat inside your ship and what it will contain:

    1. Inner Hull Paint - Choose what color you want on the inside of your lovely vessel.

    2. Decorations - Choose what theme you want on the inside for your ship.

    3. Fish Tanks? - It would be so cool to have a fish tank and store fish inside it, it will look like a lovely Aquarium behind those cannon-proof glass!

    4. Ship Lantern - Choose what theme you want for your lanterns!

    5. (Galleon's only) Captain's Quarters Decoration - Choose a theme you will want on the inside of your Captain's Quarters.

  • Hi all.

    This may be a weird question, but does anybody know whether Chest of Sorrows was a community idea?
    I lost most of my memories last Christmas and found an interesting drawing in my PC, that would imply this. Along with the possible original "creator".

    Thank you for any answers :)

  • alt text

    Paradox Gaming is a new community looking to build from the bottom upwards. We maybe a new community, but we are not new to the Sea of Thieves. One night we sat down and discussed the name, and our intentions within the community.

    We aim to recruit fellow Pirates whom look for help on the seas and want to look for a community right for them. We're a small community and we're currently recruiting new & experienced pirates to the community.

    Server Features;

    English Speaking Community
    Great Admins & Moderators
    Giveaways (To come)
    Access to other game channels
    Music Room
    Opportunity to achieve higher ranks
    And more to come in the future.

    Our Focus;

    We aim to build from the bottom up, we intend on making a community where everyone feels welcome, although maybe not everyones cup of tea (It's a British thing) we will try our best to fit everyone in comfortably. We want Pirates to meet new Pirates on the Seas.

    Paradox Gaming Goals;

    An active & welcoming community
    Providing a home for many Pirates
    Assure players that PvE & PvP is welcomed.
    More goals to set in the future!

    Be Respectful

    Pirate Code;
    I think it be fair to follow the same Pirate Code, savvy?

    If you feel this is for you, head on over, pop your head in and say ~~hi!~ Errr I mean Ahoy!

  • I thought this was fixed ages ago but it would appear that I'm wrong, me and my crew mate just completed a fort at Shark Fin Camp only to open the door to find out that there was nothing there. After spending ages on one fort this is really disheartening.
    Although I personally don't need the reputation, my friend does, and obviously it gives lots of gold.
    This glitch? Bug? Waste of time? Should've been resolved a long time ago but apparently not.

  • I just want to start by saying I love this game. Everything from the art style to gameplay, it's beyond any other game I've played! I started playing back when the gunpowder skeletons were first introduced (I can't remember when that was) and I've been a committed player ever since, being sure to play every update the day they are released. That being said, every now and then the game does get a little stale for me after playing for a few hours. I've kinda hit a point where I don't really know what to do in the game because I get a little bored. I've got pirate legend, completed all the tall tales and gotten most rewards from the events and such. I feel like the game could do with more random encounters to sort of excite players and breathe new life into the Sea of Thieves. I have a few suggestions on how this could be done.

    First of all, I feel like skeletons are getting a bit old as every new enemy type has been some kind of skeleton (skeleton ships, pirate lords etc). I'd love to see something new to mix things up.

    Mermaids - I don't just mean the ones that take us back to our ships. I'm talking about the evil looking ones that have paintings of them on multiple islands and were even shown in a trailer (again I can't remember which one). These guys could lurk around sunken ship wrecks or guard mermaid statues to add a little difficulty to obtaining some decent loot as well as making the oceans feel more treacherous.

    Whales - Not everything in the Sea of Thieves has to be out to kill you. It's nice to just take in the sights sometimes because the game is just that pretty! With this in mind, how cool would it be to have whales jumping out of the water next to your ship! I think it would make a nice change and give players some memorable moments. There are certain maps that can be found around the game next to merchants that have images of whale tails splashing in the water, yet there are none to be seen in the game. Again, it would bring some new life into the empty waters of the Sea of Thieves. They would make for some awesome screenshots too.

    Dolphins - Similarlly to whales, dolphins could swim next to players ships and jump out of the water. The player could even interact with them by feeding them fish that they have caught and in return, the dolphin could have a chance to come back with some kind of loot depending on the rarity of fish.

    Crabs/Lobsters - Yet another creature that's been featured in multiple trailers yet hasn't made an appearance in the game. There's even crab themed ship cosmetics but crabs are no where to be seen! They wouldn't exactly do much, just act as another food item that the player could sell to the hunters call. Lobsters could also be a viable option as there are lobster trap looking cages around outposts. These could be caught by simply placing a trap in shallow water and waiting around 5 minutes. There could be different rarities like the fish that are cought for the hunters call and also act as another food source.

    Sharks - Okay, so I know sharks are already in the game but hear me out. Normal sharks (not the megaladons) only spawn if your in the water for a certain amount of time. I hardly ever encounter sharks that often because they're pretty easy to avoid. I do however have an idea on how to make them much more of a force to be reckoned with. Sharks could circle smaller islands, such as lagoon of whispers, making it much more of a challenge getting loot or bounties off of what are considered easier islands.

    And that's pretty much it! Hopefully someone at Rare sees this but if not, at least it's fun to just come up with ideas. I don't normally post stuff like on forums, I hardly visit forums at all to be honest but like a said earlier, I love this game and want to see it succeed and I feel like these suggestions would null some players complaints about the game being boring or whatever. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the game and I'll be a loyal player for a long time yet! If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to post anything suggestion related in this thread and I look forward to seeing what other people think!

  • Hello
    Getting straight to the point. Please increase the reputation in all factions beyond level 50. It should not just max out and make the game pointless to cash things in just for gold.

    I believe once you hit level 50 you become a pirate legend like it is now but from there the level of reputations should still grow. Then at maybe like level 100 you receive the title like Master pirate legend and receive something like new voyages or something.

    I have been playing this game for over a year and love it. But I have been a pirate legend for over 6 months with everything maxed out and it's just getting old doing missions and not working towards any goal besides making gold. Which at this point is useless, unless you create some kind of store to buy supplies or something.

    But sitting at 7 million in gold with nothing to spend it on. And not being able to increase my reputation in anything I am trying to figure out things to do in game. Maybe I just grinded way to hard to fast to reach pirate legend. Just to be disappointed in the end now with nothing to do. I have been considering even deleting my account to just start the game over.

    I am not the type of player that sails around looking for other players to hunt down. I will and do fight back if I am attacked. But that's not my style.

    I am not the greatest at pvp and sometime other players do drive my nuts by spawn killing or form a alliance just to board you, kill you and take your loot then cancelling the alliance. But that's part of the game and I am not complaining, it does make it more of a challenge to do things which makes it fun.

    But this is my suggestion, increase the reputation levels, give everyone the is a pirate legend something to work towards. I have run into about 30 other pirate legends on the seas and when chatting they all say the same thing, "nothing to work towards the game just ends". Which is the main reason why all they do is hunt done other ships because there is really no other point.

    The whole point to this is to bring back a purpose to the game for pirate legends.

    Let me know what you think and let's make this happen.

    Thanks for reading!

  • With the new introduction to Sea of Thieves recently introduced I thought it would be interesting to voice over it and give it another feel, preparing those who are new to the game a sense of excitement to begin this new journey.

  • I sometimes play with a ton of people at a time in an alliance. Sometimes completely friend controlled, sometimes mixed control with randoms. Often times we play for long hours, and eventually people need to drop to sleep or other reasons which leaves the crew on their ships, or mine, to manage a ship the can be bit taxing to handle with less help.

    At other times we find ourselves with a few of our friends being left out of the fun due to ships being of smaller size.

    I feel that a player ship should be able to be changed to a different type while maintaining the current server and alliance. Make it a shipweight option, slap a gold or doubloon price on it, and have it function by scuttling the current ship and spawning the new smaller, or bigger ship, at a nearby island.

    Players wishing to preserve their old stock will simply need the foresight of using a storage crate, or two, so the stock can be offloaded, then later re loaded to the new ship manually.

  • Ahoy there fellow pirates of The Sea Of Thieves. Due to some small disagreements with a few members of me crew...well lets just say I be on the lookout for a couple (Or even a few) new faces to sign up. Here be a few things about us and hopefully it catches ye interest.

    We are an Crew of 6 currently. (used to be 8 but remember those disagreements i told you about?...)
    We are a very respectful crew who cares a lot about anyone committed to our alliance and our jokes and banter never intend to harm anyone, only to have a small laugh.
    We accept all genders and races. doesn't matter who you are as long as you can play well with others and work efficiently. Oh and have fun at the same time.
    We are a friendly crew most of the time and we always avoid pvp whenever possible, but will attack if attacked.

    Our crew are from very different places around the globe and aren't always on together (Hence one of the reasons I am here) so we will usually be able to find a slot for you.
    Discord? If you stick with the crew long enough then you might be welcome to join.
    Do we play other games? yes we do but if you catch us on another game don't hesitate to ask.
    I hear you asking "what do we get in return" well A good solid crew, lots of gold and rep (If you need it) also quite a bit of a laugh as we often stumble upon the stupidest stuff.
    Are there any specific requirements to join? only 2. No Squeakers and no noobs please bring at least some experience along.

    Do we have ranks? working on those.
    I'll wrap up here since I've been going on a bit. But I hope I have at least interested some of ye. especially if ye are having issue finding a solid crew. Ye can msg me over Xbox Live, or Twitter @Mayorsam01 or sail over to Sanctuary Outpost where you you may find me with a mug of water and Lydia Or Keira (My Parrots) (I'm not a fan of that grog stuff)

    This be Captain Dom. Alliance Commander. (Pirate Legend 31 HC, 49 SD, 50 GH, 50 OoS and 50 MA) (Been on the seas since launch) I wish you all a great voyage and hope you will be interested to join our friendly crew. Good day.

  • I think it would be awesome if Rare did something kind of like how GTA had special clan flags and such where they would go through some process of being checked and approved to ensure there is nothing lewd or harmful. Its a service I would even be willing to pay to process submissions for should it be implemented right. It could include anything between really decking out and coloring preexisting ship models, and could allow me to get the trans flag I think would rock to be on my ship. I am sure a few people would hate the idea now that I mentioned that but those are my feelings ^_^

  • Bonjour à tous !
    Voici un discord communautaire +18 pour trouvé des joueurs sot et d'autres jeux . https://discord.gg/8JvhCdA

  • Hey guys first of all I wanted to inform you that there's a new festival bundle in the Microsoft store that includes the: Crib dub emote, hide emotes bundle, all festival weapon skins and 1000 AC.
    Since they don't say anything about it.
    Now to my problem, I've bought the bundle but didn't get the emotes and weapons skins I hope they fix this problem and give everyone who bought it their stuff.

  • About a year ago I purchased the limited edition ferryman controller, I also got the code for the ferryman outfit and weapons, but after a while of using the ferryman eye of reach it just disappeared from my armoury. Does anyone know how I can get it back? Plz help rare.

  • The sniper needs to be HEAVILY nerfed. Combat makes me so mad because you never feel like a pirate. It feels like you are playing a first person shooter game because everyone just uses a stupid sniper. Even with the huge nerf to hip fire accuracy, people still just scope down the lines and use it like a shotgun. It completely ruins the feel of combat and destroys the image of what a pirate it. In arena I can't even spawn in because someone camping just shoots me once and then one sword slash and I'm dead. This is not at all how combat should be. I already know that so many people are gonna shoot down my idea because that's just how toxic this community is, but I don't care.

  • Find a Crew!

    Hello I am the Co-creator of a new discord that has been made for Sea of thieves as a community hangout (we are not associated with sea of thieves devs) feel free to join we need more people and would love to have you! (https://discord.gg/tDASm7B)

  • There's a major problem with the newly introduced Black Market 'Archives'. As we all know, the major rewarding factor of Sea of Thieves is having a piece of limited time cosmetics. The fact that the idea of re-releasing the exact same items with the exact same color scheme was even brought up is laughable. Many people strive to play Sea of Thieves at specific time periods to obtain time-limited cosmetics. What will be the point of trying to play the game when the updates come? To get at a cheaper price??? That won't affect anyone with millions upon millions of gold. (Unless the price increase will reach 5mil+ a piece or so, which I doubt will be the case).

    Please reconsider releasing the exact same colors of time-limited cosmetics as that would ruin the experience for anyone who joined during that time period. Adding a new color gives the player-base the missed event items themselves while giving respect to the players that played the content during its period.

    This problem is reaching an absurd level with the constant re-release of limited content ever since the release of the Mercenary Clothing Set with the Midnight Blunderbuss [Purchasable Hard-drive] following soon after, after that the Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss with its permanent 240 win cap after being announced as time-limited, and god knows what's next.

    It's honestly starting to feel like a scheme set up by Rare to extort money or play time from its fans. I hate to assume the worst but based on evidence from the Dev Update/patterns of re-release it seems this plan is going through.

    Please keep this part of Sea of Thieves untouched.

  • Something many of us want is the option to re-roll our pirate without losing our hard earned cosmetics especially limited ones we can’t get back. Another thing we all want is more PL content. Why not mesh these together? Make it so once the re-roll is an option it remains one only for PLs. This would be beneficial by giving PL’s something that has been long desired while also adding an extra legit incentive for players to hit PL should they be less than satisfied with the character they’ve obtained.

  • Hey, i love this game and i think it would be awesome if there was a collection menu where you could see all customizations and which ones you and your friends own and how many pirates own that cosmetic.

  • I think there should be an event where you can buy past limited time cosmetics, for players who wouldn’t have been able to buy them in the past. Personally, the wailing barnacle ship set was my favorite in the game. But I had not been able to play during that time, so I missed the opportunity to obtain it. I would gladly pay double the price for all the ship cosmetics. And I’m sure that this goes for many other players too. Perhaps there could be an event where you could be able to buy a set from a specific update, but then with a higher price or maybe even for ancient coins.

  • alt text

    Discord Link HERE!

    Primer is new. It's all about playing good games with good people.

    alt text

    It wasn’t established 20 years ago like many other clans or communities. That’s good and bad. But, we think it’s mostly good. We’re not bound by outdated and trivial hierarchies. Actually, we don’t really believe in that sh*t at all. We only believe in good games with good people.

    Do you rage at people a lot? Step back. Turn around. Walk away.

    alt text

    • You must be 18+
    • You must have a microphone
    • You must speak English (You're English need not be perfect)
    • We do not tolerate toxicity
    • You must respect everyone in PRIMER. No questions asked.
    • 0 tolerance on cheating or scripting or anything like that. Z E R O.

    alt text

    • Dedicated support for streamers
    • Streamers matter to us. We work with streamers on an individual basis so that we can accommodate their streams within the community. We promote streams, and guess what? People actually click through to watch. It's cool.
    • You don't need to be a member to play with us. You can jump in and play alongside us, today. Like, right now.
    • Become a member when you're ready.
    • Non-toxic players to play alongside you.
    • A complete lack of whiny children.

    See you on the seas,

  • This is a simple one and I’m sure it has been mentioned in the past but having more wildlife in the ocean would be amazing. Dolphins, whales, different kinds of sharks (maybe a big great white?), bigger fish in deeper regions (i.e. - tuna) and/or giant schools of fish.

    Sea of Thieves has one of the best environments in the industry, and I genuinely feel like more diverse wildlife to fill up the ocean would make the experience of roaming the seas so much better. Imagine dolphins swimming in front of the ship or a massive whale breaching the surface of the ocean in the distance! So much potential!

  • les éclairs doivent être supprimer car elle casse les couilles. j'étais avec un ami et nous faisions un fort et les éclairs nous ont tuer 10 fois minimum soit je n'ai pas de chance soit les éclairs sont abuser donc faites quelque chose svp et aussi les balles de pompe ne sont pas directe elle ont une différence de dégat considérable mettant en difficulter ou avantage les joueur

  • I would suggest that you post an Looking for group search where you can gibe away your ship when you would leave.
    We all know how tedious it can be to fill up your own ship. So how to help other when you are just about to leave the game?
    And get an full ship in return when your starting.
    Also you can add an voyage like athenas to new players if you want.

    Overall it would spread positivity and you can start to engage pvp faster or get on voyages quicker.

    If you support this idea and you think its a great idea help to spread it.

    PS: If you‘ve seen this on reddit - I posted it there :).

  • I want to start over in Sea of Thieves because I had found a pirate that I really liked in the Insider Edition. However, I had purchased the Sea of Thieves Special Edition Controller which gives the Ferryman Clothes and Guns. Thinking about starting over, I was wondering that if I did, will this transfer to the new pirate or is the set gone forever?

  • The title says it all! One thing I believe would keep people coming back regularly, ontop of all the great DLC we already have, would be the addition of Daily and Weekly challenges.

    These could operate somewhat like the Bilge Rat adventures but instead would focus on different tasks from around various parts of the game to give new and endgame players a sense of direction when sitting down to play.

    These challenges could be either given out specifically from each faction or maybe from a board hanging up in each tavern with a "To-Do" list stabbed to it.

    These could be relatively simple tasks to complete and could get done in 10 to 25 minutes each and grant gold for completing in addition to any XP earned for delivering/completing things. For example...

    • Kill 10 Grass Skellys: 1,000 Gold
    • Deliver 2 Snakes to Any Outpost: 1,200 Gold
    • Deliver 1 Splashtail to Any Seapost: 500 Gold
    • Get the Red Lenatern From the Well of Fates: 1,000 Gold

    These daily challenges could just be generic easily created or generated so that will just give players something to do each time they log in.

    These particular missions will be a little harder to complete and each could be completed in one long sitting or a few medium length sessions each week. They'll dish out greater rewards and XP as well...

    • Deliver 10 Pieces of Megaladon Meat to Any Seapost: 5,000 Gold
    • Completed a Fort: 8,000 Gold
    • Form an Alliance with Two Other Ships: 8,000 Gold
    • Kill 500 Skellys: 10,000
    • Complete a Tall Tale Without Dying: 15,000 Gold

    Obviously these are just some examples thrown together to showcase the concepts but I believe this framework could serve as a major addition to the game and would allow an endgame player like me a sense of direction when I sit down to play solo or just want to be apart of the world.

    What do you guys think?

  • After a while of doing quests and selling them, we see a Fort of the Damned skull in the skies. Our sloop goes to the big skull in the hopes of intercepting whoever is doing the Fort and stealing the Athena & the loot for ourselves. We see the skull from not too far, my partner and I decide to shoot ourselves in the cannons towards the Fort in the hopes of hiding in the island until they finish the fort. Everything goes great, they kill the Skeleton Lord Graymarrow and before opening the door with the key, they spot us and kill us. Once we respawn back on our close-by ship, we decided to sail towards the fort in the purpose of sinking their ship, killing them, get the key, and take it for ourselves. Once arriving, we sink them, thinking that we had won the battle. We dock our sloop next to the entrance of the fort, and then we notice, the door is still closed, and there's no sign of the key anywhere around. We look and look for the key thinking they had hid them, up and down, inside and outside of the island, but nothing. After 5 minutes, we notice they come back in their same ship. We shoot & fight, and guess what, we kill them once more. We keep looking for the key, up and down, inside and outside of the island, and nothing. They once more come back, after 5 minutes... we die. Our ship is respawned faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away. We notice the Reaper's chest moves away from the island. We track it and meet with our already-met fellas. We chase, we shoot, and see the Athena on their ship from afar , with the rest of the loot. We chase, not being able to catch up, we are on the sails and helm fully focused in order to not miss a bit of wind going on our favor. We are still not able to catch up. They drop gunpowder barrels, we miss them, they jump from the back of their ship towards ours, we kill them. They do that, over and over... and over, and over, over & over then over and then some more gunpowder barrels again. They did not manage to get on our ship once, nor hit our anchor once and we still couldn't catch up to them. They head towards Plunder Outpost, just pass by it, one of them drop in the island with the Athena and manages to sell it, their ship is still continuing to sail pass the outpost. They already sold their main objective. We keep chasing, same story. They jump out the back of their ship onto ours, we kill them not letting them get onto our ship nor hit our anchor. We then notice they are heading towards another outpost, guess what, same thing happens, once jumps out with an Reaper's chest, sells it, respawns back into their ship. They did this, 4 times. Us, continuing to chase them, did not manage, EVER to catch up to them. At the end, they sold everything from outpost to outpost and ended up crashing their ship into the last outpost to call us pu**ies and noobs. We had perfect sails, they did too. We had a man on the helm, they did too. They had a big advantage against our crew, why did we have none, some type of power-up boost, or longer grapple rope. We were the underdog, forever. We had sunk their ship twice already, they manage to get back in less than 10 minutes, that's the time you have to stack up planks and bananas onto your ship's barrels. In my experience of playing this game after so long, and continue to see this is a problem the game has, I followed to ALT+F4 from the game. Our main point of this whole story is:

    Why is a ship that has been sunk, able to return to their place of death in so little time? Not sure if it's difficult or not to have someone that has been entirely sunk fully change to a new server.

    Why are we not able to catch up to another ship unless their slow down their sails or hit their anchor? We already have power-up cannonballs that can anchor a ship or make its crew dance. Shouldn't be too hard to implement some type of boost on the ship that's on the back, or simply have longer & better working harpoons when the ship is on the move.

    Why is someone that is being chased, able to leave the helm and their sails and still able to jump out the back of their ship to get to someone else's? Have a reset time of every 15 seconds the sails are unattended, they slowly move to the sides, or even randomized bumps in the water that makes your anchor randomly get dropped off and if you are on the ship you must catch it before it hits the floor of the ocean.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that has experienced this before in the game after playing it for so long. Hope we can have the devs have a read at this.

  • sep barilotto


    Ahoyy pirates

    Welcome to the new event signed by the Official Sea of Thieves Italia Community:
    Il Barilotto

    sep galeone

    The event expect that: 2 competitors facing each other, one on a side and one in the other of the Sanctuary outpost Longest Pier with a Gunpowder in front of them.
    Then the challange start when both competitors were drunk, and to win they need to shot the Opponent Gunpowder.

    The bracket is composed by 32 Players. It's not a Team Event! But a Player event.
    Here is the bracket:

    sep galeone


    • Dates: 8-9-10 November 2019
    • Stream: Official SoT Italia twitch Channel
    • Beinning Time: 8 PM CEST ~ 10 AM PST/PDT - 6 PM UTC
    • SoT Location: Sanctuary Outpost
    • Event type: PvP between 2 Players

    sep galeone

    You can check all the Event informations, and the Rules into our Official Discord Server in the: