• Hi,
    I must first say that i love Sea of thieves, i spend quite a lot of Time on it and even, if i'm french i understand my fellow crew membres.
    And now is my question,
    I Saw a kraken outfit, a crab outfit but there is no Shark outfit ?
    Why is that, the Shark are really info the game with the small one's and the Megalodon.

    Please Can you do one !

  • Hey Rare so I love character customization, I like to sit in certain games and just mess around with different character appearances so I was thinking why not after the into finishes with Athena's Fortune Calls To Ye the camera rises up and reveals a Tavern with the players pirates sitting around this would be a great way to reintroduce character customization and give the player the ability to have multiple pirates on call. As for gameplay well you could have the option upon creation of another pirate to share data with your main or start fresh. That way it is up to the player if they want to grind up this new pirate or let it access all the main pirates cosmetics. So what happens next I hear you ask? well you chose your pirate that you want to play for today and it brings up the current main menu we all know. Adventure, Arena, Whats new and the Pirate Emporium with the pirate you just selected off to the side as normal however with a new tab. Commendations/Pirate Progress. Progress is something I would like to look at before loading into a ship so I can open it up, look as say...The Gold Hoarders and see oh look I need 5 more trinkets for grade IV or whatever and be like ok I know today's progress plan. Now I know game development is way way more difficult than people want to believe so If this sort of 'Pirate Lobby' isn't possible then I completely understand I don't know how far the Unreal engine goes. I also would like to claim that If another fellow pirate has already put this idea down I had no clue as I don't stay on top of every Sea Of Thieves YT channel or Reddit or the forms so please don't come down on me hard if your favorite You tuber or whatever has put forward the same or similar idea. Thank You.

  • If you buy a full set of something it'd be cool for a button to appear sort of like the buttons to completely take off all your customization's on the all pages. Like say you buy all the parrot clothing then on the first page of the all clothing page a button is added that equips all of the parrot clothing with just one click. But the button only appears if you own the full set. Another idea is to use the same method but for people to create their own sets have it not linked to specific full ones.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Hey I'm new to the game. I played it a while back and I'm coming back to the game and I think a good bit of clothing would be Hawaiian. I think having a grass skirt like Maui would be sick cause of my character but it's not all about me how do you guys think about that?

  • We need a way to customize our pirates without having to exclude them.
    Aomething like a non-random character creation, but somehow that the player can create according to what he wants.
    Thanks for listenin.

  • This is for the developers.

    Firstly, I would like to say you've done an amazing job on the anniversary update. I think it has really shaped sea of thieves into a good game. Not like it wasn't a good game before, it has always been an awesome game.

    Like all games however it does come with it's pros and cons. One con is that many of us players rush the character picker when we start playing, thinking it won't become a big problem. However after some time you realize people with thin pirates have a huge advantage in things like hiding and not being noticed. One of the most fun things I do in sea of thieves today is hide on enemy ship and steal their loot when they're about to sell, although I made the mistake of picking a fat character. Though it's not impossible to hide with a fat character, it's much easier to hide with a thin one. With a thin character you can hide inside chests or just be harder to notice when hiding. I have been caught many times probably because I was so hard to spot.

    Even with dark clothes it's still easy to be spotted. That's why I think you should give us the ability to change character without loosing progress. I didn't realize I should have picked a thinner character before I had already gotten high reputation in the trading companies, and unlocked a lot of stuff. And now as an Athena's Fortune level 10 I really don't want to change.

    Some of you have said it will be coming into the game, but not knowing when. If you have any information about an estimated time of arrival or if it will even be coming I would love to hear it. I don't think being able to change our character would hurt the game, and you don't have to make it free. For example:

    • Duke from the bilge rats could sell a curse or something that would allow us to change our appearance, at a price. Maybe 10-50 doubloons. You could also make it cost gold from someone else, or possibly a micro transaction. Making it so everyone have a "1 pirate change ticket", allowing us to change appearance once, anything really. I would just love to see the ability to change character, so that we stand a better advantage in the game.

    Once again you've done an amazing job on the update, and if you think it shouldn't be implemented, let it be. After all I'm not the CEO of Rare.

  • I was playing Sea of thieves on the arena I get this message pop up in game something about the game on some sort of scroll I guess, and then I dance and see that my character has changed skin tone he was a very dark skin tone and is now pale as anything. Any suggestions to fix this?

  • Already sent a ticket but I need to know...

    Has anyone else had their character altered by arena

    Went out of a arena match, lost my hair colour and my face changed and had to re-equip my clothes too.

    So now I've lost the look of my day 1 pirate.

  • After playing a game of arena today, my character was stripped of his clothes, hair, vanity items, etc. Not just the glitch that others saw, but when I checked, the items were actually removed. As I began to re-equip the items back, I noticed my character model had actually changed some. The skin is much lighter (I used to have a bit of tan) and I no longer had facial hair stubble/5 o'clock shadow, and my eyes are now a more yellow/amber color when before they were dark brown. I thought this was a glitch that would fix it self, but it has not! I've started the game several times and gone back into Adventure mode. Still showing the new whiter skin color and no facial hair! I've been playing this game a ton since launch and I'm used to my pirates look, and the new look just makes me feel like he isn't the pirate I used to have because there is no option to change skin color or add the facial hair stubble back.

    Has anyone else had this happen? Is this a known issue? Is there a way to get him reverted to the way he should look?

    TL:RD - Arena has permanently change the skin color, eye color, and facial stubble of my pirate model.

  • The title really says it all, my biggest regret in sot is my character i would almost do anything to get a re roll( i just wouldnt reset my account)

  • WARNING!!!
    [Don't take the conclusion too seriously]
    Last week was the mark of my 30th character reset. Im probably far too picky about this, but somehow I can't find a good looking character in this game. It's probably just my own problem, but it's looks like the IPG just re-rolls the same 3-5 pirate every time.
    But after the new story trailer I finally got it.
    I can't find a good looking character because every good looking ones are taken for the promo pictures and trailers.
    Well, yes happy anniversary to everyone.

  • Hello, I'm Raznan the mighty! And I'm here to tell that I'm pretty happy with the actual customization, like the hair dyes, tattoos, scars... but, what if we could change our pirate COMPLETELY?

    I mean, as we start, we have to choose one pirate, well, it would be great that, for example, on a month time period, you can change your pirate without having to reset all your reputations, so people can try new kind of cosmetics on differents forms and shapes.

    I hope this post (as well as some other posts I have read) to get ingame, I think it would be better for exploring new kinds of clothes styles.

  • I have sunk many many hours into this game and after becoming a PL 10 now, I really like to focus on PVP. The only problem with that it that I made my character as a joke and it is very fat. I cannot hide on peoples ships and am very easy to see. I even see posts sometimes that have exactly what I'm looking for, but they say, "Must be able to tuck on ships". Meaning I cannot join because my character is far too big to hide anywhere on someone's ship! This gives me a real in-game disadvantage, and it's making mine overall experience much worse! I guess I just really regret my character decision, I just assumed that a feature this basic would be implemented and it been a year!

  • I've heard all the "We want pirates to be unique" discussion and I understand, though I have a suggestion that would make it a slightly less repetitious task of finding a character you like. Filters
    And they don't have to be elaborate at all, literally 3 filters:

    (Male or Female)
    (Black or white) - Skin tone
    (Fat or Skinny)

    The third filter isn't even as necessary, you could make-do with the other two alone
    You still have all the randomness of RNG to generate the rest
    But when creating a character and having to continue rolling because the characters generated aren't a certain skin tone or it isn't even the right gender is extremely tedious

    If you want Pirates to still have their "uniqueness" at least give us options to narrow down the RNG even by a little bit.
    Filters would make this possible and you'd still be able to keep the fact that you want everyone to be unique from the rest
    I feel like players who've already made their characters should be allowed at least 1 reset in their time playing seeing as you can't ever predict how something is gonna look until you buy the items/ clothing.

    This coming from a player who's deleted my character twice already and have actually spent over 2 hours in creation menu

  • I love the different skins that Rare has added to the game and I feel like you can really customize your pirate to fully suit your taste; however, I feel like the ability to sell back skins is a function that would really be appreciated.

    I am sure I am not the only one that has bought an item only to later regret wasting my gold on something that I bought on impulse. Or maybe you just want to de-clutter your inventory of all those skins you bought and never use.

    Now I am not saying that we should just be able to buy and sell at will with no consequences, but perhaps:

    • An item can only be sold back to the merchant you bought it from.
    • The gold you receive is not the same amount you paid for the item, but rather ~50% of it's original price.
    • There is a cool-down period from when you buy an item to when you can sell it, maybe 24 hours.

    Until then, cheers and I'll see you on the Seas my pirate friends!

  • "There's something mystic about sea glass.
    Created by men, transported by currents, sculpted by waves.
    It shows us that nothing is ever built to last forever.
    Concepts may survive, objects don't.

    Sea glass shows us also that even at the end of their life, things can be beautiful.
    Sea glass is a metaphor for a lot of things.

    Sea glass is my favourite rubbish."


    It would be cool to see Sea Glass incorporated somehow into the Sea of Thieves. Not sure how or why, just would be neat to see it make an appearance as novelty I suppose.

  • I have been playing this game a year now. One of the things I was sad was the character creation or in this case "character picking". Most of the characters aren't that nice looking(sorry for those designed them).

    I joined the insiders and I had to pick a new character... I found a character that I slightly liked more than my current one. Which got me thinking about this topic again.

    Maybe you really should have allowed players to create their own characters from the start. Right now if you want a new character you need to start all over again from 0. I'm almost at 50 and I don't want to start again! Maybe later give all players a change to design their characters? Either create a full new character creation mod(or what ever it is) or give people a change to pick themselves a new character without starting all over again.

    That is something I would really want in this game.

    Thank you for your time! Have a nice sailing!

  • Dear rare,

    Please make it so that we could customize our own characters. We should all get an option or a second chance at changing our characters, as I am not happy with how I chose my character in the past. I think that we should have all sorts of options from skin color to body shape. In the past, I had the game via Xbox gamepass and did not take it seriously. I had no idea I was about to fall in love with the game, so I made my character look as weird as possible. Soon I regretted that decision after I bought the game fully and now play it every day, I get judged at my character looks, and I can't do anything about it! anyways I would love a new customization feature, or even just one last chance at customizing our characters without having to restart the game and lose all of my progress. I Would not mind if this was a microtransaction(at a reasonable price), or maybe it could be something that could be bought with in-game currency like doubloons or gold. I would even be fine with it being a rare item that can be found and used (or sold for gold for people who don't want it). I think that this should definitely be something to come because lots of people are in the same boat as I am (No pun intended). Thank you for taking your time to read this post and for your consideration,

    Sincerely, A Double Deagle

  • I am part of the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme and I can only say so much about it because of the terms and conditions I have to follow. However, upon starting Sea of Thieves Insider, I had came to the customization menu and was worried that if I picked a character, if that would overwrite my character on the actual Sea of Thieves game.

    Will it do that or is it completely different? Are they two different saves or how does it work? Thank you!

  • When you start from very beginning, your character wakes up in tavern. Only with a banana and coin sack. That seems more entertaining if that was how you spawned into game every time. Instead of just appearing standing in tavern.

  • i went to liars backbone and he was not there. is there something explaining in the world why or did Rare just take him cause whatever

    • Random Question -
  • After Being Tossed from her Galleon in mutiny, Yumi made a new friend in the form of a mermaid named Charles. Charles was sent from the Pirate Lord to give her a medallion that would save her life. The medallion would transform the wearer into a mermaid, and vice versa if it were removed. It is one of her priceless treasures, and uses it to keep up with ships under the waves.

  • Sometimes you want your avatar to go from thin to THICC, sometimes you want a different face or a different gender'd avatar...?

    "Delete Pirate" is not an option anyone'd want to choose, on the grounds that it would delete any progress, many of which can't be done anymore due to limited timed items and events.

    Can we please put in a Single Use Free ((Monetary Charge Afterwards)) system in place to pick a different looking avatar, just to see the looks we earned on a different body than the one we picked so LONG AGO...???

    Many online games have these in place already... "Mirror's" to alter your facial and bodily appearances on the fly. Monetary charges (ie. MMO's; to change your race/faction/server, etc.) And those systems always give people the opportunity to express themselves differently in-game and re-appreciate the setting they are in!

  • Ahoy matter!
    I am French so I make you a list of the things I thought about.

    • More cosmetics with different colors.
    • Pirate games in the taverns.
    • A new sea monster.
    • New types of skeletons.
    • More shortcut for dialogs.
    • Possibility of recovering old cosmetics.
    • Can create a guild banner.
    • A cursed chest that blows wind sometimes in a random direction (useful (or not) for the sails when facing the wind) x)
    • Even more cosmetics!
    • New treasures!
    • To be able to wear an apparent badge according to the title. (on the belt or jacket, for example

    It's all for now !

    PS: The wheel of the imperial baron has the appearance of the royal wheel.
    The skeleton wheel has an immovable nail. :(

    See you soon on the sea!!

  • It has been a week now and with the talk on forums, Twitter and other platforms of textures issues for the game there is still no acknowledgement from the team at rare. Textures are still taking forever to load, the game is slower, the mast and rug on the galleon still have issues and yet the developers have failed to acknowledge the issue despite talks and support tickets raised. Would anyone else please step forward and make me aware if they too have found issues with the game with anything from the list below.

    • Galleon Rug glow/flame

    • Textures on mast base and metal areas - (A white rope texture)

    • bottles and vases textures failing to load
      *equipment taking moments to render to the desired version of each piece

    • Barrel and wood textures
      *character load in textures

    • 4k Dullness and loss of enhancement

  • Whatever system is hidden in the background to mix different faces and body types I think could be used for character creation. You could still keep the special hairstyles and facial hair options as vanity items to purchase but all the basics that’s used in the random character generator should make for a pretty diverse character creator.

    I think for those who don’t want to start over to create a character could probably just do it in the vanity chest or something. Perhaps there is a magical item that allows one to change their appearance for a price.

  • Hello, I am a long time player of sea of thieves starting from day one. When I first played sea of thieves I quickly picked my character hoping to rush inti the game and starting getting treasure and untold riches. Now then after many hours of pirating I tried to change my character (After noticing all the cosmetics beards, clothes etc.) but I only realized you can only do this if you delete your character with all of its levels. I would like to suggest to add a option in this game to buy a new character using the character creator tool so any player can solve disliking their pirate look and have the ability to save your old characters look Incase you ever want to go back. Thank you and please leave any feedback or suggestions to my idea!

  • i just wanna ask. when i have my 1.pirate od 30-29-27 and i want new character.
    can i swap betwen them or not ? if not it can be good new feature.

  • I'm sure this has been brought up before, but it would really be great to change the way your character looks with more than hair color, makeup and ect. I am close to PL and a day one player I do not want to lose my exclusive items just to change my character that I do not love.

    Please open another shop where we can change the way we look and still use your neat randomizer maybe? This option would just really be loved.

  • I believe that bringing in a character customization option for face, size, height, etc, would be very beneficial to the game. I believe there are lots of people who would like to be able to change their characters. I have been stuck with the same character from the beginning and i made a meme character assuming this would have been brought in, in the early stages. Having a character that you believe in, will make you want to play more as well as increase the concurrent online player base. This is just an idea, would love to get some feedback from other members of the site, and or Rare. Thanks!

  • The large updates have been incredible! Shrouded spoils has changed the game into SOT 2.0, it is exceptional and I can't wait to see more like it.
    Just some feedback that crossed my mind on the game in general.
    I feel that we need more clothing again. The last larger clothing update was some time ago now, I see people in the same outfits all too often now.
    I would love some more posh clothing, some more order of souls voodoo type clothing, some standard sailor/pirate stuff, and of course more hats! Jewelry is still something that excites fans I think. The outfits from the crew in the forsaken shores trailer would be awesome too! I just want everyone to stay original and different.

    Sea of Fashion.

  • Instead of losing your pirate legend account on wanting to change your skin just add a one time skin change in the menu but it cost like 100,000 or 1,000,000 gold

  • I quite badly want to change my character appearance, call me sad but sometimes it puts me off playing a little.
    I don't want full customization, I like that we all have visual flaws and aren't just all attractive.
    I just want to re-choose my appearance. Perhaps only one change a month or one free change then on from there it costs gold.

    Any word yet on this coming? It is bugging me.