• Strut your stuff

    This clip was taken when a fellow Creator OculusOwl was experiencing a bug!

  • Random game bug, but I love it. Asked one of my crew mates if he was seeing the same thing to make sure it wasn't just me.

  • Just having some rowboat fun, enjoy.

  • Strut your stuff

    I dont know what happened, but I become an invincible Pirate Lord for a little bit.

  • arrived at the outpost, the megalodon decides to follow me

  • We were doing a quest saw a random boat getting bombarded by pirate ship decided to help and if you skip to the end it looks like the ghost pirates enlisted the help of a Megalodon and put it in their crows nest for superior defense. Skip to end to see him ride the crows nest. (we are new players some ships were mislabeled)

  • Hi,
    after the last update now i'm getting the following error: Bluebeard
    Ty in advance.

  • just played for 4 hours with nothing to show. I'll state what happened to the best of my memory to help with debugging.

    Two ships accept quest around the same time (both were brigs, ours only had 2 people). We sail to Golden Shores. I convince them to join alliance so that we can just do our quest together to avoid the mission glitching (LOL). They complete the shark medallion puzzle while my crewmate and I complete kraken, boat, warrior (2 times because it kept giving us kraken), and then shark again to get warrior. We get our key medallion, and set off on a journey through traps. It was fun.

    Then... the boss fight. So close. I could hear it. I could see it. I could fight (kinda). I wanted to be nice and wait for my friend as they progressed through the traps. A lone alliance member who didn't want to wait for his crew went across the bridge and through the door. It shut behind him. I spent the two hours problem solving from there.

    Long story short, nothing worked. IF anything was going to, I think it would be a server merge, but I don't have time to wait for that to maybe happen. I hope this helps someone. I hope this helps RARE.

    For now: avoid alliance with this. I wouldn't even trust it with another crew attempting on their own. Find a server where you're doing this alone.

  • Ran into a glitch where the mast has fallen, and when raised cannot be repaired and it just falls back to the deck. At that point none of the sails on the other masts cannot be lowered.

  • I've been having a lot of trouble lately it only happens on this game I'm having trouble with rubber banding around the map when I move and I got the rendering setting at the lowest it can go to help improve the performance I'm still bouncing around the map every once in awhile and sometimes it happens frequently

  • Hello everyone. Earlier today I was doing an Athena quest with my crew (galleon) and when we died , we all respawned in the shore of gold but none of us had unlocked the tale. And when we got killed in the shore of gold we couldn’t respawn un our boat, that sank later because no one could protect it , and then it spawned back in the shore oh gold island and we sank in the Red Sea. Please someone explain me this. Thank you.

  • So I've been playing sea of thieves a good long time, and let me be the first to say, I adore this game. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard of the tall tale release, so I've been playing them on and off until I noticed on the cursed rouge rewards the Order of souls eye curse cosmetic and so I started the grind. only to find every time I get to snake isle, no Captain Avery, I've checked all other possible locations and restarted my game several times to no avail. At this point I'm beginning to get frustrated at the amount of times I've done this and been unable to get past the first stage. Is anyone else having this problem ? As I would love to get some sort of fix to get my curse cosmetic.

  • Voyage Help

    I’ve finished 12! Devils roar order of souls missions, 3 have actually counted. I’ve been trying to get the devils voyager title so that I can buy the forsaken ashes gear but after a month of pretty much constantly farming for it I’ve only “completed” 3 voyages

  • I try to set sail but in any mode I try the game gets stuck at recruiting crew and does nothing even if Im playing in a closed crew on my own in a sloop.

  • Have been grinding out legendary storyteller tonight, needed to do 4 to complete the 5. Nothing wrong with the first 3, but on the 4th I had gotten the crown, sailed across the entire map back to the outpost, server changes. With the crown still in hand, I take it to Tasha, nothing happens. Retrace my steps, it's no where to be found... Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool -_-

  • We have a few PCs on a LAN setup with a couple of friends, and we though we'd give Sea of Thieves a go a while back. Sounds like a cool idea, right? I have to say I have NEVER during my 25 years of PC gaming had more trouble getting a game to work than what we are experiencing with SoT.

    We downloaded the game individually for all 4 machines during Easter time, since you can't just simply copy the files from one PC to another like you can with Steam games. This took several days, because the broadband isn't exactly the fastest at the location. Then we found out the game doesn't work. Every time you try to start it, it crashed back to the desktop right after the initial splash screen. I have now spent hours and hours and hours and hours trying to figure out why this happens, and why it doesn't happen on some PCs but it does happen on ALL the PCs that are currently part of that LAN setup.

    Yes I know there is a support page for this exact problem, with a collection of seemingly completely random tips ranging from simply updating your Windows to running some mysterious shell scripts in the Powershell. I've tried all those, no result.

    Just yesterday I thought I had a breakthrough, I followed some obscure forum tip and created a separate Windows login account that uses the Microsoft Account, instead of being simply a local account like the ones we normally use FOR EVERY SINGLE OTHER GAME AND PURPOSE. This actually solved the problem for 2 out of 3 PCs, (Rare, I strongly suggest you include this in your list of possible cures) but to my surprise not the third. On that third PC it still crashed just like before, despite having the same exact setup with login accounts. Haven't tried it on the fourth one just yet.

    What really bugs me is that Rare apparently have no idea where the problem is, and they seem strangely reluctant to get to the bottom of it. I opened a ticket for this problem recently, and sent some diagnostics to the support person, to which he simply replied something like 'thanks for the info, the devs will be in touch if they ever find anything'. Then he marked the ticket as 'solved'. Solved my a***. It's not solved since it still doesn't work. Judging from all the various forum posts there are masses of people with exactly the same problem, but no one knows where the problem is and how to solve it. Plenty of forum posts that begin by saying 'I just bought the game but it doesn't work, plz help!', then describe the same exact issue, while the replies are something like -'Have you tried this solution?' -'Yes I have.' -'oh well, that's too bad, I suppose it just doesn't work for you then'. Oh that's nice to hear. As an IT professional that really gets my goat. How is that even possible? Since it appears to be a problem with the microsoft account / local account credentials or something, how on earth is it not a simple job for the devs to look at the code to see what the first things are that get loaded after the splash screen, and figure out why the Windows account causes the game the crash at that exact moment?

    As I'm writing this SoT is again 50% off in the MS Store. Too bad no one's going to buy it since it doesn't bloody work on PC. No one SHOULD by it as long as it doesn't work.

  • Just spent the better part of tonight trying to complete the Art of the Trickster tall tale. On two occasions the skeletons didn't spawn after placing down the gunpowder key (music plays, no spawns) and on the third the captain wave didn't spawn (music plays, no spawns). Sailing away from the island does nothing to reset it. Dying does nothing to reset it either.

    Guess I just won't complete this tall tale then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • This has happened twice in 4 play throughs already, but when I’m in the trap maker’s lair, I’m killing all the skeletons and I end up dying a few times. I always end up eventually getting back, but after a while the skeletons stop spawning without a captain even spawning.

  • I was doing The Fate of The Morningstar and I was on Kraken’s Fall digging up the tomb and it came up in and wouldn’t let me and my crew grab the lantern.

  • So, we were doing the The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale and had the Key onboard sailing to the next destination. We went through a forced server change (you know how the spooky text appears on the screen) and then BOOM! "Tale Failed".
    Just thought I'd bring it to light for the next bug fix update :)
    Happy sailing.

  • I was stealing loot from a sloop and they happen to put holes in our ship. I die and my crewmate soon after. Turns out that when I went through the ferry door I spawned on an island. I thought our boat sunk but I saw it in the distance and my friend respawned on the boat! A mermaid didn't appear and we sunk cause I couldn't return to the boat.I lost so much of my time because of a bug and I really wish it would be fixed so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Thank you :) (Not on insiders)

  • Hi guys, UniqID here. Just came by to report a bug I came across while playing today.

    Issue: For some unfortunate reason my electricity went down while I was holding the Fort Key and apparently it didn't drop on the floor when I disconnected, resulting in me and my friends losing the fort completely.

    Fix: Force the key to be dropped when a player disconnects while holding it.

    Hopefully this can be looked into and fixed easily.
    Thanks for the amazing job that has been done so far Rare.

    See you in the seas.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    When ever I dig up the Ferryman I cannot grab his Lantern. It looks like when you dig him up he is coming out of the group completely sideways...anyone else have this problem or is this a new problem that came with this update?

  • I was turning in a chest today at Morrow's Peak and was about to reach the Gold Hoarders tent when I became stuck between the two trees right next to the tent. I had gotten stuck between trees on Ruby's Fall before, but I was killed by skeletons. However at the Outpost, there were no skeletons that would spawn, and I was playing solo so I didn't have a crew mate to use a gunpowder barrel or brig me. I was forced to leave the game and was displeased at the lost of my (admittedly small) haul. It is things like these that make such an amazing game like Sea Of Thieves become more frustrating and disappointing.

  • While roaming the Sea of Thieves, I encounter many frame drops, not just loosing some FPS like 10-20, but dropping to about 1-4 FPS. Yesterday, my game actually crashed which is new. This is especially annoying when I'm camping a ship and I'm in PVP mode, or, just in general when doing every day pirate tasks (digging up chests, fishing, battling skellies, etc)

    THIS SHOULD NOT A HARDWARE ISSUE (as far as I'm aware)

    I use a i9-9900k, a RTX 2080, 16GB of RAM, and the game is on a SSD. The drivers are up to date too. Just about every other game works fine. Fortnite, even though I don't really play it anymore, is the only other one I've seem to have a similar issue with. Could it be Unreal Engine since both of them use it? That shouldn't be the problem because PUBG is made with it and I don't remember running into an issue with it. I don't think I can open crash logs so I can't share it with you all. Thanks for any support!


  • Just had my biggest haul of meat & fish I've ever gotten over a solid two hour session, was really happy to turn in the haul. As I pulled up to Stephen's Spoils, the server did a switch on me, while I was cooking some shark.

    As soon as I took the shark off the pan, it said NO_NAME_II (or something like that). I tried to access my inventory and bam, game crashes and I instantly lose my epic food haul.

  • Ok so, hit reg is garbage in this game ever since the update on Febuary 6th when you removed double gun the hit registration got messed up. It often takes 5 shots to kill someone while their in the water and they don't even eat food they just tank shots like its nothing is this a new buff? Because i recall it takes 2 hits with the Flintlock/Eye O' Reach to kill someone. This bug normally happens during water fights or when someone is holding a chest. Also i don't normally complain about stuff like this but its gone to far now i have lost arena games because of it. One time my team was up 7000 to 6000 and i was camping the sea post so they would not turn in the final chest and when they finally came to turn it in the guy jumped off the boat with the chest and i shot him 3 times with my pistol while he was holding the chest i got 3 hit markers and he lived and sold the chest and we lost. This has happend to many times and i have played this game since day 1 and i dont plan to stop playing. Once again i dont normally complain but im just throwing out there that this needs to be fixed. Thanks Rare I hope you take this into consideration.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    While doing a tall tale, I was server switched and it made me fail the tale wasting my time. I hope that the developers will be able to fix this issue so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

  • I did the entire quest and when I gave the item to the person to complete the quest nothing happened. I could't even talk to him anymore. There was a server change just before I hopped onto the island, so that may be something to look at. I now have to do it all again next time I get on. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.