• RE: Message in a Bottle + Barrel Quest Ideas (With Pictures)

    Hey, @FuriouslyRaging just wanted to say I love the idea, think it would really make me pay attention to the bottles since I do quite frequently neglect them.

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  • RE: Kick people from crew

    @truthfullist56 But other then trolling they wont get anything.
    You know, sometimes you dont have the perfect solution in life
    someone will get hurt but in this case it would be the minimum because no one will get anything from doing so.

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  • RE: Eliminate at reduce random shark spawn

    I don't mind the numbers, but it feels like the sharks have too many hit points, do too much damage, and are needlessly aggressive. It would be nice to see a scared shark that backs off after you hit it with a sword. Maybe part of the issue is that the seas are empty and they have nothing else to do - some kind of animal they could hunt instead of players would be nice.

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    @xzodeak you can buy a xbox headset for 10 €. Affordable, afaik.

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  • RE: Eliminate at reduce random shark spawn

    @skulliah said in Eliminate at reduce random shark spawn:

    Always good to have a rowboat attached to your ship with some bananas in its chest in case you sink! :)

    Sharks are the only creatures in the sea at the moment, I don't believe reducing their spawn frequency and making the sea less threatening is the right solution in here.

    Agreed, the ocean itself is rather empty, lets not remove the only threat to players in it. Let's not make things even easier than they are. Sharks sniffs humans in the water, it's not random. The longer you remain, the higher are the chances they spawn. You shouldn't be safe while swimming in the middle of the ocean.

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  • RE: So now what?

    @straptt sagte in So now what?:

    So now what?

    Dunno, tell me!

    You all have lost the twitch streamers and roughly have between 2k and 20k viewers...

    The game was fun before those streamers took over and is even after they let go. Can't see your point, here.

    Your changes made the game less fun to watch so intern streamers stopped.

    The game makes more fun if you play it, compared to watching a stream.

    Many of the bugs that have been in for months are still in...This is absurd, these bugs are causing many in game issues.

    We suffer some bugs from the begin. Sometimes they are solved, somethimes they are back. Wiedergänger. We would all be glad if those bugs would be fixed. On the other hand, there is heavy development and demand for new stuff. While adding new stuff you can't / it is hard fix them bugs.

    The weapon changes just simply switched the meta to sword/gun...Now i get salt for using sword, probably the same salty players who got mad over the double gun.

    Matter of taste, isn't it. But sword and gun is no issue, like double gun was.

    You are separating the player base so that it will be like every other game...One of if not your biggest selling points was crossplay,

    how do you know...

    how about finding a solution to keeping us all together instead of splitting us all up.

    would have prefered this, too, but there was a large number of players demanding "Stop Crossplay".

    The amount of cosmetics being put out is crazy slow...Many people have millions of gold with nothing to buy.

    Don't play the game to become a rich man. You will, either way.

    I guess the better question is what exactly is your plan for this game?

    They keep talking about, mate.

    It seems like its a hurry up and wait for what...one merchant mission? You all had every opportunity to create something amazing,

    ... and they did, afaik.

    especially with all the press you all got from the streamers...

    As far as I'm concerned, the streamers had a very negative impact on the way they played. They mainly showed PVP. It's also more fun in the stream than catching chickens, isn't it? Since then, the players attracted by the streamers in particular have been falling on every other ship in a completely pointless way. That wasn't the case before. I therefore do not weep for these famous streamers.

    now its gone, so again I ask.

    I am glad it is.

    So now what?

    I am still waiting for your input.

    Also all the videos about being friendly to each other and then discussing pvp. Is this Sea of Thieves or Sea of Friends. Which way are you pushing the game, do you want us to pvp or are you now wanting us to pvp in the instanced pvp you are creating? This game can be so much fun, pick a direction and roll with it guys.

    It is PvEvP. Roll with it, @Straptt. The game makes offers to carnivores and predators. Both meet in one area. This is the direction, imho.

    I doubt this is the answer, you wanted to hear, 'cause you allready knew it.

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  • RE: Glitch?

    @biasedcarton824 alright haha thanks didn’t know what was going on since I haven’t played in couple months or so

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    Still need to vote with "No", here. 😱

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  • RE: Glitch?

    There you will be able to let a sack of dirty laundry into the water and pull it out again later...
    Front cannons would be evil.

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