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  • Well I have played many a video game in my day. I am a retired USCG and USMM home due to injury I am also a former POW. In case you were wondering what I am doing at home in my forties. In that time, a few years , I have played a few games. However, I have never seen one rise and fall SOOO fast and drop with a loud thud, something that resembles a nuke going off.
    SOT, in case you didn't know , is now a parents BEST FRIEND. It is now a babysitting services. We babysit all ages from three to forty three. It is a maturity level based thing. By the way, we charge forty dollars an hour because our spare time AND LOTS OF ITl I take that back we use to spend hours doing a quest because that is what it takes. Now, we just don't do them at all. We either don't play or log on to talk to our friends. I wish I was kidding. It is a great concept, the graphic are great. Now when you work so hard and so long to be a legend and done your babysitting time.You have to be level fifty there as well. Anyway, you would expect a boss, a great rewaree something. What you get is the same thing as in the upper world, only its dark down there. You can buy clothes, a ship, and a legend can take a person like me down below to buy clothes so those in legend clothes aren't always a legend. I feel bad for the legends. ALL those hours and THAT is the reward. Hey just my opinion. The thing that amazes me is your own crew mates will blow your ship up, throw treasure over board, etc. Rare is teaching kids not to trust , which isn''t a bad thing, they are teaching how to ge , how to rob and the worst part is they think it is FUNNY. Women get harrassed all the time and report it and Rare says nothing but you can bet they say a thousand times the "We have a zero tolerance for cheaters" yet they nothing of the kids or the women being harrassed. Yep many , many of us have left the game. This little piece i s jsu our review/ Rare will probably delete or freeze this but if they were to be honest with themselves they failed again.

  • Can I have more then 3 other people in my crew, is there a way I can have a crew of 6?

  • Haven't seen one like this before!!! Anyone else have crazy glitch spawns?!

    alt text

  • Thank you in advance!

    *Which is the correct forum post to suggest or request new features? There is some blatantly obvious stuff missing from the game that could be fairly easily added and give hours of play.

    *Anyone know what happened to the founder content/item? I was emailed ages ago to say thanks for being part of this from so early on and You will receive a code to unlock a special item. Still nothing?

    *I'm guessing I wasn't the only one massively disappointed with the cursed shores? Im happy it was added and it gives you another thing to do and hunt for when searching islands but.... I was expecting underwater combat and so forth, as I guess many others were too?
    I should add though, I love sea of thieves and the pirate life's for me.

    Thanks, pretty useless at this forum as I'm used to doing this on Facebook groups.

  • Just a quick ? i have been around the early beta and have tried to get accepted to the insider programme but i never received an email on request .

    Due to my stats and hours i play can i be notified of the next stage ?

    Many thanks gamer tag LOYAL L3G3ND

  • Avast Maties!
    Ahoy lads & lasses, in all the recent announcements for Cursed Sails:
    Cursed Sails
    We've heard alot about the Brigantine, the Skeleton Ships and the Alliance system.
    Ship to Skeleton Ship battle

    But we haven't heard anything about the Cursed Cannonballs yet.
    Cursed Cannonball

    Now here's my speculation:
    I believe that Cursed Cannonballs will be introduced in the second or third week of the Cursed Sails Campaign.
    Since Rare hasn't brought em up yet, this leads me to believe that they don't want to overwhelm players with all the new content at once.

    Anyways, what do you think of my speculation?
    And what do you think Rare'll add to make the 3 week campaign different each week?
    Until then happy sailing Maties.

  • Game Looks to be amazing in my opinion. I can't wait for Tuesday.

  • I don't know about the rest of you. But i believe this game has the backings for making one great animated series.
    Maybe use it as update trailers Or hints.
    Help give all the NPC some great stories to help us love them even more.

  • Exactly how big is the game download? When I downloaded it before it was around 27GB. When I installed it this time it said I would need around 27GB of free space. The download size is currently at 42.02GB of 42.02 GB but if I let it continue to install the size just goes up. It started doing this at 26.09GB of 26.09GB. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • I recently started playing Pokémon go and want to add some active players to my friends list for gift exchange. My trainer 3906 7053 1829 just add me and send gift. I will gift back. thanks

  • Aye. Exactly. Just saw the feed regarding the Tornadoes near Des Moines.. Pella..

    Not sure how many mates we have living up there.. just hoping to get word that you guys are safe and no loved ones were hurt.


  • This topic is deleted!

    Killed over 3 sloops and a gally for it haha

    I have no idea how to link photos properly

  • Better DUCK Cuz we're Throwing it BACK!

    Happy Thursday, Maties!!!

    Feel free to share what you've been able to drag from the depths and throw it back onto the docks, Maties!

  • Come join us foodswines and share your piratey or (Modern/Contemporary) inspired recipes and creations, Arhhhh!

    Contents for this menu will be updated regularly to link posts (including older ones in original threads), making recipes easy to find and try.




    Pirate Bean Soup

    1712 Salmagundi

    Tortuga Rum Cake

    18th century Ship's Biscuits/Hard Tac

    Brave Sailor’s Banana Bread

    Hangover Burger

    L4P Roll

    Coral Reef Jelly Slice


    Monkey Island Grog

    Fish Bowl Punch

    Vanilla Dark and Stormy

    Snake in the grass cocktail

    The Captain Colada

    The Cannonball

    The Hungering Deep by @BaseIsSafe

    The Thieves Haven by @BaseIsSafe

    Blackbeard's Gunpowder Rum

  • I made one, used the the 3 ~ symbols to make the box (discovered by accident) not sure why it highlights the text like it does, almost like its a HTML editor code box and its trying to highlight the text for readability.. *confused johnny dep pirate face"

    ~ Rob J Turner ~
    Sea Of Thieves Fun:
    Member of SoT FB Group:
    Be More Pirate: 
    ~ Twitter: robtinbc 
    ~ Instagram: robtinbc 
    ~ SoT Handle: robtinbc ~

    No forum Sig?

  • I am trying to play alone on my sloop. Just got done looting 5 forts of all barrels, even got three sunken ships. Now my friend dave joins and demands a piece of the cut. So where are the Single player sloops? Short of banning all friends from joining all games, how do I single person in my sloop? Can the devs even fix? It was broken after first update. Really just want to go it alone sometimes and can't control if my friends want to join. Devs, you got a fix?

  • Hey everyone,

    we all have to eat from time to time. And some of us even prepare the food for ourselves. Let's share your creations. Doesn't matter if it's breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

    I'll start. I was a bit bored today and ended up creating the ugliest burger ever. Let me guide you through the process.

    First of all, it's raining outside, so lets make the burger inside this time. The most important part is to be hungover. So make a small cup of coffee first: hairy adult male hand for scale

    alt text

    Then, you need to realize, that your ex took all of your good knives, when she moved out and all your remaining knives are in terrible condition, so sharpen them a bit.

    alt text

    Now, you don't want to eat just a burger, you'll want some steak fries with it. So get yourselves some potatoes.

    alt text

    Season them with whatever you like, mix with your hands and a bit of oil. Wash your hands, so you can take a picture of them. Put them in the oven, since they'll take a while to get done. Now take them out again and wash your hands one more time, because you forgot to take that picture.

    alt text

    Choose what type of meat you want. I went with Beef Chuck.

    alt text

    Now, take out that old meat grinder your grandma gave you. It's perfect for this, because if you weren't hungry, as soon as you're done with this, you will be. If you don't have enough meet, add some of your fingers, with this grinder, it's easy.

    alt text

    Mix in some seasoning if you want, and don't forget to make the shape of patties as ugly as possible.

    alt text

    Now, check your fridge for beer, realize you have only one bottle left.

    alt text

    Run outside to get some more. Realize it's raining, return to change your clothes and get an umbrella. Run outside again, buy beer, restock fridge.

    alt text

    Gather ingredients for homemade sauce. Pickles are important, preferably those, that are as sour as your ex.

    alt text

    Put the finished sauce in fridge for now.

    alt text

    How can you make a hangover burger without bacon? Well, you can't.

    alt text

    Caramelize some chopped onions. I like to do that with butter and add a bit of sugar.

    alt text

    Have a beer, you deserve it.
    if you're under the legal age limit for your country, have a coke or something. If you're from US, have some water, taste will be pretty much the same as your beer.

    alt text

    Shred some lettuce (or use a whole one, up to you), and get some tomatoes, I only had little ones.

    alt text

    Grilling time! If you haven't, add salt and pepper now. After one side is done, add a slice of cheddar on top. (don't forget to take a picture...)

    alt text

    Slice the buns, put a bit of butter on them and grill.
    also make sure, that one side is almost burned and the other is raw, so it's really ugly

    alt text

    Assemble buger, take your sauce out of the fridge, take out those slightly burned fries that you forgot in the oven.

    alt text

    Attempt to make an artistic picture, by slicing the burger, open another beer and enjoy your meal.

    alt text

  • So something I'm curious about and unsure if I just havn't checked the right places does Rare have Street teams or brand ambassador program for areas where major Comic cons and video game conferences don't take place. I mean like there are comic cons but not something the size of Pax, E3, or Sandiago Comic con where the big game devs show up themselves. Its something I would definitely volunteer my time for to see a presence in my area and surrounding areas. Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated

  • First of all. Please stop with this. =P

    Now. Can i get banned if a lot of people report me?? I'm a pc player and use Sniper+shotgun (Eye of reach and blunderbuss) all the time VS players and i have a good notion on how to play the game (Played a lot already -Levels- 44/42/37). It's not that hard for me to sink a galleon when i'm on a sloop with a friend. I simple go to their ship and kill all of them, like... all the time (I fail a lot as well, of course. =P)

    I'm not a cheater. You guys know that it's easy to kill when using Sniper+shotgun. It's op (Yes. I do think it's OP)

    Again. Can i get banned if a lot of people report me??

  • I dont own the video, that's for falcone gaming. He hit the X mark spot on with this documentary.

  • Hello All,

    I run site and I am addicted to SoT so decided to look up some of the funny SoT images in the community and made op a post on the blog showing a typical night of grief on the high seas...

    Hope you enjoy it.

  • If that's a running around alien faction then that is awesome. The upscaled ship generation in space is also awesome+ringed planets etc. Already love NMS, this just resparked my love even more for it.

  • Avast Maties!
    Ahoy lads & lasses, as you all know the Cursed Sails content update is coming July 31.
    Cursed Skails

    But what do we know for sure about the update?
    Well Mate, I'll tell ya what's been confirmed:

    • Skeleton Ships (AI controlled Ships)
    • The Brigantine (3 player ship)
    • Alliances (A method for Players to work together more concretely)
    • Cursed Cannon Balls (Cannon Balls which cause certain effects on impact)
    • Skeleton Ship Boss (Much like the Hunger One boss from THD)
    • More Ship Customisation (Such as: Customisable Cannons & Anchor wheel)

    Now most of you already knew most of those things, but did ye know about the New customization items for ships?
    Such as the Cannons & Anchor wheel?
    Cannon Customisable
    (Sorry about the def)
    As you can see in the picture, the Brigantine has non standard looking Cannons and Anchor wheel.
    Meaning will be getting customizable Cannons and Anchor Wheels in this content update, plus all that other cool stuff I mentioned.
    And as for my speculation:

    • Possible new instrument (Fiddle or Banjo)
    • Possible new Skeleton Enemy Type
    • Possible Customisation items for the Captain's Wheel
    • Possible New Loot items
    • Possible new voyages (Like Crab quests for the Merchant Alliance)
    • And there's been talk from the Pirate times about Salty’s new “killer item and business partner”, it could be a possible New weapon and shop keeper.

    Well, as you can see from all the confirmed content for this update, it'll be way bigger than The Hungering Deep was.
    The Hungering Deep
    All it added was:

    • Megalodon
    • Flags
    • Speaking Trumpet
    • Drum
    • Scars and Tattoos

    Anyways Maties, let me know about anything I missed and are you excited for Cursed Sails?
    Until then, I'll see you on July 31 when those devilish Fiends show up!
    Ship on ship

  • Absolute bargain if you are wanting both games!

    State of Decay 2 + PUBG £22.99 @ Game UK

  • So... something that I don't often broadcast to fellow seafarers is that I don't actually see all that too well sometimes...
    I'm 32 in a couple of weeks and had Cataracts removed when I was 21... Young, but not the youngest Pirate to go through the surgery. As a result of it I have fixed focal length in both eyes - the left sees short distance and the right long, or it should had I not suffered a secondary Cataract a couple of years ago that took some distance out of the vision!

    Anyways, due to the Cataract surgery and a couple of other random complaints with my eyes I have mixed vision depending on light, fatigue, time played and of course - floaters - a term used to describe cells you can actually see floating around your eyes - most have these, but for some it is a problem as your eye doesn't always drain them.

    My point to this post is thus - do you have any condition or complaint that makes the game hard to see, but that Rare can't really fix? For me it's those pesky birds signalling a sunken ship, as for me they either disappear due to the LOD and draw distance (can be fixed), or they may look inadvertently like something in my field of vision!

  • Name says it all. Been trying to read certain topics on the forum since the update and it wont let me. Anyone else having this problem too?

  • I really need a new controller and would like to get the limited edition sot controller w/ ferryman outfit. sold out everywhere lol. Anyone know something i don't on where to get one?

  • Ahoy maties!

    Today is the French national day arrrr!

    Jack sparrow

    Happy Bastille day to all these scurvy pirates!

    Even if yer not from France, let's all have some grog and make some boom booms!


  • So the San Diego Comic Con is only 2 days away and Rare are going to be there. You can hear a few things about it in the behind the scenes video here:

    Any of you brave pirates in attendance?

    It's interesting to hear that there are going to be 2 exclusive giveaways (@Musicmee get collecting codes!) and that Freddy Prinze Jr is a massive fan of the game and that he will be there "representing the fans"!
    The panel is Saturday 21st 13.30 - 14.30 (20.30 - 21.30 BST)

    Happy sailing!

  • Is it possible to destroy the statues solo or do you need other crews.

  • This topic is deleted!

    I just became a pirate legend and it wont play it, i assumed it had to be in or around the tavern, but nothing. Help would be appreciated.

  • Avast Maties!
    Ahoy lads & lasses, executive producer Joe Neate-
    "Who this lad?"

    Yeah that's him, anyways he announced in a Developer Update that early this week we'll be getting a trailer for Cursed Sails.
    Cursed Skails

    • Now, to the point:
      In every trailer we've seen the Crab.
      THD crab
      E3 crab

    You think we'll see him again in the Cursed Sails Trailer this week?
    I'm betting 12 doubloons that Rare'll find a way to fit him in.

  • Being a new player this sure is disheartening. I'm already trying to learn the game in a harsh?ish enviornment, and to have to deal with these kind of people. It's really annoying. There should be an option to disable playing with PC players because let's face it. The amount of people that have the know how to hack an xbox are very few and far in between. Before [Mod edited] come in here saying "IMPOSSIBRU", you need a reality check that there are indeed hackers in this game.

    Last night I seen a skull cloud for the first time so I went sailing to it because I wanted to know what it was. I was cautious and welllll out of cannon range. So far that I was watching the cannonballs hit about halfway between me and the ONLY gallion at the island. No other boats around and all of a sudden I start getting attacked from behind with a sword. How did they get there? Easy... hacking.

    Reading through these forums before I posted this message, I don't even know why I'm bothering. I already know what the outcome will be. Doing a google search of SoT hacks pulls up plenty of websites that offer hacks.

    I want to get into this game, and I know that hackers/botters are in every game but this is pretty ridiculous!

  • I have yet to see any posts about the world’s most popular sport and event going on! Since my people didn’t make it (sad I know) who should I cheer for??

    Who are you cheering for???