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  • Go watch the good Captain as she streams and raises money for Special Effects! You can see what this amazing charity does below

  • Harr!

    If ye be in need of more crewmates and yer friends haven't joined you on the seas yet. Now might be a great time for them to consider joining you. Starting today for Xbox Live Gold members, you can pick up a copy of Sea of Thieves for 50% off it's original price. If they ever needed a financial motivation to buy it, now might be a good time!

    If your friends are not Xbox Live Gold members, then they are able to purchase the game for half off starting November 19th.

    Full list of Xbox Black Friday Deals is right here on Microsoft's blog.

  • Since the announcement thread is locked (and Steve's thread will get moderated :D), I'd like to congratulate to all new Quartermasters.

    You all deserve it and I'm sure you'll be excellent at it.

  • I need some moderation here... please can someone from the @Quartermasters moderate this post please? Preferably @Musicmee as he doesn't want to do any work! :P

    Well done folks, well deserved and good to see Khaleesi will not be going anywhere anytime soon from our beloved forum!


  • I am not getting the confirmation email to verify my email. I had a link resent to my email about 30 times in the last several months. I've been trying to join the Insider program for about 5 months and I can't because my email has to be verified. I opened a ticket and they said they resent the verification email and to give it a few days, but I know it's not going to come through because it never does.

    Tried changing my email to another one to see if I could verify that one, but that isn't working either. Anyone else have this issue? And if so, were you able to resolve it?

    Edit: I've checked my spam folders and I've confirmed the email address is correct. I'm able to receive notifications of support tickets I've opened. Just can't confirm my email here.

  • hey guys, i found something that looks like a kraken wheel customization in the equipment shop (i didn't manage to put a screenshot) and i would like to know what you think this is. Thanks

  • This thread is irrelevant to Sea Of Thieves, but I created it to respect Stan Lee. We miss you Stan :(


  • In this image we can see both Demarco and Lesedi with the same clothes:
    alt text
    But this is not correct. Lesedi should have a green jacket as in the comics:
    alt text
    So I was bored and I made this:
    alt text

    What do you think?

  • Looks like there may be a chance to receive some in-game items for watching X018 on Mixer this weekend. They do not specify what, but figured I would share the article.

  • In other popular culture news. The great Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95.

    Thus ended a legacy! Shame he never saw some Marvel IP like X-Men and F4 come back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

  • I realize he was in no way connected to Sea of Thieves, but I know there are fans among us (myself included) who are saddened by the passing of our great Generalissimo, Stan Lee.

    I know the music does not fit the video, but this is my way of honoring a comic book legend.

  • So I watched all of the mixer stream but I noticed in my notifications normally it will say when I have unlocked a reward to claim in game..I did not get this I just want to see if anyone else is having this problem..I sat through all of X018 and if I do not get the rewards I will be a little disappointed.

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  • Whoah there! What a whirlwind weekend wreaking waves wherever we turn!

    So the dust is settling on that announcement, the seas will calm for a while and we can all reflect on what was, what is, what still may yet be.

    But what ELSE, other than Arena did we like from the weekend's big release news? For me I am excited about more Microsoft developer acquisitions, so long as they let them fly free as they have with Rare (albeit after some difficult years with Kinect...) - Obsidian have made some particularly good games (and does it mean South Park coming to GamePass?)
    I'm glad that KB+M support seems to be building traction and will be coming.
    More importantly though, the games - 16 to be precise coming to the GamePass:

    • PUBG
    • Ori and the Blind Forest
    • Ori and the WIll of the Wisps
    • Thief of Thieves Season 1
    • Void B*******
    • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    • Kingdom: Two Crowns
    • The Good Life
    • Afterchange
    • Agents of Mayhem
    • Supermarket Shriek
    • Mutant Year Zero
    • Pathologic 2
    • Secret Neighbour
    • MXGP 3
    • Thomas Was Alone

    They may now be all our cup of tea, but another reason GamePass is doing well is that it is building up a decent library with what we have already seen this year.

    So what do you think? What was your standout announcement (other than SoT!)

  • I've been playing since launch and now I've done everything and at max level. I want to help this game grow how do i become a pioneer?

  • We all know that they're going to announce the update AFTER Shrouded Spoils, but what do you think is going to have that update?

    Also, remember that if you see the live stream on and log in to your SoT account you will receive this items:
    alt text
    alt text

  • So with the new info of the Arena being confirmed in a way and thus how many say this will ruin the game and others say this will help the game, etc, etc. Well for my standpoint of view I say this is pretty fine to me, maybe even great because this game is made by Rare and thats something to be really thankful for. Reason saying that as how this year of games is going, there isn't a lot of choices due to some other companies choices. I mean im very thankful for that this game is made by Bethesda, Blizzard/activation or EA because so far there already in huge messes with there own games. Some or if not all three prioritize of crash grab games, and im very thankful that Sot doesn't have micro- transactions or paywalls etc.

    I know that they plan on having it in but its only for cosmetics or animals I believed, but still thankful in anyway. Im thankful that for a $60 game its at least worth it as it improves from free updates or dlcs and that it doesn't have as much buggy problems like other games do. Im thankful for being able to have a choice of your adventure, style, game play, and even just options in graphics or video settings. Though I have some grips with the game from time to time and that the fact its not perfect I can at least say this is the types of games that is a great example for online multiplayer. And yes we will still have agree to disagree in the community, but overall im at least happy to have a game that is made Rare and not like the other three companies.

    Im no expert but im pretty sure its rare to have triple A games just like Sot in this day and age and thats something we should all be thankful for.

  • Just a heads up.... head straight over NOW!!!!
    Make sure you are signed in.

    Main Forum thread is now here

    Tuning in to Saturday's episode of Inside Xbox from X018 will give you #SeaOfThieves news
    AND you'll be able to get your hands on the Obsidian drum and spyglass
    if you tune in via for their exclusive Mixpot! The show goes live at 9pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT.

  • So I was fighting an enemy ship. Actually, I was fighting it with a stolen ship. They set off a gunpowder barrel on my borrowed ship whilst I boarded theirs, I quickly searched it (It was a sloop) and it had NOTHING on it. Later (Like 30 seconds later) that ship came about and attacked my actually ship. They then somehow managed to p**f up THREE MORE gunpowder barrels. THEY HAD NONE ON THEIR SHIP. .-.

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  • Who have you sailed with?

    Legends of the Sea and Community

    Well the title says it all, there are some fairly famous (or infamous) characters on these Social Media outlets that we use to discuss the Sea of Thieves in all of its glory.

    Personally I have been very lucky during my time on the Sea of Thieves, having sailed with many greats from this forum and Twitter, with another tick on my list of Pirates I want to play with this weekend when I finally got to sail with @Clumsy-George himself. Now this gentle giant of a man, well known on the forum BL (Before Launch) has slowly raised his profile again recently, but his notoriety is there for all to see at the George and Kraken Tavern and as such I wanted to meet this mystery man of many words!

    Needless to say the reality has not disappointed, nor has it with any of our other famous faces I have sailed with here (won’t name drop them all as they would all get fed up, especially if I missed anyone!)
    So who have you sailed with out there who you never thought you would? Is there anyone that you want to shout out who you would like to sail with from these hallowed forum pages perhaps?
    Answers in the discussion below!

    Feel free to ask!

    IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE - I was reluctant to start sailing with people form the forum when the game launched as I was always concerned that some of the big names out there had their own little cliques that were formed during the Alpha and as such I would not be able to “fit in” or become a part of the wider community – how wrong I was!
    Being a decent Pirate both here and on the Seas always pays dividends and I have many, many more crewmates now as a result than I ever did before launch!
    Moral of the story – speak up – send a friend request or a drop a message if you see someone online – if there’s room, you may well get your chance! 👋⛵️💀💰

  • Does anyone know the location they freed the merfolk from. Was it from thieves heaven. Can someone give me a recap?

  • I know I'm really late to the plate on this one, but I've been trying to find Chips Ahoy! + Sea of Thieves codes all year. The year is almost over and I have had no luck, even tried buying some off ebay and the codes. I was scammed as all the codes were invalid :( I live in dumb old Texas and it seems that all the stores near where I live don't have them. I'm a bit of a collector, pre-ordered for Black Dog and got my controller/Ferrymen clothing set, but I don't own the Onyx toolset. I really hate to inconvenience anyone but if you stumble upon this post, I'd really appreciate if you could PM me any 4 unused Chips Ahoy! + SoT codes you have laying around. Thank you all so much if you consider helping me!

  • I was just wondering can my laptop run sot.
    CPU: i7 2630qm
    GPU: Radeon HD 7650M 4GB VRAM
    8GB Ram
    And if i can run it, on which settings?

  • Don't worry, it's not widespread and MS is aware of the problem. I can't play any digital games. Oh, well. Back to Daredevil. I'll check back in a hour.

  • Im making this Post because I want to know what we as a dedicated playerbase can do to help Sea of Thieves continue on a Healthy Increase of players, content, forum posts, and commuinty.
    please leave some of your ideas/content/suggestions below, I would love to see some commuinty Stuff, and I will gladly support any Sea of Thieves related content. My suggestion to anyone reading this is to make youtube videos. Cinematics, clips, Motages, Whatever :). Not to long, not too short.
    My second reconmendation is to stay active on the forums - weither it be rating up posts, or stepping up and responding to posters with no replies. Next, follow Sea of Thieves on Twitter, like their posts and share/Retweet. also, If you wish - Stream the game. Ive captured some crazy moments on my stream that you wouldnt believe. You can also attempt to create art. Just playing the game shows support also! - make sure to take screenshots if your on xbox :D.
    Finnally, I reconmend try to be a little more Friendly/Inneractive in game.
    If your reading this, then you know that Sea of Thieves isnt an ordinary game - its something special, and im sure you share the same love for the game as I, so when you encounter that new player solo in his sloop - dont broadside him or carpet bomb him with kegs from his own crows nest, Reach out lend a hand, tell him some tips - maybe even gift him a chest. You never know who you might spark a flame in someones heart for the same thing you love.

  • So this is not a rant, nor a request to be a Pioneer - that ship has long since sailed and what will be will be.
    This is simply a question for anyone out there to help with - which is when do you think we will find out more about the NEW new Pioneer program- the one Joe mentioned a month or so back now, the one that would improve chances of getting in, potentially bolster ranks and also, quite dividing of the community, offer incentives.

    It has been a while and there seems to be radio silence on this.


  • What happened to the original Reaper's Mark shirt in the store? The full color one. That was my favorite, but I didn't get to order one. Will they ever re-surface?

  • Its not the game performance or anything its mainly how it updates. As when im trying to get the update up it takes quite a long time say about 4 hours, long and behold when it was almost finished a random app which i never used or even installed was auto updating. And with that it reset the whole progress of the Sot update so now i have to re-update it again! Unlike Mc steam has a queue where it updates games in a line and can have a selected one of which should be updated first. It also Saves the download progress whether you turn off the pc or switch to a different game to use on. So yeah, i was hoping to play the game today but it seems like it not be the case, I think this needs to be a fix on Mc itself because if you haven't even used less alone downloaded an app it shouldn't auto update for no reason let alone update at all. Whelp i guess another 4hrs of waiting starts now.

  • Come join us foodswines and share your piratey or (Modern/Contemporary) inspired recipes and creations, Arhhhh!

    Contents for this menu will be updated regularly to link posts (including older ones in original threads), making recipes easy to find and try.




    Pirate Bean Soup

    1712 Salmagundi

    Tortuga Rum Cake

    18th century Ship's Biscuits/Hard Tac

    Brave Sailor’s Banana Bread

    Hangover Burger

    L4P Roll

    Coral Reef Jelly Slice

    Volcano Cake

    Spicy "Forsaken" Chicken Miso Ramen

    Skeleton Cupcakes


    Monkey Island Grog

    Fish Bowl Punch

    Vanilla Dark and Stormy

    Snake in the grass cocktail

    The Captain Colada

    The Cannonball

    The Hungering Deep by @BaseIsSafe

    The Thieves Haven by @BaseIsSafe

    Blackbeard's Gunpowder Rum

  • Ahoy, lads!

    I am looking for Chips Ahoy! codes, since I don't live in a country where I can get them.

    Recently I got my hands on a few Spinal Figurehead codes and I can trade you a code if you can help me out in getting the Onyx equipement items.

    Feel free to post a reply over here, send me a Chat message or hit me up on Instagram and/or Twitter


  • Just wanted to say I had a blast with my buddy MaddZach on a sloop for this event. We hardcore rushed from location to the next and died many times along the way. We even ran into a few players and swapped kills for the pink flame. Not going to lie I thought the volcano was harder to die from because once I got there it refused to go off!

    Love the lights and while we finished all the bilge rat stuff I'll certainly be playing around!

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  • Arrgghh, we pirates love some free booty (hands off Damien!), especially when it is free!

    This november has a great store for the cheap thrifty pirates amoung us!

    As ye can see, we be getting a great selection of games for this novembers games with gold! They be as follows:

    Battlefield 1
    Race the Sun
    Assassins Creed
    Dantes Inferno

    I know there be a few happier pirates on the seas with this news! A couple there that will be new for me!

  • Anyone know how long it takes from the time you order from the SOT store until you receive what you ordered? I spent nearly a hundred bucks US currency at the beginning of September. Thank goodness I paid via paypal but I have not recieved an order confirmation or order number from the SOT store and have made attempts to contact but no one has replied. I gave the date of my order and the paypal transaction number my name and email and nothing. It has been more than 2 weeks since my first inquiry. And a few days since my last one.