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  • So I wanna know what your work is or if you go to college, what your course is? I'm doing Level 2 public services.

    I'm currently sitting in college reception at the moment, waiting for my next lesson.

  • After five months of playing this game and being a regular on these forums I've seen some pretty funny and bizarre gamer tags.

    The Xbox app generates a lot of random garbage which you can change for free, the first time.
    Which make you wonder why some people keep their randomly generated gamer tag.
    Perhaps they don't know.

    On the other hand, there's some I find quite funny and well thought out.
    Just wondering how some gamer tags have come about?

    What does your gamer tag mean to you?

    Me personally? Besides my first name starting with "R", I wanted the "arrr" pirate flavour and "captain" just didn't sit right.
    After the "Admiral" and "RRR"s came together well, it just wrote itself. :o)
    A lot of people have complimented me on the name but it usually takes them a while for the penny to drop.

  • Hi everyone. I had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast this morning.

  • After six months I think it would be nice to see some official stats from Rare.
    Not just how many unique gamer tags have tried the game since launch but actual stats that might mean something to many people.
    I know it would also help Rare to know exactly what's going on with their game. To see where they are succeeding and where they have failed.

    For example:

    • How many people still play SoT on a regular basis (at least once a week)?
    • How many have made it to pirate legend status since launch?
    • How many pirate legends are there still playing the game regularly?
    • What is the PC v Xbox ratio now?
    • What percentage of players actually bought the game as opposed to game pass?
    • What are the peak hours of each continent or major region and their server population? (Suggested by SurveyorPete)

    These things need to been known by Rare in both cases, over-all (since launch) and the current status, to help guide the game to better choices.

    It's one thing to say that 5 million unique gamer tags have been registered as playing the game (at least once) and it's another thing to say that you are X% of players to have reached this achievement but it all means very little to nothing to anybody unless we know that percentage of what number of players we're talking about.

    Sure you might be 0.3% of 5 million players to have achieved a specific milestone but now there's only (for example) 500,000 playing on a regular basis so you're really only in the 3% bracket and not so elite.

    Some people have multiple accounts, many people have tried it a few times and moved onto other games, some PLs have also flown the coop reaching the end-game with nothing else to do.

    Another nice feature would be to show what the true percentage was when you actually achieved each milestone instead of it increasing as time progresses and more reach that achievement.

    So having all of the stats based on the collective players since launch really isn't telling us much and is far from the truth.

    I'd rather be disappointed by honesty than blissfully deceived by a lie.

  • With the release of Forsaken Shores just on the horizon, like the shop keepers during the cursed sails event...Microsoft has cut the price of Sea of Thieves and it’s currently on sale on the Microsoft/Xbox store!
    So if you have been wondering if you should hop into the game nows your chance to forge your legend with abit of a discount worthy of any pirate.

    Unfortunately as I own the game I can’t actually see the price though Pmsl! But in the UK there is £17.50 discount and America’s is $21.
    I will update the prices on this page when someone is kind enough to share them with me :)
    Here’s the links:

    United Kingdom:

    United States:

    And as always Sea Of Thieves is available through the Xbox game pass for a subscription. You can also get a free trial if you are still not sure.

  • Ahoy Pirates!
    I've noticed a growing level of latency in the last 3/4 days, too much for plaing decently. My suggestion is to close the Servers till the Staff will be able to Host 'em without this terrible problem. My crew and our friends left because of this ruining Lag.

    You're running to far and too fast with your short legs ^^

  • Ahoy there, lads and lasses!

    I come to you with tears of happiness in my eyes! After over 3 years of sweat, unslept night and hours of bashing my head against the wall, I finally managed to finish my first book!

    The Dawn of Darkness is the first book of the series Wars of Eredhar. It is a fantasy novel, taking place in the fictional universe of Eredhar, a world full of secrets, mysteries and adventures.

    I would be so honored if you could grab your free e-book and give it a read.

    It matters not from where you are, for Wars of Eredhar: The Dawn of Darkness is available on all major Amazon websites.

    alt text

    Even if you don't get your free copy, I still want to thank you all for just being here for me.*/B07H4P4B26*/B07H4P4B26*/B07H4P4B26*/B07H4P4B26*/B07H4P4B26*/B07H4P4B26*/B07H4P4B26

  • At this point, we should have available the FS web as in THD and CS. The website is not available as you can see. So when will Rare post the FS web?

  • Had a server where everyone was in an alliance. Making good loot as everyone was doing something. I was alone on a sloop doing commendations. One crew was doing athenas and was almost done with it and i got disconnected from the server. No way to get back on and lost that athena exp😭😭😭😭 Wish there was a way to rejoin a server. Sucks!

  • Ahoy Pirates!

    Inspired by Fortunes’ Skullball and Brigatta events, as well as Sea of Thieves Italia organizations recent event, the Rogue Legends have been hard at work creating a brand-new event for the Sea of Thieves Community!

    We are excited to announce: the first ever En Garde tournament, that will pit our fiercest Sea of Thieves fleet and union members against each other in a battle of skills, strategy, and wits!

    A cunning sport for pirates, made by pirates!

    En gard poster

    What is En Garde?
    En Garde is brand new Sea of Thieves' swordplay event focused around competitive entertainment for the masses. The event will take place on the main deck of the Brigantine and the sails of the Galleon.

    When does it happen?
    The 1st Season of En Garde is scheduled to happen on Saturday, September 8th, 2018.

    PST - 12:00 pm
    EST - 3:00 pm
    BST - 8:00 pm
    CEST - 9:00 pm
    NZST 7:00 am (Sunday Sept 9th)

    Registration: please register your team by Tues Sept 4th. Leave a message below or pm. @CodeName-Jenova with your Team/Organization Name, logo, stream URL, and other pertinent information

    If extra spaces are remaining when registration closes: Currently registered organizations will be notified and given the option to submit additional members raffle for spots will be done.

    En Garde will be hosted by Rogue Legends quarterly.

    Where can I see this!?!
    You will be able to follow your favourite team through their designated Streamers! You will also be able to access the Streams of the Commentators and Referees of the tournament! We will post the links to the different streams with the name of the teams they represent.

    Official ShoutCasters: Rogue Legends is so excited to announce the return of "The Beasty Boys" as our official shoutcasters. Show them some love and follow their streams!

    ELLISisBEAST: Mixer
    TheBeast_NY: Twitch

    Team stream links will be posted as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

    What teams are playing?
    Eleven teams of ruthless pirates have stepped forward to duel; however, we are still looking for a few more teams to step up and show us what they’ve got! Leave us a note below or send a pm to @CodeName-Jenova if interested. Registration Closes Wed Sept 5th

    Here's a list of the participants in the 1st En Garde Season:

    Rogue Legends' Blackguard
    Fortune's Golden
    Frozen Fleet
    The Iron Fleet
    The Fleet of Thieves
    Angels of Death
    The Thirsty Thieves
    The Blue Devils
    Steve Irwins Revenge
    Buccaneers of Crimson Tides
    The Dread Fleet
    Sea of Thieves Italia

    How can I show my support?
    Wish to support your team? You're a diehard fan and want to make it known? Easy! Wear your favourite team's kit and post a picture here! Tune into the official streams and let your team know you are cheering them on!

    Gameplay, Rules & Penalty
    The goal of the game is to be the last pirate or team of pirates standing. Opponents will face off and sword duel each other while their respective teammates wait to be tagged in.

    Each participating team will submit 1 team of 2 players, and (where possible) have 2 alternates as a backup in case a payer is unable to participate.

    The Tournament events will take place on the main deck of the Brigantine and sail beams of the Galleon.

    The first team to win 3 rounds or with the most rounds won after 15 minutes will advance to the next stage. If there is a stalemate, a Sudden Death round will be played.

    If there is a storm during the event, we will delay until the storm passes.

    Kit: No black jackets or shirts - bright colors are preferred.

    Main event
    The main event will be a duel 1v1 on the main deck of the Brigantine. 1 team member will face off with their opponent with 1 reserve member per team to “tag” in. The team with one or both player(s) remaining will advance to the next stage.

    • Opponents will face off and sword duel each other while the other 2 opponents wait on opposite ladders to be tagged in by their teammates dueling.
    • Rounds are first to win 3 matches (Best of 5)
    • 15 minutes per bracket round
    • Players switch starting order with their teammate each round
    • Starting positions: 1 player on the main deck at the bow, 1 player at the stern - players feet must be on deck.
    • Tags will wait on the ship ladder. One player per side.
    • Jenova will start each match with a “countdown” using non-verbals -”Cutlass Ready” to prepare players, followed by “En Garde” to signify the start of the round.

    Grand Finale
    The Final Round to determine the En Garde Champions will be 1v1 on the sail beams of a Galleon, 1 team member will face off with their opponent with 1 reserve member per team to “tag” in. The masts will be rotating. Mid mast will be stationary.

    • Opponents will face off and sword duel each other while the other 2 opponents wait on the top rung to be tagged in, one team on each side of the crow’s nest.
    • All 4 players will wait in the crow’s nest at the start.
    • At the “Cutlass Ready” queue, starters will move down to the top rung, one team per side
    • The Final Match will be played first to 5 matches won (Best of 9)
    • 45 minutes maximum.
    • If the time limit is reached, a Sudden Death Match will determine a winner.
    • Jenova will start each match with a “countdown” using non-verbals -”Cutlass Ready” to prepare players, followed by “En Garde” to signify the start of the round.

    Sudden Death

    • The first team to kill an opponent wins the match
    • 1v1
    • No tag in
    • Teams have 1 min to decide who will represent their team
    • No sword lunge on beams if Sudden Death is in the Grand Finale.
    • Jenova will start each match with a “countdown” using non-verbals -”Cutlass Ready” to prepare players, followed by “En Garde” to signify the start

    General Rules

    • No Guns
    • No Bananas
    • 2v1/2v2 is not allowed
    • Please refrain from playing in-game music as to not distract players or referees.
    • No vomit or water in a bucket.
    • If a payer is knocked from the ships or masts, it is considered a forced tag in.
    • All players must equip pistols prior to the match start (To save time, guns do not need to be unloaded - refs will trust that shooting will not be done. If it is, a penalty will be added to the offending player)
    • Do not fire cannons from the spawn ships/staff ships/island at the event ships, only use cannons for transportation between rounds.
    • All players will start each match round with full health. If they have taken damage ref’s or Rogue Legends staff will provide bananas between match rounds to restore health.
    • Tagging - (if you jump off or die, your partner takes your place)
    • Tag in can be called by the active member of a team or the assigned referee.
    • Tag in will occur when a player dies or is removed from a ship.
    • Players can call a tag at any point during a match, either by calling it out and jumping overboard or just by jumping off over their teammate.
    • If a player does not call a tag and he leaves the ship, a referee will call out for their teammate to join.
    • Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, macros, lunge cooldown exploits, or any other moves that could be considered exploits or that will cause an incident within the community of players joining the event. Violating this rule will cause the team to be warned, the 2nd offense will be immediate disqualification of the offending member and their team and depending on severity future en-garde seasons.

    Main Event/ Brigantine Rules

    • Each player is allowed to land 1 sword lunge attack, per player per match round. (2 lunges attempted).
    • Regular Attack, Blocking, and Jumping allowed
    • Dead players, once they return from the Ferry of the Damned will need to wait on the spawn ship for the next round to start.
    • To perform a tag a player must jump from the ship into the water, if a player gets knocked from the ship into the water they are also forcefully tagged.
    • Please do not attack members tagging in until their feet are on deck and sword out, facing thier opponent. Opponents should wait at the grate between the 2 masts to ensure thier opponent has had time to climb up before attacking.
    • Players are not allowed to go into the cannons to avoid being hit
    • There cannot be 2 players of the same team on the ship at the same time
      As there is a risk of taking unintentional damage while waiting on the ship ladder when the game is in play, we ask that players waiting to be tagged in move down the ladder to avoid being hit while gameplay happens near them.
      Out of bounds: Below Deck, Mast Ladder, Bow Spread, Mast beams and Crow's Nest are off limit, Ship Ladder - unless waiting to be tagged in.

    Grand Finale/Galleon Rules

    • No sword lunges on masts.
    • 2v1, 2v2 is not allowed.
    • Alternates will wait in the crow’s nest.
    • Players are not allowed to stay on the mid-sail, they must move back and forth across the 3 masts.
    • If a player falls from the beams and lands on the deck or on the mast ladder they can go back up to become a tag, but if they die they are out.
    • Players switch starting order each round.
    • There cannot be 2 players of the same team on the mast beams at the same time.

    Out of bounds: Below Deck, p**p Deck, Captain’s Cabin, Main Deck, Stairs to p**p Deck. Crow's Nest and mast ladder are off limit unless waiting to be called for a tag



    • Offending player is removed from the round.
    • The damaged player will be given 2 bananas
    • If a player is killed by gunshot - the round point goes to the team that took damage, and a new round will begin.

    Additional Lunges:

    • Offending player is removed from the round.
    • The damaged player will be given 2 bananas.
    • If a player is killed by lunge - the round point goes to the team that took damage, and a new round will begin.

    Attacking Tag while entering match:

    • Offending player is removed from the round.
    • The damaged player will be given 2 bananas.
    • If a player is killed while entering round - the round point goes to the team that took damage, and a new round will begin.

    Attacking player while below deck:
    • Offending player is removed from the round.
    • The damaged player will be given 2 bananas.
    • If a player is killed while attacker is below deck - the round point goes to the team that took damage, and a new round will begin.

    Firing Cannons:

    • Instant team disqualification.

    Eating Banana during gameplay:

    • The timer is paused, the player who ate banana will be shot 1x with a pistol by ref and gameplay will resume.

    Rules and penalty are subject to change prior to the event. All updates to rules will be provided to all players should a change occur


    Special thanks to:

    • @SirioNDB and the rest of Fortune for their ongoing support of Rogue Legends.
    • @LordMareep for his help during initial planning and testing.
    • @xLoneLionx for his assistance with the event poster.
    • The Pirate Council Discord, and its representatives from numerous unions and fleets. The encouragement, support, comradery, and friendly rivalry we provide each other is one of this communities greatest strengths. It is an honour to be a part of it.

    Last but not least – the Rogue Legends Blackguard and event testing team for their tireless work in making this all possible for everyone to enjoy.

  • I mainly want to do this because the legends song "We shall sail together" Shanty is NOT playable at will you have to be at the tavern then carry it to the ship, its a bit ridiculous to have to go to that extent to use something you unlocked for your efforts to be a Pirate Legend, this needs to be a playable shanty anywhere.

    I love the in-game music and I want to make a macro or something to toggle the music on when I have the instrument equipped because holding click for along time gets tiring VERY VERY TIRING, so how do I go about doing this?

    I shouldn't even have to ask this, but is this bannable?

  • When the six tavern challenge showed up last week for the devs @Musicmee had a great suggestion that is not gaining much traction. Sooo, being an instigator that I am. Here is is. Who wants to see a grog challenge between the Boatswains and the Deckhands. And who out of those groups would be willing to participate. What ideas would you want to see them do as part of this challenge. Let’s have some fun at their expense. Lol

  • I read through the pioneers FAQ but I am just wondering how you get chosen to be invited, I would love to help be a part of making this game even better and I have plenty of spare time since I'm disabled. I know it isn't done by requests, I just was wanting to know any more then what the FAQ says if that's possible.

  • So, for example, Rare accept me as a Pioneer. So, where the Pioneer program mail will go, to the mail of the forum, or the mail of the Microsoft account?

    Those two emails are different for me, for example:
    Microsoft: fakemail123@gmail
    Forum: notfakemail123@gmail
    Where will the mail send to?

  • I’ll start with a picture for illustration:
    alt text

    Why do I start with a picture of a cat? All shall be revealed in time!

    Sea of Thieves has been a breath of fresh air for a lot of people since mid March when it was release. For those of us lucky enough to take part in even a few of the final Beta tests of the game, it was clear that this was going to be something special.

    For me the best part of this game has ALWAYS been the comradery that is developed amongst crew: regardless of who you talk to, I would guarantee that most stuck with this game because it was a fun thing to do with friends, even those friends you may have found through the game (I’m looking at you guys @boatswain, @Reedski, @o-pixel-pixie-o ). Never have I had more sincere belly laughs than when sailing with a fine crew; whether that be through victory or defeat, the sea always calls me back for more.

    Adventure is only around the corner in this game, with new ways to play being thought up daily and each new log-in bringing a different experience from the last. I love sailing the sea in a sloop, completing Merchant voyages solo: the exhilaration of seeing another ship on the horizon and having to evade and sell as fast as possible. On the other hand I love server buyouts and being able to rule the waves: the session where we owned 7 ships, facing down the Cursed fleets was the best I have of this game to date.

    Not that’s not to say this game has not had it’s faults, after all we have suffered the “killing” blows of:

    • Lack of launch content
    • Price of launch game
    • Gamepass killing the launch
    • Lack of cosmetics at “reasonable” prices
    • Boring game loop that will turn people off
    • Too much PVP
    • Not enough PVP
    • Crossplay killing the game
    • The Hungering Deep being too short (after just a month of development time)
    • The flag debate
    • Commendations ruining the casual nature of the game
    • Gunpowder Skellies “killed” the OOS missions
    • Timings of Cursed Sails ruining the game (I’ll own up to that annoying me)
    • Barrel 2.0 killing the game
    • CCB are OP and “killed” the game

    What do all of these things have in common? They have all “killed” the game at one time or another, when in actual fact the game appears to be thriving, with new players regularly joining crews and Discord channels, as well as this very forum. The Pioneer crew is standing strong and numbers have not dwindled and our very own group of Boatswain from the forum has risen in numbers steadily, albeit modestly.

    So what is my point? What is all my rambling about? Well it’s fairly simple:

    Sea of Thieves MUST be a cat – to have suffered so many killing blows! One that will stick around for a while longer if over 5 million people are still coming back to feed her!

    Right then… where’s me hat?… that there horizon be calling…

    It’s pretty damn awesome really…

  • Hello my fellow pirates, I love this game so much that Ive been making covers of the Sea Of Thieves Soundtracks, I covered Bosun Bill and its not the same as the Original but I did my own take of it, Bosun Bill just reminds me of the Crazy things that happen during game sessions and thats just awesome.

    I hope you all enjoy!!

  • Not sure whats going on but today I logged in and my Athena's is sitting at level 7 with no experience. I did an Athena's about 10 minutes ago and did not receive any experience for it. Is anyone else having this problem. I was going to continue doing Athena's quests but now I'm a bit worried.

  • Hello everyone! I would like to tell all of you aout a wondeful little app called "Amino". Amino is an app that allows anyone to join small communities known as Amino's in the app, and one of the communities is about Sea of Thieves! The Sea of Thieves Amino is a small community has really great pirates and sailors, and unique, original content is made on the Amino as well, such as polls, awesome sceenshots, and even well thought-out stories from members of the community!

    The Sea of Thieves Amino is unoffical and not partnered with Rare.

  • So this will be my last post, Rare has forgotten they made a pvp game, a really really good pvp game, all of there new "content" is designed to make friends and play casually, i hope they turn it around to what this game could actually be, but thank you for the adventures, the fights on the open seas, the treasures, the fun i have had playing this game non stop since day 1. i will be ending my streams and taking down videos and posts, have fun players. P.S. please sink a ship once in a while rather then making them a friend!

  • ok, so during the scale test I was doing a quest with my buddy. We got one of those "Go here and get the next part of the puzzle" quests. But the second part of the puzzle stumped me. It said go to the north east beach and find the anglers camp. So I went to the NE beach, and found nothing. Then I look on the map to see if there was an Anglers Island. I could no find it. Does anyone know what i should have done. Was there an anglers island?

  • I am surprised that this was not posted before as it may be up the alley of many on this forum especially as we took on the Banana Riddle earlier this year.
    The Secret is a puzzle book that was released in 1982 by Byron Preiss.
    There are images and riddles. There are 12 in total. The goal is to match the images to the riddles and find the vase with a key. Only 2 out of the 12 have been found.
    One in Chicago, Illinois USA and the other in Cleveland, Ohio USA.
    All the clues are to cities within the United States.
    Thought I would pass the challenge to all of you riddle solvers. 36 years of treasure searching and only 2 found.
    The site below is to another WIKI dedicated to solving the riddles.

    X does not always mark the spot.

  • This topic is deleted!

    Seeing as how Aquaman is a highly anticipated up-coming superhero film and Sea of Thieves fits in this ocean fantasy world, doesn't it seem like a perfect idea for there to be some kind of partnership to promote the film and this game? With only around 2 and a half months till that film releases, that seems like enough time to develop something like at least a new melee weapon such as tridents with Aquaman's trident as a skin or some atlantean armor related cosmetics. With other games and their use of superheros promoting each other in events, this really seems like the perfect opportunity for this game to be promoted.

  • Where's my Banjo :)

  • Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age Members of the European Parliament need to hear from you.

    Copyright is back on the agenda in the European Parliament. Will you call Members of the European Parliament and tell them we need copyright laws that promote competition & innovation online?

  • I collect gaming related coins and the Sea Of Thieves ones are driving me insane!

    At the same time as I pre-ordered the game, I bought the collectable coin that was available at the time. Does anyone know if that antique coin is the same as the one that is available on the store now?

    I bought the silver coin from E3 on Ebay and have just pre-ordered the "Pirates for all eternity" coin. I am however missing the Gold Coin which I believe was a Zavvi exclusive?

    I was just wondering if people know of any more floating around that I am missing?

    Also does anyone here have the gold coin...?

  • This topic is deleted!

    Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age Members of the European Parliament need to hear from you.

    Copyright is back on the agenda in the European Parliament. Will you call Members of the European Parliament and tell them we need copyright laws that promote competition & innovation online?

  • Hello there! ;)

    Its been a mixed week on the forums with emotions flaring and ideas clashing. So i figured i might aswell try and create a topic with the intent of it being relaxed and fun. A thread where we can all get involved, have a laugh and forget about the weeks debates and diffrences of opinion. Since, at the end of day we are all members of this awesome community regardless of views, ideas and opinions. And we are all awesome in our own way!

    So in light of that im resurrecting an old thread which was always a personal favourite of mine and always certain to keep a grin on my may have even been known to make me laugh out loud in public. (Much to my embarrassment!)

    So the rules are simple:

    • Post a gif/image in response to the last posted
    • No words unless they are in the image/Gif
    • Dont double post unless in response to another reply below yours
    • Remember the forum rules and keep it PG
    • It doesnt have to make sense, if anything the more crazy the better!
    • And above all... HAVE FUN!

    Ill start with a clichéd classic and also a personal favourite!

  • The tiny vinyl characters bug has completely got a hold on me right now. I have a set of The Big Leboswski Pops!. I've picked up a few from Game of Thrones and The Hobbit. I'm going to get a couple from Little shop of Horrors and The Hateful Eight next. Those little figures make me smile. I think it'd be great to see them make some Sea of Thieves Pops!. A Captain Flameheart with a shadow variant chase. Of course I would want that skeleton parrot. Duke, Meg and Merrick.

    Who would you all like to see realized as a tiny vinyl figure with big head?

  • Hi there after a long time sailing on the high seas with me fateful ship the endurance. me and me mates finally hit pirate legend 2 days ago. one of the first things we did after checking out the tavern and the quest was find other crews on the server and help them out with voyages and maybe drooping a legend quest or 2.

    at first it was great people where great full for help form a legend crew and it was quite fun to help them with the event we had already completed, that was until yesterday when we where just cruising around the server casually doing a legend voyage until i ran into a predicament with 4 gp skellys and one thing lead to another and me entire crew ended up on the ferry.

    while waiting to re spawn we sore another crew on there who started chatting to us and other players asking if we wouldn't mind finding em and drooping em a quest since they never done it before now us being the true legends we are agreed to meet on snake island and as we where attempting to put the alliance flag up the island shot at them and they instantly started attacking us. at the time i though well this could just have been them being careful and misunderstanding the situation so we decided to float back over to em and explain that we didn't shoot them but we can forgive them if though thought something was up. turns out they where legends and they where running a con where they trick other players into coming to them thinking they will work together and then just sinking em and taking there loot.

    now i understand the game has pvp but there is a right way and a wrong way we didn't mind being sunk all we lost where some cages "and personally we are not a pvp crew id sooner just sink the ship myself than have to deal with the pointlessness" but tricking kind players into combat they neither want nore asked for just seams a bit scummy to me i mean yea sure take the loot but dont just stand on the ferry offering to help out new or low lv players and then stab em in the back iv seen alot of family play this game who would have a encounter like that and never want to come back to the game again witch is a shame cus of how unique sea of thieves is when it comes to being able to work with other players instead of shooing everything in a 5 mile radius like every other game with pvp.
    in my opinion the title of legend is something that isn't just a meaningless title that u get for playing the game enough i think its more of a thing u have to earn though your experiences in the game. for example during hungering deep me and me crew was on for almost the full 2 weeks helping new players complete the event then fight meg it wasn't just fun to do but the feeling that even though they could have shot us at any time they didn't and after whatever they needed help with they went about the business without another word. another event i remember was completing 9 fleets in a row in a sloop with no players helping that is actually why our ship is called the endurance.

    so after that bad encounter me and me crew got to talking and we though wouldn't it be a neat idea if we had some sort of code like the one u see in the tavern when u first log in this could be something that all true legends could learn to follow well all true legends anyway cus i be leave anyone who ruins the game for other crews doesn't deserve the title.
    some rules we though of where
    1 a true legend will never use slimy tactics when taking on other crews such as befriending them or attacking unannounced
    2 a true legend only attacks other crews if provoked or with good reason such as they have a stronghold chest on board and wont alliance. never for meaningless reasons
    3 a true legend attempts to help deserving crews with anything that they might need assistance with such as fleets, forts and events like summoning meg.
    4 a true legend avoids toxicity whenever possible
    5 a true legend (this one is more just because i think it can spoil the game for some people it did a bit for my crew but depends on who u with) never opens the entrence to the legend tavern to anyone outside there crew this is more so because they arnt aloud past the waterfall anyway and dose give away some of the reword for reaching 50 50 50.

    and at the moment that's all we can think of. it would be interesting to hear what other people think of this idea its less of something u have to follow more.. well as a great pirate captain once said "the code is more guidelines than actual rules" it would also be interesting to hear if anyone else has any rules that they would add to the code that we couldn't think of.
    cheers if ye made it though all me waffle i will end of a quick joke
    What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?
    A nervous wreck. :P

  • After being asked if I was going to the AlamoCity ComicCon, I started thinking about PAX SOUTH.

    Even though the Convention is set for mid-January, the deadline to submit Panel Suggestion is drawing near: October 26th, 2018.

    Yes, San Antonio isn't necessarily in the dead heart of the United States, but the city is roughly between New York and San Diego and, dare I say, close to the Central and South America.

    If you haven't been able to meet The Crew in Europe, Australia, California, New York, etc

    BUT still hold onto that dream of seeing RARE AND know PAX South is your possibility of fullfilling that dream,

    Raise Your Colours HIGH and let The Crew Know! (8'D


    Who else is with me in wanting to see RARE set sail to Texas?

  • Hello!
    I've been experiencing some problems with the new barrels menu, and I was wondering if anyone else have too.

    One of these problems occurs in the ship's cannonballs barrel (more specifically the Corvette) where the menu always closes quickly after being opened, I'm not sure, but probably the bug is in the system that checks the barrel and player distance (and then close the menu if the player is kicked away), but currently it closes the menu even though the player is stopped.

    The other problem is also related to the barrel of cannonballs. How exactly do you select the cursed cannonballs? It does not seem possible to select it from your inventory (like the normal cannonball), you should move it to the barrel and then collect it again to keep it in your hand... I do not know, it's strange, but maybe it's just me.

    These are the "problems" that made me confused in this new update.
    I'm on the Xbox One platform, and sorry for any grammar mistake.

  • The pirate gods shined down on me and I picked this up on eBay moments after it was posted for the grand price of 49.99. The seller apparently didn't realize the current going rate for the SOT controllers. My win for the week. He mentioned the controller was signed at some sort of software/game event where he won it in a raffle. He wasn't able to recall who the signature was from but said it was someone associated with the game somehow. I realize this could be a streamer, blogger, or anyone for that matter. Does anyone recognize the signature or have any idea who this may be? I am not selling it, just really want to know what I have here other than a kick azz controller that came in box with gold writing on it. Would love any feedback or ideas.

  • I joined my usual crew of "Mericans" today helping another get their CCB commendations. Another American friend of ours who joins us from time to time was also playing in our crew.
    From the very get-go I noticed the game seemed more jittery than usual. My movement around the tavern was like I had a few too many even though I hadn't touched a drop... honest.

    On board the moving galleon was even worse. I'd teleport from one deck to another.
    I even tried to grab the chart (map table) and found myself holding a cannon. W*F??

    It wasn't long before all three of them were complaining about ping averaging 500 and spiking to beyond 700 even though we were on an American server.
    Being an Aussie who normally plays every day with my "Merican" friends I average a ping of 300+ so I dared not turn the counter on today. lol

    Two crew mates were disconnected during the session. One at the start of us playing whilst loading the ship with supplies at the spawn outpost and the other at the end of our session as we were about to cash-in.

    I also noticed that there weren't any NPCs at the outpost, therefore I couldn't cash-in any of our loot. Fortunately this wasn't a problem for the remaining two crew members.

    Anyone else experience extremely high ping today?

  • ... here's a little something to entertain yourself until your next SoT session.

    Be more Pirate!!!

    alt text