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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • Hello mateys,

    I truly believe that this is a proposal that will make adventure great again!

    Do you remember the first days after launch? That is what I still call The Golden Age of Adventure, and that was for a reason. Everyone in the server had the same goal, and everyone was still new, making some gold, leveling up, finishing voyages, and stealing some loot, when loot actually mattered. When you sailed around and encountered another ship, any outcome was full of excitement and great memories because we all had related goals.

  • While searching the devils shroud for easter eggs I came across a shipwreck in the fog and wallah "Chest of Whispers".

    alt text
    alt text
    ...P.S this is a joke... what it really is, is a 3D fan art I created from the Sea of Thieves Art Book! - Ignore that guy, he doesn't understand that we only care for the loot inside. ;)

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I just started and it's a giant leap from #2. Pretty fun so far for mindless shooting things. Just wondering what people think?

  • ahoy there mates.. i was sailing with a friend moments ago when the server kicked me and i got this error messege when trying to rejoin.. the error is not even on the errors list of the game .. i already made a suport request but i guess it will take a while to get and answer.... maybe someby here knows about this error and can help a fellow pirate

  • Title speaks for itself really...

    I found another post which kinda touched on this topic, yet it was from 1 year ago and in regards to pre-purchasing SoT. People said once the game was actually out it would appear on the bulgarian MS Store and be available for purchase.

    Yet, this was not the case. And now we can't purchase ancient coins too?

    I'm guessing both things are connected somehow? But what exactly is the reason for them?

  • I bought various items like the compass and the telescope, but every time I change session, the standard ones come back and I have to go to the cash desk to change them. After a while it becomes tiring. Isn't there a way to ensure that every time I go into a game I have the objects I had in my last session?

  • Anybody else looking forward to playing Spider's studios new 'Greedfall?' It is a historical fantasy RPG in 17th Century that focuses on choices, diplomacy, exploration, and relationships. I keep hearing people talk about minecraft and Gears 5, but no one seems to know about this game release.

  • Hello everyone. My 5 year old soon to be 6 loves sea of theives. He sleeps with the sea of theives book we purchased for him. Anyway My wife and I are trying to have a sea of theives themed birthday party for him but it'd virtually impossible to find anything. I can't even find a shirt for him sadly. Any idea where we can find stuff?

  • It's a quote from a poem by William Congreve, 1697. I have no idea who he is, but that's the best translation I found for the french proverb la musique adoucit les mœurs. And it's quite beautiful in itself.

    Listen to this beauty me mateys:

    I am Jeremiah Dixon
    I am a Geordie boy
    A glass of wine with you, sir
    And the ladies I'll enjoy
    All Durham and Northumberland
    Is measured up by my own hand
    It was my fate from birth
    To make my mark upon the earth

    He calls me Charlie Mason
    A stargazer am I
    It seems that I was born
    To chart the evening sky
    They'd cut me out for baking bread
    But I had other dreams instead
    This baker's boy from the west country
    Would join the Royal Society

    We are sailing to Philadelphia
    A world away from the coaly Tyne
    Sailing to Philadelphia
    To draw the line
    A Mason-Dixon Line

    Now you're a good surveyor, Dixon
    But I swear you'll make me mad
    The West will kill us both
    You gullible Geordie lad
    You talk of liberty
    How can America be free
    A Geordie and a baker's boy
    In the forests of the Iroquois

    Now hold your head up, Mason
    See America lies there
    The morning tide has raised
    The capes of Delaware
    Come up and feel the sun
    A new morning has begun
    Another day will make it clear
    Why your stars should guide us here

    We are sailing to Philadelphia
    A world away from the coaly Tyne
    Sailing to Philadelphia
    To draw the line
    A Mason-Dixon Line

    Would you mind sharing songs that give you a sense of peace in your soul?

    A stargazer am I

  • I live in near NYC and I want to know if Rare is going and if so, what day. The convention is nearing and I know tickets are probably going to be scarce as time goes on. Any info is greatly appreciated.

  • I was just wondering before I get a pet, which one should I get, a pet parrot, or a pet monkey?

  • And I wish it was because I couldn't be bothered with the game.
    I want to play again after not having had the time for a while, low and behold I try to launch the game and it's gone. So I go ahead and re-download and re-install it, this did not go without issue as I had to restart it about 6 times before it was finally done and I could press play.

    I press play (here comes the kicker) and the splash art pops up on screen and just disappears. Here I am, thinking to myself "here we go again" 'cause this has happened to me before on multiple occasions, but before I was able to fix it.

    I'll spare you all the attempts of my trying to fix this issue (WSRESET, redownloading it, different region and language, and every other thing I could find, sometimes trying the same thing multiple times) and now I'm here, with a blue windows bar telling me that the app can't be opened... I'm tired of clicking through help page after help page trying to fix this issue, so I just came here hoping I can get some personalized help, because playing a game shouldn't be this complicated.

  • Smuggler's Fortune, a new DLC packed with new features, mainly the Pirate Emporium and Duke's Black market. I will show you a quick walk-through of what is required to complete Smuggler's Fortune commendations, with a little trick.

  • Finally passed the 1k mark on my "Days at Sea" on the Forum!
    Having been a regular here from very much the early days, I took a little break. The last month or so I have come back more and more, and felt good about engaging on here again. I don't know why the break really. It just kind of happened naturally, which I suppose is the best way for something to happen.
    But, naturally, I am back and enjoying it here as much as I did the first time I joined.
    Happy sailing! :)

  • It would seem we have a surge of new pirates grabbing there sea legs this week as Sea Of Thieves climbs back up to number 2 on the Xbox charts pushing Minecraft to 3rd and only being beaten by EA’s newest slot machine simulator ;)

    Great job Rare! The game seems to be keeping its steady course for a bright future!

  • voila je vien de finire les 57 promotion de la peche et le trophée ne se debloque pas avez vous une solution a mon probleme merci

  • 'Free of pvp & pve' yet full of sailing around the world of SOT.
    Solo or with a team.
    Against the time and its world's records or other legends and their skills.
    In the spirit of 'We Shall Sail Together ... Yet Compete As Gentlemen'.

    I'm looking for needles in haystack, those nerds like me who would be content with 'just' sailing - fast, setting and breaking records while competing with the other nerdy likes of them.

    The idea is simple - we agree on a track and conditions, set sails and try to finish 1st before everyone else (think 'Volvo Ocean Race' and 'Vendee Globe' type of events but also 'The Cannonball Run' and 'Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies' type of movies, I think that about sums up the sentiment).

    For example, as one of possibilities -

    • I propose Brigantines for solo or teams
    • no gpb, cannon, harp or boarding against other racers
    • and a track I thought of as illustrated
      (sorry for the quality of this funky map couldn't find a better one but blessed be its creator because it's still the best I could find)
      [the course & rules]
      [start - Smugglers' bay]
      [1st.checkpoint - pass East shore of Galleon's Grave Outpost]
      [2nd.checkpoint - pass South East shore of Magma's Tide]
      [3rd.checkpoint - pass North shore of Ancient Spire Outpost]
      [4th.checkpoint - pass South shore of Booty Isle]
      [finish - pass through the arch of Smugglers' bay]

    This particular race takes between 45-55 minutes solo depending on the wind and other conditions (kraken, storm, other players)...

    So if you feel the vibe for a race hit me up, we're gonna find ourselves a server and race around the world.
    And if you're in a creative mood and got your own suggestions for a race, please put them down and share!

  • I was never a big WoW Fan, but i played it back in 2005 for a year or so. I buyed BC, when it was released and just got to level 60 a week before and played it a little, but not to level 70 and quitted. I don't remember why exactly, 'twas time to move on i think.
    As a Roleplayer i think my best time was in UO on a RP Shard, but i remember i had fun with some RPers in WoW and we were a cool guild called the children of hyjal.
    I have no clue what is the different between WoW and WoW classic in detail, but picked it up and played it yesterday for the first 6 levels.
    Man i couldn't imagine what sort of nostalgia and dejavu i had.
    The sounds, the graphics, the look and feel. I really didnt expect that.
    After 10 minutes i first quitted, but then after an hour or so i said common, try again and then i was suddenly a little bit hooked.

    Rare whatever you do with SoT, make sure when i retire, ok that's a little bit more than 15 years, but not very much :-) you have Sea of Thieves classic servers.
    I'd say pre Hungering Deep :D
    Jk... When i'm able to play the Tall Tales again in 15 years, when i will dig up a chest and get a commendation sound or when i come close to an island, hear someone whistling Becalmed with a drum only, when i hear "we shall sail together" in the tavern, a Meg appearing, the Kraken coming, someone say "Banana?" when offering one ingame, when i grab the first chest of Grog and jump "heeyyy" :D or hear the chest of sorrow crying...

    Oh my... this will be so much more nostalgia and dejavu, i think i will maybe have some wet eyes :D

    Lets hope we are here in 15 years from now on and have that experience ^10

    Do it Rare, just do it and make it happen.

  • This would be my first tattoo, and I'd like it to be of a shark. I'm thinking of having it done on my upper arm/shoulder, or the left part of my chest. I did a google search, some pictures were inappropriate, but here are some I like -
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Do any of you have any tattoos of sea creatures? I know octopuses and squids, make for a really nice tattoo as well.

  • Dear Rare,

    Might be im directing this message to the wrong crew. BUT
    I bought a tankard like almost 6 months ago. I had a message that due to production it would be around the 30th of august to be send. I didnt recieve any information yet.

    Also there was a company called Mongoose publishing who offered a roleplaying SoT boardgame. I pre-ordered it so i would get guardian sails. Again i dont have any clue or idea when these items gonna be delivered.

    Do u know or anyone know whats up with deliveries?

  • Hi Rare,
    I am an aspiring 3D artist who has been fortunate enough to see the art within your game Sea of Thieves, it is gorgeous and so inspiring as a rookie student to see what you have accomplished at Rare as a development team. I have spent countless hours within your game for the past year, it has helped me through a tough time in my life and I could never be more grateful for the support you guys have given to this community over the past year.

    Anyway down to business...
    I would like to offer you a proposal to challenge me to create a piece of 3D artwork for Sea of Thieves (think of this as an Art Test), in return I would love it if you could add a custom jacket and hat into the game. This would class as a prize for me creating a piece of artwork that your art team are impressed by. (I would even create this prize myself if you sent me over the files lol). The asset can be anything from within the game or even something from your concept, you could even have me sign an NDA in return for your own protection as a studio.

    This is what I would like you to do for the prize if you do indeed decide to accept my proposal:
    alt text
    This would mean the world to me if we could arrange this as a creative challenge.

    Thank you,

  • Mistakes were Made, Lesson Learned, Loot Gained and Battle commenced!

  • Ahoy my fellow pirates,

    I know this be a wee bit late, but better late than never! For all you freeloading pirates out there, we have some more free Games with Gold for this month!

    The month will kick off with pirates being able to download Hitman: The Complete First Season for Xbox One and Earth Defense Force 2025 from September 1st. With the other Earth Defence Force titles that have been given, this could be a good edition to a collection, not to mention getting to play all the Hitman first season.

    The second half of September will start with We Were Here, a puzzle game I much look forward to playing, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which will be a nice throwback game to play!

    Hope you all enjoy the free games and I will try to be more on time for Octobers additions!

    Fair Winds!

  • Hi.

    I've seen several people looking for the sound a chest of Legends does when unearthed or turned in to use as a ringtone, but nobody had it.

    I've been recording for a few days to make it myself, and this is the best I could get. You can hear the waves, but I promise there's no place I can go. There is always waves, or wind, or creaks, or music, or a chicken, or whatever. I was never aware of this lack of silence until now.

    Anyway, here's the thing:

    I can make a better one if someone has any ideas.

  • Honestly, SoT is my main right now but I love Borderlands, Forza Horizon, Destiny 2 and Neverwinter.

    What else do y'all play?

  • Sometimes at night I'll listen to random music on youtube. I love music of all types and of all instruments. Except country, I'm from Texas, weird I know right?? Just don't like country. Never have. I did hear if you play country music backwards you get all your stuff back though. (Inside joke for any country folk that read this. Not my joke though.

    But yeah black hole of youtube here you go peeps. People will probably love a few of these and some of the Pirates fan's will love the last one.

  • I miss the SoT store. When will it relaunch? The wait is killing me! I'm like an addict in need of a fix 😆😆😆

  • Last night I sailed aboard the 81-foot two-masted schooner Argia on a sunset cruise out of Mystic, CT.

  • This stranded bilge rat has not long received a care package to help him on his seafaring ways.

    It contains everything a pirate could ever need.
    A flag to replace the old tattered one battered by the cruel winds.
    A map to help navigate the treacherous seas.
    A fishing guide to help feed myself when all hope is lost.
    And fine paintings to adorn the cabin when I finally find that lost sloop :)

    All thanks to the finest crewmate a pirate could have.
    I'd like everyone to raise a grog to @PirateCraggy!!

    Imgur Imgur Imgur

  • Years ago i played a game called Graal Online on pc. Years have passed and the game is dead, but the friends i made ill never forget. This was like all the way back to 2006, its a long shot but did any of you make it here?

    Any fellow Crescent pirates? Samurai, Dustari or forest playing SOT?

  • Hell, Exists in Sea of Thieves, and it's not one four-letter word, but two four-letter words! That's double the difficulty! I dared to load up the game and click.... "drum roll" Open Crew! I have joined the dark side of Sea of Thieves and fought my way through the inevitable to show you how to become a great crew member.

  • If you support opt crossplay and are tired of the pc community this is a place for you.