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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • Is the boats sunk stat based off of individual performance, or do you get credit if your crew gets the sink?

  • Just saw it was an off-topic area, and didn't seem that way lol. But do please tell me about your day today ♥♥♥ :)

  • This has always been on my mind, being a film and TV student, studying the work-ins on what goes into making and TV series or films, after playing this game since the BETA, I've always loved playing this game. And I've always wondered what it would be like to see this world being integrated to live action.

    Now I know what people would be saying: "How would you film a live action version of this game"?

    First of all something that I've learned over the past couple of years, is that you can accomplish anything you want in life, as long that your being creative and most importantly having fun.

    Second is "How would the story play out"? I hear you all ask. The story would tell the stories of the NPC's in the game, mainly the tall tales characters on what happened before our characters got involved. It would mainly focus on the pirate lord, captain Briggsy, the crew of the morningstar, Rose and George, Grace Morrow and her crew. It would only be one series as a test to see if people who are fans of the game and normal casual TV goers would be interested in a new pirate television series. After the successful of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, this could be a possible thing that audiences may want to see.

    Obviously I could say all of this but at the end of the day it comes down to the community and the developers of the game, to have the last word in all of this. Being here in the UK, I could always ask Rare if they are interested in continuing with this idea in the near future.

    Again I'm just an inspiring film and TV student, but again when it comes to something that I'm passionate about something, especially about a compelling story such as this, who wouldn't say no and ask the creators if they can bring their creation to live action?

    Apologies if this post is too long, I just wanted to get this idea out there. You can discuses your guys ideas down, on what you would like to see "IF" a live action Sea of Thieves series would be made.

    Happy sailing pirates.

  • Hi guys I'm Brazilian Streamer!

    Today I'm having a 1 year anniversary at !!

    To celebrate, I'm giving away 2 keys of Sea Of Thieves to the live crowd, one for everyone and the other exclusive for Subs.

    To participate is very simple, just join Channel Points watching the live, and exchange for Raffle Tickets. The more tickets you accumulate, the greater the chances of winning the Key.

    Draw on 01/31/2021.

    More information:

  • Okay, I know that's a weird topic, but I'm new and I want to quest and learn a bit more before jumping into PvP. I am also aware this is a PvP game, and inevitably you have to fight. I just want some tips on how to look less like a target.

  • Well.. i was playing game and few guys told me that im "dog ra*ist" "child abuser" etc...
    They're insulting me for no reason for 15 mins straight on the Damned Ship...!
    Can i do something about that? I have vid...

  • How often do the items in the Pirate Emporium Change?
    When's is the next change?

  • A lot of people in the community would like to see a wider range of FOV choices. A lot of games usually span from around 90 FOV up to 120 FOV which I would argue is much better. Recently there has been a reddit post going around the community that allows users playing on the steam version of the game to increase their FOV from 90-120 FOV. However, Rare have confirmed that any changes to game files will result in punishment.

    There really is no argument to not adding higher fov, like it or not, it would just be useful for everyone. It wouldn't be unfair since everyone could use it, there is no reason at all for it to not be added. Obviously being able to see behind you isn't fair but you should be able to increase past 90.

    Hopefully we can get this added because less than 90FOV is hardly ever used by people.

  • Hiya I was one of the winners from the six pack for sea of thieves on the dev stream almost 36 hours ago and still haven’t got whispered. Does anyone know when I can expect a whisper from it because they said the day of/ next day

  • To Crook's Hollow you may be bound, in search of fortune in the ground

    To the small stone mouth in the bay now ye need to tread, a secret shown when this map read

    To the cavern entrance hidden in the north jungle in search of a chest, lantern held high where ye come to rest


    I am stuck at the hidden north entrance since i cant find this chest its talking about anywhere and already tried lighting up the entrance itself.

  • Does anyone know the general timeline to receive your code if you've won? I entered and won on twitch and my accounts are linked. I don't want to seem pushy or ungrateful, just curious. Thank you!

  • think to yourselves what rides would you want to see if they made this a reality?

  • I am living in Poland and after typing it opens which have multiple issues while reading forums. I can't normally read a topic i need to delete /pl/ from link i got in some topic to read it normally. If i won't do it it would say "page doesn't exist"

    How to make this site to open normally as

  • So, the latest batch of Twitch Drops including the Hat, Trowsers, Peg leg and D'oh emote have not appeared for me in my available clothing. The drops from the other two times have, but not these. It sucks because I want to wear the cool hat. Anyone else experiencing this? Do I just have to wait more? It's been a few days since the first drop and the other drops from the previous weeks appeared almost immediately.

  • Does anybody know which particular setting makes loot visible from a greater distance? When playing with my friend, I've noticed that he can see the loot while harpooning and i usually don't, also while seeking the chests after beating the skeleton fleet im basically uselles.

  • well title says it all. I calculated one of the days wrong and missed on a piece of clothing. Is the set going to be on black market archive?

  • I've been trying to play the game for 3 days now but every time i open the game the black screen with the games logo pops up for a minute the just closes itself and it was working perfectly fine a week ago. I've tried many methods multiple times to get it to work but all they talk about is fixing a grey screen problem which this isn't. I've even sent out a ticket to get some "real" help but what they told me to try i have already tried or didn't work. I'm just wondering if the game need anything specific in order to play or if there is any type of fix. If someone can help me id be forever in your debt.

  • сам новичок, хотел бы поиграть с кем нибудь в эту игру)

  • hello, i completed the soulflame set during the event but i wasnt pirate legend yet and couldnt buy the set, now i have read that the set costs more, and i want to know if the price incresed for me 2 or not. ty

  • Hello sea of thieves team!
    We really want Turkish language support to come to the game, at least we would be glad if you can add Turkish subtitles. We are experiencing incredible language difficulties in the game. We would very much like to make the tasks more understandable in terms of understanding the stories. Please note that there is a huge community of Turkish players, not just me. We love and support you, we are grateful for making such a great game. (i used google translate i hope i did it properly)

  • Is there anywhere I can report this to Rare/the SoT staff? Spent hours grinding to Athena V emissary just to lose the Gilded Athena and Emissary Missions due to a server merge that kicked me and my friend after. I was able to back-record as proof. I just want my Gilded mission back, such an awful way to end an awful year.

  • I have been looking everywhere but all I can find is that the difference between Xbox series X and series S is the resolution. 4K on the X and 1080 on the S. My question I’m looking for answers to is if the graphics quality is the same on both systems. Do they both run the mythical equivalent graphics setting or does the series S use lower quality graphics like the Rare or Legendary settings instead of Mythical settings or equivalence?

    In other words, do the next gen Xbox system X and S both use the same lighting, and graphical quality settings, but with different resolutions, or are the graphics and lighting quality also different?

    I can’t seem to find any answers to this or side by side comparisons

  • Can someone please explain why guns underwater are so wonky?

    Let me start of by saying, fix the sword first, then follow up with this.

    Why are guns underwater so inconsistent. I've at times pistol'ed someone 4 times and they are still swimming. I ask this because I was up against a blunder, in the water, at range, I shot 3 shots into the man with my pistol and he shot his blunder, at range, underwater, at me twice and took me out.


  • I understand that when you reach a certain reputation in the Forums you level up and get a new title. I was wondering how much rep it takes to level up. I noticed that the gems next to your title have some spaces greyed out. Is that an indicator of how much rep you next to advance. Also what order to they go in.

  • Have error message:
    Pure virtual function beign called while application was running (GlsRunning == 1)

  • So not a SoT post but just letting you know for those that don't, Adobe Flash is ending its support at around the start of January. From what I can tell, this means that anything that uses flash can't be played at all including animations, games, etc.

    Honestly saddened by this as I have many memories of playing flash games (Portal Flash was the best).

  • I’m here to represent my English brothers.

    It seems their sailing is in dismay.

    This is troubling since they have a historical legacy of Dominating the seas.

    But in game they seem to fail in every aspect....

    Could it be the sever connection our brothering suffer through because they are stuck on a remote island?

    Is there anything we as a community can do to support them and compensate for their poor seamanship?

  • I’m sorry, it’s true.

    I don’t get it. With all your heritage and glorious past you think you all would be worth a flip but your terrible.

    I mean every crew I sail with that has a majority of heavy English accents is doomed.

    You guys need to get it together. Your ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

    Or maybe the English as a whole are just really bad at Video Games?

    Whatever it is figure it out!

    Bringing shame...

  • I'm happy to announce that I have broken 3k pukes. I asked Beardageddon (a well known and respected steamer who has around 1.5k pukes) if he has heard of anyone with over 3k pukes and his response was that he has not. I realize that to claim the world record title I will need to accomplish the unthinkable. 10K is what I'm striving for so if there are any pirates out there who believe they have the most pukes make yourself known and race me to 10k pukes

  • [link text](file:///C:/Users/julia/Pictures/pukes.PNG) I'm happy to announce that I have broken 3k pukes. I asked Beardageddon (a well known and respected steamer who has around 1.5k pukes) if he has heard of anyone with over 3k pukes and his response was that he has not. I realize that to claim the world record title I will need to accomplish the unthinkable. 10K is what I'm striving for so if there are any pirates out there who believe they have the most pukes make yourself known and race me to 10k pukes

  • Microsoft has provided a live demonstration of its upcoming Project xCloud game streaming service. They are promising a cloud gaming service that streams games to PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. In the xCloud trailer at 2:40 you can see Sea of Thieves being played on a tablet.

    Microsoft xCloud Trailer

    Google is going to do the same with what they call Stadia:

    Google Stadia in 14 minutes

    Seems if these services become successful "the data center is your platform". Gaming experience will not be what is all under the hood of the box you have in front of you. It will come down to basically the quality of your Internet connection.

    What do you all think about this? How would cross play work? Would it include all the possible new devices? Will people want more opt out options? Will everyone be able to play together no matter if they are on a console, PC, cell phone, or tablet? Will this be the end of the console as we know it? Will those of us that prefer PCs not need to keep building and upgrading gaming rigs?

  • Today I have a sad story to tell.

    My first day returning to Sea of Thieves in quite some time.
    I found that the Gilded Voyages were available near the tavern. I went over and selected one.
    Wanting to sail around and loot I went over to my ship and threw down the quest, voted on it and then saw the 8 maps in my inventory.

    Suddenly my game froze. I gasped, shook my mouse, spammed spacebar, mashed keys to see if it was a legit crash. Shortly after the game came back to life just to show the last input being communicated to the game was a keystroke to cancel the quest.

    I lost my voyage, and wept.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  • I want to make playing music more free. As a developer, this will increase a lot of work, but it's really fun!link textSimilar functions

  • So I got Sea of Thieves like a week after it came out. I downloaded it on April 1 of 2018 and I have the Day 1 eye patch and the Launch Crew sniper skin but the thing that annoys me most is that I don’t have the Brave Vanguard title because I could swore I had it and now I do not, I’ve check multiple times and I don’t have it and I don’t know if it’s a glitch where it removes it or there was something I was supposed to do then. Can anyone relate because this really disappoints me because that title is rare to come across. I played the game in closed beta to I would like to add on