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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • When I get shot just after leaving the port it's not right and I need to know why players think this is fun or okay?

  • I'm having some sort of bug with seabound soul tall tale. I've completed all the commendations for it, and yet the last commendation and sails remain locked. I even did the tall tale a 4th time to be sure. I have found all the journals, and even have the commendation for it. Would like some help for this, and I apologize in advance if this isn't the correct forum for this- I'm not for sure where to post this. Thank you in advance!

  • I recently came into an obsidian 6 pack code that I won of a stream. See I already have a 6 pack on my account. And i want to trade it for something else (obsidian blunder, ferrymen pack). If there any enquires respond to the post of what you want to offer me for the code.

  • So I bought the game on steam and linked to my xbox account but i forgot my xbox account. I can't use another account. Whenever i try to login with this account it gives me an Ashbeard error. Please help.

  • Go check out this awesome story! I think it's one of the only SOT stories and it's really good

  • Hi, we have an Xbox and 3 PCs. We are already playing with my elder son in the Xbox and 1 PC simultaneously with a Game Pass Ultimate account.
    I managed to download the game in a second PC by logging with my user (I have the Game Pass account). When I logg with my wife's account on her PC she connot play even though we are all on the same Microsoft family group.
    Do I have to buy the game in the second and third PC so we can all play together?

  • after i wiped my pc and download the game again all my progress was delete can someone tell me why and if i can get my stuff back.

  • There was no problem with the xbox version, but when I changed it to the steam version, I couldn't see the voting knife.
    I can't see the knife coming down when I vote, nor can I see the knife that Crew has already voted on.
    The settings are the same as default values for both xbox and team versions.
    The xbox version ends on September 6, and the steam version starts on September 20 and may be affected by the update.
    Does anybody know how to solve this?

  • I am blessed enough to have a SOT controller, but one of my children chewed on the joystick and the grip has now come off. Does anyone know if I can get a replacement in the same colour, and if so, where I could get it? Thanks in advance!

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  • I don't know how to fix this, do I have to buy the game to do the events thing on the website?

  • Hello , from yesteray im not able to login with my account, internet is fine.. but when i want to login with the account it says "you need internet for this"
    ERROR 0x800704cf
    i have the same issue with outlook and skype if anyone had the same problem please reply here

  • I have had a lot of fun playing this update with my friend. I'm curious what others think of the update.

  • First look, trailer etc..
    Does this interest any PC players?
    It would cost approx $1200+ to build a PC to compare to this. And this will sell for probably $400/600

  • I didn't enter the forums for a while, I avoided different communities of Sea of ​​Thieves, I focused on playing only with friends close to me, because after a while I believed that all the work we have to keep the community together and healthy was lost work.

    For a long time I helped in the administration of several communities in my country. I created others, recently dropped everything and focused on making streams of Sea of ​​Thieves.

    In the streams, things have improved a lot, because the communities tend to be driven by hatred, the players just want to argue, since the streamer, especially when he becomes a reference, is usually heard by many and hated by a few, at least in my case.

    Both big and small communities, both the forum and the community that follows me on twitch, have something in common: New players usually arrive without knowing what is really going on. They think they have new ideas and often make suggestions that go against the game's proposals. This has never changed, I believe it will not change anytime soon.

    Things became clearer as I started to interact more with new players and the community from a perspective that was not that of a moderator, but as a streamer and player. I noticed that the biggest problem in the community is that whoever buys or plays the game doesn't even research about it, many times it's not even out of laziness, but because things are not clear.

    I really don't know how to solve this "problem" of communication between Rare and its players. The older ones know how the game works, but the people who arrive always suggest the same changes: pve servers, progression, "nerf" or "buff" something.

    I quite like how things are going, but many new players have already come to question me about the issues mentioned, and are amazed when I explain that the game was made this way on purpose. Unfortunately few of them really understand, most abandon the game because they don't like X or Y, because they expected something different.

    Perhaps Rare should make it clear to players how the game works, how the shared world, number of ships and players per server, make it clear that you can and will be stolen, even though it is obvious that a pirate-themed game is about theft.

    This is feedback that I collected from several players, especially new players. If anyone has an addendum or suggestion, feel free to discuss it.

  • i uppdated it last night 3 hours and now again 3 hours again W T H MICROSOFT

  • Out of curiousity, what other video games besides Sea of Thieves do you playing, are playing or have played?

    I just completed Ghost of Tsushima yesterday and I play Overwatch every now and then (despite my love/hate relationship with it).

    What others games do you like playing?

  • so why does 1 the files take like ages to download when everysingle other game dont?
    2 why does the uppdate fail out of no reason and i have to start all over to uppdate it
    3 why arent MS an simple company to just make it easier you have money so why not?

  • I earned the Obsidian Set yesterday and redeemed the code from watching the thirty streams, but last time I checked, I didn’t see my items in the equipment chest, weapons box, etc. Does it take a while for it to get in the game?

  • I have seen several grinder servers around (servers where every crew is in a call and are in an alliance)
    Isn't this sort of cheating? It takes the thieving and pirating out of the game. So what you get is around 16 people farming world events and having nothing to worry about. I just think this seems very un-pirate like. A saying I have heard often in this game was "Loyal only to crew and coin" and those servers seem to go almost directly against it. I'm all for alliances, but when there is no opposition it takes the fun out of it.

  • Tried to buy items from the Raregame store and looks like Israel is not part of the list anymore.
    Cool, thanks Rare......
    The first store on this website had the option before it got closed, looks like im not going to buy anything then.

  • Rare sells all sorts of SoT merch... Hats, Shirts, Hoodies, even game controllers and action figures!

    But imagine how cool it would be if they partnered with a company to make figurines of individual characters? As in, you order YOUR pirate to be designed and sent to you!

    That would be amazing, and maybe even possible, seeing as Rare has Design By Humans making clothing for the game, I'm sure there's someone out there who could manufacture player's pirates!

    I would LOVE to see my character on my desk while I play!!! Let me know what you think! I'd be more than willing to pay for this.

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  • Ahoy pirates! I have only recently started the game and have noticed on the seas an Ori and the Blind Forest? Will of the Wisps set. After some research it is appears to be the ancestral set. I can't find it anywhere apart from some dudes selling it for £90 on ebay.....

    From what I understand it used to be part of Game Pass ultimate. Is this still the case or has this now lapsed?

  • Hi Guys,

    Has anyone else received the Strawberry Beard error today? I'm on PC and have the game via Steam. I just bought the Xbox pass for MSFS 2020 and wondering could that be causing the issue? I've read this is related to the Microsoft Services and Xbox accounts.

    Appreciate any help.

  • Ohé pirates des océans. Si tu est à la recherche d’une communauté de joueurs avec qui t’amuser et partager d'agréables moments je te propose de rejoindre notre serveur discord communautaire Sea of Thieves.
    Nous proposons diverses activités comme des alliances en serveur PVE mais également des évènements PVP pour les plus aventureux où tout simplement une recherche de joueurs histoire de ne pas jouer seul.
    Chez nous bonne ambiance et amabilité sont de rigueurs. Nous sommes là pour passer du temps ensembles et s’amuser sur un jeu que l’on apprécie.
    Pour nous rejoindre c’est simple, soit tu utilises le lien ci-dessous où tapes le mot de passe directement dans l’application discord (attention de bien respecter les majuscules et minuscules).
    Tout le monde est le bienvenu, n'hésites pas à partager le lien à t'es amis pirates

    Lien :
    Mot de passe : wegfSPR

  • Is it me or images/gifs are not displayed when posted as of recently?

    Attaching a gif under this line for test purpose:
    alt text

    Attaching an image under this line for test purpose:
    alt text

    EDIT: Guess I'm right? Is it only me?

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  • i would like to know if i get a pc copy of SoT i can play my xbox Pirate on and still play them on my xbox (and dos is there any issues with steam one in conneting my xbox AC)

  • Just kidding, with my son.
    Here is the result


  • The 35th anniversary Figurehead is awesome. I'm wondering if it being a Griffin is a specific call back to an older game. Since every challenge to unlock it is a Rare Easter egg I figured the Griffin itself is. Does anybody know what it's from?

  • so i wanted to animate a friends character with flame hearts audio but for the love of me i cant find it anywhere when i went in game to get it there was too mutch background and random noise so if anyone has it please tell me

  • I know its probably petty, but I hate having numbers after my username. How do I change me name on here. I do feel as if I was born in 1862, but I don't want that on my username? Can I change it, and how pls ?

  • je joue a sea of thieves depuis 5/6 mois et au début de mon aventure j'ai pu croiser et tuer se shrouded ghosts j'avais a peine 15 jours de jeux et je ne savais meme pas quil etait aussi rare que sa en voici la preuve pour ceux qui dise "qu'il existe pas"