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  • So as I am sitting here at college, bored at dinner time I decided to get a little disscussion going.

    What's your favourite drink people? Mine is monster green. Love that stuff.

  • So how many of you joined a open crew and its just mayhem you cant get anywhere or anything down no one takes a role and in the end after 2 hours or so you got nothing done and your brain hurts. Well me and some friends made a discord where you pick your role and thats what you do so if you like to drive the boat you pic capt role if you sails you pick the sailor role if you do repairs you pic the floater role and most of all you have fun and play with new people so here is our discord hope to see you there!

  • Fully enable mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox one.

  • The latest offering from Bandai - jump force is available for open beta testing where you can play it in multi player mode, for free.
    XBOX link

    Session 1 – January 18
    12-3pm UK

    Session 2 – January 18
    5-8am UK

    Session 3 – January 19
    1pm-4pm UK

    Session 4 – January 20
    8-11pm UK

  • This topic is deleted!

  • nothing left to do besides pvp but I am just getting tired of sinking ships at out post or fresh spawns

    so my question does anyone know of any new games kinda like sot?

    I feel like I have finished the game and pvp is still fun, but it just getting boring sinking ships at outpost or chasing someone till the scuttle or leave the game and then the server merges.

    arena cant come fast enough

  • Here in Brazil, I'm part of a revival group about pirates. This group usually studies the ancient pirate culture (generally the golden age of piracy), organizes itself into crews with common goals and does various things.

    We meet several times a year. Usually we take a boat and sail with those pirate clothes, generally we have enough music, drink, games and many things in these meetings. Anyone else here do something like that?

  • Having recently acquired some large sums of money, if of course spent it all on customization because.. well.. I'm not a hoarder. As I was looking at all the combinations I could make with my new stuff, I instantly got curious what some of your favourite customization combinations are! This has probably been posted before, but I was curious to find out with all the additions that have been made over the year.

    For me, my favourite ship-set(s) would be:

    or with Shark Sails. Been using those since Hungering deep 90% of the time I sail alone

    Or either one of these tied for 2nd.

    And my favourite clothing/vanity is:

    I'm furthest on the right, I know.. not very fancy. I even lost the eyepatch, which has been downgraded.. I've also been wearing this set, with changing headgear/eyepatch since the shovel peg-leg was added.

    I don't have a screenshot of my items, but I use the kraken concertina & hurdy gurdy, the hungering deep shouting trumpet & drum, and the sea dog stuff for the others. I predominantly use a bilge rat cutlass & wailing barnacle pistol/eye of reach/blunderbuss.

    What are some of your favourites?

  • I recently saw a thread about someone wanting a sea of thieves tankard. So I want one myself, I have come here to ask Rare to add this to the shop because i feel like so many people would buy them! I would love to have one of those sitting on my desk. So Rare PLEASE ADD THIS for the love of Davy Jones Locker.

                                                                                                                          -Thanks Alot
                                                                                                               Noah T.
  • I’m writing an editorial piece for a gaming website on the gaming term “git gud”; it’s perception, it’s usage, etc. In order to write this article thoroughly, I’d like to get the opinions of the players on this forum. Take a look at the questions below and reply with your answers, or if you’d prefer, you can send me a private message. This will be an editorial/opinion piece on my views of the phrase, I’m just looking for personal experiences from players to help give some credibility to the article. I don’t want this discussion to devolved into a heated debate about how, why and when it should or shouldn’t be used. So let’s keep it civil. Thanks for your help.

    Users of “git gud”

    -how often do you send this message to another player
    -what scenario occurs that causes you to send this message
    -what are your thoughts/feelings/intent when you send the message
    -how do you send it: privately through forum PM, Xbox message, in-game, etc
    -any personal thoughts on using it

    Receivers of “git gud”

    -how often do you receive this message
    -what is the scenario in which you’ve received this message
    -what are your thoughts/feelings upon receiving it
    -how do you receive it
    -do you respond to the message
    -any personal thoughts on it being used

  • Everytime I put my crosshair where my windows taskbar is , it pops up and If i look all the way up in the game, the game tab shows up (where you can "x" out the game "minimize", and etc. pls help its really annoying when ur trying to the play the game.

  • Bonjour, j'ai créé un serveur discord regroupant pour l'instant 2 jeux sea of thieves et brawlhalla et je serai ravi d'agrandir mon serveur avec de nouveaux membres et de nouveaux jeux ! Je vous invite donc à rejoindre ce serveur pour le faire grandir, de toute évidence les premiers présents seront automatiquement modos !

  • While my crew and 2 alliances were finishing up our athenas the server crashed... we lost all loot and 1 guilded athena quest. This has got to stop.....

  • Hey

    Does someone have a sound file of selling a "Chest of Legends"?
    Would like to use it as a notification sound on my phone.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Summit announced last night that he and the dev team will be doing a live stream or are in talks of doing one.

    Summit is largely a hardcore pvp player and I don’t think I’ve seen the devs go full pvp.

    What do you think, the devs are going to go full pvp or will summit accompany them on voyages.

  • Where DOES all of our gold go?

    What do the traders use it for?

    The title really says it all, I was pondering today on my journey to work the sheer amount of gold that has to have been unearthed in the first 10 months of the Sea of Thieves. I reckon I must have earned close to 2 million gold since release, yet I only have a modest 300,000 gold pieces in my coin purse at present.

    So where does it all go?

    We know from the lore of the game; particularly Captain Flameheart’s journal (you really must read Tales from the Sea of Thieves if you haven’t yet) that the Gold Hoarder has more uses for the Gold we pass on to his Trading Company than just to… well… hoard it:
    "One such character apparently unknown even to my father is the Gold Hoarder, a particularly terrifying Skeleton Lord whose name surely ties him to the Trading Company I met, oh, so many lifetimes ago. This man's skeleton was supposedly reclaimed by his spirit after death, driven by greed to the extent that he patches up his immortal frame with jewels and gold."

    We can also see from other Gold Hoarders in the trading company named after this Skeleton Lord that gold slowly seeps into their every pores and takes over their bodies, but what about the other companies?

    The Order of Souls seem to have very little use for Gold – there is only so much incense that one needs to buy afterall and their tents are more than modest in terms of décor,

    The Merchant Alliance clearly wish to make as much profit as they can – which undoubtedly will then be sent back to home away from the Shroud.

    So what do our modest clothiers, armourers, barkeeps and other merchants use the coin for? and where does it go?!

    What do you reckon?

  • My pc is running fine 8600k 1080ti and a xfx pro 650watt psu, no issues in anny other modern AAA games like AC odeesye and others.
    My problem is only accuring in this game, this is the secound time it hapands/secound time i try sea of thieves, i play for 15 min and my pc shuts off and starts up again seems like the game crashes the pc and force it to restart.
    any one ells got this issue ?

  • We just finished a skeleton fort, heading to sanctuary outpost to turn in when a megalodon and a skeleton ship attack us. We had a full rowboat of loot so we dropped it near the outpost and went off to fight the ship. Right after we sunk it, while we were repairing, we got server switched - can't do anything while this is happening btw and your ship takes on water - so we checked for the loot from the switch. We had that luckily - honestly I'm not a fan of the forced server switch - so we went back to sanctuary and our rowboat is now gone. I assume this happened because of the server switch. Again I'm not a fan of this, at the very least we should be asked to switch or give a timer.

    TL:DR Forced server switch ruined what he had just accomplished and we lost at least 25k gold and an hour of our time.

  • So does anyone know when we will be getting the road map for this year? This is mainly due to the fact the devs have been saying qutie a bit in the streams recently such as announcing that pets are coming this year. In my opinion i find this may be coming soon but idk, i would like to see how other people think.

  • Im shocked i havent seen a thread like this yet. But yeah, pretty straight forward title. Whats everyone’s favorite and least favorite island? Not including outposts. I’ll start. My favorite is probably smugglers bay and my least favorite is definitely old faithful




    Sooooo.... in a little spurt of madness, Captain @J4dio and the other @Boatswain have started rewording carols to suit our beloved game.


    Please enter your carol below in a new post.
    Entries allowed up until 11.59pm (GMT) on the 21st December, at which point a team of judges (myself, J4ydio and SpecialAdvisor) will pick a lucky winner and a runner up.
    @J4dio has kindly donated a 6 item Obsidian code, whilst @SpecialAdvisor has added to the booty a Spinal Figurehead, which will be promptly delivered via personal message within 3 days of the end of the competition.
    One runner-up will then receive a code for the Huntress Figurehead, which is still redeemable in game if you haven’t already purchased the item from Morrow’s Peak yet!

    Forum rules and the Pirate Code still apply, so think carefully about your entries folks.

    Most of all:

    Have fun!

    I shall let the other Boatswain post their own, mine is here:

    Ding d0ng powder kegs on high,
    In crow's nests bells are ringing:
    Ding d0ng! verily the sky
    'Tis swift death we be bringing!
    Gloria, explosions in excelsis!

    E'en so here below, below,
    Let the Ferry bells be swungen,
    And "abhoy abhoy abhoy!"
    By Boatswain pirates sungen
    Gloria, explosions in excelsis!

    Pray you, pitifully for crimes
    Your mateys hide, we kill them;
    May you beautifully die
    Your evetime song, ye singers.
    Gloria, explosions in excelsis!

    Let Us Hear Yours!


  • Hello players and creators, I'm already a fan of the game. I'm glad to see Sea of Thieves taking the right direction. I know that the question of a possible third person mode comes up often. I would like to have clear answers about that. A 3rd person mode will never happen? It would be a nice addition for 2019. I personally think it would allow the player to be even more "close" to his character. Customization is one of the qualities of Sea of Thieves, I would like to see this customization. Hoping to receive an answer!
    And see you soon on Sea of thieves!

  • YouTube is ripe with people posting videos on how to glitch the game and admitting to using an invincibility glitch someone should look into synicall's channel it needs to stop he openly admits to breaking the pirates code in the comments section of his videos somebody give me some advice on how I can help clean up the seas

  • Anyone got a solution where you can't use the Xbox app to join people? when i click on "Join" on them when it's a spot open the button just flickers and nothing else.

    If someone sends me an invite and i accept, the Xbox App opens and closes and nothing else.

    Got a GIF that shows it clearer:

  • Hello derrrr fellow forumites!

    Recently I have noticed a couple of scurvy bugs plaguing our fair forums!
    So I’ve decided to make this thread so we can collect the known ones in one place.

    If you know of any which I have missed please add them below and I will put them on this list and then fill out the appropriate support tickets so Rare has the information to squash them out.

    If there’s any suggestions you have on how they could streamline the forums or make them more user friendly feel free to put them down to, as you never know who might be reading. :)

    If you can try and fill out this as it will save me a little bit of time:



    Devices effected:

    Known Workarounds:


    Known forum bugs:

    • Notifications not showing:

    Not being told when you have notifications.
    (E.g You don’t have the number of notifications appear on your profile picture at the top right)

    iPhone/Android Tablet
    Not sure if it’s the same on PC

    If you click on one of your unlisted notifications they should appear after


    • No chat notifications:

    If someone sends you a direct message on the chat system you do not receive a notification telling you about it

    iPhone/Android Tablet
    Cannot confirm PC

    You just have to systematically check your chat messages frequently.


    • Chat locks/unable to scroll:

    Sometimes the chat will get stuck at the top of the chat box and if you scroll down it will instantly push you back up to the top. Making it not possible to read your recent messages.

    PC unconfirmed

    If you press the ‘X’ to close the chat and retry that sometimes will fix the issue but not always.


    • Notification button freeze:

    Sometimes when you press the notification button. (Your profile picture) it blacks out but your notifications do not appear. Repeated presses do nothing.


    Android/PC unconfirmed.


    Close the browser and restart the website. It usually fixes the problem. Or re-type in the URL.

    Profile/categories button freezes

    Sometimes when I try to get up the different categories up or press my profile picture icon nothing happens, even if I refresh the page



    Manually retype in the URL on a fresh browser and it normally fixes the issue

    Disclaimer: I wasn’t sure if this should have been posted in the feedback and suggestions catergory as it’s not about the game. If it needs to be moved feel free, or message me and I will re-create the thread there.

  • Dear sir or madam

    I am currently facing a pirate fashion crisis, I do not seem to be able to find the style and look that I would like to go for in the sea of thieves.
    I believe this is due to a lack of bandana selection, namely colours in this fair land.
    Can we please see, for example an orange/yellow one for the Royal Sovereign a light blue for the Bilge Rats and a red/dark blue for the Admiral, as well as a purple legend one would be nice.
    But best of all would be a plain black or white one to go with everything, this would be greatly further my fashion ambitions in the sea of thieves.

                                        Yours faithfully a concerned pirate fashion victim.
  • Hello, so I thought about buying the game but when I saw the system requirements for the game I wasn't sure if I could even run the game at a playable framerate.

    My PC specs are:
    CPU: Intel Pentium g3250 3.2Gz
    GPU: GTX 750 1GB
    RAM: 4GB

    Idk if this will help but my monitor resolution is 1680x1050


  • I purchased the game 12 hours ago.
    Still hasn't downloaded, and is currently at almost 200GB!

    Is this right?


  • I truly believe that no one here will read the post or the comments until the end. I think everyone here is saturated with these types of postings and tired of seeing people arguing over such futility.

    Regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with the topic of the title, I believe we should all come together and reach a legal conclusion for everyone.

    I then decided to make this post to show something simple for everyone.

    A gif with dancing pirates. It's pretty cool.

    pirate dance!

    Have a good day :)

  • people Xbox players run faster now that's all I have to say

  • I Just got this game yesterday and iv been trying to get onto it on PC but it keeps telling me its unavailable at the moment try again later and it bring up (daffodil beard) And im stuck on what to do

  • A suggestion in another thread put this idea in my head.

    You all know the classic board game, Cluedo (Clue in the US) where you try to solve a murder at Tudor Close mansion. You will also know of many variants of this game in different settings: The Simpsons' Springfield, or Hogwarts, or Star Wars, etc.

    Well, what suspects (6), weapons (6), and locations (9) would you suggest for a Sea of Thieves variant?

  • Behold all ye scurvy dogs! Captain Sword( Mod Edit)! With Treasure for a Heart and a Sword for a (Mod Edit)!

    Captain Sword

  • Rare me fellow pirates have been asking for a 2019 road map when is it going to be released?

  • Hey guys! I've seen these sails in images and all but never in the game.
    Were they removed?

    alt text