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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • Think we have all tried to die or take the mermaid, an ended up on a different island than your ship.
    Well, if you play long enough.

    But we where sailing around an just fishing, I tend to leave my friend, he can just catch a mermaid back.
    An so he did, but ended up over at the shores of gold, so what do he do? well nothing to do than open up the beast, an kill the boss. (without the book an clues)

    In the mean time, I just sail to Morrows peak, So we could start the Tall tale an sail over an get the skull + doing it again the right way.

  • hi pirates. I've always played on ps4, I don't have xbox and I've never played on PC. I wanted to try Sea of ​​Thieves on my laptop. it has good specifications: Intel Core i7 (7th gen), 8 gb ram ... the problem is the stock video card. is an Nvidia GeForce MX130 .
    I'm not a PC component expert. in theory it should be higher than the minimum requirements but not born for gaming. do you think I should have big problems with my configuration? Thanks in advance

  • The reward is way to small for all the stuf you need to do. I try not to spoil it but damn its not nearly enough gold at the end for all the stories you need to finish and they build up to.

  • I love bumping into people on the Seas. Or indeed on the ferry.

    I present "Barry Chuckle".
    I'm aware outside of the UK this name may not mean a lot to people, but here's a wiki link if you want to find out more.

    Barry Chuckle - The Chuckle Brothers

    Made me smile.
    Tragically in real life "Barry" died at the end of 2018, but provided a generation of kids with laughter & funny memories.

    "To me." "To you."

    If you've seen anyone... drop a line or two up


  • I have played the past 4 weeks in the insider servers. I have received the gold reward for each week, but this week I have received nothing. I played for the same amount of time as the previous week, but did not receive the reward message or the reward. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to fix this. Thank you.

  • when trying to climb a ladder around the top of it like jumping off a dock to your boat, it tends to do a weird animation glitch of showing you sliding down for a second then all most instantly reappearing at the top of the ladder. Making it seem less of a "real" experience in my opinion.

  • Made a metal version of the Hungering Deep theme. I am doing all of the shanty's. Never Forget T26.

  • So ive been playing arena for a while now, around level 15 atm. I would say 60% of my matches I get teammates that quit because the boat sink or because they are frustrated. I am asking for myself and many others, why there is no penalty for quitting? Give people a 1% less money and exp earned each time they leave or something that keeps players from doing this. The quitting ruins the gameplay for alot of people. I know you can report them for this through the xbox app, but it doesn't really feel like it helps.

  • It's been super fun getting to know some of you over the last months. I'm curious, though, how you all chose your "names" for Xbox. There are at least a few of you that I see around that have pretty fun-looking ones. So whether you think it's interesting or not, go ahead and share, I'm curious!

    My own is due to my love for Lord of the Rings. In Elvish, Vorondil means "Steadfast Friend," describing a trait I always personally strive for and greatly admire in others. Chose it as my Elvish name when I was 16, and ever since, I've used it for just about every occasion where my real name won't do.

    So lets hear it! What stories or reasons are behind the names we all see every time you post?

  • At some point, I would guess around 3 months ago, the SoT website was updated so that when you click links in the global top nav and in the mobile menu, the menu would continue to stay open with the new content loaded in behind it. This forces you to close the menus in order to see the new content.

    Am I missing something and who thinks this is a good idea?

  • A friend and I are working on a little machinima type video with SoT and i was curious if it was okay to use the game's music without getting flagged so long as we tag the composer/game and all that?

  • Greymarrow instantly became my favourite character after hearing his voice alone. I cannot seem to find any listing or information credit anywhere online to tell me who voiced him!

    Anyone know?

  • With this new update and destroyable ship parts, the sloop needs to be updated, the capstan needs to be placed where it is on the brig, or damage between the capstan and the wheel needs to be halfed, I have no problems with players, but NPC's literally shoot at the wheel and never miss, it makes it impossible at unlucky times to even approach a skull fort solo, and its getting ridiculous, if one shot hits that capstan, you have to repair that and 2 wood on your wheel and the skellies aimbot it and hit it over and over, also its right where you have to stand to even be capable of steering or to raise the anchor so... once again rare you kinda screwed over anyone that doesn't want to pug a 4 man gally or 3 man brig thnx,-The Brave Vanguard…..

  • Above the Order of Souls faction, in every outpost of the game, you will find an unused potion shop, that has been there since alpha days. Colored vials have been hanging around the seas, on outposts, and on a few Islands, their presence has been slowly emerging into the Sea of Thieves world, right before your eye.

  • The outfit in corner in golden sands anybody know anything about it?

  • So we can't copy the game simply like with steam or other platforms because windows doesn't give files permission.
    I was trying to use delivery optimisation to copy the game onto another PC in my local network (my connection is not great) but I can't get it to work despite activating it and following instructions found on the web. It's suppose to work with the MStore but when I look at the DL speed and the activty monitor it doesn't even use the local network.
    Is there anyone who found a way to make it work to copy the game to another PC ?

    Thank you for your answers.

  • I can’t believe after all this time this haven’t been fixed I just got sunk in literally two minutes, everytime I’d patch a hole they’d hit me with three more direct shots. This is by far the dumbest asspect if the entire game( I can’t stand this lazy auto aim bs, like seriously can’t you find another way, getting show behind walls and rocks is bs, it’s huge issue and it ruins a large part of the game for me

  • Hi all guys!

    I'm writing because I've just installed the game from the Microsoft Store in my HDD disk "D:" instead of my primary SSD disk "C:", and everything went fine (WindowsApp folder and a couple more have been added to my D: root).

    I've just noticed that in GeForce Experience it is unable to automatically optimize the game and that the path is a WindowsApp folder in C: .

    Does Microsoft Store save some alias on C: anyway even if the game is installed in D:?

    Can this be the reason why GeForce Experience is unable to automatically optimize the game?

    Many thanks for the help!

  • Im looking to change my gamer tag, and i was wondering if my progress as legend would be dumped. Is there anyone who has tested this?

  • I was soloing chapter 3 found the key I went to mermaid island to grab the brigsby chest, as soon as i dug it up and was close to my ship, I got a "chapter failed key went missing" message I was right in front of my ship too no one was nearby to even try and steal it.

    Has anyone else experienced this bug?

  • Buenas! Resulta que yo y unos amigos llevamos estos 5 días desde que salió jugando al Sea Of Thieves, pero no sabemos porque que cuando llevamos unos 20 o 30 min de juego se nos "crashea" , es decir, se nos cierra el juego por completo sin ningún aviso, llevándote directamente al escritorio. No sabemos porque ni tampoco sabemos como solucionarlo, hemos estado mirando y hemos actualizado drivers, pero no hay manera. Sí alguien también le ocurre o puede solucionarlo estaríamos muy agradecidos, porque se nos está haciendo injugable.

  • With the recent changes and mega updates to Sea of Thieves, we have seen significant improvements towards ship physics, which primarily affected the way we battle in the seas. Understanding this new system in detail is crucial in our journey's against other rivals, we will talk about advanced ship physics and hitpoints.

  • Me matey, Hanes Man and I sought to return to the quest provided by the Mysterious Stranger. When we returned to the game, it seemed that our progress had not been saved, even though we had delivered the medallion. I made the bold choice of "googling" the path for the adventure and found that we needed to speak with Olivia. Because we don't like to take short-cuts, it took us half an hour to come to the decision to use the internet as a short-cut. A lot of players don't play SoT daily . It is easy to forget tips given by NPCs. The Mysterious Stranger should recognize that you have completed the quest or there should be some other mechanism to nudge players toward the next step of the adventure.

  • Grief-ing (Is that right?) and trash talk have been a topic in Sea Or Thieves for a long time when it comes to in game encounters.

    Out of the blue, MS has decided to add some more context to what that entails.

    Acceptable trash talk includes:

    Get destroyed. Can’t believe you thought you were on my level.
    That was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked.
    Only reason you went positive was you spent all game camping. Try again, kid.
    Cheap win. Come at me when you can actually drive without running cars off the road.

    That sucked. Get good and then come back when your k/d’s over 1.

    Going too far looks like:

    Get <sexual threat>. Can't believe you thought you were on my level.
    Hey <profanity>, that was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked, trash.
    Only reason you went positive was you spent all game camping. KYS, kid.
    Cheap win. Totally expected from a <racial slur>.

    You suck. Get out of my country--maybe they'll let you back in when your k/d's over 1.


    SoT profanity filer doesn’t agree with MS. But check the article to read in full.

  • My commendations arent tracking properly. Im currently doing tall tails & I am having to complete voyages more than the required 5 times because they are not tracking?!? My athena miles also aren't tracking ive been stuck on a 190 miles even though I have an athena down everywhere i go!!! Does anyone know a fix for this?

  • For the lack of better words, random people decided to swarm my ship while I was doing "Wild Rose" Tall Tale. One of the men had told me in a message that it was an act of revenge because someone else sunk his boat and I told him he had no right to do that because I had told him I would form an alliance.
    Anyway, they sunk my boat and took the items I had in my chest and ran off. I had told the same guy who now started using vulgar words and emoticons on the xbox decrypting nasty things through the message, that my items will disappear once I leave the game.

    Is this true in any way? I had sunk someone before when they were doing Tall Tales and their items disappeared by I don't know if that was a glitch or not. Should he not also complete the Tale because those were my items?

    I also want to report this player, how do I do that?


  • A fair review (IMHO)... from a guy who as actually played recently.
    Has seen the game from launch how it has evolved into its current state.
    Worth a look if you are new to the game... to see how things have changed greatly round here.
    If you are lucky enough, you too could meet the "Clown Crew".

    Clowns... seriously freak me


  • Where can i report these players?

  • Earlier today as I was adventuring around and I had found a chest of sorrow and was on my way to an outpost to sell it, when I ran into a skeleton ship. I had some cursed cannon balls so I stopped their ship and was in a position where they couldn't shoot me. Then I had an idea. I grabbed the chest of sorrow and planted on their ship and just watched as I sank their ship . then I could take all their loot. It was awesome!

  • Microsoft has provided a live demonstration of its upcoming Project xCloud game streaming service. They are promising a cloud gaming service that streams games to PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. In the xCloud trailer at 2:40 you can see Sea of Thieves being played on a tablet.

    Microsoft xCloud Trailer

    Google is going to do the same with what they call Stadia:

    Google Stadia in 14 minutes

    Seems if these services become successful "the data center is your platform". Gaming experience will not be what is all under the hood of the box you have in front of you. It will come down to basically the quality of your Internet connection.

    What do you all think about this? How would cross play work? Would it include all the possible new devices? Will people want more opt out options? Will everyone be able to play together no matter if they are on a console, PC, cell phone, or tablet? Will this be the end of the console as we know it? Will those of us that prefer PCs not need to keep building and upgrading gaming rigs?

  • Seeing that on the website makes my head hurt.

  • Hey
    So me and a buddy were doing a athena in devils roar. We were at an island and i had low health so ending up jumping off the top of the mast. Went through the ferry of the dammed door ending up in the last room of shores of gold tall tale. Hit the anchor to lower the bridge and ran in to the gold hoarder and it started up the boss fight. Really strange because i've only done 3 tall tales in total has this happened to anyone else ?

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I found this item I can pickup called "Old Skull" and I dont know whats its for.