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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • I was playing for several hours today,. and I could not complete a multi-chapter Gold Hoaders mission, because when I got off the ship I could not look left or right I could only go straight ahead and backwards. Mouse /Keyboard or Controller same effect. Very frustrating. How do I fix this in the future, I don't want to lose the quest like I did tonight.

  • So if this is true, I feel sorry for anyone under 18 in China during the weekdays who enjoy SoT.

    90 mins a week, probably got enough time to load up your boat before you run out of time. 😂😂

    Edit: On a serious note, that’s messed up and pretty scary.

  • This year i have opened up some games in my community for off duty pirates. We cant always be out there at sea but sometimes need to get real and play outside. A perfect environment for any pirate to do some serious grinding on free loot laying around just everywhere!
    Shiny plastics and a thousand cans of energy. Noobs dropping loot everywhere they go laying waste to the parc and playgrounds fot the little pirates.
    We have formed a alliance for environment clean pirate supporters. It got a website in my country where you can encircle your territory its great.
    Today i went out armed with me ranger fighting rainy dutch wetter and grinding the plastic loot. And to my surprise fellow pirates joined my crew not caring about the rain!
    We are in it for the loot they say they really appreciate what we do! They helped for an hour soaked from rain collecting 3 bags of shiny waste xD poor sailors indeed!

    Back at home drinking hot thee it feels like we really earned it to sit back relax and once more login to our digital happy world.

    Its the perfect pauze get some fresh air and be a real hero:") ya all should try and grind around your house a little so we can enjoy a walk outside.

    Cheers for those brave people out there im so impressed by them just coming outside in the rain helping a stranger cleaning the freaking plastic waste on our streets. xD

  • Me and a couple other pirates have put up a small community discord server. Our main goal is to make a good LFC where you find the best of the best. We train you in the art of tucking and combat, and if you believe you're advanced, try out our LFC. If you wish to try it out, join this,

  • I've just let these problems sit for a while and I wanted to see if anyone else has had these same issues and/or has any fixes for them (I'm thinking I should probably uninstall and reinstall it, perhaps).

    It constantly says I have 1 New Message, but there is no new message and no unread message. It's just been stuck with 1 notification for me, for many months, lol.

    Sometimes, a new message does not come through to me. I will see a pop-up from my windows notification, but when I check the console companion app, that new message is not there. I've found that the new message will NOT appear until that person sends another message! (Maybe, also, if I send a message - I don't think I've tried that - usually because I don't know what was said in their message, lol)

    The program has a blank white image for its task bar icon. Blank white, that is, besides its "1" for the mysterious, invisible new message, lol.

    I thin that covers the important, strange, problems I have with it (besides the usual that everyone else deals with when searching, joining, and adding friends).

    Anyone else ever have these specific issues? Anyone have any suggestions?

    EDITED TO ADD: Going to my account through the website does not solve any of these issues. The mysterious 1 message remains mysterious and unseen - and the invisible messages, that I know were sent, remain invisible.

  • I wanted to share for anyone else that may be interested in them.!I2YEhJxD!X2TPaWy8ga_3QrjlbhjLQg

  • So I been thinking that an island based game mode would be really interesting, maybe a 4 v 4? its been pretty hard getting into arena matches lately because of lack of players, and i dont Believe the answer is just adding more Arena Commendations. I believe a more streamlined, fast pace, easy jump in mode will bring lots of players back and bring more new players in that might have been to intimidated by the high demand and intensity of the two modes they have available now.???

  • Ok so I have a buddy that has a Xbox One. Im on PC. If he got SoT, would he be able to play with me if he DOES NOT have xbox live?

  • Can we please take the pirate legend weapons out of the arena commendations. Rare literally locked our pirate legend weapons behind a hole different game that some of us don't like at all. It isn't the same game I hit pirate legend in. why should I have to spend 59 hours ATLEAST playing a game I never liked, to complete the rest of my pirate legend outfit.... Please take pirate legend gear out of arena. this mode is such garbage and even if you don't ill never play arena to bother getting the pirate legend weapons that I deserved as a founder. and yes Arena is a DIFFERENET game than sea of thieves, you guys pretty much made a fail battle royal. 35 mins per game is so ridiculous. Make it based on kills in adventure...… make it off of Athena's. ANYTHING!!!!! just take it out of your trash arena mode. Never felt so cheated by developers in my life. I didn't buy your guys game for arena. I bought the game for adventure. and now I regret supporting you.

  • Ahoy Pirates!

    The November Games with Gold have been released, and the freebies continue to roll in!

    November will kick off with Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter for Xbox One, that will be available throughout the month. For Xbox 360, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter will become also become free and will be available until mid-month.

    The second half of the month will start off with The Final Station for Xbox One, which some of you may have from the E3 mixer from back in the day, but if not, it is worth a play! Xbox 360 will get Joy Ride Turbo, (which I might add is a great fun racer for those with kids who want to join in!).

    That is all from me from this month, and as promised, I am on time :D Hopefully this little announcement brightens your day slightly!

    Happy sailing and enjoy the Ghoul and Glory Weekend!

  • It's been super fun getting to know some of you over the last months. I'm curious, though, how you all chose your "names" for Xbox. There are at least a few of you that I see around that have pretty fun-looking ones. So whether you think it's interesting or not, go ahead and share, I'm curious!

    My own is due to my love for Lord of the Rings. In Elvish, Vorondil means "Steadfast Friend," describing a trait I always personally strive for and greatly admire in others. Chose it as my Elvish name when I was 16, and ever since, I've used it for just about every occasion where my real name won't do.

    So lets hear it! What stories or reasons are behind the names we all see every time you post?

  • After about 5-40 min of playtime with no issues, the game will crash and I will receive this error message. i have tried updating my video drivers to the latest version via the geforce experience as well as the geforce website to no avail. I have also tried using previous driver versions and rolling back my drivers which proved fruitless as well. I have reset my games app data, uninstalled and reinstalled the game more than once onto both my SSD and HDD, and tried almost every variation of graphical settings both in game and in the NVIDIA control panel. None of this has worked and I restarted my PC after each of these attemps, only to be given around the same amount of playtime before it crashes. No matter what I do I cannot resolve this issue and there is no known solution to it on the internet or forums. Please if you have any ideas about how to resolve this error code and stop my game from crashing I would appreciate any info regarding my problem.
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17763) (17763.rs5_release.180914-1434)
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor (16 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
    Memory: 32768MB RAM
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

  • i playing sot since the open beta. the first months were awesome, each pirate would reach the legend status. i remember all people made different quests (gh,oos or merchant) or raid (only one all 2h was available). after the first became legend, the most only made legend quests becaue this quests give better loot than the normal one and in my case, this was one of the biggest mistake the devs done athena xp for non legends. which meant that you could become athena 10 without even being a legend. so at this time athena commendations weren't available and all people only want athena 10 for the clothes.
    short time before the first birthday was celebrated you made a double xp/gold event. i haven't offical data, but on the discord where i'm, the number of legends has almost doubled, but the most of this people but a large part of it stopped shortly thereafter. they were legend...

    and today, over the last months you implemented a lot new stuff, more random loot, event quests etc. and now the fort of the damned. if you made all the last events, you don't need to do any athena quests to reach athena 10.... and with the double xp/gold event this week faster as fast.
    an other problem is, we haven't enough skins for hard commendations, for example, why should someone play a specific fraction? would be awesome you would implement a specific set ( a special "shiny" version of the existing fraction sets would be enough) for complete the fractions 100%. would give people more long time motivation i think.

  • The Rare crew (with guest TheGeeNee ) set sail for another crack at the Fort of the Damned, tomorrow at the usual time.


    5pm GMT
    10am PDT
    1pm EDT
    6pm CET
    3.30am (Wednesday 30th?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double-check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Mixer -
    Twitch -
    YouTube -

  • Hello,

    So I have been completely unable to play this game since I've bought it, I've had DaffodilBeard errors every time I try to play, with the error showing up on Loading Supplies. So in the XBOX live status page in the settings, I have NAT: Moderate and XBOXLive services Connected. FUNNY STORY, I have another PC, that works perfectly fine but it's on a different network, ALTHOUGH when I go to the settings, it says that Teredo is unable to qualify, and that Xbox live isn't connected BUT-IT-WORKS. So, yeah, I have no clue, I've deactivated the firewall, reinstalled Teredo, reinstalled the game, I've tried multiple networks some with DMZ for the IP, port-forwarding, nothing works, quite desperate, please help.


  • This topic is deleted!

  • These new topics from create crew they are locked you can only reply if you join?

    Its a little annoying i dont want to join i just like this forum and when they post stuff i watch it and sometimes like to reply... its a forum topic right? But its locked -.-

    Can this be fixed?

  • I've been trying to download SOT from the store without success for the past 2 days. I have tried literally everything. It just hangs on downloading...

    Please read the following carefully before responding.
    I have tried literally everything, as I will list what I have tried.
    I'm going to point out that after I tried everything, I reinstalled windows (4 times) trying to troubleshoot different things, but I noticed that the first reinstall, I tried downloading it immediately and it managed to download 1.52gb and went to 0kb/s and hung on downloading again.

    Things I have tried:

    1. Clearing the cache (10+ times)
    2. WSreset.exe (30+ times)
    3. Windows update - everything is updated in Win10 1903
    4. Services - Turning on Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Windows update automatic, etc etc. (10+ times)
    5. CMD and Powershell commands (10+ times) Registering, rebuild, etc
    6. Watching 10 youtube vids on how to fix this. Nothing works.
    7. Reinstalling windows 10 (4 times) first time managed to get the game downloaded to 1.5gb and it died off.
    8. Windows update and store troubleshooter (10+ times)
    9. Turning off antivirus (5 times)
    10. Using a VPN (3 times)
    11. Using a different DNS server (5 times)
    12. Adjusting date and time.

    And nothing works. This store is non-functional and should be removed as a platform. I have problems with literally nothing else. Origin and steam work fine, everything else runs fine and downloads fine, except this store. So I'm unable to play the product I purchased because of this store and there is no fix. So nice, enjoy my $30.

  • Still no ability To Name Our Ships? Pretty pathetic TBH

  • I've been having this glitch happen to my equipment for over 2 months now where whenever I go into a new crew, my equipment changes. For example my lantern keeps going from the order of souls lantern to the sea dogs one, or my compass and spyglass changing to the bone crusher variants. There's a few other things that do this but I don't know why it keeps doing this. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • How do you think the delay of Skull and Bones will affect the player base for Sea of Thieves?

  • I have two spare 5x5 codes for the Obsidian set.

    Quick & easy.....
    The first two lucky pirates, who want one, just pop a line up below.
    And I'll Direct Message you shortly.... enjoy!!!

    alt text

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  • Hear me out befor dismissing the statement I have to say. I love this game, I was lucky to play it very early on in its time to find a set of crewmates I would fight Kraken solo on a gallon for. So why after all this time is every one still tossing this level ignorence over voice, text an actions. An befor some one coming out of the morings an screaming "Welcome to sea of thieves" A thief still implies you are stealing something, or "Its a Priate game" Priate's or privateers as they were know Still stole something. So downing a ship just because it was there, is not a thief or Priate thing to do.

    That said even Priate an theives had a code to live by. I want to go on record here an now an state. This pointing to the "Priate code" sea of theives code of conduct an xbox code of conduct means nothing. It seems to rare's an microsofts efforts it is for not. There is always going to be speach over there seas what do you mean by actions. This dribble was shouted to me as I was chased an again tracked down after a scuttle an chased again.

    This is you insder program rare. with creator hual an proclaiming themslevs the top insider team. Now you can understand this is why I ask, an I would love to hear a modrators veiw on this. I am typing this knowing it will get taken down or at the very least flaged an changed. Good I would like some one other then myself to see an tell me how some one like myself should handle this. Knowing full well that there is not going to be any thing done about it. This is you Hight of you insider an creator program? These actions is what it takes gurter the postive attention of Rare an microsoft? These are the ones you are saying that should be looked up to?

    I hope not, but hey what do I know right. I am just a solo player that has a love for the game. I for go playing on game pass tell a time I could pay for an support the game. Now I am questioning why I should put any effort into it any more. I am not asking for anything. I know for a fact that nothing is going to be done. I just want a response A yes or no. This, this is the community you are asking for? One that looks down on others an breaks every rule you yourself had set? Befor a get asked, yes I changed seas, an everytime I do I find a crew that act's like the above. I just want a straight answer is this what you want from your commuity?

  • At the moment, you can play Sea of Thieves exclusively on Xbox or a Windows 10 PC but things could soon change with Microsoft actively building their game streaming service. With an internet connection, Xbox Project xCloud will allow you to play your favorite Xbox games wherever you are, on any device and without downloading the game files!

    At 2:41 someone is playing Sea of Thieves on a tablet with touch input and at 2:53 on a smartphone with an Xbox controller connected via Bluetooth.

    It looks really promising and it sounds so awesome to be able to sail the seas on-the-go or when you don't have a computer with a powerful graphic card. I speak exclusively of Sea of Thieves but obviously a lot of Xbox titles would be supported because in the end, it will be like you are playing on an Xbox.

    Public trials for the service should come in 2019, so I can't wait to have my hands on it! :D

  • Seems abit lazy(cheapens the experience) to re-use a skeleton lord its something I have wondered since i found out he was the Fotd boss, especially since this is a permanent part of the game now and not time exclusive.. Any insight?

  • Quick Question

    I own a hard copy of Xbox SoT. I unknowingly purchased it without realizing that a digital copy would allow me to play on both the Xbox and the computer. I find myself wanting to do both now.

    I know with an Xbox you pick your “home” Xbox which would allow family member to use a digital copy with their accounts. Does the computer have the same option? Would my kid be able to play with me on a computer digital copy owned by my account while I used a Xbox hard copy?

  • So I don't know how this happened or how to get him down! link text

  • Hello, I was wondering if the things I bought in the pirate emporium will be deleted if I create a new pirate, like the gold, skin,...

  • I love the new Fort of the Damned, it was a great addition to get the waters more active. But I got a question about it, At the moment Graymorrow is the in the fort, my question is. WIll we see other SKellington Lords in the fort bering changed every month or so? Like this moth, Gray Morrow, next moth can be Brigby, and another the Gold Horder. and Once Flame Heart is added to the mix.

  • t's come to my attention that some players are keeping others from activating the fort? Why? is it the pvp action? you do realize by doing this you will eventually reduce the player base lay off a bit and quit being asshats. I don't mind the PvP thee fort is a great addition for the PvP action and is exactly what was needed, but you guys are overdoing it a bit by keeping everyone form activating it. And will reduce it back to the way it was is adventure mode after anniversary update came out

  • Hey Everyone, Fort of the Damn good to DLC is here, New Cosmetics, New Voyages, and a window to the Sea of the Damned. If you haven't heard, Old Boot Fort has been taken over by a dark force that transformed into the Fort of the Damned. I will go through all the commendations required of you to complete this update. So make sure to watch until the end.

  • So who has ventured onto that game so far?
    Heard a lot of bad things about it on release, and although it will be joining the Xbox store early next month as a preview game, the latest news is that it is much better than it once was, Ark took a while to take off, and like Ark, Atlas is now also joining the consoles after releasing first on PC, where I'm sure they will get more funding to better enhance the game even more.

    I don't think it's my cup of tea as I could never really get into Ark. (and I can't say I love crossplay)
    But I will keep an eye on its evolution.

    Some Pirate competition is about to take place for Sea of Thieves.

    Will we see both games bouncing ideas off eachother, or one title stealing all ideas from another 😂