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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • Has anyone experienced a bug where another pirate has the death sound but no animation and just disappears. Then respawns on your ship? Yesterday while sailing on a gallon with a full crew there were two pirates that kept reappearing on the ship from thin air. At one point i watched the one appear. Has anyone else experienced this? at one point after defeating them we sat there for 10-20 minutes watching the seas and ladders for them to come back on their sloop but then was caught by surprised when myself and another member were struck down in the back.

  • alt text

    When I was a kid having an educational experience like this one inspired a lifelong love of the sea, history and tall ships! (One of the main reasons I was drawn to the Sea of Thieves) With their usual source of income to maintain this floating educational experience cut off due to covid, The Lady Washington needs some help to keep the wind in her sails. Hopefully we can keep this hands on historical learning experience around for future generations to be inspired by!

    We Shall Sail Together!

    My sea of thieves crew and I went for a sail a year or so ago, heres some pictures from our voyage!

    Video of The Lady Washington in Action!

  • what kind of game this big cant fix the most annoying
    bug ever (if u didnt know its hit reg)

  • Hello sea of thieves players. I play sea of thieves a lot and its a really fun game. But I got 15 achievements in Sea of thieves. But according to the xbox app I did not complete any voyages, no order of souls skull cash in, no distance sail meters and 1 island visit. Why is that? I complete plenty of missions and sails a lot and visit islands and beat mini bosses. Is the app is broken!!

  • Hey! I love this game. Despite the fun I have, I also encounter problem with buying stuff on almost every store. I can't buy outfit, for example. Only notification popped up telling me that I have connectivity issue. Whenever I go to the outfit store, it shows that it failed to load my inventory or something and it is pretty annoying, imp.

    Does anyone encounter similar issue? And do you have a way to fix this issue as well?

    Thank you!

  • Recentemente após um longo tempo sem jogar o jogo, resolvi voltar a joga-lo, mas estou desistindo novamente pelo mesmo problema que meses atras me fizeram parar, que é o game fechar sozinho do nada apos alguns minutos de gameplay, não consigo jogar por causa disto, pois o erro acontece toda hora, o que é frustante.

  • It’s just been announced and I think it looks beautiful!!! It definitely has that unique Rare art style.

    What you all think so far?? :)

    ”Rare has introduced its new IP during XO19 in London, lifting the lid on 'Everwild', a bold and colourful adventure set within a "natural and magical world".

    Promising "unique and unforgettable experiences", the announcement trailer for Everwild doesn't give a whole lot away, other than showcasing its vibrant world and a hooded, white-haired female protagonist who can seemingly commune with the world's gentler creatures.

    Of course, not every animal will welcome you, more intent on causing you harm than nuzzling you gently. Everwild has yet to be given a release date, but you can take a first look at the game in the first trailer below. And it goes without saying that the game will be available via Game Pass on launch day.”

  • Does anyone else have this issue?

    SoT won't show up neither through specific window, nor game capture. The screen Streamlabs streams is just black.

    The only way I can actually display SoT is through display capture, but that also shows everything when I alt tab, and I feel uncomfortable like that.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

  • Hi to all pirates,

    I am a long-term player, a fan, and pirate at heart. I love this game, and it's community. I am in love with the world of Sea of Thieves and I think as a community, our voices are often heard, and most importantly listened to. For what I'm about to say, I hope it sounds like positive and building, rather than sounding like this is baseless critique just to tear peoples hard work down.
    I we are lucky to have dev's like Rare, and they are lucky to have us. It's mutual and I think we can all agree that we've built a shining example of what a community should be. Go us!

    So to preface:
    As a gamer all my life, and a fan of all games both competitive and casual, I've spent a lot of time mulling stuff over about how a competitive setting should work.
    I've got a few things I'd love to open a discussion with the community on.

    The Issues:

    1. I've noticed that over time, as a lot of people figure out that arena isn't for them, it's thinning out and you see a lot of the same people again and again, and usually that isn't a bad thing. It makes for gripping rivalries and fun encounters, but here's the real issue. It leaves arena pretty much farm-able to the usual suspects, and when a crew do decide to get their sea dog stripes, and earn some silver, they have a good chance to be ran into the ground by people who team up, 4 ships vs 1, to farm out commendations or for their own nasty take on fun.

    2. It's common knowledge that arena hosts a lot more toxicity than adventure. There is racism, homophobia and pretty much any type of hatred you can imagine in there, and it's rampant. It's open and brazen and there's no fear of action being taken against the ones spewing it out. Competitive games and settings bring out competitive people, so there's always gonna be healthy smack talk and fun and games between crews, but there is nothing fun about stepping into a lobby, saying hello, and being met with bigotry. If I get mocked for my Irish accent, then these people will have a field day on pretty much anybody. I've heard every slur in the book in arena lobbies, and I think it's time to look at moderating them.

    What I propose:

    1. Make clear cut rules about what you can and can't do in arena.
      4 ship vs 1 ship is not fair. It's meta-gaming, and in most competitive scenes would be met with harsh penalties. We all play for fun, and for the sport of arena. We don't expect to be camped into oblivion. No teaming. Your team is the good folk of your ship.
      Abusing well known bugs is also something that people do, because there's no real punishment for it. We all know of bugs, we all (hopefully) report them, but to use them as an advantage is exploiting, and in my mind, and in a lot of players minds, not good. Last dude who did a serious bug to me told me a streamer does it all the time and nobody cares. That shouldn't justify it and I feel like streamers who use these bugs, or promote foul-play, should look at themselves and realise that they're the centres of this community for so many people, and have a part to play in keeping it fair.

    2. Make clear what is fun trash talk, and what is un-fun bullying. (Most important point I have.)
      One of my crew mates, the lovely @QrtrMasterFilth regaled me a sad tale of a player he met in sloop queue recently, who saw his opponents name light up when he joined the lobby. This player who my crew mate was with said that this other player was toxic, and a bully. Who had followed him from lobby to lobby, and filled his Xbox messages with hate and cruel messages. That is not acceptable surely, and we know that many reports went in against this player. Well, after a few rounds the next week, I see the player in question, spewing hate out. Few weeks later, the same guy again. I hate to say it, but it feels like there is not enough done to really punish those who purposefully hurt others. I have a laundry list of videos of people saying outright hateful stuff that would land you a swift permaban on a lot of other games, and it's starting to feel like I'm wasting my hours of the day being a volunteer moderator bringing all this info and evidence to support, and it never seems to bring any justice. I do it because I can't bare to hear racism being used, homophobia being used and people being bullied and abused. I can't take it, so I do what I think every good member of the community should do, and report it.
      But... I never get feedback about my reports. I feel like they could tell you action was taken, but no specifics. If you went and bragged to said player you reported, than you could face punishment too. Is it possible to appoint player council members, active in arena, with the aim for them to be exemplary in their behaviour, and people who you can trust to uphold the pirate code, and report players in breech of that code? If not, it is probably time that Rare dispatch their own moderation teams to arena lobbies. If not, I shall continue my one man mod team efforts with more reports and videos to support. When I say it's rampant, I mean I have about 50 Shadowplay videos of serious abuse and bigotry, from the last 3 weeks. We stood by you when you posted on social media about upholding values of human rights and equality for all. Lets not allow it to exist in our own lobbies.

    3. Take good and regular balance passes on the scoring of arena:
      Spamming cannons into a ship while keeping them afloat, is worth thousands of silver, but you fight a pirate in a gripping 1 vs 1 on the shore for the chest? 5 silver. 5 more when they aren't revived. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. 2 minutes of cannon shooting is worth more than the chest, and most lobbies end up with multiple crews camping the only sell point. It makes for frustrating games of 1 ship holds the chest, nobody sells it and it's just a race to see who can camp the nearest ship the most.
      With this, I must say, giving the players a taste for a competitive mode, but without the support behind it, doesn't work. Competitive settings are dynamic and fluid. What is over-performing? What is under-performing? These things need to be looked at, regularly, in my opinion. For Galleon arena all of the above is even worse. Chest's are almost meaningless. I actually think old Arena worked better for galleons.

    4. Take some balance passes on double gunning: (Please, go easy on me!)
      I really think that double gunning is the biggest issue this game has. in Adventure mode, it's always annoying to come up against, albeit rarer, but in Arena, double gunning is obscenely overpowered, and commonplace.
      You get onboard, and can bounce up and down their deck, grabbing ammo each pass, using your guns as a 1 shot to any re-spawning pirate. It isn't competitive and it isn't skill based. Sword requires you to get close, it requires you to position, and it requires game-sense. (When someone is reloading, when to strike, etc) Yes, you can spam attack and win sometimes, but it's a punishment for being caught out. You cannot be sword'd from ship to ship. You can however be in the water with someone who has 2 guns, and hits the sniper shot, only to lazily aim the blunderbuss in your general direction, and is only required to hit 2 pellets. It feels overpowered, and when you die to double gunning, there's never much learning to be done. Personally, and as I said, please go easy, I don't see the major problem with forcing people to carry 1 gun, 1 sword. Yes, it kind of goes against the freedoms of the game, but at some point something will have to be done, and I feel stuff like lessening the ammo pool or forcing long reloads, is walking around the problem, when the problem is easily fixed.

    5. How and where you spawn:
      When I kill someone, or someone kills me, and I stay on their ship to make sure it sinks, I know that mostly, bar the odd spawn below deck on sloops, they spawn at the base of the bowsprit, or at the wheel. So if I don't sit there waiting, I'm going to let them get away and have a chance to kill me. That's using game knowledge.
      BUT... I think we have a better and lore friendly way to do it:
      You have this lovely animation for downed pirates who haven't been revived, slowly "ghostifying", why not re-purpose that in reverse so that pirates who are coming back do so in ghost form, slowly reforming into their pirates, to give them 3 or 4 seconds to position themselves and orient themselves to where they're safer to spawn? A small period of being able to be seen, but not being able to be hit. It still allows pirates with their eye on the ball to see where they went, but gives the defending pirate a few seconds to figure it all out. Most of the time people are coming off a loading screen with a sword already swinging or a shot impacting them from a pirate standing behind them. Not massively fair, in my opinion.

    These are my few ideas on what I think Arena needs, and I hope that it reads as politely and as constructively as I mean it to. I love the game, and I respect the developers more than I can express, and I want it to be better in the aspects that I feel I know most.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope we can have a polite and constructive discussion on the subject.
    CaptainRPeaches (RustyPeaches), of An Morrighan

  • I haven't paid attention to the mailbox for a long time. I don't know if I received the Founder Pack code. What should I do to recover?

  • sorry if this is not the right place this remove if wrong) so i ran in to a group of cheaters with my friends and run in to a group of cheaters they didnt miss a single shot not a single one they even shot us true our own ship at one point the where lagging the whole dam time as well we checked there steam profiles and saw other people where also calling them out for cheating we already reported them all but are reports even looked at is there any kind of anti cheat in the game?

  • First off thanks for not attacking lol, I was going to start The Cursed Rogue and the last time I docked with another player nearby it wasn't quite as friendly, when I saw another ship docked I was kinda worried honestly...
    And thanks for the storage chest you sneaky person lol, though I didn't make much use of it, I was only on for about an hour or so to work on a tall tale. Before I logged off though I paid it forward by loading it with some more stuff I'd picked up and left it back on Plunder Outpost, along with a couple treasure chests I'd come across (empty, but they're useful).

    Honestly the open pvp is kind of annoying sometimes since I tend to play by myself (I'd actually had to restart the first part of Cursed Rogue since the first time I did it I was attacked while selling off other loot and was saving the skeleton chest for last like an idiot for some reason, even though it was my fault I was so irritated I didn't touch the game for a bit), but it can also lead to pleasant interactions, though obviously it depends on whether or not both sides are willing to not shoot first lol.

  • i am unhappy with this decision , i have steam all the time open to play my games and i only have sea of thives on windows store and need to start every time i like to play this g0d damnn store , i hate it having 100 differnt launcher for 1-5 games... i hope in future steam will be the major plattform... [mod edit] be nice and give us owner a free copy arrrrr

  • Why is the website on my phone telling me to rejoin twitch drops..i recieved all of them even the one for the figure head today

  • I was replying to some other sea of thieves forums, when I realized I had a little title below my name. "Sailor" it said. I have a lot more titles in the game and I'm wondering: why is my title still sailor? Why isn't it the title I've equipped in game? Do I get better titles here by replying and posting things on the forums?

  • A friend of mine has been attacked with every ship by the kraken.He started with the brig.Then tried out galleon and he ended with the sloop.
    He has played since the alpha and has no idea why he gets attacked every time he plays.Any ideas what could be the problem or is just very unlucky??

  • Sooooo as the lockdown is easing in the UK (for now), we head in to July, and with that, comes a new set of Games with Gold.

    Starting the month off for Xbox One will be WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship, a great WRC sim for racing fans all over to get their claws in to.

    On Xbox 360 (and Xbox One via Back Compat), it will be Saints Row 2 that will be available, giving a chance for fans of the series to relive the story for the Third Street Saints.

    Dunk Lords will be the Xbox One game for the second half of the month, mixing in a beat 'em up and basketball for all of our fun needs.

    Juju, along with Peya, will bring us all our platforming fun at the second half of the month for 360, completing the games we will be receiving.

    I hope you all keep safe and keep well in the world!

  • *A group of three,
    with a desire to sail the sea.
    To be a crew,
    it was simple what we had to do.

    Follow each other,
    as if we we're brothers,
    on the windows game bar we did,
    now we're finally on the grid!

    Jet something was wrong,
    and an issue followed us all day long.
    Two out of three,
    I was the invitee.

    The third could not accept,
    we scoured the inter web and wept,
    but alas none could help,
    all we could do was yelp.

    So I came here,
    if there's anyone who wants to hear,
    the mystery of the ghostly invitation,
    and help us get rid of this damnation.*

    In layman's terms: We're a group of three, all on pc, that tried to be on the same crew together. We followed each other on the windows game lab and then sent out the invitation. It worked for two of us but not the third. He got the invites but nothing happened when he accepted it. He tried sending us an invitation but we didn't receive them. We're brand new, and we really wanted to try this game.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anyone got a solution where you can't use the Xbox app to join people? when i click on "Join" on them when it's a spot open the button just flickers and nothing else.

    If someone sends me an invite and i accept, the Xbox App opens and closes and nothing else.

    Got a GIF that shows it clearer:

  • Hey, folks. I was just wondering if there was ever a chance that the Sea of Thieves custom xbox wireless controller would ever become available again. I did not find out it even existed until today, and I absolutely love the design on it and would definitely purchase it if it did become available again.

  • I just got 12,000 Golf for completing “The Fate of The Morningstar” tall tale. Why would I get 12,000 gold instead of the normal 8? I completed the quest extraordinarily fast but does that give you an extra 4,000 gold?

  • It's a major stinker that the ashen Tuesday event ends at midnight BST. I work 12 hour shifts Monday through Thursday and I start my work day at 6AM EST. Is there anything that can be done to the time on this so more people can take advantage of it? I know this sounds real whiny, but man, I love doing ashen voyages.

  • So I just finished watching Black Sails on Hulu and I hate I didn't know about it until now! Watching that show probably increased my love of this game two fold. Anybody else sailing these seas love that show?

  • Hello
    I bought the game recently and I do have around 40 hours in the game. We made some ashen skeleton forts, killed the flamebeard fleet several times, did the kraken and megalodon and so on...It was all pretty fun but it was mainly a PvE adventure. Encounters with enemies were pretty rare and sometimes we even put that red pirate flag up which marks you on the map. Now I have read that:
    -they don't want premade groups of players to join the same server on different ships because it would be unfair.
    -they don't want any kind of upgrades even if they were so small (f.e. the cooking station^^) because it would be unfair.
    -they don't want any kind of specialization in a specific role because it would be unfair.
    -they don't want any actual meaningful use for gold (like ammo, food, crafting etc..) because it would be unfair.
    Now don't get me wrong, I like the "skill" based matchmaking. But I feel like those are a whole lot of No-Go's for an aspect, which doesn't seem to be the center of the game. I enjoyed this game as a PvE adventure. And yes the PvP fights were really fun too, but they felt more like an optional side-activity.
    In addition to that, there are only 5 ships per server. An immersive multiplayer battle with fleet vs fleet is already technically impossible. So I am asking myself: Why are they restricting themselves so much for something that isn't even that crucial in the game? And btw. since when are pirates playing "fair"? ;)
    I'd like to hear what you think about this...
    kind regards

  • Rare keeps ruining combat in this game. Hit boxes for rounds are trash and the sword combat is clunky and makes no sense. With new update the game is ruined for combat.

  • so I have a funny story so me and my 3 friends found these 2 noobs we trolled them but not to hard.we tucked on there ship for a good hour and 30 minutes tucked on there ship we found them on a island we tucked on there ship our ally is parked by a rock far away me and my friend Caleb got on there ship and hid.they finished a voyage we stole a skelly and a chest. they sail to crooks hollow and we stay I got bored so I jump of let them kill me and went back.i stole 3 chest and I ran around the island and I hid they were finding 1 more chest and its ashen as they dig it up I pick it up run with it dropped it went to the crows nest were me and Caleb were hiding my friend was driving the ship and we died because we got seen we follow them to a outpost and kill them over and over the guy think he was slick by offering me a banana and shoots me I kill them and they leave game.
    im not toxic but trying have fun anyone wanna play on xbox let me know ;)

  • Hello Pirates,

    i played SOT with gamespass for 2 years.
    Then i took a break from the game and decided to buy the game 1,5 month ago.

    But it bought it on the wrong microsoft account. does anybody know if its possible to transfer the pirate or the game or something.

    I really dont wanna start from the beginning again and i dont want to buy the game again.

  • I'm having some sort of bug with seabound soul tall tale. I've completed all the commendations for it, and yet the last commendation and sails remain locked. I even did the tall tale a 4th time to be sure. I have found all the journals, and even have the commendation for it. Would like some help for this, and I apologize in advance if this isn't the correct forum for this- I'm not for sure where to post this. Thank you in advance!

  • Even though this is still not on the event hub Fort night fridays are still a thing correct? or did they take them away?

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Hi, i don't really know if this is the right place to post this, but i recently reinstalled sea of thieves, and have a problem, the game despite the fact that i have v-sync turned off changes my monitor refresh rate (it can even fluctuate from high 50s to 130s) and causes massive flickering which is strange, because when i played a month and a half ago my refresh rate stayed at 144hz and only the frames fluctuated, which was much more of a smooth experience, so here i am asking, does someone have a solution for this?

  • I dont know why. Im running the game on a NVIDA GTX 950.
    CPU is i7 2.59 GHZ
    12 Gigs of RAM
    but still the game is not running correctly. It using 100% of GPU on all cursed with 720 Resolution. Any Help is appreciated.

  • This trolling is getting real old! I can’t even play the game for more than 10 minutes without having another ship come and attack me, a skeleton ship pop up alongside a megaladon and now flame heart. I literally jumped on and within the first 10 minutes all of that happened to me and one other shipmate!

    That is not fun at all and I can’t even enjoy the game. All we wanted to do was play a tall tale and can’t because we just get bombarded with attack after attack.

    I love this game but I would really like to enjoy the game without the ridiculousness of all that.

    There needs to be some sort of mode that you can put in where we can go passive like in GTA where we can’t attack and we can’t be attacked so we can just sail around and enjoy the game.

    If nothing in the game that you acquire helps make you better and is all aesthetics then there’s no reason you can’t do something like that!

  • Yesterday was my Birthday and i would like a companion, whatever companion, if someone give it to me i will pass it the draw I did, about me and my companion and i will sign it. Of course