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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • Hello my Pirates,

    Since the Shrouded Spoils (or since the end of 2018) I'm having a huge problem with the game.
    Everytime when I open the shop (Weapon, Clothes or Gold Hoarder) it's loading and I get an Error Message and when I refresh it, I'm unable to buy any items or voyages. I'm able to buy voyages, but I need to spam for 1 - 2 minutes the buy button until he finally is counting the coins again and then I have a 50% chance to get that item. And that is to be honest, really annoying. I researched in google if anyone has the same problem, I found nothing. I opened a thread in reddit only to get message "Ye, I have the same problem" (ty btw for that)

    Here some screenshots

    Translation: I can’t find that. Please try again
    Translation: I’m having a Problem with my inventory. Please ask again later

    The Rare Support already sent me an answer some weeks ago and I should try:
    Turn off your Anti-virus and change your firewall settings. (Tried that, nothing changed)
    Log-out from all of your accounts, restart your PC and then log back in. (Dunno what that means but I tried to relog)
    Check if there are any updates available to the game. (It's Updated :) )

    The last solution I tried was reinstalling the game... and it keep happening.
    I'm out of ideas and I need your help...


  • Dear support!

    I've been Legend for nearly half a year, but despite that, my birthday gift hasn't arrived, what could be the reason?

  • I know, we're all dying. But he is going to die much sooner than the rest of us... in weeks not years or decades. I was told not to update my status on social media concerning his rapidly deteriorating condition, that's why im posting this here.. because this is not what i consider social media. Why do I need to tell anyone? Part of me thinks its selfish, part of me thinks im just working out what I will say at his funeral, part of me thinks I really just want some form of support, as im a single man in his 30s, oldest son and current caregiver for him and my mom. i am drowning in grief. watching this man i loved my whole life, my father go like this is the hardest thing ive ever dealt with. i need to let it out. i am sorry that i did it here.

    one thing i will say is that sea of thieves has been one of the only positive aspects of my life for the past few months, and if youve sailed with me at all or remember my name, know that you helped me even if you didnt realize it. Stay close to the ones you love, give credit when its due, and share kindness and love... because being nice and caring is the easiest thing in the world you can do and the benefits are immeasurable

  • I did not know where to post, so I preferred to post it in off topic to avoid confusion with more important issues.

    It's been a month since the winners of the Athena's Fortune Contest were announced, out of irony of fate, I was one of those selected (and I was SO MUCH HAPPY about it). But one thing still worries me...

    Attempts to contact the initial winner of the Fan Fiction category will begin by January 21st 2019 using the social media account used at the time of entry, or the email account associated with that account. If a message to either the social media account or email account is returned as undeliverable, the initial winning entrant will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen. Winners who are successfully contacted will be asked to respond to an email sent to them from This email will request the winner’s preferred delivery address and will include a time to respond by. If the email is not responded to within the period listed on the winner notification messages, the winner will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen. This process will continue until all prizes have been allocated. It is your responsibility to respond, as a winner. We will not enter into discussion beyond this point.

    I was not expecting to be one of the winners, but I looked at my email box and received nothing. I also looked at all my social media and nothing. Do any one know if they've tried some contact?

    @LongLiveCayde6, @MageSentron, @KattTruewalker, @Manix-Ebonfire

  • Hello darrrghh! Fo-Rum-ites...

    Firstly this is going to be a long one, there’s a TLDR at the bottom so scroll down if you prefer. :)

    It’s that time again. Time where we all try to band together to make our voices heard. Time to ask the developers to release the forums from the ferry of the damned and actually use them again. Time to return these ancient waters to there greatness instead of leaving them like Atlantis, full of myth, questions and wonder. Time to get back on board, grab some planks and equip there buckets and rejoin the crew.

    For some newer members, or even those who have been with us for a while now but not long enough to know what a few of us old timers speak. These ancient isles used to be the centre of the Sea Of Thieves. The first port of call for all things Sea Of Thieves related, the Thieves Haven If you would. A place of life, wonder, mystery, great companionship, camaraderie and of course... Developers.

    Back before the launch of the game we had the TA (Technical Alpha) and with that we had the insider program. (Yes the one where you have to fight a kraken to get a verification email) I know it actually had a use at one point!
    Through it the developers would release all manner of information on the game and dev team. Things like:

    • Interviews
    • Upcoming features/Riddles/Hints
    • Competitions
    • #SeaOfTeases
    • Joes unintentional Leaks
    • Memes
    • Feedback threads
    • Monthly insider reports

    And many other things I know I’m forgetting but will add when I remember or am reminded. A place, like I said above was the center of the universe for SoT, the community was unheard of in kindness and compassion and the developers where just as active as members of the community. You got the sense that they where genuinely interested in you and your views and opinions on the game. You could have long conversations about anything, be it about the game, the aspects of there job role, gaming in general or... well basically anything. Like us they are human...I think 🤔 :P

    However as the game launched the ship took a new direction, there was some backlash over aspects of the game and the developers went silent. Which was to be expected, they was hard at work sorting out the launch issues and had there heads down working hard and planning for the future of the game.
    The community grew a lot and with a lot of new members, most joined to show there displeasure or complain the forums took a sour turn for a while. But through all that there was still the old timers and epic members standing strong, staying vigilant and trying to keep the name we had all built for the place alive. That name still stands true today for me.

    But we where told that the community had grown to much for the developers to be using the media’s now. A response what wasn’t nice to hear, but one was accepted at the time.
    However that, unfortunately was not the case at all. Rumours and screen grabs started appearing of the developers actively engaging in new communities. (Reddit, Twitter Ect)
    We where told they was not allowed to respond or interact because of how big the community had become and there words would be a twisted and misconstrued. Yet all evidence pointed to the opposite of that, the developers had all left the forums and had taken residence in new waters, with new communities and marooned the long and faithful crew on the ferry never to return it would seem.

    And with that the decline kicked in, what was once a bustling haven for all walks of life and characters started to decay. The lack of interaction from the developers on these shores left us all confused and wondering why? Questions never got answered, so members made up there own responses. Thoughts and opinions didn’t feel like they where being heard so people started making there own views on what certain aspects of the game should be and what they believed the developers thought.

    Old time members, deckhands and many other fair and good folk left these shores as they saw no reason to stay, the captains abandoned ship and left the crew to fight for power amongst themselves. The old ways where gone and we lost many good pirates. It felt like the English had come to Nassau and the goldenage of piracy was drawing to an end.

    Not all hope was lost though, since then through a lot of hard work from a lot of great members and albeit a lot of positivity and restraint. Old legends who remained and even new ones who have forged there name around these parts have fought hard to keep this ship sailing! To go above and beyond to help, debate and encourage conversations, answer questions and keep the lifeblood of these forums alive with there stories and great personalities. (A few that spring to mind who are old and new legends alike: @Skulliah @Erinom3 @Murkrage @NoFears-Fun @king-deka @x-crowheart-x @Sshteeve @thor-Von-blitz @a-cranky-Eskimo @PirateCraggy @Clumsy-George @Genuine-Heather @stacky-a @sgt-palooggoo @tre-oni @xCALYPT0x VHombre @ClosingHare208 @LucianSanchez82 @JE0RGIE-P0RGIE @JetOrchidee97 @mr-dragon-raaar ) And even then, I know I’ve missed so many awesome members, those where litrally names that popped to my head so I’m so sorry if you are not there! It probably wasn’t the greatest idea to list people but alas it be done now! I tip my hat and raise a grog to those above and beyond! Your the true legends of these parts!
    Pirates who are named and unnamed have kept this ship sailing in times of dark and held there lanterns high to help and guide us.

    And of course your probably wondering hang on a minute Knife, your forgetting some people...
    Of course not only do we have the user legends above maintaining the ship but the biggest applause (Or hook clanking) obviously has to go to our @Deckhands and @Quartermasters who not only are awesome community members but have in my opinion one of the hardest jobs you could ever want! Maintaining and guiding our motley crew without letting emotion or biased views get in there way. There is no harder job in my eyes then one of a position of power. Yet, these brave men and women go above and beyond to guide, help and steer us all in a friendly and civilised manner without losing there tempers, while I’m sure getting a whole load rubbish thrown there way! It’s a job you couldn’t pay me to do, the biggest irony is THEY DONT EVEN GET PAID! (And I thought I was one of the nutters around here! 😂)
    But truly through all the good times and bad they have been here for everyone doing, at times I would guess, a soul destroying job, yet they push through it always and still log on everyday because of there passion for not only this game, but the community to. And while we may be bailing the water as members it’s the these guys and gals who are the nails keeping the ship together in the first place.


    So to wrap up before I break my fingers and touch screen, this is a call to get the developers back to this great ship which they once launched and have unfortunately left. They started this community and have brought all these amazing people together and them not being here anymore is not only a big loss for us, but in my honest opinion it is an even bigger loss for them.

    So my idea is, recently we had the hashtag from the developers #SoTandMe we all shared stories about how the game has helped, changed and done different things for us. What I want us to do is make a new one.


    If you have any stories from these parts, memories or friendships made, legends forged. Write them below, show the developers the power of this place and what it means to you. Remind them why this place is unique and why you choose to log back in, maybe this time we can make the diffrence

    Even if we don’t it would still be awesome to hear your stories and maybe forge new ones. You are all legends in my eyes and for me this will still only be the place I come to for my SoT Fix! Remember to #BeMorePirate!

    Have an awesome day and keep being the amazing people you are and I hope we have many more great adventures and memories on these shores for a long time to come!

  • Happy Birthday Sea Of Thieves!

    Some Amazing Videos being posted from the community!

    I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Sea Of Thieves Day!!! ❤️☠️🏴‍☠️

  • Just a little article... a year in review... what's your review?


    If anyone would like to share their best moments so far ... pop a few lines up...

  • I cant fnd out wants in the update can someone tell me

  • Ahoi,

    will there be a sale for the Sea of Thieves Anniversary?

  • I really enjoy the Pirate Legend Shanty and im looking to playing it on my piano, but the problem is that I cant find it on a music sheet anywhere.

  • I just got the Reaper's Mark Unisex Zipped Hoodie from the Sea of Thieves store and, while I like it, it's clearly different from the one pictured on the item page here:

    Firstly, the one that ships has the fabric reversed on the sleeves - the coarse side is facing out. At first I thought "oh no, one of the sleeves is inside out!" but after inspecting it, seeing the other sleeve was the same and the seams at the wrist and along the sleeve, it's definitely a design choice. To be honest, I like it, it's got a "ropey" rustic feel to it and it gives a nice contrast to the body of the hoodie, though I do wish they did the same with the pockets.

    Secondly, if you look closely at the image on the store, you see the shoulder seams go straight up from armpit to shoulder point, whereas the one that ships the seams go from the armpit to the neckline.

    While these differences seem minor, it's clear the pictured product is not the one that ships and this might matter to some. For me, personally, I like the one I got and I wish that was the one pictured. Maybe Rare or the company running the store can update the product images?

    Besides wishing the pockets were also reversed like the sleeves, only other improvement I would make personally would be to add another Reaper's Mark on the right chest but that's an aesthetic choice and it's okay as-is.

    All-in-all, happy enough with my purchase, even if it was a little pricey for what it is (considering other game hoodies I've bought at the same price-point). The prints on it seem good, though I'll see after a few washes for sure, and it's really comfortable. It's not overly warm, not a "winter" hoodie, more of an "autumn" or "spring" hoodie.

  • Okay so I don't know 100% if people already had found this out or not but I don't believe so because I have been scrounging the forums looking for an answer my self.

    So a lot of people may know that voice chat in the game is broken for like half the people who play with no answers as to why and the devs gave a fix that doesn't work for 50% of the people including me.

    I am using a Steel Series Siberia 150 gaming headset which is USB not a Line In style headset. After multiple attempts to get my 150 to work I took my older Steel series headset out which WAS a Line In style headset with both a headset and microphone plug and the chat worked 100% fine. I tested this by going back and forth between both headsets and the Line In never gave me issues, my 150 had the latest drivers installed also.

    I believe the game doesn't support or work with USB style headsets for whatever reason beats me but this should be fixed ASAP. I hope this helps a lot of people if you have a USB headset you're probably gonna have to wait this out. Hope this helps.

  • I tried doing a merchant quest which I haven't done in a while, everything was going smoothly at first but as I approached the final destination, a sloop docked next to me and proceeded to spawn kill me for about 20 minutes. It was 2 on 1 and I just wanted to sell some loot. Eventually they sold the rest of my stuff and began taunting me and making remarks because they had pc's and i was on console. This kind of behavior is despicable. Something needs to be done about it, maybe being able to choose a server that even tells you the current population of other players, or player created servers with messages on them so you know what to expect when you join. Anything to stop toxic behavior in this game. It's a beautiful game and I don't want the bad part of the community to ruin it.

  • Hello @Rare-Ltd & @SeaOfTheives,

    Our discord fleet called the Poseidon's Faithful is almost at 500 members strong and we were all wondering what it would take to get officially sponsored by @SeaOfTheives and @Rare-Ltd ? Any feedback is gladly welcomed!!

    Thank you,

  • So today I've fought a megalodon that took over half an hour to die. I hit with 15 cannon balls and 60+ pistol/sniper rounds before it finally died (solo)
    Later I joined my two brothers and we stumbled across a kraken and took out between 7 - 9 tentacles before it decided it had enough and left. We never killed it after taking out all those tentacles. Why what is going on at rare?

  • Has anybody noticed a recent trend of spawn campers? Two nights in a row I’ve had my galleon pursued for several minutes and finally boarded by an opposing crew only to have them lay waste to my crew (won’t get into the hardware disparity) and then proceed to hang out on our ship and pick us off as we spawn back in.

    I’m all for ganking a ship and roughing a crew up but I just can’t for the life of me see where enjoyment is found in killing the same obviously inferior players the second they down back in over and over again. Is there some sense of accomplishment in beating someone to the point they have no recourse but to abandon the fight?

    I realize the scuttle feature is there to dissuade this behavior and I do use it after a few attempts of fighting back but when you’ve got that one PC commando on your crew that wants to engage in this PVP you can’t always accrue enough votes to scuttle.

    I’m hoping this current trend is due to people coming back to the game after a hiatus and shaking rust off prior to the Arena release...whenever that’s supposed to drop.

    /end rant.

  • Es sollte möglich sein verbündete crews per posttaube zu kontaktieren sos usw

  • I'm sorry guys but I can't be the only one ruined forever by this.......cheese....chicken.....Join me ye all and lets hate ourselves together

  • I know there is a lot more new players on the seas over the past few months. You're just beginning your pursuit of pirate legend. Here's a favorite song of mine that might help motivate you:

    The band made a video to remind everyone of the real legends, men and women who put themselves in harms way everyday. Hats off to them!

  • Hello everyone.

    Does anyone know if the progress on Athenas will be doubled as well? It should be, as the amount of gold is usually roughly translated as amount of EXP. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Whenever I try to open Sea of Thieves, it crashes on the logo screen. Has this been happening to anyone else?

  • I’m new to the forums and I just wanted to make mysef known, so hi everybody I hope your all having fun on the sea!

  • So me and my friends were chasing a gally that had completed a Skull Fort... So i shot myself infront of the boat and they didnt see me at all when I climbed up and snuck in the Capt Quarters and dropped all their loot from their boat in the water to our boat which was trailing them... So after that i got a message saying this
    "pvp and trying to steal loot are acceptable tossing loot off just to spite someone you couldnt beat is toxic ive reported you for unsportsmanlike behaviour enjoy your ban"
    his GT is [Mod edited]... Like Srsly why report someone for doing what pirates do...

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I made a video about a month ago going over the entire game from when it was announced to now. I never thought to put it on the Sea Of Thieves discussion page but today it came across my mind to do it. In the video, I go into detail about where the game started and how the game has changed/ adapted over time. It would mean a lot if you could check the video out and give some feedback on what I could do to improve it for future content! Thanks

  • Ahoy matey!

    Blimey! Everyone feeds the fish one way or another and we all go to that one place we all know as, The Ferry of the Damned. That Ferryman on the wheel has a much different outfit than we do. The outfit has more of a cape on the back and is a dress at the same time. He has a peg leg but it looks more like a bone leg and he is wearing a black boot (that is what it looks like). There is also an eye patch which we have not seen in any of the shops (correct me if I am wrong for any of these).

    Looking at the cannons on the ship, they seem to be a default skin but is twisted. Also, when we look at the flags as well, it seems to either be maroon or black but with the addition of this in the game, it can give you the chance to be the very, Ferryman, you see on the Ferry of the Damned.

    This should be limited to maybe those who are Athena Level 10 or by bringing out a set of challenges called, Fate of the Ferryman (name idea) which can revolve around the story of how the Ferryman came to be and why he is stuck on the Ferry of the Damned.

    Let me (us) know your thoughts on this and what you think.

  • It was nice to have it, that didn't make me better than anyone, but it was a differential, it was cool. They could put it back as thanks to all Pioneers who helped in the development of SoT.

  • AHOY!
    I believe this game is missing a crucial song, and that song is played while holding the grog barrel.
    The legendary drunked sailor song should be available at all times.

    Any disagreement will be taken as treason and we shall cast the lot.

  • The Name Game

    Skulliah, Skulliah, bo-bkulliah Banana-fana fo-fkulliah
    Fee-fi-mo-mkulliah, Skulliah!

    Come on everybody!

    I say now let's play a game
    I betcha I can make a rhyme
    out of anybody's name.
    The first letter of the name,
    I treat it like it wasn't there.
    But a B or an F
    or an M will appear.

    And then I say bo add a B then
    I say the name and Banana fanna and a fo
    And then I say the name again with an F very plain
    and a fee fi and a mo
    And then I say the name again with an M this time
    and there isn't any name that I can't rhyme

    Ramsey, Ramsey, bo-bamsey Banana-fana fo-famsey
    Fee-fi-mo-mamsey, Ramsey!

    Olive, Olive, bo-bolive Banana-fana fo-folive
    Fee-fi-mo-molive, Olive!

    But if the first two letters are ever the same,
    I drop them both and say the name like:

    Bob, Bob drop the B's Bo ob
    For Fred, Fred drop the F's Fo red
    For Merrick, Merrick drop the M's Mo errick
    That's the only rule that is contrary.

    And there isn't any name
    that you can't rhyme.

    For those who don't know, The Name Game is a song originally sang by Shirley Ellis as a rhyming game that creates variations on a person's name.

    I thought we could have fun by using our Pirate's names and make them rhyme! :)

    You'll find below the cover made for AHS with Jessica Lange's voice which I find more dynamic :D

    Okay? Now your turn!

    The rules are simple, you need to complete the following verse:

    (X), (X), bo-b(Y)
    Banana-fana fo-f(Y)

    where (X) is your name but I let you find (Y) ;)

  • so i remember back when the insider starts a long time ago i would see that ppl changed there names on xbox but then could not sign into the insider cuz of the different names is that fixed i want to change my name but dont want to loose my progress @Musicmee

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Pleas Rare make a new Trailer about the Arena with Christoph Waltz at Voice Actor or David Nathan
    ( Germany's Capt. JACK Sparrow)

    Thanks ☠😎

  • Hello I'm trying to sign up for the insider program. Does anyone know what time it drops is?

  • I'm really hopeping to become a pioneer tomorrow when I sign up to the insider program. Been suporting this game since lauch, saddly I had only heard of the game just before the final beta was finishing, so hopeing to get in the pioneer program to help Rare make this game better than it all ready is. ( if that's even posible.)