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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • Are they given immediately? I had the flag yesterday but logging on today the other two were not available. Not sure if I need to log out/log back in or what. Ty!!!

  • This is not video game discussion
    More of a Movie discussion
    Other than SEA OF THIEVES

    Man, I was pumped to hear that Pirates of the Caribbean was a influence for Rare in making the sea of thieves. Now after watching The Goonies, also noticed this movie is increasing my fun. The Tall Tales voyages are on the schedule for today.
    Happy Sailing!
    -Captain Ruinous

  • A friend asked me to sent him my Big Daddy cosplay photos and i thought that maybe i should share it here as well for all the fellow cosplayers :)
    Ive made it few years ago because i couldnt stand watching cool cosplay costumes around the internet and ive always wanted to add something from me.
    It took me like a half year and ill NEVER EVER do it again it took me way too much time and resources but damn it was fun!
    The skeleton is made from cardboard, layers of paper and at the end after it was all ready ive covered it with fiber glass to it wont break, but the problem that ive discovered with fiber glass that its very toxic so when ive used it I had a mask when it was wet and when it dries its safe to use it and the second problem with fiber glass that its VERY heavy, luckily my exercise paid off so i could stay in it for like half an hour then ive needed to drink water rest 10 minutes and then i could wear it again.
    Big Daddy have lights and the hand drill is moving very fast the first time ive used it ive damaged my right hand a lot, in the drill there is an actual drill to move it.

    Its also funny to wear it first of all i wear the huge pants then the big shoes and then i wear the torso like a backpack, then the hands and i pretty much need someone with me just to make sure im not bumping into small kids because its like 2 meters costume.
    Thank you all for reading it, i just thought that it would be nice to share it here im not really using social media websites.

    The only other gaming character that i did other then Big Daddy was Craig the Psycho from Borderlands 2 if anyone wants to see that one too

  • I saw a new trailer, I was very happ. Beautiful music in the background, a new skin on the ship. Then I read. You can get it exclusiv in UP.
    [Mod edit]

    I have one question.
    Something to know when the new Ancestral ORI ship set becomes available to everyone?

  • Holy Cannoli! Ancient Coin Skelly This has got me searching every island! Oh Yes, Gonna catch 'em all!

  • Tell me how I’m helping a BRAND NEW player make some starter money, a friend of mine. Had two ashen chests w keys , a couple grogs, reapers bounty and a few skulls. And a Kraken spawns on us while we’re on a sloop, we tried to run but couldn’t go further than the black inky water, then while we’re fighting the kraken, a Meg starts attacking the ship simultaneously, pummeled by the kraken , pummeled by the Meg, he died, I died and then it keeps me sitting on a black loading screen for 5 minutes while I can hear my ship being attacked and sinking but there’s nothing I can do Bc I’m “loading” pathetic, not only did all this happen, then I tried to load the row boat up before everything sank, I was maybe 2 mins of rowing from sanctuary outpost but there were THREE sharks surrounding my loot and they killed me. Boom 1 hour of work gone , friend deletes your game Bc who tf wants to play a game that broken?

  • It's a shame that you give away the Forsaken Ashes Cutlass. It's the only reward that I have from the event and now everybody is going to have it.
    Feels bad man..
    Yarr see you at the seas!

  • *All players who log in and play Bleeding Edge between Midnight UTC April 1st and 23:59 UTC April 7th will receive the limited edition Gold Boarder.

    This board will only be available during this event and will not be available for purchase once the event has ended.

    Please note: players should use a time zone converter to ensure they play within the correct window for their specific region.*


  • After about 5-40 min of playtime with no issues, the game will crash and I will receive this error message. i have tried updating my video drivers to the latest version via the geforce experience as well as the geforce website to no avail. I have also tried using previous driver versions and rolling back my drivers which proved fruitless as well. I have reset my games app data, uninstalled and reinstalled the game more than once onto both my SSD and HDD, and tried almost every variation of graphical settings both in game and in the NVIDIA control panel. None of this has worked and I restarted my PC after each of these attemps, only to be given around the same amount of playtime before it crashes. No matter what I do I cannot resolve this issue and there is no known solution to it on the internet or forums. Please if you have any ideas about how to resolve this error code and stop my game from crashing I would appreciate any info regarding my problem.
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17763) (17763.rs5_release.180914-1434)
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor (16 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
    Memory: 32768MB RAM
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

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  • First of all, I'm very glad SoT is coming to steam, and I really want to see how it affect the playerbase. Second, I play the game on PC windows 10 store with a game pass subscription and I was thinking of buying it, but now that I see this, now this does put a smile on my face since I love having all my games in one single platform.
    Now, I think we all PC players have some questions:

    • Starting with those who have bought the game on windows store, will they be able to transfer their pirates for free or do they have to buy the game on steam? Something similar happened with GTA V if I remember correctly, you had to buy the game and then link your accounts.
    • For those who play it on windows 10 store BY OWNING A GAME PASS, (like say, me) Am I going to be able to transfer my pirate and my progress to steam or will I be forced to buy it on windows store to save up progress?

    I know the game is going to still need to have a microsoft xbox account linked and all but I sincerely ain't sure if it will save my progress if buying it on steam.

  • Please help, idk what else I can do, my video card is up to date and all is working well... is the only game with this prob.

    I havent play since 2017.

    My Specs:

    AMD Rysen 5 3600
    Geforce RTX2070 super
    16gb ram

    link text

    Thank you in advance


  • I love the OST of Sea Thieves, but sometimes I just want some folk metal singing about pirates.

    That's why I made this playlist with all songs by the band Alestorm available on Spotify.
    It's almost 5 hours so it won't end in the middle of the gaming session.

    I thought I would do the altruistic thing and share my playlist for any pirate out there looking for some fresh pirate music to accompany them on their voyages.

    Thank me later

  • Why i can't use Direct Debit for Coins when il allready use Direct Debit for the Monthly Fee for the Gaming Pass? It makes no Sense at all.

  • Is there anyway that I can play on another profile, account, etc without having to delete my current pirate?

  • Hello there everyone! I've been playing this game since day one. I finally got to the pirate legend Hideout. I heard the Becalmed song on the banjo, I searched the web all over and youtube, to try and find the banjo tabs for the song, but had no results come up for it. Would anyone know where I can find the banjo music tabs for this song. I really would like to learn this song on the banjo. Your help would be very apprecvery.

  • Me and my duo partner had finally gotten close to finishing the fort of the damned when we heard cannon fire. A brig has pulled up and opens fire on our ship. I came back to defend when both of us die and our ship sinks. As soon as we die and load onto our new ship to head back, our server changes. We knew we could head back and we are farely good at pvp, as we have wiped galleons with ease. Is this going to be fixed? Is there any way to fix cut out as much server switching? I see the point of switching servers when low on players and stuff.. but we lost all our progress. I wouldn’t have a problem if we weren’t so close to beating the boss.

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  • Trying to hunt for the Forsaken Devilfish!
    Tried to google and search on forums. It seems some people managed to catch it in boiling water and some while just randomly fishing. But most people are just complaining about not being able to find/catch it...

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  • I want to change this in game because there are some riddle with bad translates and i want to play in english to know what im looking for :D.

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  • Ciao rigaz sono nuovo nel gruppo e mi chiedevo se sia possibile modificare l'aspetto fisico del personaggio senza iniziare di nuovo il gioco. Grazie mille

  • Ahoy!
    I'm really happy to see that this game is evolving during the time and that is the cause of my presence in this game.
    I like how people meet and speek, and i like how they (we) can interact with each other.
    I like how devs take infos about this game posting videos on socials.
    I live in Italy and for the actual situation with virus evolving i can't go out to see other people, but i can go in this virtual sea and meet all those people in the same situation as mine. This is really important part in this game, not the mechanics, but the relationships. So I want to thanks those devs and those players that let me enjoy this game in this hard period of my life.

    Ciao, from Italy!

  • I was very invested in the game before launch, but I wasn't in a position in my life to buy it when it came out. Now that I am getting back into it, I need to flex my badges to my friends on here.

  • Ahoy!
    I was trying to become a sot insider but I when I’m on the terms and conditions section it says “ oops your session has expired” I’ve tried to fix this but have no clue what to do. Any ideas?

  • I know this has been said before, but it was a while ago and the thread has been locked, but I wanted to chime in and say that the Pirate Legend Weapons only be accessible to Arena players is kinda lame.

    Someone did point out and say that other factions have things that are unique to them, which is a valid point... but I try to avoid PvP in Adventure when I can, and Arena never really appealed to me... and all the early year 1 Pirate Legends got there without ever setting foot in the arena.

    Also, every time I have tried to actually get into the Arena, I get stuck in the lobby for an incredible amout of time, which makes it even a longer grind.

  • Am I the only one that thinks server merging without warning is a very bad thing? I get that sometimes a server will get underpopulated without crews getting swapped to another server. But I just spent 3+hours gathering loot and lost my ship to a volcano. I then spent the next several minutes moving all the treasure to the shore. If there was a message saying a server merge would take place soon I would have waited for that. Instead I hopped on the mermaid and was happy my ship was near the island with all my treasure only to change servers as soon as I set sail. A kracken immediately spawned on me as I left the island (most annoying timing ever), as I raced nervously to see if my treasure was on this server with me. Finally I get there and it's gone.
    Perhaps a message warning players and maybe even an option under crew to change servers after the message pops up if you don't want to wait til it happens automatically. For me this is one of the most annoying features in a game I otherwise enjoy quite a lot.

  • How's everyone been on the seas? Up to much lately? Myself, I've been flaunting my Ghost Cannons, Capstan and Helm!

  • I've been trying to join the insider programme but every time I get to step 2 it tells me that my session has expired and then gives me a link to log back in and try again. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • My pirate is kinda broken some of the emotes don't work properly like the clap emotes his hands don't touch and or his hands will go though his body with the admiral sleep emote just to name a few. If anyone knows what I can do to fix this please let me know thanks.

  • i cant believe this is not fixed !!!!
    ive tried numerous stuff
    a year ago i put this game down with the same fault
    come back to it now
    AND STILL THIS TASKBAR cr#p is here !!!!

    whats going on devs ???
    can you not fix this ???


  • I watched the stream on Mixer today and was supposed to be given the Spinal Figurehead for doing so, but I have not received anything so far.

    My Microsoft account is linked and I watched for well over an hour.

    Anyone else having issues or able to tell me what's gone wrong?

  • Today, March 20th, marks the two year anniversary of the Sea of Thieves launch date. I just want to take this moment on behalf of the community to thank the community, crew, and especially the developers for keeping this game alive and always keeping each update exciting and new each time. A lot has changed since opening day and I'm happy to be a part of this journey since day one.

    Thanks again for all your hard work on bringing us the best possible experience of being a true pirate! So here's to many more adventures to come. Sail on!