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  • Ahoy!
    I know it's early in the year but I want to bring to your attention EGX 2019 in October!
    Tickets are available now.

    A few of us pirates met up last October, with Rare visiting for a 'meet and greet' and tell us of the journey of the game and what may come in the future.

    I hope that this year we can have an even larger group meeting together and sharing our Sea of Thieves stories in person.
    I shall be there again with my bucket and a few giveaways but am urging you all to #GetYourPirateOn and come dressed 'Sea of Thieves' style!

    May the best Pirate win!

  • hi there. i'm missing some xbox services from my windows 10 install. this means i cannot play sea of thieves.

    i've tried:
    downloading the .reg files and applying them
    doing the fixashbeard.reg thing
    reinstalling all xbox apps

    still nothing!

    i dont have the xbox live networking service. how do i get that back? it's simply not in services.msc. it's set to automatically start in the registry, too...

  • Ahoy sailors!
    If you've found this post, you are probably searching for a german "Sea of ​​Thieves"-discord.

    I present...
    the "Sea of ​​Thieves" -German Community!

    On this discord server you'll find tons of sailors just waiting to get into adventures with you.
    Whether with your friends or with completely foreign pirates, everyone will find the perfect crew for themselves!

    What can we offer?

    • A well-organized and active server team that's committed to revolutionizing the gaming experience for all involved.
    • many opportunities to talk with other players about the game or completely different topics.
    • Contests, events and other great promotions for the community.
    • A perfectly equipped system for the creation of fleets in the game.
    • Special language and text channels for insiders and piratelegends.
    • heaps of voice channels for any type of ship and the "Arena" game mode.
      Should I continue? Nah ... that should be enough for now. : P

    The server is protected through a simple join system to keep
    unwanted intruders away.
    You can also use simple commands to get your title in the "Sea of ​​Thieves"
    also visible on the server (piratelegend or similar).

    The Invite link to the Discord can be found here:

    We look forward to seeing you soon aboard the Sea of ​​Thieves -German Community!

    Ahoi ihr Leichtmatrosen!
    Wenn ihr diesen Post gefunden habt, seid ihr vermutlich auf der
    Suche nach einem deutschsprachigen "Sea of Thieves"-Discord.

    Ich präsentiere...
    die "Sea of Thieves"-Deutschland Community!

    Auf diesem Discord-Server findet ihr haufenweise Matrosen, die nur darauf warten mit euch Abenteuer zu erleben.
    Egal ob mit euren Freunden oder komplett fremden Piraten, hier findet jeder die perfekte Crew für sich!

    Was können wir bieten?

    • ein gut organisiertes und aktives Serverteam, großen Wert darauf legt, das Spielerlebnis für alle beteiligten zu revolutionieren.
    • viele Möglichkeiten sich mit anderen Spielern über das Spielgeschehen oder komplett andere Themen auszutauschen.
    • Gewinnspiele, Events und weitere tolle Aktionen für die Community.
    • ein perfekt eingerichtetes System für die Gründung von Flotten im Spiel.
    • spezielle Sprach- und Textkanäle für Insider und Piratenlegenden.
    • haufenweise Sprachkanäle für jeglichen Schiffstyp und den Spielmodus "Arena".
      Soll ich weitermachen? Nee... das sollte erstmal genug sein. :P

    Der Server ist durch ein, für tapfere Piraten einfaches, Join-System
    geschützt, um ungewollte Eindrinlinge fern zu halten.
    Außerdem könnt ihr über einfache Befehle euren Status in der "Sea of Thieves"
    auch auf dem Server sichtbar machen (Piratenlegende o.ä.).

    Den Invite-Link zum Discord findet ihr hier:

    Wir freuen uns darauf, euch bald an Bord der "Sea of Thieves"-Deutschland Community begrüßung zu dürfen!

  • What if Blizzard Ent bought Rare studios? Been toying with that idea in my mind today. I wounder how the game would evolve.

  • To hell with this game the community is so toxic. All new friends I get to try it that now that is has contact just leave cause they get bullied constantly. Good thing they got to try it free for a few days cause I'd feel bad had they actually spent money on it. Bet your selling copies despite a shrinking player base though, releasing the little content every month to keep the few remaining trolls on to pick on new players. Have had every friend I've tried to get the game leave because we were attacked by a decked out pirate ship. Proof is in the Discord, the poppultaion shrinks every day because try hard trolls are bullying the community. I made the mistake of buying game day one.

  • Random one but anyone got any used decent condition DLC cards?

    Looking at making a photo frame thing with them. (yes I am sad)

    Offering beer tokens for them posted 😊

    I have:

    Looking for more!

  • Even if you delete my comments doesnt make your pathetic work you call a game any better

  • Hi,

    not sure if this is allowed but on my voyagers yesterday I came across a SoT Xbox one controller with box at a local second hand shop.

    Controller looks in great condition. (did not handle it so maybe better or worse) Box was rip down the front from the handing tag area but was still there. (sorry did not get a photo) think it was maked at £49.99

    If I'm sailing that way today I'll see if it stall there and get a photo.

    Tyne BARGAINS, Stockton-on-Tees

    Would of had it myself but i already have three 😉 (well two and one for parts as was bought faulty)

  • This topic is deleted!

  • When I was on ancient spire outpost I saw there was a new banner next to the abandoned house could this be the new pirate emporium and If so when will it be coming out

  • Hello Mateys,

    Some of you might be 10 times better than me in Flintlock accuracy, but this video shows a detailed analysis between flintlocks and which one is better.

    Not all guns are equal, due to different pistol models, the shooter perspective differs from one to another. This analysis will cover common pistols and a few limited ones that I own, including ways to improve your accuracy. I will take the base version of each class since higher ones just differ in color.

  • Rare has the pirates times with stories of the community, now let’s give them some input!

    Let's share our best stories of glory!

    I’ll start…

    After a long day of sailing on the brigantine, defending and digging up chest for the gold hoarders, we came across and active fort with a sloop docked. I said to my crew: "I swim over there and see if I can help them (well, steal the key of course)".
    When I reached the land, I heard that they just killed the captain. I covered myself in leaf and hide the best I could! They must have known that someone swum over, because they didn’t open the fort yet and looked with the sloop for mermaids and me. The sloop must have looked too far from the island for me, because it got attacked by the kraken. From the fort, the pirate with the key shot cannonballs at the kraken, not knowing I was behind him. I wanted to see his face when he died. I hide the key and fought them in an epic battle, me from the fort and them from the ship. I lost and rejoined my crew after a good talk with the ferry man. We digged up some more chest from an island and decided to sell.
    Afterwards, we decided to go back to the fort and see if they found the key. If not, and they still were searching we would give the key back, because we have this rule: try to steal once, then accept the loss. When we got to the fort, they were still searching, but another thread for them was on their way! Not us, but full crew galleon with the attention to sink the sloop! We decided to defend the sloop. After an epic battle my crew and the sloop won. We gave them the key and sailed away towards the sun! It's not about the gold, it's about the glory. Sometimes the glory is helping another crew.

    A good day!

    Please share your story about glory

  • If I were to try out Sea of thieves and earn money and cosmetics would I get to carry over the loot to when I buy the game for real? I wouldn't want to earn lots of things on the trial just to have them deleted when the gamepass expires. Even when I buy the game.

    This is all sounding really confusing...

  • Ahoy! I’m a new player and I’m kind of confused about some of the events. I’ve only been playing about a week now. Is it possible to still earn commendations from past events? As an example, am I still able to go to the ferry of the damned and get different colors for my lantern? Also, is there a timeframe to when new events are coming out because I’d like to spend doubloons on items.


  • I am doing some research on Sea of Thieves and I wanted to know if you could help me with this question!? How big is the current and old maps IRL with real measures (km^2 or m^2)???

  • Scottish, Pirate, Heavy Metal band. Anyone else listening to these guys while you play?


    I do use spotify myself to listen to them, but look them up on your fave streaming service 🧜‍♀️🎶🎵

  • is there a way to get the meg tattoo and title since the "the hungering deep" isnt a quest anymore?

  • Just a little article, an interview with Joe himself

    To quote from the article

    "In a lot of ways, as a service, we are only just beginning," said executive producer Joe Neate during GameSpot's E3 livestream. He and design director Mike Chapman also discussed how they plan to add more regularity to their update plans so that players know when to come back, as well as to make the update pace more sustainable for the team going forward.

    "We've been going at a pace that isn't sustainable," said Neate, "and the team has done an amazing job, but these are the two pillars of our plans going forward: It's cadence and regularity for the players, but it's also making it so that there's flexibility in the plan as to when some things land.

    I think in the light of day, it's true that the team do need to take stock & adjust their development plans going forward.
    We can't have a burnt out team.
    Quality not quantity springs to mind.

    Just my thoughts.


  • I like Pirates and all, but i also like good Samurai and Native American Settings for example.

    Here's a game that i cannot talk very much about it, because i just tested it for a few hours, but it was a immersive and tense experience.

    Game is playable, not finished, but works fine for me.

    These guys also made Naval Action what i played before SoT and is a good Age of Sail game.
    Also not finished and i cant tell you what happened the last 2 years there, because i lost track.
    Maybe their games are endless in development and Alk that, but anyway they do good games until.

    If you are interested watch some YT

  • I saw this guy in a Video, and he had this Gold Tattoo over his whole body, I've even seen people with skull tattoo's on their face, how can I get those?
    Picture of the guy with the Golden tatoo

  • I have tried reading the troubleshooting page on this situation, but it is difficult to follow and doesn't go into much detail. This is the first time it has happened and it tells me that the file I am missing is "gmp_tal_crystal_skull_perfect_01_a_di". I haven't played the game for months and I didn't have this problem before. I really want to get back into the game but I cant seem to find a way to fix this.

    P.S. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times

  • “I can’t wait until I’m pirate legend so that I can just play Sea of thieves for fun!” I can’t tell you how many times me and my crew mates have said this over the years..
    Now it’s a cliche to say that “there’s nothing to do one you’re Pirate Legend but to grief other people.” Which is dumb. Especially now that tall tails is out. But I just wanted to remind the community of the dream of becoming a REAL pirate legend.
    The community is watching. We genuinely enjoy watching people have fun playing this game. And you don’t have to be a streamer to get the spotlight.
    We all share the dream to be immortalized in game for doing something legendary. For the most of us that will never happen. But the adventure is VERY REAL!! I don’t want anyone to lose that dream! Be the first to do something creative. Be the Athena’s speed run record holder. Or do something so daring that it gains the respect of the community. But most of all have fun telling your own story.

    And make clips! I only took pictures when I first started my journey. And a lot of people just thought I was lying for attention.. No one else in the world solos skeleton fleets and then gifts the loot out after all!

  • Well other pirates may have been aware of this up and coming title, I wasn't.
    Coming to Closed Beta this Summer.
    Looks interesting enough, this & Skull & Bones ( permanently on the Horizons - well it's taking it's time :) )
    Adds to the general "Pirate" genre... which is always a welcome thing.
    Looks fairly chaotic, if not bending the whole "Pirate" combat mechanics into an extreme realm of reality :)
    Interesting... if nothing else.


  • @Deckhands @Quartermasters
    The store, are we updating? :)

    Feel the need to spend me doubloons, any eta?


  • Ahoy pirates! It is that time of the month where Xbox have released their Games with Gold! The treasures to come next month are as follows;

    So kicking the month off for us will be INSIDE for Xbox One, and Castlevania: Symphony if the Night on 360 via good old backwards compatibility, both of which I have been looking to try for quite a while to be honest!

    These are then followed mid-month by Big Crown: Showdown for Xbox One and Meet the Robinsons for Xbox 360.

    I personally am looking forward to trying Meet the Robinsons as I enjoyed the film and Disney Interactive do make some good games.

    Thank you for reading if you did, and may your voyages be calm and fruitful!

  • Graymarrow & the reason I love fighting him...

    It sounds so close to Lenny McLean - aka: The Guv’nor - professional hard man.

    Could it be? No one has the ability to make the hair stand up in the back of my neck like The Guv’nor.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm using the new Xbox Game Pass for PC with the new Xbox App and I'm playing SOT with my friends (great game by the way). But I have a problem every 20 minutes or so the game crash with the error message "video driver issue". I have an AMD R9 280 and I've already tried to update my driver to the lastest version (19.6.3). My two friends who has an Nvidia GPU doesn't have the issue.

    Anyone knows how to fix this? All the other games I play are running fine...


  • Remember him? He was either the blessed saviour that Sea of Thieves had long needed, able to single-handedly restore the fortunes of the game; OR he was a blight on our community, and would (again, single-handedly) destroy Sea of Thieves forever.

    Now, we never hear of him, or his imitators.

    And, still, Sea of Thieves lives on, getting better and better with every release.

    It was always much bigger than a single streamer.

  • Thought I would compile for new & old pirates alike a list of sites from around the interwebs

    Most of us may be aware of these, others may not.

    Please feel to add your own suggestions below

    In no particular order.


    ---- RareThief ----

    Maker of Guides & of Maps

    If you don't want spoilers... don't visit


    SoT Companion -
    App available from Google Play


    SoT Companion -
    App available from Apple Store


    ----- SurveyorPete- Resource and Archive ----

    Solver of Riddles and much more.
    From our own @SurveyorPete


    ---- SoT Map Resources -----

    Please help me assign attribution to this wonderful set of maps
    They are simply beautifully crafted, and much love has gone into this resource.
    btw. thankyou @mr-dragon-raaar for finding this gem.


    These are just a few that have helped me over the past year, please feel free to add your findings


    edit: I'm sure there may be an existing/previous thread similar in nature, not active in a while.
    New & recent discoveries from you would be great to refresh the growing list of resources available to pirates, to bring it all up to date, and help your fellow pirate.

  • I normal wss harsh critizing Rare with the development with this game. I feel like they are stuck in a loop the constantly have to update the game to keep it fresh and interesting. At the same time bug after bug is also driving people nuts and so Rare has to fix the bugs but they cant get to them all before they have to update the game with new stuff to keep things interesting.

  • This stranded bilge rat has not long received a care package to help him on his seafaring ways.

    It contains everything a pirate could ever need.
    A flag to replace the old tattered one battered by the cruel winds.
    A map to help navigate the treacherous seas.
    A fishing guide to help feed myself when all hope is lost.
    And fine paintings to adorn the cabin when I finally find that lost sloop :)

    All thanks to the finest crewmate a pirate could have.
    I'd like everyone to raise a grog to @PirateCraggy!!

    Imgur Imgur Imgur

  • Not the most praise worthy indicator, or indeed what the team behind SoT were pinning their hopes & dreams on.
    None the less.. made me smile on this dark & rainy day.
    That I'm not the only one, and can count myself in very good company. :)

    alt text

    I think that "Beano's" Novello still has the edge :)


  • I think I am the only one to at the very least voice my opinion on this but...……. I think rare should add tackle boxes to the game. Think about it they could function identically to the fruit/wood/cannonball crate, that already exist but instead they could go to the hunter's call instead. They could only hold bait (or fish a bit of a stretch). could be found randomly on islands, or on random parchment/bottles. Not to mention the practical application, ruby splashtail stole your bait for the 10th time in a row? well now you could have a tackle box anywhere you want! on land, on a rowboat, even on the captain's bed if you are so inclined. mass storage of bait as you do a supply run on an island. the choices are endless! now to get them to let me store all my burnt fruit in a fruit crate and cast it overboard!

  • May not be a problem with SoT but I have a Astro A40 with mix amp headset. and have a Blue Snowball Mic aswell as I stream. I would like to be able to use my Snowball to use for voice chat in game but for some reason it always defaults to my A40 mic. It only works on stereo, nether will work if I set audio settings to headset. It only uses my snowball if my mixamp and headset is turned off but I need to use both for streaming. any ideas. ive tried messing around with app settings aswell still dosnt work. on Pc any help would be really appreciated.

  • would it be cool to randomize the way your boat looks?