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  • Can you make it so this list updates like every other game ? It would be nice to be able to hit the “Avoid” part of a recent players profile. I mean I know you guys don’t want to help the console players much but at least do that if anything. We shouldn’t have to take a screen shot, go to find player and then type them in. I mean if you want us to that’s fine just come out and say it but don’t be lazy and leave out functions for console players.

  • I have one that is VERY good, but I would rather see what others have done to troll first. So, any images of your best troll?

  • Hello,

    I've been an avid fan of Sea of Thieves since launch. Having initially played via Xbox Game Pass, I've figured it makes more sense just to buy a copy, as it's the only game I play on the pass.

    Anyway, for some reason when ordering, I've been sent a code for the Black Dog pack, which I already have. Does anybody want this code? It's only a few outfit bits, but I figured I'd offer rather than it going to waste.

    First person to reply gets it!


  • So I just saw this at work and I'm pretty sure all my co-workers think I'm going insane cause I was trying to stop myself from laughing but just kind of ended up making laughing choking snorting noises at my desk.

    Drew got back at Joe's "talent" comment, and I want more!
    I propose a developer Update- Off! Like a dance off... Except it's developer updates. Whoever can provide us with the best developer update (or make the other's developer update look the worst) wins!

    @The3SheetsNeate @whateverdrewsgamertagis Plz thx bye

  • Fyrefli Ninja and I have been loving the latest event and suddenly we wanted to do a 4th of July send off with as many barrels as we could muster!

    Thanks to our crew for spending the time to collect these with us. If you don't want to see the adventure to get them you can skip to about 3:48. Enjoy!

  • @Ant-Heuser-Kush called that Cursed Sails comes out July 26th and I agree with him. This release is going to be great. Let's hype it up!

    I've been a fervent believer of "No Ai Ships" but now that there's no escaping it, I'm really eager to see what it looks like!

    Hopefully, it turns out to be an interesting fight!

  • Anyone remember this game?? A simple idea like this would work so well on sot, transporting goods from one trader to another to sell for profit, although there would be ai threats trying to board you as you sail

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  • Personally I am more of a SOT fan, and think I will be sticking this one out between the two, more of what I am looking for out of a game. however, SAB offers, in a way, the opposite of what SOT offers.

    Since this is a community of people who enjoy pirate games, what are your expectations leading up to the release of SAB? do you think this will change the community? like people who are more inclined to PvP might switch there, which might remove that dynamic in SOT.

    I think my worry would be the skilled players would leave for this game, and toxic players looking for an easy sink/look to make peoples life miserable, would stick around. on the other hand a good chunk of PvP could leave and open the servers to be more PvE in nature.

    I dont know, like I said, for me its SOT, and I like this group of skalley-wags I have come to know, even if its repeated sinking. As always keep it civil, but I am interested in your thoughts.

  • I watched the update and video on you tube about what is to come on the road map .

    It will be interesting to find out what the cursed sails are about ?
    Worries me a bit as most of the times I feel my sail are cursed anyway as the wind is always against us in game .lol

  • As the title says the game will not launch on my pc. It stays on the splash screen for 5 minutes or so and just closes. I have tried everything on this link

    to no avail, windows is also up to date. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now. tried the insider hub reinstall, nothing. I spent 64 dollars on this and i cant even play, stuck between a rock and a hard place atm. If anyone can help that would be amazing

  • Too often the forums can seem to be a sea of complaints and squabbles.

    So let's take a step back from the things that grind our gears, and CELEBRATE the reasons why we play this game!

    I want to hear your favorite things about SoT!

    Personally, I love the player interaction. Meeting different crews and just being silly together is my favorite pastime!

    I also love helping others out. Whether its completing accommodations or simply leaving a fully stocked ship to a fellow pirate, it makes me happy to make another pirate's day!

  • Banjo-Kazooie turns 20 today. How will rare celebrate it (If at all) ?

  • If I were sailing and a Megaldon randomly spawned near me and I killed I would I revived the same rewards like those who did the campaign?

  • Whether ye be a Yankee Pirate or not, any day that celebrates freedom and national pride is a good day!

    Party Hard and With Yer Wits About Ye!

    ...P.S. Congrats to all me hearties across the way fer that GOOOOOOL!!!..

  • Come one come all! Share your favourite memes from the Sea of Thieves!
    Remember those forum rules though folks and keep it classy (well, as classy as a tavern barmaid serving grog 24/7 whilst being wooed by "Merry" Merrick!)
    I'll start with a couple of my own:

  • Rare’s social media accounts stated that the servers would close at 10AM BST for maintenance, so I planned to get on at 9:20 to get a voyage or two done. However, after letting the game load for 10 minutes and setting sail for some hidden treasure, I see “Server shutdown in 5 minutes”. WHAT?

    Rare, PLEASE tell us the correct times for server shutdowns, so we can plan accordingly!

  • I'm on PC, need I say more.

    Your promotional code for Five (5) Days Xbox Game Pass**: GQRD3RW9J3R4TY72HY9RCW72Z
    Your promotional code for Five (5) days Xbox Live Gold***: DW97KQDJ4HPHM7HGV93GJ7PMZ

  • Well how do you start I made a joke that I was wearning speedos when playing and now it sort of my second name now .The crew which I most like playing with make sure this gets brought up on a regular basis .

    so now before I play a session I listen to this to get me in the right head space .

    I hope you enjoy
    @WAW-Gunn @Poke-Warrior @animalrox

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  • I was wondering if anyone has any idea how many people still part this game. I love it and hope it continues to grow for years. But if there aren't enough players I'm sure rare won't continue to grow or for more than a year. Any ideas on how successful it is? Are people still playing. Is it still picking up new players?

  • Aye. Just what the title asks. Got any favourite sweaters or hoodies to share??? R'D

  • Since I haven't seen anyone really talk about this I decided to get the discussion going. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion BUT we must realize if this game is to grow we can't stagnate or change core mechanics (more detail later). We can all agree that no matter with any update or addition there will be people against and for it, such as bilge rat rep cards which right now is Hotly debated. I bring this up because it's a great example people complain that the leveling system is too stail so they add rep letters to help people out, well apparently that doesn't sit well with some PL and others, now we can debate this all day long about how much they should be and how much rep they give (I think its a decent balance right now) but for people to complain about "It's not fair" do you really expect the game to grow and change but not make it easier for players to get to PL? and i'm sure we've all heard that "PL is just the beginning" so does it really matter at the end of the day? does it harm you in anyway? (other than the butthurt) NO, so why not promote new leveling and encourage others to get to PL asap so dev's have more of a reason to start working on content for and past PL, THE GAME ISN'T GOING TO STAY THE SAME CHANGES HAPPEN. Now for the core mechanics part when I say that I mean things like "they need to make PvE only servers" (I'm sure you've seen the thread) and like I said at the beginning everyone's entitled to opinions, I know first hand how annoying PvP can be but do you actually think that taking out pretty much one of the most important parts of the game is a fix???? This thread wasn't made to bash or target anyone or anything but I think that if this game is going to grow and change properly we as a community need to stop and think before we post, we have to remember rare has a limited workforce and resources not every petty detail can always be addressed thats why before posting do a check list

    • How much time would this take rare to do (keep in mind the more time on something that's less time on other things)
    • How will it affect the community as a whole
      *Does this regress or progress the game

    I think it would be very beneficial if people keep these things in mind before creating posts and like i've said before in this thread everyone has opinions we just need to be able to sift through them and focus on things that are bringing improvements and content, that's also why debates are very important as long as they are well mannered and for lack of a better term educational. Now that's not to say neither of these topics should be debated as I was using them for explains I'm just saying as community that has a voice in how the game will progress I think we need to do it a little smarter instead of just making impulsive posts because something inconvenienced you.

  • Im on PC

    I made a new xbox account and apparently I can now start a new journey with another pirate? Is that right or will I lose all my progress on my other account if I start playing with this account?

    I'm a pirate legend so I do want to play with new account but I also want to keep my old pirate on other account.

  • Sorry if asking this isn't allowed here, May someone kindly give me 4 codes to get all the onyx items?

  • Found a golden key in an underwater cave that's not a skull fort key. We could pick it up and everything.

  • can someone tell me what the Boatswain badge im seeing beside some peoples name is for

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  • Been noticing a lot recently that pirates we've come up on in the game have been counting their chickens before they hatched... Had a crew finish a skull fort before I arrived, and I could hear them taunting me on the island, "You sure you wanna do this? This won't end well for you." etc, etc... Minutes later they end up dead, sunk, and I find their stashed fort key hidden away in a bush....

    Be humble - stay focused, and don't assume you've won anything until you've cashed that loot in... [End rant]

  • Ahoy me mateys!

    As some willl remember, last year I posted a thread to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and my golly this country seems to age well as it’s now 151 and looking much better than I do!

    I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day whether you’re from Canada or not as everyone is welcome to join in the festivities! If you are already celebrating today, what are your plans to Celebrate?

    Personally I’m going to head downtown and hang out with me mates, listen to some music, have some grog, and watch the fireworks!

    Just remember to stay safe my friends and have a good time!

    🍁🇨🇦 Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦🍁

  • Ever since the new update my game keeps crashing before we cash in or at random. Anyone else had this problem. Lost a ton of loot and chest over this. Hopefully there is a fix?

  • Seems it doesnt blow up every time you shoot them. Or it its a near by skeleton even though you're aiming at the gun powder.

  • Thoughts? Different than I would have expected.

  • On Saturday 30th June a few of us pirates will be meeting up at the museum. If you fancy a day out to see Rare’s exhibition and say hi to a few forum scalleywags then we’ll see you there!

    Come and say hi to;
    @katttruewalker (tbc 100%)