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  • Our last Insider Hot Topic covered the nuances of games with a big focus on community and online. There were a lot of great responses in the thread with plenty of feedback for us to read through that will help us shape a positive online environment that feels welcoming.

    We'll have more on that in a follow-up at a later date!

    This week, we want to continue the community-centric focus with a discussion about in-game events and the role they play in bringing players together. This is a subject that we've already seen several members of the community ask about, and given that it's something our Live Campaign Producer @zZ-Emerz-Zz is keen to hear your thoughts on, we decided to open up the discussion in this latest Hot Topic.

    As with our last topic, we've also come armed with a few questions to jump start the discussion:

    • What types of in-game events do you find most enjoyable and why? (e.g. challenge events, social events)
    • Have any in-game events ever lead you to interact with a game in an interesting or unique way?
    • Is there anything in particular about in-game events that keeps you coming back to them?
    • Are there any standout examples of in-game events that you thought worked well?
    • Are there any standout examples of in-game events that you thought haven't worked out well?

    I'll leave it there for now, but if you have any thoughts on in-game events comment below. We're all ears!

  • Welcome to our first Insider Hot Topic, a new series we're starting in order to gather feedback and thoughts from our wider group of Insiders! While not all of the feedback posted will result in changes to the game, these Hot Topics will give us a chance to open up a dialogue between Insiders and Rare that should help get a better idea of your expectations for important aspects of the game.

    For our first Insider Hot Topic, we wanted to get some insight into how you feel about online communities. With large scale multiplayer games, we know that having a positive and inclusive environment will help keep dedicated players happy and potentially bring new people into the community. This is new territory for us so we want to get an idea of how you, the people who'll be playing our game, feel about the subject.

    The topic is extremely broad, so we've come up with some questions to help kick off the discussion. You don't need to respond to each and every one, but hopefully it should give you an idea about the sort of things we want to find out and talk with you all about.

    • What are your positive and negative experiences playing online games?

    • How often do you come across negative behaviour in online gaming? Do you see it as a problem?

    • How does negative behaviour from others impact your gaming experience, and how does it make you less likely to play the game or recommend it to others?

    • How do you personally deal with negative behaviour online? (e.g. report it to customer support, personally message griefer etc.)

    • What in-game tools and mechanics do you think would both help promote positive behaviour as well as discourage negative behaviour online?

    • Are there any games that you feel are doing a great job of promoting a positive and inclusive online environment?

    • If you've played Sea of Thieves and experienced trolling, what happened and how to you think we could prevent it?

    That should make for a good starting point, so join in the discussions below and tell us your thoughts!

  • Hi everyone!

    You may remember back in June we had a Hot Topic about creating a Pirate Code for the Sea of Thieves Community. Want to refresh your memory, you can check it out here!

    Our Pirates’ Code is a social contract that outlines how the community expects players to engage with each other, both in-game and in all parts of our community. Think of it as a set of guidelines helping to ensure that Sea of Thieves remains one of the most accessible, welcoming and friendly places to play anywhere online!

    We’ve been busy since then! Our team scoured through all your feedback and pulled out the main themes eg, inclusiveness and communication. We’ve spent some time putting together the first version of what our Pirate Code could be! What’s really important to us is that is code is a collaborative effort between the Sea of Thieves team and our community. That means YOU!

    Take a look at the below and let us know what you think!

    Everyone is welcome on the Sea of Thieves regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality or creed

    Outside of the heat of battle or piracy on the high seas, all crews shall bond together as a community of likeminded souls

    None shall quarrel or overly dissent against another crew, but let every engagement be settled by sword, pistol and good seamanship

    Let each crewmate be respected as equal, free to follow their own bearing, speak openly and vote in the affairs of the voyage

    Those that betray their crew and ship through griefing or trolling shall be sent to the brig

    May the old legends help to forge new ones. Treat new pirates with respect and share your knowledge

    Pirates who show bad form and cheat against their crew and others will surely face bitter hardships and punishments

  • Insider Hot Topic: Your Thoughts on PC Gaming

    Over the past few months we’ve been working h*****n delivering the Sea of Thieves PC experience that players expect, with the team constantly learning and iterating on the features both in-game and platform side. As @Teddy-25 and @icStatic mention in our latest Inn-side Story or @MoronicStraw in our latest Sea of Thieves PC Update, we’re in a great place with our PC experience and the community involvement has been amazing, but we're always looking to learn more from you!

    We’ve been gathering bucket-loads of feedback from our Technical Alpha players over the past several weeks and months, but given that this is our first step as a studio into the big wide world of PC gaming, we still want to hear what our Insiders have to say in order to broaden our outlook on what the community cares about the most.

    This time we won’t be asking any specific questions and would just like you to tell us your thoughts on PC gaming in general. What you like about it, what you don’t like about it, what you care about the most when it comes to PC, whatever it may be, get involved in the discussion. We’re all ears!

  • Leading on from our previous Hot Topic that covered in-game events, we wanted to talk to the community about something we're sure resonates with a lot of gamers. Achievements and challenges.

    Over the years, achievements have grown from something only a few games have to something games across all platforms include in some way, shape or form. This ranges from platform level achievements to in-game achievements, and we're at a point where whole communities have grown out of their mutual love for the challenge that comes with earning them.

    Knowing this and noticing that we've already had speculation surrounding them, it only made sense to open up a discussion with our Insiders.

    • How important are achievements and challenges to your overall enjoyment of a game?
    • If you're a fan of achievements and challenges, what drives you to attempt them?
    • Are there any types of achievements that you feel work well?
    • Are there any types of achievements that you feel don't work well?

    Don't forget that the question above are only there to offer up a starting point for the discussion. If you've got any other thoughts about achievements or challenges that aren't covered by our questions then don't hesitate to let us know!

  • At Rare, one thing we’ve always been sure of is that we want Sea of Thieves to be as fun to talk about as it is to play. Telling not just your friends, but the rest of the internet about that one moment that defined your whole voyage is something we can’t wait to see and there are a lot of ways players will do this. One particular method of storytelling that we're really excited about is through content creation.

    Videos and streaming in particular have become a staple of how gamers enjoy their favourite titles outside of playing them, so we want to make sure we give everyone the platform to shout loud about their adventures, while making sure these adventures are fun to watch. Joe and Gregg talk about this in our latest Inn-Side Story, so be sure to check it out to get a little no insight into why we want to do this and how it came about.

    With all that in mind, in our latest Insider Hot Topic discussion, we’d like to hear more from you all about what it is you like to watch, how you like to watch it and what other creative ways you like to share your game experiences and stories. As always, we’ll open up the topic with a handful of questions, but don’t feel as though you need to follow them, so drop a comment below to get involved in the discussion!

    • Why do you enjoy watching gaming video content?
    • For you, what makes for great gaming video content?
    • Do you have a preference between live streams or pre-recorded content, and if so, let us know why!
    • How important is the creator’s role or presence in created content when making the decision to watch it?
    • How do you usually discover new video content?
    • If you like to create content yourself, what sort of things do you usually like to make?
  • Hi everyone,

    We're currently brainstorming on ideas for a launch trailer, and considering using licensed music for it, and I'm thinking it would be cool to consult you all as to your ideas.
    Our current 'brief' is below.

    • Swagger, confidence, little bit of cockiness
    • Upbeat
    • Recognisable, but not cliched
    • Relevance in Lyrics that we could potentially match on-screen action to

    Would love to hear people's ideas. What could match our game to sell the vision for Sea of Thieves with the above brief in mind? Throw your ideas in here!



  • Despite their somewhat chequered reputations, pirates of the late 17th and early 18th centuries often signed up to codes of conduct that covered different aspects of life as part of a pirate crew. It’s something that helped to set pirates apart from other groups of bandits, and is one of the factors behind their enduring popularity.

    It’s also something that’s inspired us, and we want to use this week’s Hot Topic to ask you to help us draft a Pirates’ Code for Sea of Thieves!

    Our Pirates’ Code will be a social contract that sets out how the community expects players to engage with each other, both in-game and in the Forums. Think of it as a set of guidelines helping to ensure that Sea of Thieves remains one of the most accessible, welcoming and friendly places to play anywhere online.

    We think that social guidelines are best created in partnership with the community. We also believe that these guidelines will carry more weight for new members upon realising that they were written by their peers.

    To get us started, we’d like to get your reactions to questions like these:

    • Which player behaviours do you think have a negative impact on the Sea of Thieves experience?
    • Which behaviours do you think deter people from getting involved in a community?
    • Which behaviours have you encountered in other games that you want to prevent in Sea of Thieves?
    • Which positive behaviours do you think we should encourage?

    As always, share your thoughts below!