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  • Hi all, have some issues with 08.08.20 twitch drops "Bird and Bear" figurehead, I've watched more 30-50 min and nothing. On the twitch forum ppl have same issues.

  • Ahoy!
    I seem to have come across a pretty unfortunate glitch with the new Rares 35th Anniversary Challenges, the websites individual challenge list and game have acknowledged them I’ve done them all and I got there individual rewards but for some reason the actual counter on the figure head challenge has only gone up to 3/5? I can’t tell which completions it’s ignoring but this was pretty devastating after waiting around for multiple in game days driving through storms praying that it finally acknowledges me sailing through at night with no lanterns (ended up realising that when it says sail through it means around in circles for a couple minutes). Anyways non of this stuff is that massive I’d just like to know if there’s a fix/can I please get that amazing figure head I really want to be representing my love for rare not getting grumpy doing things over and over only to still fail 😢😂😃 happy anniversary either way!

  • Hello,

    I can no longer play SoT since the Ashen Winds update. It did work fine just before as I was checking ingame for twitch-drops every day.

    Logging into the menu and navigating there, even using the emporium from the main menu is working fine.

    BUT as soon as I join a game session it starts lagging/rubberbanding/teleporting, ping quickly (within seconds) goes to 1100 and I receive a Cyanbeard shortly after joining.

    The strangest thing is, as soon as I join the session, any network connection on my PC shuts down completly. Once I close SoT everything goes back to normal.

    I already verified game files through Steam, nothing was found there.

  • I believe I met a bug. The achievement is unlocked (grade V), but I did not receieve the title as reward. I can not unlock the Ghost Wheel now because of the terrible bug!

  • Hello to the people that will probably read this, I am currently standing at shipwreck bay after passing through a storm with the lights turned off... and my 35th anniversary progress on the SoT website has not shown my progress. Please, help me...

    sincerely... PeacefulGoat2

  • so I was fighting a skeleton sloop solo in my sloop and I was down in my lower deck repairing holes and they hit me with the drunken curse and so I continued to try and repair and then I glitched through the hull. I ended up sinking the sloop but then a shark came and destroyed my ship while I was trying to get to the merman/mermaid to get back to my ship but I was too late.

  • Tl;Dr — Used Game Pass to play Sea of Thieves for a month. Butter smooth. Purchased on Steam after and is now causing 20+ FPS frame-rate drop issues.

    I've played for a month using the Xbox Game Pass on PC with no issues. I've gotten consistently great frame-rates on maximum settings, minus the particles and animation quality ones. But switching to Steam, I've seen constant frame-rate drops.

    It'll play with all maxed settings with up-to 140+ FPS, but upon seeing islands or fighting skeletons, it'll drop quickly to 75-90 FPS and then jump back to 140+. I've tried changing settings, checking drivers, managing NVIDIA 3D settings for maximum performance. Nothing seems to work.

    Sometimes, I won't even have to be doing anything in particular. Jumping around the ship or just idling, the frame-rate will drop significantly and then climb right back up to normal. Attempting to lock the frame-rate does nothing either.

    Does anyone have any idea why I'd be getting these drops on Steam? Is this common that one version of the game on PC is just inferior to the other, or is it something with my actual PC? I'm considering refunding and just using the Game Pass now, which sucks.


    • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    • GeForce GTX 1080
    • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor
    • ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming Motherboard
    • 16GB RAM

    Currently, the game is located on an SSD. I'm not sure if that has any bearing on this, but thought it was worth the mention.

  • Legendary journey collector achievement is unlocked,but I did not receieve the title as reward. The last winch of the ghost ship accessory cannot be unlocked,very sad.

  • Hi all,

    Tried to search for similar threads but couldn't find any. Since the last update I can only play for about an hour before I'm hit with game breaking lag. I'll jump around across the boat in such a way that I can't play any more.

    Other online services are working fine for me, and I'd been playing SoT nightly for the last two months without an issue.

    Is this a known problem I can address?

  • Hi, today I was playing a game for around 3 hours and had a ton of loot. We were then sunk by some skeleton ship. I died but my buddy survived and was waiting for our loot to float back on the row boat...... but the loot didn't float up and we lost everything. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Just wondering as i am a new you tuber, wondering if i can find out how to get in the community spotlight and what i have to do?

  • Hi everbody......yesterday I and more 2 friends (bergantin) did the flameheart event, but when selling the loot, a single friend did not receive any coins. (client versus server error?) Anyone else?

  • Has anyone else felt that the game has been a bit glitchier since the last update? I've had more instances of getting zoned for no reason, falling through the ship/rowboat, getting stuck in places, etc. Maybe I've just had bad luck or something, but my crewmate is feeling the same way...

  • Hello there, is it possible to buy things from the pirate imporium not from the game but from the browser through the official website of "Sea of ​​Thieves" using my phone or PC ?

  • Hello. The Ashen Winds is a great update. However, I have been encountering a very annoying issue since the last update. While playing on pirate adventures, at any random time the A Button functions would stop working entirely, therefore my character is unable to jump. Sometimes it gets me stuck in very terrible situations where I can't get out from unless if I quit the game and come back in to a different server. I've had this issue happen twice on different days i've been playing the game. It's not my controller, it works fine. I can select menus and everything with the A Button outside of the game and even in the ingame menu so it looks like there's some kind of glitch here. I can still move around etc but can't jump or anything when this happens and it's very frustrating. I hope i'm not the only one having this issue and hope it gets looked into soon. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    I posted this over on reddit, but I never got really any feedback on it.

    I've done tons of googling and have tried many things, but my voice chat still doesn't work at all.

    I am on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with Xbox Game Pass.

    Here's everything I tried:

    • Making sure my default windows devices are set properly
    • Set SoT's microphone privacy access to "on"
    • Made sure "Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites" in my account settings
    • Enabled Xbox Game bar for "Audio" in the Xbox app
    • Changed from directional to non-directional
    • Changed between "speakers" and "headphones" in my game settings
    • Made sure the hotkey I use is registered in the game
    • Completely reinstalled my game
    • Overrode the sound devices from "default" in Windows' "App volume and device preferences" in sound settings

    I'm not sure what else to try.

    Let me know if I need to provide any more info, like game version, Windows version, etc.

  • After the last patch it seems that I am getting bad frame drops when shooting a cannon, or a blunderbuss. Frame drops anywhere from 10-20fps, this is 100% reproducable. Game is and has been set to Mythical graphical quality since day 1. It seems like it's the particle effects of the smoke.

    Ryzen 3900X
    RTX 2070 Super
    32GB of 3200Mhz RAM

  • I'm getting the error that prevents me from playing the game. It lists a specific missing file and the game crashes. I've reinstalled the game and got the same error but with a different file. I really don't want to run the roulette the third time. I tried contacting support but it's been 24 hours and they still haven't responded. Does anyone have any idea what I can do?

  • What exactly does this setting do? All it has done for me is when I set to headphones I can't hear any voice chat in the game. I'm on PC if that makes a difference. Why not just have an audio output option to choose the output of audio?

  • Since the "wall bang" update, I have seen a LOT of "keys dropped into unreachable places" posts on Facebook and Reddit. Has anyone experienced this? Do we know if Rare has addressed it or plans to?

  • Am I unable to get gamepass DLC for the steam version of Sea of Thieves? since regardless of the version of sea of thieves, you are required to login to your Microsoft account, and all versions of the game run on the same servers shouldent the free DLC for having Xbox gamepass go to any versions linked to your account? to muddy the waters even more the microsoft store page for sea of thieves outright says you can use gamepass to buy sea of thieves for PC. am i wrong or are steam users getting the short end of the stick?

  • It's been 6 months and my stats haven't updated every ticket I submit says in future updates it will be addressed im about done waiting for the fix and find a different game to play

  • Is anybody else getting a really loud, squelchy audio randomly throughout the Ashen Lord battles/ Ashen Wind update?
    At first I thought it was my speakers blowing, but I also hear it in my headphones, so it's coming from the game. My son who also plays this game does not get it, both on Xbox and same wifi.

  • Why this time you have just repaired these things?shutting down the server for 3 hours, at present there are still BUG1: in Athena basement store even the rudder hull achievements is unlocked,we are still unable to make a purchase BUG2: the 35 anniversary tasks completed progress is always 0/5, even when you have completed all items it still wont change.:(

  • I play on xbox one and have wired internet. When I die the delay is way too long, have zero chance to respawn and save my ship if solo slooping. Any way to fix this besides switching to PC haha

  • So I just got done playing a session with my friend. We just finished everything we wanted to do so we set out to sink a galleon in our sloop... We managed to keg them 3 times in the span on 10 minutes, every time I killed 2-3 of them on the bottom deck, of course they wouldnt sink. Now i get ready to use our last keg to try to sink them one last time, but long story short i was on the deck, keg in hand, and a cannonball phased through the bowsprit and hit me killing both me and my friend. Now why are kegs balanced in such a way, that blowing up unattentive galleons multiple times barely gets even close to sinking them, while we unfortunately die with a keg blowing up on THE TOP DECK, and we sink before we can respawn? In my opinion that is not balanced at all... Can I get some outside opinions on this?

  • 2nd game-breaking bug I have found and Im getting quite tired of finding them. Anyone else has this? Are the servers suppose to be down? (Europe region).

    Ive signed out of xbox account and steam then relaunched/signed back into everything and still getting error.

  • Hello,

    When I logged in Sea of Thieves, I spawned in an outpost as usual, I wanted to do a cargo run, I went to the Merchant Alliance tent, and when I talked to the representative, and select "Browse stock", it would show the regular "shop loading screen", but some seconds later, it would just say "I had trouble preparing our inventory, please try again later".

    Then I noticed it was not only with the Merchant Alliance, the Order of Souls worked about half of time, the Gold Hoarders sometimes would not work, but it usually worked. The clothing shop also did not work.

    I am playing on an original Xbox One, and I am sure it is not a problem with my Internet.

    I would appreciate any help.

  • Just wondering if this will be corrected or will I have to do all 5 tasks again to achieve the figurehead? It did give me the check Mark's as completed task on all 5 but not figurehead. Was fun to do. Ty for looking into it.

  • Hey everyone!
    New to SoT I am logged in with Xbox and go the game through the MS store. When I log into SoT it doesn’t display the correct gamer tag that is associated with my email. On here it’s correct as Momsteromen but in game it’s my irl name. Anyone know how to fix this?
    Thank you!

  • What exactly is being fixed and/or updated?

  • Just downloaded a 1.1GB update on steam but i cant play the game as i keeps telling me Lavenderbeard

    Is this a update issue or are the servers really down?

    When i check on i'm not the only one

  • I have completed the achievement of Athena, but I cannot get the rudder normally, and I did not get the title of Legendary Journey

  • As tittle depicts, once I ended installing updates, it gives errro on start. It happened 3-4 last updates. I am on Windows10 PC with xbox gaming platform.
    I think i managed to solve it once by uninstalling the game and reinstalling, but honestly not sure if was beacuase of that, indeed i am not sure if its a local problem or server problem, but with today updatew it didnt worked and I cant start the game.