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  • Hey all,

    Since the Ashen winds event being added, I have found that every open crew I go to play I will always get Greybeard as my error. I've been trying to find an open crew arena galleon, although also noticed that adventure open crew it gives me Greybeard as well. Anyone else having this issue?

    I know the below is the description of the error, making me think it's a server side problem. However any chance it could still be my end?

    Greybeard -
    This is an issue with Rare's servers, the team are hard at work to get everyone back in and playing as quickly as possible!

    Beard Errors

    If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be much appreciated.


  • Hey,

    I was banned from arena 15 mins because i got DC'd twice, and now i cant even load into arena it just gives me matchmaking failed, (greybeard)

    Any suggestions?

  • I got the old sailor's key in the tutorial and pressed x to put it in inventory so I could kill a chicken, but I don't see it in inventory. Did I drop it?

  • Yesterday, I noticed that I didn't get any messages more on what I sold, additionally it also does not show how much money was earned. Thought this was just a minor / rare occurrence and will be gone after a restart, but today I had the same problem again.

  • So when I've been playing I've noticed that I can't hear enemy crews. I've always been able to hear my own crew until a few days back when I couldn't. I'm not too bothered about that though since I always play with my mates in discord. But the strange thing is I started the insider program the today and someone walked up to me and talked. He also saw what i typed but i forgot to turn on push to talk so i dont know if my mic works in insider i might check but busy as of right now. Any help would be appreciated as I always have to get my friend to relay the information to me and it's really frustrating.
    Edit: Should also mention I've gone through my xbox and SoT settings with my firend who has no issues and we've got the same. And also 2 of my other friends have this issue as well

  • Hello! I recently joined the creator crew and when I first joined and streamed a bit the commendations and progress for stream time/watch time and such were updating. But over the course of streams in the past few days I haven't seen the progress on them change at all. It looks like my Twitch is still connected in, and I was streaming under the right game/tags and such so I'm not quite sure why it isn't counting. Am I missing something?

  • Me and two of my friends were completing a skeleton fort in Lost Gold Fort, as one of them is completely new to the game this was a pretty big thing. But then, as we were fighting The Duchess, she teleported under a platform in which she couldn't get out and we couldn't get in, we waited, dealed damage and when we decided to finally kill her, the skull and the key dropped inside there, and not even with a harpoon we were able to retrieve it.
    At the end of the day this friend was disappointed for paying so much go get to this...

  • How can I put in a claim that I didn’t get a commendation? I have a screen capture that shows me turning in a stolen Rag and Bone Crate at Stephen’s Spoils. It shows me getting the commendation for 50 Rag and Bone crates turned in and also the commendation for turning in 10 stolen ones. The commendation it didn’t give me was the one for turning in a stolen one specifically to Stephen’s Spoils. It’s not a huge problem, but I thought I was done with Rag and Bone crates and now I gotta hunt down another Stephen’s Spoils Rag and Bone Crate to steal.

  • Help!! I’ve been having issues with this since the new radial update, the option to pick text related to items is not available.

    I’m on Xbox and to get item specific text options you should be able to press Y however this option is not available.

    What do I do because I’ve effectively lost half the options since the update, can someone suggest if this is an option that’s been disabled or something. Thanks

  • What does the "days at sea" statistic mean on my forum profile? Is that in game time or something else related to the forums? Thanks

  • Was trying to sneak on a galleon but every time I got close they would jump in the water and instantly headshot me within a second of hitting the water (I’m underwater with my ship far away) also they were able to insta kill me with full health with a blunder on the other side of the boat when I finally got on.

  • Seriously when will this be fixed. Open crew / Arena are not usable for a lot of people.

  • Hello. I've been having a very annoying problem in the sea of thieves. It turns out that the loading distance of the islands is mocked. Long, the island gets weird polygons and no details, it carries only when I get close. Is this something from my PC, game bug or optimization of it? My PC is a rx 570, a 1600 r5, 16 ram and a spectrix S40g ssd. Thanks for attention!

  • Hello, for the past few days my game will run fine when I first spawn in, game is smooth and runs great. But if I and go to the ghost ship my game will stutter pretty heavily. it looks like lag but my ping is pretty low. All my drivers are up to date, I have not idea what is causing this.

  • Often when I am playing my game will freeze or black screen, and I will either get a video driver has crashed error, or my pc will just completely restart. I have no overclock, I have latest drivers and Windows 10 update.
    System specs:
    Radeon RX 5600 XT
    Ryzen 5 3600X
    16 GB RAM
    650w PSU

    I'm at least 99% sure it's a software/driver issue. I can run the game with amazing performance (144+ fps) on all maximum graphics. Any help would be great.

  • I play on PC (the steam version) and in a recent update I now have to login to my Xbox Live account every time I open SOT. This is especially inconvenient on disconnects. I cannot seem to find any ‘keep me logged in’ option on the Xbox Live login window. Never was an issue before. I was able to just play the game when I opened the app. Is there a way to fix this? Would love help thanks :)

    FYI, My steam account is linked and working.

  • Me and my friend were grinding gold hoarders with the gold hoarder emissary and we gained about 200k and during the whole time I got no reputation level and he said he gained about 5 so I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to get reputation back since I don’t want to grind again for about 5 hours

  • It happened twice already, both of them yesterday night. Was on adventure mode with a galleon, I got disconnected and when I logged back in I actually could go back to my session but the arena shows me 1 minute ban because continues disconnection.
    Twice in 15 min. Can be anything arena related since I do not play that mode in the last few weeks.

  • We completed 2 regular skeleton forts in the last 2 1/2 hours, killed the Duchess both times. No one in our crew got any credit for those kills.. One of us only needs 1 more Duchess kill for her 25 kill commendation. Is this a known bug or?? Also, would be pretty bad if we didn't get those commendation credit for those 2 completions.

  • So I recently purchased a Acer Predator 300 and I have been having problems with the game crashing. Basically, I will get a notification that my "video driver has crashed and been reset." So I'll just boot up the game again and be it will be fine for maybe 40 minutes and then it does it again. My temperatures seem to be fine as well as my drivers all being up to date. If anyone has advice, or can point me in the right direction please let me know.

  • Recently I had the idea to play with 2 friends this game, but the crazy thing is one speaks only Spanish and the other speaks only English, so I found out that there is an option on the accessibility tab that say something about "translate other players" and it's supposed to translate voice from another player or crewmate who speaks another language and the translation would be shown on the "notification feed", the thing is we tried to do this with my spanish friend to see if that works (I started speaking in english via in game voice) and he said that nothing shows on his screen, not even on the "chat log" of the game.

    So is this a bug? someone manage to make this work? is the "notification feed" the chat log? I have to configure something on windows 10 settings?

    I would appreciate any answer :)

    By the way I'm playing on windows 10 with the game pass.

  • Every time I go down to the waterfall below the inn to zone into the Tavern of Legends I am ported into the water and then black screen'd. It then ports me back to the inn with the floor no longer open. I have tried several different outposts on several different servers and have gotten the same result everywhere I go. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Can someone please help me fixing the Problem i have.

    I´m getting massiv rubberbanding and lags in SoT since a week now.

    I got 120 FPS+ and 40-50 Ping at all times, but i get "teleported"/"Glitched" around all the time for a few minutes... it comes and goes every few minutes.

    I got no other problem anywhere everything goes smooth on my PC except for SoT.

  • Me and a support agent are trying to fix a problem with a game, they have attached a file but I cannot find where to download/view it. Any help?

  • Hello-
    I keep seeing posts from people saying that they were playing with their kid, or someone else in their household.

    How do you do that?

    I play on an XBoxOne, my son plays it on the computer. He logs into our Xbox account to access the game, but plays on a PC. Ive gone as far as making another Xbox account, but when we both sign in on to our separate machines, it says we have to pick one or the other.

    Do we have to buy our own separate copies of the game?

    Is it possible for two players to play off the same copy of the game at the same time, or is there something that other players are doing that Im missing?

    Any advice or solutions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • hello,
    I have been playing this game for upwards of a year and a half now, and ever since i first set sail on the sea of thieves my character has had several bugs that at face value don't seem too bad, but over time really hinder the game experience. Every time that I log into my game, it seems that my character's cosmetics completely reset, meaning i have to put them all back on again (a minor inconvenience sure, but hundreds of hours of game play, with a couple minutes each time I sink or log on certainly adds up) and it really has put a hamper on my experience. The other of which affects the game play a little more directly, I am completely unable to hear other gamers from other crews, when they speak in voice, (i have repeatedly done the privacy settings etc. and NOTHING has worked) this one REALLY bums me out, as it is a lot of fun to interact with other players especially in the heat of battle etc, and that ENTIRE aspect of the game is lost to me, is there anything that can be done?
    P.S. I have reached out to support team a total of SEVEN TIMES over the past year and a half, and Each time the support team has brushed my concerns aside and said that they'll be addressed in a incoming patch, and i am becoming hopeless with the game and the Dev team. I shouldn't have to repurchase and Restart my game IN HOPES that I will get a version of the game that is intended. One year later and my concerns still fail to be addressed in the incoming patches......

  • Hi everybody!

    Came back to the game after a long'ish break. Started playing, all going good... except one thing. Tried to buy the ghost hull from the Cavern, but it keeps saying "Sorry, just daydreaming about the next adventure. Ask again!"

    I definitely have 500k money on me and the price for the hull is 500k. Still, it gives me that error message. I have tried buying the hull on three separate occasions now, always getting the error. Can anyone (or maybe even devs) to help with this? Seems to be some kind of a database error, maybe?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

  • I used to play SoT on Game Pass, but switched to Steam when it came there. I also purchased Battletoads on Steam

    I purchased Battletoads on 8/20 and completed ACT I through to ACT II Stage 2 just to be sure - No Ship Set

    I completed ACT I again, making sure all accounts were linked and logged in - Still No Ship Set

    I submitted a support ticket on the SoT website - Was told to complete ACT I again, make sure all things logged in etc. So I went ahead and did it again - No Ship Set

    I opened another ticket at SoT support and was told the same, to complete ACT I. I explained everything I just said above, was told they cannot help me because xbox handles the cosmetics distribution since SoT cant tell if all requirements were met.

    I went to xbox customer support and they told me I had to go to SoT to have issue resolved because it is an issue with in-game content not showing up, and also because the game was not purchased through Microsoft store or Game Pass

    I went to Steam and was directed back to SoT support for the issue

    I have submitted a third ticket with SoT and they are now quoting me the same article about how to get the ship with completing ACT I of battletoads etc.

    I am at a complete loss for words, I spent $20 on a game I'd otherwise not buy, and spent about 5 hours playing the same content over and over again.

    Xbox and Steam says its an issue SoT has to resolve ,but SoT is regurgitating FAQ stuff repeatedly, and otherwise saying its not their issue to fix

    Has anyone else had this issue and/or been able to find a resolution?

  • Gives a different data corruption message every time now matter what I do. Playing insider on steam works fine. But when playing the main game through the Win10 store I get this. Also where do I raise a support ticket?

  • So, I really do hope that I am not the only one this has happened to, but I'm seriously at my wits end. Also, should note, that I have the game pass thingy. Anyhoo, I click "Install" on the Microsoft Store and it downloads for a few seconds and somehow my computer downloaded 51+g's of data in mere seconds, which is stupid. I've followed all of the troubleshooting guides that I can think of and I'm still at a loss. It just flashes the logo with I attempt to launch....Teasing me.

  • I repurchased the Game pass after a month of not using it and I had never uninstalled SOT during that time. I went to boot it up and it crashed on launch so I attempted to reinstall it, however its been getting stuck with no error codes only a few mb into the download. Found a bunch of older threads but no solutions are working. Please help!

  • When I click play it goes to "playing" then nothing happens and goes back to the green play button.
    I've already tried reinstalling, verifying the game file and launching it in admin mode

  • I am trying to fish, and have actually managed to catch some fish, but the F or R never appears for me to be able to take the fish off of the hook. Can anyone help me? Just thought I would do some fishing, while my friends are offline.