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  • Hey there!
    Am I the only one experiencing (sometimes heavy) screen tearing on the Series X.
    I‘m playing with controller on a Sony XF90 TV with all settings set to default.
    No other game is giving me any tearing so far but this one especially on the first tutorial island when you‘re stand stand right at the spawn spot looking left to right or up and down.
    Any help coming?
    Kind regards
    Jann![Bild Text](Bild Link)

  • I was showing my friends around SoT for the first time and decided to let them get the hang of clues and dig up some treasure and when we had a decent amount we set of to the outpost and began selling, the cash rolled in and all was good and they leveled from 0 rep in gold horders to lvl 29 but I only went from 39 to 40. Idk but this seems kinda off they go up 29 lvls and I only went up 1?

  • Hello,
    Yesterday with my friends we have farm a lot of chest for more than 6 hours (fire tornade, megalodon, 4 other crew, ancient chest) and we didn't receive any money or reputation? Lot of other player say they have the same problem but I can add that we have our entire session recorded so we can give the exact amount of chest and items. If the devs can do something for that it will be great. Thanx

  • So I had started the Seabound Soul tall tale on one day and got to the first checkpoint. Nothing strange there but after logging out and coming back the next day to resume the tall tale I found that I had somehow gotten the Fire and Ash commendation (for getting all commendations) without ever doing anything resulting in having 3 commendations the first Fire and Ash and the reward for Fire and Ash. So I'm just confused on how this would happen.

  • logged in with 16,389,xxx Million Gold and after some time i had 16,000,xxx gold.
    this bug is really new :D

    did a good haul and have around 16,400,000 million gold now but hey i want my money back.

  • I can't post or comment the forum mobile. That is a true handycap because I try to bring the me on, give constructive advice or help people.

  • So I have two accounts (play with my son), and a couple nights ago logged on to find both accounts had an extra 200k gold or so. I know it wasn’t us because we were both well under 100k and frankly have never got above 100k since my son (he’s 4) loves to buy things. Worse than my wife...

    Anyway, was this a bug? Is there some payback/server reset I missed? Are there instances where you can gain (a lot) of gold after signing off? Still somewhat new so TIA

  • Hello, I reedemed a code in Microsoft store yesterday and I didn't get reward until now. What should I do? Please help

  • I try to swim down normally on both controller and key board but it’s like I’m hitting an invisible barrier and it’s keeping me at the surface? Someone help me please.

    • list item
  • I've bought the "Admiral emote bundle" and one emotion called "Admiral dance" is not possible to attach to the wheel of emotions-instead of this emotion is only an empty slot.

  • Hello, I just got SoT on steam and i had a little money left over so i wanted to buy something on the emporium but every time i try to open it, in menu or in game, it says "Unable to connect to the Pirate Emporium at this time. Please check your network connection and try again later." I looked up how to fix this and it told me to make sure my time zone was correct on my PC and to turn off my VPN and i did those things and it still doesnt work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • This was by far one of the glitchiest and most frustrating battles I have ever endured on the Sea of Thieves. My crewmate and I are currently on a 34 enemy ship sinking streak on a sloop, so it's fair to say we are very decent at PVP.

    We decided to start a fight with a brig fighting an Ashen Winds. I boarded them as my crewmate fired canon shots, resulting in us quickly sinking their ship. HOWEVER, our ship received 2 holes during the fight, and when my trusty crewmate finally decided to repair them, his entire game glitched. He was unable to board, unable to bucket, unable to do anything. As I tried making my way back to the ship, I got killed by a shark, went to the ferry, and then spawned completely on the other side of the map as our ship sank due to my crewmate's game staying glitched.

    Rare, fix your game.

  • Yay, no gold or rep rewarded. What’s up? Logged out and back in still nothing. Logged out for a few hours and back in, still nothing.

    The irony when you’re trying to use the weekend event plus fridays goldrush bonus but end up getting nothing.

    Is there any way we can get the gold and reputation we deserve?

  • Anyone knows why my pistol shot didnt kill him?

  • I am on Steam version and I can hear other people in proximity chat but I can’t speak at all. Please help!

  • I never got any of the money after stacking loot for 5hrs me and my 3 friends done 2 gold vaults. Meg. 3 skelly ships and flame heart

  • i play for 4 hour for nothing?

  • Primarily a Galleon Arena problem. Undercrewed ships hold up the lobby for unreasonable lengths of time, when matches only last 15minutes it's easy to spend more time in the lobby than accutually playing, leading to a lot of less patient players leaving. Thresholds for crewing ships should be reduced if players can't be found, have them join while game in progress. Otherwise we are reduced to begging these undercrewed ships to close their crew so that the game can start. Very frustrating.

  • Is there login issues on sea of thieves xbox cant get pass "reporting for duty" on the start screen, I've checked sea of thieves support twitter page and there is nothing saying about issues. On down detector there is 92 other reports on server issues.

  • Started last night, figured it was just a bug. But it's doing it today as well. It seems to happen while the game is trying to load the preview of whatever clothing item. It'll freeze up, then just crash. Preview never loads either. I've tried this a few times, from different locations, with the same results. A quick restart of the computer doesn't fix it either.

    Edit: After a second restart, I can enter the clothing chest without it crashing, however, the preview fails to load. Same with the clothing shop. Ship/equipment chests work fine.

  • My crew and I just killed Red Ruth and looted a bunch of chests and we only got 50k gold when we definitely sold off dozens of chests + skulls. We also sold off other cooked fish at a seapost after and we still didn't get any gold. I tried searching for this and some posts recommended I leave game and relogin in. No luck. What gives?

  • Soooo I and my friend just encountered a skeleton sloop. The second we got close to it and the skeleton sloop saw us. The second it saw us, the skeleton sloop turned around and started fleeing. We are just here laughing and screaming AGGRESIVE NPC BTW, but the skeleton sloop just keeps fleeing. We chase it in a straight line for 5 minutes, after finally, it flees so far away from its spawn point that it despawns and submerges back under water. So yeah uhh... aggressive npc world event btw??? i guess they had a lot of loot they wanted to vendor

  • So i got into a galleon crew and we where collecting flames for the fort. When sailing throu a storm to get the white one our ship started sinking. I had just been bellow deck and there was no water there, and no holes. There is no way the rain sunk our a galleon in 1 minute.

  • I have Sea Of Thieves on pc, and when I first got it my loading times were very quick. I came back to the game after a few months and my loading times are EXTREMELY slow. Slower than when I played on console. I don't think its my network problems cause I don't have any network problems on other games. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Is it possible to server merge somewhere else as a way to escape pvp? A ship sunk us by castaway and my ship respawned at old salts atol. It took us 3mins to get back and their ship was gone. Our loot was gone, their loot was gone, our reaper flag was gone. All that was left, was their reaper flag. Did they DC? Or just quit the game after killing us, being toxic? Couldn't tell because all 3 show as offline. And if they did just quit, where's all the loot from both ships? I've been a constant player for 3 yrs and there is no reason the loot sink that fast logically. Otherwise this game recovery mechanics have greatly faulted to dismal levels if you can't recover loot from a fallen ship, only 2.5 islands away. And after 3 yrs, I've saved countless loot from fallen player ships from my own ship and allied.

  • There are a few proplems but mainly all shops and trading companies except the shipwright, weapon smith and bilge rats dont work, makeing the game close to unplayable unless a firend buys the mission, i also logged in and suddenly got 300 000 gold and 150 dobloons, i am not in a alliance btw. Please help me out, im clueless

  • I was waiting on an island to be picked up by my friends when an Ancient Skeleton spawned, but when I killed it, I didn't get any ancient coins. I also didn't get any gold or rep from anything I sold that night. I heard that it could be delayed, but it's been 5 days now and still nothing.

  • So i get rekt by gamebreaking bugs pretty much every day, but mostly its my player getting stuck in 2 stones or in my wheel or something dumb, but here i have total spaghetti. My ship is frozen on ocean. It does not move on water waves, it does not turn, sail up or down, it wont move from the place. The only way to move it is to blow up a keg which i did 3 times to try and unbug it, but to no avail. So what now

  • I've Googled this issue and a lot of people are saying "It's purple only" or "It's green only" but we've consistently gotten them, but mine is stuck at 10 out of 11. I've tried both colors on both player ships and skeleton ships and it's not going up unfortunately. I've tried several different days to just see if it was server lag, but it's been about 5 skeleton ships we've sunk and 2 player ships and I still don't have it. I'll straight up alternate between green and purple and it doesn't seem to matter. Yes the Reaper Mark flag is up during this as well (not Reaper emissary)

  • So I used get over 100 fps but for some reason now I rarely break 30. I have a I5 9400k, RTX2060 super and 28gb of ram and all drivers are up to date. Ive also tried putting my settings on cursed but that didn't change anything.

  • Logged in today for the first time using my Series X checked the shipwright chest and did not have the Duke Shipset even tried to relaunch the game but nothing, am I missing something?

  • Hello, in the past hours I'm trying to play the game but i constantly getting this radial menu bug, where holding or pressing LB wont open the radial menu.
    So far i have tested:

    • Changing assessibility options.
    • Turning the control off and on again.
    • Plug the controler (wired mode)
    • logging off and back again

    Nothing worked, but in a session yesterday, logging of worked and it was the first time that this bug happend to me.
    I'm on Xbox One S.

  • I'm trying to play this game for the holiday stuff, but it seems to be unplayable at this point. I literally can't use either of my bumpers at all. I've heard other random players say their buttons aren't working either. How is this happening at this point in the years of this game on xbox??

  • Server Down?