jump fatigue?

  • This constant jumping by the kids who play Fortnite is not realistic. They need to put some kind of jump fatigue in here, or after so long have it drain some health. Its unrealistic, you cant jump constantly with no fatigue!

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  • I'm not interested in lowering QoL just people don't like fighting certain types of pvpers sometimes and wanna nerf their style

    I wanna lunge around and jump around while playing during peaceful times which is a majority of the time in adventure

  • We're worried about realism when there's immortal pirates and an angry red guy yelling at you for sailing by?

    I bet you think they shouldn't be able to build anything in that other game either.

    Probably shouldn't play the new Halo thing either...

  • I remember this was a big thing back in the day in Counter Strike. The way they dealt with it was diminishing returns. 1st jump normal. 2nd jump 1/2 3rd jump like 1/4.

  • @p4l3ryder ah yes realistic SoT, SoT where:

    • pirates can fit in cannons and shoot themselves out of it... and survive
    • pirates can stay underwater longer if the water is "airated" and indefinitely if they find bubble vents every now and then
    • a ship can do a 180 when dropping anchor and said ship doesnt tear itself apart doing so
    • skeletons, phantoms and bipedal crustacion mutants roam the lands

    should i continue ?

  • @callmebackdraft see Pirates of the Caribbean and think again ^_^

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