[Mega Thread] Forsaken Shores

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    A long-lost region has been rediscovered: a perilous land known as The Devil’s Roar! Crew up and go from sea dog to scout in this strange, treacherous place where the world itself is your enemy.

    Will you risk the wrath of The Devil's Roar in search of new challenges and the truth behind a terrible tale? Find your way to Forsaken Shores on September 27th.

    The Devil’s Roar is blighted by furious volcanoes and unpredictable earthquakes. Stay alert for lava, eruptions and gushing geysers that threaten pirates and ships alike! In this land where danger is around every corner, we want to hear your feedback in this Mega Thread!

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  • @khaleesibot Please stop black screening us off of our rowboats back to our ships if our ships get sunk or we just bail on the ship and want to rowboat across the seas for a while. It's happened multiple times to me; once I accidentally sat down instead of sitting at the oars and it BS'd me back to my ship (spawned on the other side of the map entirely). Second I was rowing to a small seapost so my friend to sail over and we could meet back up (I had loot that I grabbed out of the water from our sinking). As soon as I got off the oars, it black screened me back to the ship and we lost that loot cause it was gone by the time we arrived.

    In short: if we're far away from our ship and interacting with the rowboat, please please PLEASE stop black screening our characters back to our main ships. We'll be out there for many, many reasons and that black-screen should be limited to when you actually get stuck, instead of just being far away from your ship. Please. @KattTruewalker

  • Xbox App Currently broken 0xbba error, ive restarted services, checked the firewall. windows gives me a notification that i logged in, but the app keeps me in the error loop. you guys need to communicate this to the xbox team i have seen a lot of people online with this error and no realistic fix. a few YT videos say you have to disable proxy in windows network settings but mine is disabled to begin with. so idk, super dissapointed this isnt working.

  • Can you give us something to do?

  • @cpt-amphibious said in [Mega Thread] Forsaken Shores:

    Xbox App Currently broken 0xbba error, ive restarted services, checked the firewall. windows gives me a notification that i logged in, but the app keeps me in the error loop. you guys need to communicate this to the xbox team i have seen a lot of people online with this error and no realistic fix. a few YT videos say you have to disable proxy in windows network settings but mine is disabled to begin with. so idk, super dissapointed this isnt working.

    XBox services are getting hammered by the Fortnite update today.

  • @d3adst1ck When will it be fixed? I have the same issue

  • @makkpakk58 No idea, whenever Microsoft can find a workaround or when the traffic dies down.

  • @makkpakk58

    Keep an eye on the status page here -

  • Game was unplayable for me. Approuched one volcano island and the game completely froze. GG Rare.

  • @katttruewalker Thank you for that, ill keep on the lookout :)

  • It could be that it is purporfully designed this way, in which case I can live with it. But should that not be the case:

    Both my pirate and my brigantine have been taken out by a single fireball twice in about 3 hours of gameplay. The character was at almost full health and the ship was, before the strike, fully patched up and had no holes. It was sailing away from the volcano.

    I think it is because of the increased loading time. I had a lot of latency today. I could hear my ship creak, then give up and then my pirate starting to drown while still looking at a black screen with a spinning green wheel after leaving the Ferry.

  • Loading time on a Xbox One S with a 50 Mbit fiberglass connection takes to long! Check my movie, after this I was a little bit mad... :S
    I guess you pc players don't have these problems???


  • @xxmrvincexx I am a PC player and it takes a long time for me too.

  • @ottersteeth You can not have seen the link... because it takes 2 minutes...

  • @xxmrvincexx Says unavailable for me :( Possibly due to the Xbox issues currently...

  • Ahoy.!
    With a few hours played. (Mainly heading from Golden Sands,across the entirety of the map east.) Is this just due to the influx of players in the Devils Roar, that makes the default far West?
    I have played on 8 servers.(mainly due to either Xbox services going out, and random "Almondbeard". I seem to spawn either GS or Sanctuary.
    With that being said. I tend to crash when near a active volcanoe.

    Volcanoes erupt way too often. And almost the entire time one is on the island. Is this mechanic activated when a player gets close to said island?
    While on a active volcanoe, the geysers seem to be almost too random. Where they spawn and how far it pushes you upward.

    Every time... I mean everytime these go active. Three too six skelly bombers appear right next to the player. There is no out running them. Is there blast radius increased? Seems to me they are. Can the earthquakes move a anchored ship? A sloop has managed to do this a few time. Not just a few feet. But atleast a ships worth or two.

    I think all the new sets look great. A little price adjustment from the others, which is a good thing.

    "Sigh" ok First thoughts/impressions. I really dont like them. Felt clunky and overall more hassle then reward.
    From the initial pushing it off the beach. (If it didnt get stuck. Maybe bug?) Trying to turn it on shore is nearly impossible. Increase the force for the push off from land. It moves 2 feet. (Or goes flying away)
    The amount of effort it takes to row, i.e. pushing both trigers repeatedly to move without any sense of direction while solo on rowboat. I change my whole finger configuration just to use the rowboat. (4 finger on top of controller) i really just dont like the feel of the rowboat.
    Now a few hours in, im adapting to it. But i will just avoid using it unless i absolutely have too.

    Thats my criticism/feedback. I started to ramble. So looking forward to others experiences with FS. As for now it still calls my name.
    See you on the sea.

  • @xxmrvincexx No, I can't see the link.... It says the video is no longer available.
    What takes two minutes? Starting the game or loading an island?

    Starting the game from the crew select screen definitely takes as long for me, but loading islands goes faster. Going from the Ferry back to my (sunken) ship or being transported to another island takes.... about.... 1 minute? possibly slightly less, but not that much less.

  • Ok, so now i have manage to log into the xbox app, but im still getting Ashbeard when i try to log into Sea of Thieves, any help?

  • @katttruewalker @OttersTeeth I got hit by the vulcano... and I died... and when I got back to life my ship was crashed against the outpost... and when I got back on the ship the bell sounded of my ship wich was sinking... very nice

  • @makkpakk58 Ahoy matey, this seems to be an issue connecting with Xbox Live still, I would try again shortly.

  • @musicmee Its working well now, thank you :)

  • Aww have they fixed the wild sails?
    It doesn't have the rips in it, the bottom one has been patched up.

  • @im-t0ny I actually like the rowboats and how they are implemented!

    But the geysers show up a bit too soon after you set foot on an island. It is very noticable. They're not deadly per se, unless you combine them with a volcano about to erupt, but it is obvious that geysers appear if you stay on any bit of island for a few seconds.

  • So, me and my buddy just rolled up to Scorched Pass (X11) to get some chests and the commendation. we anchored on the south side of the island and dug up three chests, by which time a volcano to the north erupted and our ship got repeatedly hit by molten-rock size homing missiles. I do not think it is realistic or fun to be hit from a volcano half a nautical mile away and on the opposite side of the island you are docked at. Furthermore, I wouldn't have been as annoyed if my ship had only been hit once or twice; but instead it was hit 5+ times with 15 seconds. Was this not mentioned in the Pioneer testing session, I feel this should have been addressed much sooner.

    On another note; after our ship sank we re-spawned on Picaroon Palms (I4). We scuttled our ship to try and get a closer spawn but ended up bouncing between Smugglers Bay (F3) and Sailor's Bounty (C4). I would've expected to have spawned that far away if I heen sunk by another crew and not the environment.

  • @tyronius-89

    We did find that dropping anchor a safe distance away and rowing to the islands, worked reasonably well, there are sometimes sheltered places to moor the rowboat, or even timing our excursions to start just after the volcano stops erupting works fairly well too. I think the region is calling for a change of pace, tactics and imaginative ways to avoid being hammered by flying lava rocks.

  • Played it for a good couple hours with my friend and here are some thoughts:

    I don't think Earthquakes should affect you when you're in a ship or a boat, maybe I'm just an idiot who doesn't understand these things, but to me it feels like it shouldn't happen. Especially the boats are way too small to deal with it and you'll just fall over into the boiling water and burn to death. I can tell you it's not very pleasant.

    Reversing the Rowboat controls when you turn around to face the front of the boat is nice and all, but sometimes it messes with your head and you end up going completely the opposite way you were planning on going to. I believe there should be an option to turn that of if you'd like.

    Merchant Alliance NPC is missing in the new outpost. I was told they were there, but disappeared as I was joining, so I don't know if this is an intentional thing where they wonder off every now and then or a bug.

    Does The Volcano have mind of its own and want to destroy anything and everything that moves near it, lock on to it and shower it with fireballs? Or does the boiling water make holes in the ship if its leaking inside? What I'm trying to say is that I haven't actually seen the volcano shoot a bunch of fireballs at my ship, because I've been too busy repairing it, but somehow it makes 9 holes in less than 10 seconds, which makes me wonder if it's the boiling water or the volcano doing the holes. Anywho, I think it's too accurate and shouldn't target the players or their ships as frequently as they are now.

    Full stack Barrel change was much needed so GJ on that one. I still wish you could change the cannonball you're holding whilst manning a cannon. Not necessary, but it would be nice.

    And finally, I got stuck in a tree and had to watch a volcano sink my sloop and its valuables. 10 minutes later I was hit by a rock and died. * bows *

  • I'm currently stuck on curse water island and it won't reset me.

  • @cpt-amphibious This is an Xbox problem; it has nothing to do with Rare or Sea of Thieves.

  • Did an 8 hour session in the Devils Roar with a friend on a duo sloop.

    I don't like the new area, but I don't hate it. The bump in earnings and unfamiliar islands keeps me from going somewhere else, but I'm not too sure how long that might last.

    • Constantly glitching into trees. constantly.
    • There seems to be a severe decrease in washed up discoverables. I have way more fun sailing up to find one of those than I do digging up a chest.
    • Too many volcanoes. I get it. I get the concept of the Devil's Roar, but there's too many for my taste. It's exhausting to have to deal with two or three no matter where you are.
    • Volcanoes erupt too often, or last too long. I wouldn't mind one or the other, but when they last as long as they do, and pop off as frequent as they do, I start to feel discouraged and avoid large islands.
    • Range of volcanoes is too far. I know that's the point for the rowboats, but with how long it takes to deal with sailing the rowboats, and how far away you have to leave your ship, it's a waste of time and effort. Especially with the insane accuracy of the volcanoes.
    • Not sure if intentional, but rarely getting voyage maps for smaller islands. We'll put down six voyages and get one map for a smaller one.
    • Frustrated about the lack of a merchant. I don't like having to sail out of Devil's Roar just to turn in a few crates.

    By the time I got off I was frustrated and exhausted, planning to come back later tonight but not entirely looking forward to it.

  • My best friend and I played The Forsaken Shores update, so far for around seven hours today, and I'm not sure where to start on this. I'm extremely glad the update is out, but I feel there are a few issues with it.

    Barrels: I absolutely love the new 'Take All' option. It makes things go a lot quicker, and it takes away the qualms I previously held about the new barrel UI. My only issue with the barrels is this: When I'm using the Wood and Banana barrels on the sloop, my UI tends to 'flash'? It also sometimes has trouble detecting whether I'm hovering over My Inventory, or the Barrel's Inventory (Meaning when I left click with the mouse on the 3 bananas in My inventory, the game thinks I wanted to take all bananas from the Barrel. My only fix is to either exit and enter the Barrel once again, or to click my cursor on both sides until it properly responds.)

    Rowboats: Neat addition. The steering took me a little bit to get used to, but I think it'll be a breeze later on. Using the rowboats in The Devil's Roar has proven successful only once so far - Otherwise they've become too damaged while on my boat and they detach, or the radius of the volcanoes is too much for me to even use the rowboat to get to an island unscathed.

    Volcanoes: Too long, too accurate, too strong, and too big. More than once I've been killed by a single volcanic rock while at full health. I even have a clip of my friend and I both getting hit by two different rocks (at the same time), and dying when we were at full health. The rock that hit my friend had also hit our boat, so it's a mystery on how we didn't sink by the time we respawned. Another time, while I was waiting for the Xbox app to work so she could rejoin my game, I was being pelted by rocks left and right while I was anchored. I could not raise the anchor, otherwise my sloop would sink from the break in bailing + repairs, but I could not repair because too many rocks were hitting my boat and reopening freshly fixed holes. My only option was to constantly bail until the eruption stopped, and then repair and sail off. That would have been fine, except it felt like the eruption lasted forever. If you have that strong and that accurate of a volcano, then lessen the time it takes to finish erupting. If you want it to be that long, then decrease how accurate the rocks are, and/or lower the damage output. The radius of the eruptions are also seemingly too large for each individual volcano. It seems difficult to anchor the ship a safe distance from a volcano, without risking taking damage from another that's nearby.

    I can't really think of anything else right now and this is long enough already, but these are my issues and thoughts with the update so far.

  • Forsaken Shores may be my last straw with the title. Instead of introducing new ways to interact with others and fleshing out the sandbox, SoT has essentially become a tedious game of resource management and repetitive tasks that are impossible to avoid regardless of skill level.

    First of all, if Rare is serious about wanting players to explore islands they need to completely overhaul skeleton AI and spawning. I'm so tired of fighting off wave after wave of skeletons that endlessly kite towards your character and auto replenish health as you're going in for the final death swing. To make matters worse, Forsaken Shores has introduced a new mechanic (earthquakes) that hinder player movement but have no affect on skeletons. Almost every skeleton wave spawns a gunpowder skeleton, and this game has essentially become a game of kiting groups together, blowing up the gunpowder skeleton, or getting blown up by the gunpowder skeleton, or getting auto killed by a random group of skeletons with guns. I continue to be adamant that the fact that Rare decided to add eye of reach skeletons into this game proves that they have no idea what they're doing. The usual suspects on this forum will undoubtedly cry ("get good"), but unlike games where that may actually be true, so many of these events are simply unavoidable regardless of skill level. Even if you play ultra conservatively there's a good chance that some random mixture of events (eye of reach wave + gunpowder + earthquake + falling volcano rocks) will ruin your day. Especially if you're playing with anything short of a galleon.

    Oh and I want to emphasize how stupid the falling volcano rocks are. Unlike skull fort towers, you can literally do nothing except wait for them to stop. You can be off doing a voyage on an island only to be essentially auto killed by a falling rock which both auto targets your character and the ship. If you're slooping good luck getting back to your ship in time get those repairs in especially if one of the auto killing falling rocks sends you to the ship of the damned. If you respawn on your ship and it is sunk, hope you enjoy your new spawn on the western side of the map. I suppose you can always go do dishes or something while you slowly chart your course back to the forsaken shores.

    Nothing about this update is fun. Perhaps I'd enjoy exploring the new region, but the game literally gives me no freedom or time to do that. Every second I'm on an island, some timer is always counting down to the next annoyance that I have to deal with and contribute resources to. There is no exploring in SoT or appreciating the art, because everything in this game has become about doing the repetitive quest types as quickly as possible to avoid said annoyances.

    Oh and don't even get me started on the stupid new inventory management system. Perhaps it's marginally better now that you're able to "grab all", but it doesn't change the fact that it's significantly more cumbersome and honestly antithetical to design concepts around simplicity and non intrusive UI. Like the forum changes that were near universally criticized, Rare seems totally set on this "get used to it" attitude. Which is ironic because they constantly push this spin that they care and listen to the community.

    To top it all off, how is it that the mainline stories to every new piece of content is just a stupid fetch quest to read books or interact with x static NPC player. Rare I can guarantee that 90% of your players are not reading this lore and are simply looking up internet wikis to grind through these commendations as quickly as possible.

    This is all so disheartening because I fell in love with this game during the alpha and felt like this game offered something significantly different from other multiplayer titles. Now this game is what? Just a bunch of superusers who are largely addicted to grinding for grinding's sake, and a smattering folks with Game Pass who are just briefly testing out the title?

    Rare you're really losing me. I'm going to continue following this title, because I still believe in the conceptual promise of this franchise. But the direction that this game has headed in really since the alpha is really disappointing, and there may come a point very soon where I will simply abandon the title all together and hope that you decide to develop a proper followup that delivers on the conceptual promise of franchise.

    This game needs a significant overhaul to be enjoyable again. Read my complete thoughts here: https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/73382/it-s-like-rare-isn-t-even-trying-anymore

  • Alright pirates, listen up! Here are my thoughts so far but I haven't had nearly enough time in game yet to really give great feed back.

    As people have mentioned, the volcanoes erupt way too often. I'm not asking for easy mode here but I couldn't even explore an entire large island between two eruptions. It's a brand new world, I want to explore it!

    The range of the volcanoes is also a little concerning. Or at least how often they hit at long ranges. I think the max range should stay the same but the percent chance that a rock flies out to the max range should drop slightly.

    Rowboats are amazing. Only complaint is that you can't row backwards. Makes it hard to get out of some spots.

    The map itself is kind of weird. It's very skinny but tall. Doesn't feel right to me. Wish it would have been a little wider. It also is the same height as the current map but doesn't start at the top. So the bottom part of the map extends south past devils ridge... What's going on here??? Hopefully it's because Rare plans to use that space in the future.

    No quest this time? Duke just said to explore (which I was already planning on doing). I'm sure it will come out in the next patch but was a little disappointed. Seems like it needs more for week one IMO.

    Overall had fun. Very excited to come back tomorrow and play some more. Still got lots of islands to explore for the first time.

  • Ok. I played the whole day and night today until amost midnight. It was AWESOME. I really enjoyed it. But there are things that I want to point (and suggest), as usual. The first part is general feedback. The second is about rowboats.

    1. Geysers spawn too often at the same spot. I recommend putting a delay before it happens again at the exact same place. It's terrible for digging chests. I've been bouncing over and over again because of that, plus it's really hard to see while they are firing endlessly. By that I mean at the exact same place. If they fire from random places instead, it will still be nice, but not meddle with treasure digging.
    2. Sunken ships in The Devil's Roar should have Ashen loot as well, since everything there is ashen, for consistence.

    About rowboats:

    1. They should be shown on the map as a crew ship (same system as Alliance Boats). It's hard when we split the crew and have to locate them in the middle of the ocean.
    2. They need a small map of at least where they are and where the main ship is. It will also contribute for the issue above.
    3. Rowing needs a sound cue when the oars become fully pulled. There is a random creaking sound that plays halfway through it (or is just random). It helps with the rhythm to row it more smooly.
    4. Reverse rowing. It's annoying when they get stuck. I have no idea how to do it, but well, it's possible in real life.
    5. I have no idea to do it, but most of the rowboats were lost due to getting hit while attached to ships. It would be nice if they could be somehow protected from fiery rocks (by a ceiling of sorts?), although it feels off. I've ended up rowing behind a ship just to avoid losing it this way.

    Thanks for everything. It was the most exciting update so far for me, since launch. The cosmetics look amazing as well!

  • Everybody is saying the volcano eruptions are too often. I don't think frequency is the issue here though. It's the duration of the eruptions. I have waited just out of range of an eruption with a brigatine with the wind supporting me and headed in as soon as the eruption ended and still the moment I got off my ship at the island another eruption started. I decided to test if I can wait it out as I was semi protected by a large rock and I had a lot of planks. My ship sank before the eruption ended. I respawned and finally got back and waited out another eruption and went in again and died by the next eruption by direct hit from one of the first rocks then my ship sank again.

    That brings me to another issue I have which is the respawns. I have had allies sink by other players and I have sunk people attacking me. They have always spawned fairly nearby. I have sunk twice both by volcano and each time it spawned me at golden sands outpost. Is this a backwards biome where pvp respawns are nearby and pve are the farthest possible outpost?

  • @xcalypt0x there is kind of a quest though it doesn't say you have started it or anything like cursed sailed did. There's the guy on Liar's backbone and the captain of the Forsaken Shores crew is standing out the front of the Tavern in the forsaken shores. The quest is really just to find the rest of her crew.

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