[Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0 - Part 4

  • @cpt-kronk said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0 - Part 4:

    Anyone else experience the glitching/flickering of items inside a barrel just after you open it up? It prevents you from taking any items until after the flickering has stopped.

    I've got a feeling this might be an issue with the selecting of an item.

    It so annoying, especially in hectic situations because it lasts about .5 to 1 second. And that might just be the difference between eating a banana and being killed while stuck in the barrel inventory.

    Yes. There is a delay in many cases where the contents of a barrel do not load instantly on the barrel inventory. I just press repeatedly regardless of what is there because if I need it it will be taken, and if I don't, it won't.

  • Barrels V3 are better than Barrels V1. This is a good change.

  • I don't want Rare to "improve" that old janky item system to make it "tolerable"

    This Forum is full of great ideas and workarounds for this and Rare is just not listening. They still want to keep that stupid UI and feeze players, why?

  • Anything from Rare on this subject? It's great to create a Part 4 to a mega thread but Joe Neate never touches the subject on the dev update videos and it's been a while since anyone one on their end participated here either.

    Could we know if that's going to get worked on? Or should we get used to it and setup some macros to make it bareable? (Not my favorite option obviously)

    I already had to remap the X button to one of my mouse buttons to get out of this UI quicker...

    Let us know Rare!

  • Mmmh,

    So I guess either Rare keeps the changes to come "shrouded" from us or they completely ignored us on this one.

    I personnally gave up hope as it's been 2 month now and their was only this tiny change made to it and no offical talk about anything else but that almost invisible "empty" tag and "take all" option.

    Still a menu, still a huge drag compared to the previous system and still as annoying to me everytime I use it as the day it was introduce (I just can't get used to it), and no easy way to close it, at least put it on the same button as the opening one

    It seems like the subject is dying but I think it's mostly that a lot of people have given up on it, or simply stopped playing as much (I know I have since it makes solo playing so much more tedious to me)

    Anyway, I hope I 'm wrong and that you have a surprise for me behind that fog of yours!


  • Ok, this is more of a request...

    I would love for Rare to add a quick store feature for the ship barrels, to save opening the Barrel UI.

    So for example if you are holding a banana, and you are in front of the food barrel on your ship, you should be able to press a key / controller button to quick store that banana in the barrel. If the barrel is full, then they key shortcut won't be displayed, and maybe a "full" tag could be shown on screen (to compliment the "empty" tag)

    Same applies if you are holding a cannonball, in front of a cannonball barrel, or wood in front of the wood barrel.

    Seems like something that should be implemented, and will save time storing items.

    Whilst I don't mind the new barrel UI, and have got used to it, and the take all / store all options make it way easier to use, I think implementing a quick store option would be even better

    Thx all

  • With the Arena mode coming in, this barrel system will become more and more annoying.
    So many things to rework with this interface.

  • In the current implementation, the barrels are not bad. But there is a moment that upsets me:
    I am a PC player. I’m used to quite quickly collecting loot from the barrels by spamming the F key and then quickly exiting the interface with the X key. But if the mouse moves to the left side of the screen, it turns out that by spamming the F key in the next barrel I’ll not collect bananas or kernels, but rather I will shift all my things in a barrel. During PVP it ends badly)

  • @a-smollett I've had this when the barrels were first introduced. While you could argue it's a bad implementation of a few things, I can also say that you get used to the routine quite fast.

    I don't use my mouse when opening barrels, I'll almost always press 'E' when opening to make sure I am collecting and not depositing while pressing 'F'. After getting the hang of it, I started to feel like the new barrels were actually faster because now we're collecting entire stacks at once.

    I'm not saying the Barrels are perfect like this, nor am I saying you need to adjust your play style, but try a few things and see how you can make it work for you. Eventually I made the system work for me and now it's smooth sailing :)

  • I agree with @A-Smollett - they need to implement the F and X keys into the barrel UI as well as the NPC dialog system. They also need to get rid of mouse hover activation on the inventory UI (make it click based instead) so that it doesn't interfere as there is already the Q/E keys for doing this and the hover can inadvertently select the wrong side.

    A final note is that they should allow your mapped movement keys to move around all of the dialogs and screens to select items.

  • Things I want is: to use the same key on PC to open the barrel and exit the barrel.
    Just like with everything else in the game, its so strange that you changed this on this one thing.
    I then ill use the mouse to get the items in the barrel.

    But MOST of all, I WANT to be able to remap my keys for the barrel, HOW is this not implemented yet, why are you sooooo focused on consols or controllers that you cant even see past that.
    WE NEED to be able to remap the keys on PC to how it fits our style, this should be simple to make.

    Because of the problems mentioned above the barrel system is really bad as it is now, its super slow to use on PC.
    And who thought X was a great key to exit the barrel with (yes I know I can use ESC but still)

    Remapping keys should be top priority on PC, it needs to be sorted ASAP.

  • The one thing I have noticed which is now a pain is when you have red on your screen you cannot access resources. We have lost ships and loot because of this. Especially in the devils roar on a brig and sloop. When you are doing everything possible to stay a float and you cannot get anymore resources out of your barrels to stay a live frustration sets in especially if you have a fully loaded ship. Please make it so you can access when you need it.

  • I would love to see that when a ship sink, barrels go to surface with everything they had inside like canon balls, foods, etc.

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