A few weeks ago we opened our studio doors to Yogscast creators Martyn, Hannah, Caff and Vadact. We know that we want Sea of Thieves to work for content creators and streamers and we believe we’re building a watchable game, but we decided to truly put this to the test and get the Yogscast crew to tell us what they think! Since we’re big fans of the Yogscast and we’ve worked with Banjo-Kazooie fan Martyn before on our massively epic six-hour Rare Replay stream back in 2015, we’re thrilled Martyn’s brought some friends along for this visit!

To kick start the festivities, the crew were given a tour of Rare by Studio Head Craig. Along the way, they stopped at the office of Robin Beanland (Head of Music) for a glimpse at the weird and wonderful instruments he’s been using to create the sea-faring sounds of Sea of Thieves. Truth is, you haven’t really lived until you’ve been treated to a live hurdy-gurdy performance!

After the tour the Yogscast crew hung out in our famous pirate tavern and checked out our custom built Broadcast Lab - a streamer’s dream! Then it was time to get hands on with Sea of Thieves in a battle of the crews, Yogscast vs Rare. Both crews took to the seas in a search for treasure, meeting on an island resulting in utter chaos. Skeletons spawned, chests were stolen and shots were fired, resulting in pirates from both crews taking a trip to The Ferry of the Damned!

With their play session over, our guests sat with both the Design and Community teams to give their feedback. We found these sessions invaluable and we’ll be taking their suggestions on board (pardon the pun) as we continue our Sea of Thieves journey.

Once the sun set on their visit, the Yogscast crew left laden with Sea of Thieves loot – which Hannah’s cat seemed to appreciate. But we look forward to seeing them again soon whether it be on the high seas on back in our studio!

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