As far as holidays go, we here on the Sea of Thieves team believe that September 19th takes the cake. It’s the one day of the year that the collective internet straps on its eyepatch, pulls the peg leg out of storage, and yes, Talks Like a Pirate.

Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Pirate Consultants

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But because we here at Rare have been spending most of our time talking like pirates, we decided to do something a bit different in 2015. We decided to share how the team is working not just to sound like pirates, but to live like authentic, seafaring scoundrels.

For Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015, we documented our experience working with genuine Pirate Consultants.

No one said making a great game came easily. That's why we brought on bona fide consultants.

Sure, some critics might say, “Your pirate consultants seem a little extreme,” or “The gentlemen in that video seem mentally deranged.” And yes, on those counts, we’d have to agree.

But no one ever said making a great game came easily, and that’s our ambition for Sea of Thieves: making the best shared world experience possible. We’re creating an experience which will allow players to embark on voyages together in a treacherous world, to amass fame and fortune, and to have a blasted good time doing so. It’s a game about being the pirate you want to be, after all.

If there’s one thing we learned last year, it’s that talking like a pirate is only part of the fun. The spirit of adventure, and embracing everything that comes with that, is the rest of it.