There's been plenty of plunder to feast your eyes on since the last time we gathered to tell more Tales from the Tavern! First, we highlighted not just one or two but three outstanding pirates from our community (Hi Ron, Kat and Shane!). Then we showed off our New Seas, Wider World and Voyage System, but if that's not enough to keep your ship afloat, we've also thrown in the second installment of our Developer Gameplay series where we clearly demonstrate that you don't have to be good at games to make 'em.

All this means we've got plenty to cover in our latest podcast episode. So grab your grog, pull up a bench or a bucket or whatever you've got handy, then join our hosts Jon and Emma as they talk more about Sea of Thieves' Technical Alpha and development with Joe (Executive Producer), Mike (Lead Designer) and Christina (Live Campaign Producer)! In this episode, our team covers everything from talk of our three distinct world regions to tampering with - we mean rebalancing - the threat of skellies to a hinting at what may be in store for future Voyages...

Sea of Thieves - Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode 7

Dauer 56:43

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