Our crew's been moving at full-speed and launching rapid fire announcements one after the other over the last few weeks, but the excitement of announcing our Insider Programme and our upcoming Technical Alpha play session isn't enough to blow our regularly scheduled podcast off-course! Though this episode is the final one of the year, there's still plenty of treasure to uncover...

In the first half, our intrepid hosts Jon and Emma bring in PC Design Lead Ted, Executive Producer Joe and special guest Rhys from the Xbox One subreddit! Amidst talk of what they're all currently working on, we learn more about Rhys' role in the Xbox One subreddit and chat about the latest hot community topics including the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme and our approach to personal combat. Of course, we also catch up with our studio goings-on which include tangents to talk about testing, revelations about miming and maybe even a tidbit about selective hearing! Sort of. (You'll see what we mean.)

Then we steer the conversation toward the Art and Animation of Sea of Thieves for the last half of the podcast! Ryan (Art Director), Andria (Director of Art Production) and Joachim (Environment Artist) join Jon and Emma in the tavern and field more questions from the community! Want to find out more about where they get their inspiration from or what snacks the Art team keeps in their stash? Find out by watching our podcast below, in glorious 4k on Youtube or in its audio format on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Sea of Thieves - Tales from the Tavern - Episode 5

Dauer 56:12

Next up for our crew is to take a much-deserved break for the holidays, but we'll be back in the new year with more Sea of Thieves news and updates. Until then, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to connect with us on our social channels!