Gather round the table for another episode of our Tales from the Tavern podcast! In these monthly instalments, we share all the latest studio goings-on and tackle questions the community's sent our way on social media and our forums. If you tuned in last time, you’ll have heard a bit about our first internal alpha play session and the arty tech we used to enliven the environments of Sea of Thieves!

For our fourth episode, we've kept the two-part format we introduced last month. Settle in with our hosts Jon and Emma as we welcome back series regulars Joe (Executive Producer), Mike (Lead Designer) and Cameron (Community Manager) to the table. They dish out details on our Golden Joystick nomination for Most Wanted Game, swap stories from our second internal alpha play session and linger upon the long-lasting appeal of Monkey Island!

Then in the second half, we dive deeper into Sea of Thieves' audio experience. Join special guests Robin (Head of Music), Jon (Audio Director) and Guillaume (Sound Designer) as they chat about coming up with a theme tune, crafting creakiness and contributing to the claustrophobic feel of being below deck. Along the way, they also drop a few fun facts and tidbits about our video outros, track titles and how sounds set the tone for our E3 trailers...

Sea of Thieves - Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode 4

Dauer 55:22

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