Podcast time! Within these monthly shows we share some of the happenings within the studio and answer questions sent our way through comments and forums. Last time, we talked about the wonderful reception we received from fans around the world after E3 and Gamescom, plus PC Design Lead Ted made a sobering realisation about his cup of tea.

For our third episode we bring you a two-part bumper pack! Our hosts Jon and Emma are joined by a whopping six guests, two of whom are brand new to the series! In the first half, we welcome Cameron (Community Manager) to the table. You may know him as OpticalMatrix from the forum, and he tells us more about our new forum Deckhands while familiar faces Joe (Executive Producer) and Mike (Lead Designer) give more info on a massive milestone in Sea of Thieves’ development: our internal alpha playtest!

In the second half, we get a little more technical. And artistic. Or both, depending on how you look at it. Ryan (Art Director), Andy (Software Director) and Valentine (Principal Technical Artist) team up to take us to new levels of technical and artistic knowledge on light, clouds and ambient occlusion. If you’re interested in Art, Engineering and the areas where they meet, this is definitely worth your time.

Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode 3

Dauer 45:50

As always, the podcast is available on YouTube in 4K, or on SoundCloud and iTunes for the pure audio experience, and you can let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook and in our friendly forum.