Two weeks ago, we cast off and set sail with the first episode of our Short Haul video series! If you didn't watch the minute-long sneak peek into the instruments in Sea of Thieves, you should. We'll wait for you.

Back now and ready to jump aboard our next video voyage? You're just in time! In our second episode, we caught up with Lead Designer Mike Chapman to get a better look at life aboard a ship in Sea of Thieves. Watch to see what revelations he has to share about the ship's various functions and how co-op gameplay enhances your experience.

Sea of Thieves Short Haul #2: Aboard the Ship

Dauer 1:14

And there you have it - a quick look at just a few of the unique experiences that you and your crew can look forward to when you’re out on the high seas. Whether it’s scrambling to raise the anchor or shouting directions down from the crow’s nest, your ship is bound to create some stories worth telling. Let us know what you’re looking forward to doing on your ship by sounding off on Twitter, Facebook and in our forums!