Here we are at the end of November and what a busy month it’s been. We got the skinny on skeletons, learned about how islands are made, launched our Sea of Thieves Insider Programme and more, but there’s still some time to squeeze one more update into the month.

Being a pirate is tough work and sometimes you may want to take a well-earned breather from a good day’s buccaneering. In Sea of Thieves you’ll be able to do just that via our outposts dotted throughout the world. This week, Environment Artist Joe is here to tell us just what goes into putting together these hand-crafted havens.

Sea of Thieves Short Haul #8 - Building Outposts

Dauer 1:12

What are you hoping to do when you reach the docks of an outpost? Tell us your thoughts on our Forums, Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see you next month for another round of Sea of Thieves updates!