Let's take to the seas for another Sea of Thieves Short Haul expedition! When we last ventured out on one of these journeys, we explored the Sounds of the Ship. Now we've turned our attention to the art of Sea of Thieves, make sure you're caught up on last week's Inn-side Story of our World in Motion before you pull out of port for our next quick cruise.

In this week's episode, we're scoping out skeletons with our Lead Animator Andrew! Watch as he shows off our approach to animating skeletons and making them appear scary and broken. Keep your eyes peeled for the moment when he strikes a perfect skelly pose sometime in the next 60 seconds...

Sea of Thieves Short Haul #7 - Animating Skeletons

Dauer 1:12

That'll do for this week's recap. Think you'll be ready for when they climb out of the ground and run for you? Let us know over on our forum, Facebook and Twitter pages and we'll see you in two week's time for another Short Haul adventure!