Every fortnight, our band of buccaneers takes the community out for a new Short Haul video voyage across the Sea of Thieves. If you need to get up to speed, backtrack two weeks and take the tour of our clouds before you venture out with another member of our crew. Go on, it'll only take a minute (literally)...

All set for another sixty-second video full of vivid visuals? Excellent. This week, we've handed the helm over to Andreas from our VFX team! Watch him dig a little deeper into the particular particles that add an extra bit of power to everything from big cannon blasts to the scatter of ocean spray.

Sea of Thieves Short Haul #4 - Visual Effects

Dauer 1:12

And there you have it - more insights into how we're intensifying immersion in Sea of Thieves! Have more ideas about which effects will have the greatest impact on your player experience? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or our forums.