Our crew's been bringing back tidbits of video treasures for the community to feast their eyes on for the past couple of months. In case you've been tipping back too many tankards, you can catch up with our Inn-side Story series and take a minute to voyage out on our last Short Haul before jumping into this week's video!

Since we've spent plenty of time talking about the sea, it's now time to take to the skies and admire our dynamic clouds! You may have caught a glimpse of them in motion during our SDCC Art of Adventure panel, but in the next 60 seconds, Valentine from our Technical Art team takes us on a tour through our clouds. Go on, click play, stretch out and get ready for another quick journey through the world of Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Short Haul #3 - Creating Clouds

Dauer 1:13

And there you go - a full minute of appreciation for the fluffiness of our clouds! Will you be doing a bit of cloud watching while sailing the seas? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter and in our Forums! We'll have another video for you next week, so be sure to keep a sharp eye out.