In the weeks leading up to E3, speculation ran rampant regarding whether or not Rare would show more of its upcoming shared-world pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves. Would there be a new trailer? Could fans expect a multiplayer debut? Would another fearsome, battle-ready skeletal baddy be making an appearance?

We answered all these questions (and more!) with not one, but two new trailers. Feast your eyes you salty dogs on the YouTube booty down below.

Sea of Thieves: Official E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer

Dauer 1:41

First off, we showed our E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer, consisting of several frozen moments in time. This trailer, composed entirely of in-game assets and set to a haunting original tune, shows the promise of Sea of Thieves. Whether you’re below deck strumming a shanty, plundering the ocean blue for sunken treasure, or making a last-ditch-escape from a vessel entangled in a kraken’s clutches, we want every adventure in Sea of Thieves to be a story unique to you.

“That’s all well and good,” you might be thinking, “but what was that about the gameplay, then?” Right enough – let’s get to it!

Sea of Thieves: Official E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

Dauer 2:37

Going into E3, we felt it was vitally important to show real gamers going hands-on with an early build of the game. As such, we invited some of our most-excited fans to visit Rare HQ to be the first in the world to play Sea of Thieves. The laughter, insults, and even unintentional marooning (sorry Abstractacas) in the resulting trailer were all genuine, emergent experiences unique to this particular crew’s adventure. Even after the first hour of gameplay, we heard our visitors excitedly recounting their epic triumphs and catastrophic defeats alike.

In all, E3 2016 kicked off with a black-powder bang for Rare. Over the next few days we’ll have thousands more players going hands-on with the game on the E3 show floor, and we’ll have plenty to say and share not just on our website, but on our Sea of Thieves social channels as well!

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Until we meet again, you rotten lot!