It's been over a week since we unveiled our Sea of Thieves Play It First fan contest and we've already had some great entries, but some of you have raised interesting questions too. So rather than hold anyone up in the planning stages, let's see what we can answer right here!

Q: Your rules say that winners can be selected between March 10th and April 26th. When exactly will they be announced?
A: We'll be reviewing and discussing entries throughout the contest period, but final winners will not be announced until April 26th.

Q: I would like to resubmit my entry or make a new entry. Is this allowed?
A: Yes! We can't accept more than one entry per person for final consideration in the contest, but you can withdraw a previous entry in order to submit a new or updated one. Just delete the original tweet or post, send us your new link and notify us of the change.

Q: The rules state that we can't use any other IP, but what about Sea of Thieves or other Rare IP?
A: You're free to use existing Sea of Thieves material for the purposes of this contest, preferably your own take on it (e.g. a cover version or artistic reinterpretation). As this contest is all about celebrating Sea of Thieves, entries should avoid featuring any other IP, which includes games from Rare's back catalogue.

Q: Can I make a video with friend(s) and submit it as an entry for both/all of us?
A: As we can only invite a strictly limited number of fans to this event, each entry has to be owned and submitted by one person who is then eligible for the prize. This means that entries will be counted only for the person whose Facebook or Twitter account is used to direct us to it (we'll verify identities and ownership later if necessary). If you've created something with other people and you all want to enter the contest, try using different perspectives to each make something unique from the same basic material!

Q: I've got a great entry and I think I might win! What will I need for travel to the UK if I'm selected?
A: For international travellers thinking about visiting the UK, we recommend ensuring that you have a valid passport as soon as possible. You can also visit the official site to get more information on requirements for travel to the UK. Please note that this is general advice only and does not guarantee your entry a better chance of winning!

Q: If I live in the UK, do I still get to fly to Rare if I win?
A: As our T&Cs state, we reserve the right to provide alternative transportation for anyone living within a certain distance of Rare HQ.

Q: If I win, can I bring a guest with me?
A: While you can have anyone accompany you on your trip to the UK, unfortunately we can't accommodate extra guests at Rare HQ on the day and we can only pay the expenses of our selected prize winners.

Q: If we're not eligible for the main prize or don't want to travel to the UK, are any other prizes available such as access to the beta?
A: We'll find some suitable Sea of Thieves swag to award to runners-up and/or entries ineligible for the main prize that we feel are deserving of recognition (e.g. younger entrants or those who can't make it to Rare HQ). We haven't released details on any Sea of Thieves beta plans, so beta access won't be considered as a prize.

Hope that answers some of your questions. If you have any more, send them to us on Twitter or Facebook and we'll provide whatever clarification we can, and possibly add your questions to the FAQ if we think they'll help others. Thanks, and good luck!