Next Thursday, we'll be pulling into port at San Diego, California and unloading more information along with special cargo for any cutthroat corsair attending our panel, Art of Adventure. Be among the brave souls in Room 24ABC next Thursday at 10.30am to guarantee you’ll be able to loot the barrels for our convention exclusive miniature! Learn about Rare’s long piratical history, glimpse never-before-seen artwork from Sea of Thieves and gain new insights from Ryan Stevenson, Joe Neate, Adam Park and Peter Hentze.

More information isn't the only thing you'll be able to take away from our panel!

Even though Sea of Thieves will not be playable at Comic Con, there are plenty of ways for meandering marauders to keep busy after the panel. Firstly, feel free to navigate to our photo booth where you can don all manner of pirate props and pose for a picture. We’ll be equipped to take a 180-degree photo of you and your friends and place you against a Sea of Thieves themed background. You’ll then be able share your photos with us on social media right from the convention floor!

After striking a pose, we suggest you go in search of our pirate band. They’ll be entertaining the masses with boisterous music and song. So if you’ve memorised the lyrics to We Shall Sail Together, grab your tankard and sing along! If not, you can always cut loose and dance a jig. You never know, all your efforts to be the pirate you want to be may grant you the chance to nab some extra Sea of Thieves swag from our musical mariners.

Thanks to the talented Mike Reyes for capturing this shot of our pirate band, The Skullduggers, at E3 2016!

Marooned on an island somewhere and not able to attend? We’re hoping to capture the panel’s presentation and share it with the crew. But in the meantime, feel free to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and on our forum.