We’re a month into our Play it First contest and it’s safe to say that the response from all of you continues to be amazing! In case you missed it, we announced the contest last month, asking you, the community, to show us how excited you are for Sea of Thieves as creatively as possible. As we highlighted in our last contest round up, there’s been a wide variety of imaginative entries that cover everything from illustrations to sweet and savoury culinary creations. With that in mind, we thought we'd take this chance to share another small selection of entries that have come in over the past few weeks!

Enough gold to make even Captain Bones a bit jealous.

Sarah sent us this photo of her mermaid cosplay. No doubt our skelly friend would be jealous of that golden garb.

Where can we get our hands on some of this?

Thanks to Eliza for this entry, giving us a look at her mighty haul of treasures and trinkets. If we had to guess, we’d wager Eliza likes pirates. Maybe?

Rare Entry Contest

Dauer 2:35

Kenton put together a video that shows us that you don’t need an eye patch and a peg leg to find treasure out on the open seas.

Sitting under a palm tree like that doesn't look too safe.

Thanks to Paul for this exquisitely drawn comic strip. Judging from appearances, we can only assume that this stick-figured swashbuckler has been stuck on that island for a pretty long time.

a pirate's modern life. (David Jones' #SeaOfThievesContest entry)

Dauer 4:28

David Jones (that's his name, we swear!) gives some insight into what it means to be a pirate in 2016 and it seems only appropriate that this’d come with a rap instead of a sea shanty.

How’s that for inspiration? The team here is loving all of the enthusiasm and creativity from fans already. With a few weeks left to submit an entry, we’re hoping to see even more creations that show us just how excited you are to play Sea of Thieves!