It’s been a couple of weeks since we started our Play It First contest and so far we’ve been receiving a tonne of creative entries. From videos, to drawings, to edible entries, there’s been some really imaginative creations coming from the community. We're not quite ready to announce our winners yet, but with this much content flooding in we reckon it’s about time we shared some of it with you!

What an excellent taste in games he has.

Thanks to Followstyle for this entry. Can you spot all of the differences?

Jeph86's #SeaofThievesContest Entry

Dauer 3:35

Thanks to RareFanJeph86 and his wife who reached out to us in this video which explains the long term effects of Sea of Thieves hype on a marriage. Oops?

When sailing a ship just isn't quick enough.

This artistic entry comes from Fabio. Can't say that it looks too safe, but we'll leave you to speculate on the outcome. Thanks for sending it in!

We'll take ten!

Peter's entry would sure hit the spot after a hard day of pillaging. Captain Bones could probably do with a few of them too.

The things people will do for Sea of Thieves, eh?

Thanks to Stephanie for this entry, showing us the most perilous trip to pick up a pre-order we've ever seen. Scalpers beware.

And those just scratch the surface of the entries we’ve received so far. The amount of enthusiasm coming from all of you is great to see and with the contest deadline a little over a month away, there’s still plenty of time to take part. So get creating and keep those entries coming for your chance to Play It First!