Two months have passed since we launched our Sea of Thieves Play It First contest. From the beginning, we saw fantastic entries flood in from the farthest corners of the globe.

And now, we have our winners to announce! We’ve prepared a video to show off our winners’ crazy and creative entries, as well as to highlight some of the great stuff we saw come out of the community throughout the duration of the contest.

Sea of Thieves: Play It First Contest Results

Dauer 3:48

If you’ve had a look at the video and want to check out the winner’s entries in full, we’ve put together a roundup below to showcase the hard work that was clearly put into them.

Olivier Brisson - Sea of Thieves - contest entry

Dauer 1:05

Olivier’s video was almost dangerously full of hype. We asked fans to show us how excited they were for Sea of Thieves, and this entry took that literal interpretation to its furthest limit. We selected this video as a winner not only for its ear-shattering excitement, but for its sharp editing as well.

A Pirate's Dream - Sea of Thieves Contest Entry

Dauer 1:49

Rodrigo impressed us with a stunning animation. We watched it several times, noticing some subtle and clever details such as the use of our Sea of Thieves Valentine’s Day cards and showing our studio's actual location on the UK map. A winner not only due to the high level of craftsmanship, but the attention to the little things.

Jeph86's #SeaofThievesContest Entry

Dauer 3:35

Jeph’s video came to us early on in the competition, highlighting the side effects of Sea of Thieves hype on a marital relationship. We were thoroughly impressed with the documentary-style presented in this video, as well as some of the minute details hidden in several of the scenes. It also made us realise the impact the game’s hype was having on some relationships. We should probably look into adding some kind of in-game disclaimer….

Come join us on the Sea of Thieves! (Alex’s Sea of Thieves: Play It First Contest entry)

Dauer 1:02

We had some great dancing pirate videos throughout the contest, but it wasn’t until receiving Alex’s video that we realised crabs (or people dressed as them in this case) can tear up the dancefloor too. In addition to Alex’s raw energy in the video, winning points went to his use of what looks like an entire dance studio. Well done, crew.

Rare: Sea of Thieves Contest Entry Piece

Dauer 7:24

Jackie sent us this fantastic digital illustration of what a fight with a Kraken might look like in the game. The painting itself was a sight to behold, but what impressed us even more was that Jackie put together a time lapse video that takes us through the process as well! Bravo for the use of image and video in this entry.

A Job for the Bold (#SeaOfThievesContest entry for Chad McCanna)

Dauer 3:21

An author once said “The keyboard is mightier than the cutlass”, or something along those lines. Chad proved this with his epic poem spelling out his excitement for Sea of Thieves. A recital of this poem might have been enough to warrant a winning spot on its own, but the accompanying animations and range of voice acting made this a sure-fire winner.

Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to create something for the contest. The team is working hard to make Sea of Thieves an experience that’s fun, memorable and unmistakably Rare. Seeing this amount of enthusiasm and passion from the community is a huge motivator for all of us.

It’s still early days for our Sea of Thieves voyage, but you can be sure there’s plenty more to come, so keep an eye on @SeaOfThieves on Twitter and our official Facebook Page.