In case you missed it, E3 2015 was kind of a big deal for Rare. First, we announced Rare Replay, a 30-game collection celebrating the best of Rare games from the past three decades.

Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan on the big stage at E3.

Then Rare studio head Craig Duncan took the stage, introducing what he called, “the most ambitious game Rare has ever created.” That project, a shared-world adventure game set in a fantastical world, was Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Announce Trailer - E3 2015

Dauer 2:31

The Sea of Thieves trailer clocks in at a humble two minutes thirty seconds, but we’ve packed in a load of details that have piqued interest and sparked speculation since June of last year. What’s the story behind the cryptic rock painting on the island? How do players work together to control the ship? What kind of world does Sea of Thieves take place in and how free will players be to explore it?

We’ve been captivated by the creativity of some speculations and delighted by how close some theories are to what Sea of Thieves actually plays like.

We're looking forward to shining some more light on Sea of Thieves in 2016.

Now that we’re in 2016, the question we hear most often from fans is when can they expect more news and information about Sea of Thieves. We’re not sharing any new details just yet, but suffice to say, 2016 looks to be a great year for the studio and our fans.

Stay tuned and hang on. This voyage promises to be the adventure of a lifetime.