Each week we've been treating the community to new videos from the Sea of Thieves development team covering all manner of topics! Last time we took a 60-second excursion to discover more about the game's visual effects. But this week we're inviting you into the warmth of the tavern for another Inn-side Story! So grab your tankard, take a seat and make sure you've already jumped into our #GreatWater and admired our luminous lighting.

In this new episode, we turn our attention toward the tunes both heard and played in Sea of Thieves! Join our musical magicians, Jon (Audio Director) and Robin (Head of Music), for a chat about crafting a piratey signature soundtrack. Watch as they demonstrate the perfectly imperfect instruments selected for the score including the concertina, hurdy-gurdy and homemade rhythm bones! Fair warning, though, you may find yourself wanting to treat your ears to more music after...

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #5 - A Signature Soundtrack

Dauer 4:04

Did our video strike a chord with you? Then navigate over to our YouTube page to enjoy the strains of The Sea of Thieves, We Shall Sail Together and Maiden Voyage again (and again and again, if you wish). That does it for this Inn-side Story, but we'll have more videos to share with you soon. Until then, jump aboard our official forum, Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you think!