With the wind in our sails, we’re flying fast into the welcoming warmth of spring! But it’s not yet temperate enough to tempt us from the cosiness of our tavern, so whilst we’re gathered together here, why not take a few minutes to catch up on our last Inn-side Story video showing off our wider world before leaping into our newest?

This week, our Senior Designers Andrew and Shelley take the helm and steer us through Sea of Thieves' Voyage System. Watch as they explore the ways in which voyages add to a greater sense of adventure, provide a basis for pirates to pursue particular goals, and allow for future quest variations to slot right in!

Inn-side Story #13 - The Voyage System

Dauer 3:01

What sort of voyages do you dream of going on with your crew? Let us know by joining in the conversation with us on any of our social channels! Until our next video drops, keep your good eye locked on the horizon for more glimpses of the Sea of Thieves.