Since we've moved our regularly scheduled Sea of Thieves videos to Thursdays, we've only gotten a quick glimpse at Taming New Seas in our recent Technical Alpha Update, but we've yet to dive deeper into those welcoming (and maybe not-so-welcoming) waters! Luckily, we knew you'd want to jump in and inspect all those glorious new islands without the threat of a skelly shooting you in the face... so grab your grog and turn your attention to this week's Inn-side Story video!

This time, we're sailing farther than ever before as we explore the wider world of Sea of Thieves and how it changes gameplay. Join our own Lead Designer Mike and Art Director Ryan as they delve into how our exponentially expanded world gives players more regions to explore and more ways to strategise their approach to adventuring! Consider the possibilities as you take in the sight of our dark, distant shores, classic white sand beaches and verdant vegetation...

Inn-side Story #12 - A Wider World

Dauer 3:06

How will our expanded world affect how you choose to play? Might you stealthily sneak up on another ship? Should your crew protect your own possessions before pursuing other's riches? Will you hunt through those hidden caves in hopes of finding more buried treasure? Let us know by connecting with us on any of our social channels below and we'll see you all back in the Sea of Thieves tavern again soon!