This weekend, our voyage through the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha is set to continue with a bonus play session! The pace is picking up with no less than 6000 fortuitous freebooters now setting sail, and many more pirates to be invited aboard in the future. So regardless of whether or not you've ventured out on your first seafaring expedition, we're keen to know what you have to say!

In our latest Inn-side Story video, find out how we track your biggest talking points, how they help the team figure out what's important to you and how they inspire us to tackle hot topics like personal combat and first-person versus third-person. So we'll hand over to our Executive Producer Joe and Community Manager Cameron, both keen to share insights on our plans for the feedback provided by our community of pirates...

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #11 - Acting on Feedback

Dauer 4:12

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