Now that the crew's back in the studio, we've been sailing smoothly through the month of January. But before our festive break, we had a significant surge of end-of-year activity! Recall that cannonball blast of excitement as we announced the launch of Sea of Thieves' Technical Alpha? Well, it was quickly followed by a veritable volley of invitations for 1,000 lucky Insiders to join us on the high seas – with more expected to be issued in the near future! Whilst you wait to see if you'll soon be getting a taste of that pirate life, why not jump back into our regularly scheduled video series with us?

In our 10th Inn-side Story video, we're handing the helm over to Senior Designers Shelley and Andrew as they explore our social, co-operative approach to pirating as a crew in Sea of Thieves. See how enlisting the help of a few like-minded marauders can keep your ship on course for untold treasures! After all, pirating entails plenty of tasks to keep everyone busy like navigating tricky and treacherous waters, or lending one's surefire shooting skills in certain sticky situations...

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #10 - Co-op Gameplay

Dauer 3:33

What talents are you hoping to contribute to your crew when you cast off in Sea of Thieves? Let us know on any of our social channels and be sure to tune back in on Tuesdays when we share more video footage with the community!