During our last Technical Alpha play session, some of our development team took to the sea to join our Insiders testing the game. It was an exciting opportunity to join fans as they played, many of them for the first time. We got to hear their thoughts and feedback first-hand, and in some cases, we got to partake in some… noteworthy interactions.

Celebrating this parley between our players and devs, we’ve put together the first in a new video series: Sea of Thieves Developer Gameplay.

Sea of Thieves Developer Gameplay #1 - "We Come Bearing Gifts!"

Dauer 8:01

Featuring footage from our Technical Alpha Release, this video showcases a crew from the core development team: Executive Producer Joe Neate, Lead Designer Mike Chapman and Senior Designers Andy and Shelley Preston.

What makes this video special isn’t the treasure quest the team embark on, nor the newly-shared shanties and their inebriated incarnations. What makes this video special, at least in our eyes, is the emergent experience the crew had trying to deliver treasure to a rival crew. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

As this was the first crew we’ve delivered treasure to, we wanted to celebrate them here. Kudos to Mocco2016, Golden Trinity, Draesoneth, and SGTBluntz for being the first crew in the world to receive a treasure chest from the team at Rare. Those players can expect a bit of real-life swag from us as well. We thought it only fitting that the treasure we delivered reach them in the real world, too.

Don't expect other pirates to take your word for it when you say you've got good intentions!

We know that many of you are slavering for snippets of new gameplay, and we hope this new video hits the spot. While the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) still applies to all of our Insiders participating in the Technical Alpha, we’ll do our best to continue showing new footage and aspects of Sea of Thieves as and when we can!

Until next time, keep up with all the latest Sea of Thieves news across any of our social channels!