Another Technical Alpha play session has come and gone, and with it, our trusty team of Rare developers again took to the open ocean to see how they might fare adventuring among our community.

As it turns out, the answer was, “Not great.”

Prime your peepers for the full adventure in our latest Developer Gameplay video below!

Sea of Thieves Developer Gameplay #2 - "This is Unacceptable!"

Dauer 5:28

Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Mike Chapman returned for another round of gameplay, this time accompanied by Social Media Manager Emma Bridle and Live Campaign Producer Christina Parker. Playing our Technical Alpha 0.1.1 Release, the crew’s adventure started out respectably enough, with the foursome unearthing a Legendary Chest and tucking it snugly away in their captain’s cabin.

You can only sail so long in Sea of Thieves before spying another ship on the horizon, however; upon setting their sights on a rival crew, our Rare bunch threw both their caution and sails into the wind, rushing headlong into the whistle of sailing cannonballs and the splinter of cracking timbers.

You can feel the intensity ramp up whilst our team's in the thick of a ship battle!

Chaos, hilarity and semi-embarrassing performances ensued, but to get the gritty details of how the encounter unfolded, you’ll need to watch the video (I mean, you didn’t think we were going to tell you EVERYTHING, did you?).

We would like to take a moment to honour our combatants here before signing off, so kudos to XI FaUcHeUr IX, SoLdaTHeRoTiQ and Kaptain IX on a battle well fought!

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