Since E3 2016, we’ve been privileged to share loads about Sea of Thieves with our community. From showing game footage from our fan visit this year to revealing a glimpse of what’s yet to come, the last few months have been an opportunity for our team to demonstrate what Sea of Thieves is and why we’re thrilled to be developing it.

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #1 - What is Sea of Thieves?

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Today, I wanted to talk to the community about a topic we haven’t really spent any time on over the past few months, which is, well, how we talk to the community. Specifically, I wanted to give a bit more detail on how we think about sharing content, and why we share the kind of content that we do.

For those of you who follow us on YouTube, you’ll have seen that we’ve launched three new video series since July. These are:

  • Inn-side Story: Two members of the development team hit the tavern to chat about our plans and the development process.
  • Short Haul: Quickfire 60-second videos filmed around Rare HQ, zeroing in on one specific feature of Sea of Thieves.
  • Tales from the Tavern: Our regular podcast series, in which the dev team discusses what’s been going on at the studio and answers questions from the community.

Now while each of these bring something slightly different to the table, they’re very similar in terms of what we’re trying to accomplish: We want to give interested fans a better look into the development of Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Short Haul #1 - Instruments

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We want to provide the opportunity for fans to see how we think about features that go into the game, why they’re important, and how they might work in the final experience. When we make these kinds of videos and tell these kinds of stories, we do so because we believe there are people out there who want to understand a bit more about the process of how we’re making Sea of Thieves.

That said, we know this content isn't going to scratch every itch. There are plenty of big questions out there beyond the facets we're currently talking about and sharing. We understand that some people want to hear more about the big new features they can expect to see in the game, and we'll definitely answer those questions in due time.

One of the things we’ve said within the studio is that we want to show the Sea of Thieves experience rather than tell people about it. There are loads of things that we’re rabidly excited to share about this game. But the right thing to do is show that stuff to you guys when it’s ready, as opposed to telling you about it as soon as we can.

This keeps us honest about what we’re building, and it (hopefully) gives our fans the confidence to trust us along the way.

Sea of Thieves Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode 1

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Don’t get us wrong. We want people to be hyped, but we want people to be hyped for the right reasons. It makes it easier for us to deliver what we say we’re going to, and it makes it easier for our fans to trust us, when we show the right things at the right time.

Until then, we’re stoked to be sharing more about how we’re making the game, and we hope you’re enjoying the content as it comes along.

If you have any feedback about this article or our content, drop us a line in our official forum or on Reddit. We’re listening.