[MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.11 - Legends of the Sea Discussion & Feedback

  • We want pirate legend content. You’re two years into this game and you still have nothing for us in terms of actual content for PL’s. Don’t try to pass off commendations as content. Give us something tangible. Stop drip feeding your player base.

  • I feel like the blunderbuss is getting more unfair each update. For example it kills you in one shot if all bullets hit in close range. And if you're hitting someone who's holding a blunderbuss with your sword they can spam the shoot button and it will shoot while they should be stunned from the sword attack. I find its how I die most of the time and that I despise the blunderbuss because of it.

  • Black screen worse after this last update. Having a xbox 1X with SSD and 50 mbps download and 27 mbps upload my load screens went from 3/5 seconds to now well over 30 seconds AT LEAST depending on how far away my boat is or if i'm coming in from the ferry of the damned. PLEASE fix this I don't know if its because there is so much information on the game as to why its slower or what but it's a HUGE pain especially during PVP. Hearing water fill your ship while you sit at a black screen is frustrating.

  • @cloud1043

    30 seconds!! What a treat that would be.. Not having an SSD makes this games loading times pathetic. On occasions i have spent many minutes waiting to be joined back with crew and ship.. It's probably become the main reason i rarely play this game much anymore. Xbox loading times unless you purchase additional hardware are a joke.

    Nothing makes me want to play multiplayer games more than black screening for so long i'm helpless to situations around me.

  • @texas1s1k They've tried to make it so that ashen chests at least have some level of difficulty to being completed. If they added key voyages back then ashen chests would be ignored because they would be so easy everyone will finish with them after a day or two. I find that taking a few little detours to pass small islands makes the Ashen Key Masters much more common.

  • Anyone know why my commendations for the Pink Flame skeletons wont go up? For about a month now I haven't been able to progress from 24 no matter how many I kill. Is there a special way to do it that I was doing before and didn't realize or is my game just broken. All my friends progress through it perfectly fine.

  • @takuboto XD

  • I like the Legends of the Sea accommodations, makes it worth exploring the islands. My main issue is that there is a set of 10 in which 9 can be found by anyone even if it's their first day, yet the 10th one (which is needed to get the completed accommodation) can only be found if you're a pirate legend or if you join a pirate legend crew.

  • Something I'd really like added is the ability to swing my shovel while digging up loot.
    Nothing is more annoying than being on an island being swarmed by skellies when all I want to do is just dig up the chest/loot and then take care of the skellies.

    The swing wouldn't have to cause any damage, but just be a knockback to get the skellies off you for a moment to give you time to finish digging up whatever you were busy with.

    Could be funny if you swing and hit a gunpowder skelly too.

  • Would like to see a hammer while fixing the holes.

    The fuse of the
    explosive barrels should always be shorter and not reset when you turn them off.

    The last update was not that great, you just drive from a to b and back again, even if I like the Easter Egg Hunt.

  • So all me crew does is sailing around without voyages atm 🤷‍♂️

    Duke should sell old mercenarie voyages so we always have fun things to play 🙆‍♂️

  • There should be more tattered sails, so you can look through

  • Would love to see, more of the Rare fish. Black clouds dont see it being ever done like wood crates. The spawn rate is way to low. Fished 3 days in all parts and caught 1. Please balance better. Black Clouds mabe when overcast instead of storm. ALSO love digging bait. But would like to just buy bait at times. Thanks Rare. Keep up the great work. ADMIRAL CRANKY

  • I think having the Crate of Exotic Silks as the Merchant Item to hand in at RH was unfair because this is purely RNG loot (except in forts). The captain's chests and VB skulls are fairly easy to find if you slap down an OoS or GH voyage but Exotic Silks have been an absolute nightmare to find. Especially when you consider they are part of a time-limited commendation run. I have 3 days to find another 9!!!

  • @wrs said in [MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.11 - Legends of the Sea Discussion & Feedback:

    I think having the Crate of Exotic Silks as the Merchant Item to hand in at RH was unfair because this is purely RNG loot (except in forts). The captain's chests and VB skulls are fairly easy to find if you slap down an OoS or GH voyage but Exotic Silks have been an absolute nightmare to find. Especially when you consider they are part of a time-limited commendation run. I have 3 days to find another 9!!!

    I can hardly go to an island, look through the barrels'o'plenty, kill a Meg or Kraken or sink a skloop without a crate of silk turning up (or more than one); random sailing for an hour or two got me (IIRC) eight yesterday. Perhaps you were sailing behind me 😉.

  • @wrs Every Meg I've killed had one. Every Kraken I've killed had one. 90% of floating barrels had it. It is not that hard to find. I got all 20 of mine by RNG within a week or two

  • @wrs
    And it isn't purely RNG loot (except in forts), as the gilded Merchant is digging up forty of them.

  • Sailed for 4 hours last night, took down 3 megs, 2 skelly sloops and a galley, few shipwrecks and random island hopping and found 1 Crate of Exotic Silk....

  • Rare need to bring the sword back to how it was pre Festival of Giving update. Or have servers with the old sword settings.

  • Decided to solo the legends of the sea entire commendations last night, and appart from a few fun books to find shooting myself out of a cannon, the whole event was boring as hell.
    Maybe next update will be more entertaining??

  • Hey, haven't played for a long time, have just played today and here is my feedback.

    I have enjoyed most of my time with sea of thieves, especially at launch.

    Now it's a disaster, everytime i play with my crew we are out of luck, meaning it's not luck anymore, the game is against us, all the time.

    For exemple today, we are 2 pirates on a sloop, going for the new chest quest (legendary). Whatever, we see that the new fort event has just finished, we are not far from it so we decide to go PvP to steal the loot.

    A big Galleon is here, as we are really high skilled PvP players, we succed to stick behind the Galleon, and we spam it with our canon. My teammate jump on their ship and kill them in order to prevent any repair.

    After 50 canon hits in few minutes, 3 fire bombs (everything is burning), the Galleon is still up (they had been able to repair a little but still...). Then, an ennemy explode a barrels under our boat, it kills me instant (i was on my sloop) and our sloop sank. We spawn back, go back to the fort, the Galleon is still there, they didn't have time to take all the loot. When we arrive near them, a skeleton ship spawn to bother us....

    Whatever, we succeed to kill everything, the Galleon sank and guess what, my mate is low HP, 3 ennemy pirates spawn next to us directly in the water, my mate dies, i kill 2 and the 3rd killed me... the loot was on a small boat.

    Our sloop is still there so we spawn back and guess what ?? Now there is a deep fog that we can't see 2 meters away. We lost the loot, we looked for it several minutes, we have found it back, the survivor was with it on the small boat, and we lost it again in the deep fog. Never saw the loot again.

    I mean where is the reward ? We are two guys in a sloop, PvPing a Galleon with 4 guys, and the game bothers us with skeleton ship, fog and random events as if it didn't want us to succeed cause those noobs couldn't defend on their own.

    And it's not the first time some things like this happened as if there was a hidden MMR inside the game system that gives artificial disadvantage to good PvP gamers. Note that we are really good players, we have hundred of hours on SoT, sank hundred of ships and we sank maybe 3 or 4 times only in PvP.

    Anyway, it's not fun for us anymore, it just looks like us against the gods. We feel like the small human that is killed by the god in Populous.

  • Can you please look into the rage bounty voyages. Every time i go the the final island i cant get skellys to spawn. Trying everything from killing whole crew 10 times to driving away from island and even restarting the whole voyage. Nothing will make them spawn. This game is beyond broken. Please please put some effort into fixing massive core problems of the game and stop making bad skins.

  • Since I installed this update, I've either not been able to launch the game on my xbox, or the game has entered an infinite black screen. What am I supposed to do.

  • im sad this happened in January rip x marks the spot emote.

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