Sea of Thieves Discord Bot - The Iron Justice

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    Ahoy fellow Pirates!

    Do you have an own Discord Community which is themed around Sea of Thieves? Do you and your friends regularly play Sea of Thieves together?

    Would you like to show off your in-game levels or your current outfit?

    The Iron Justice is the bot for your Discord Guild!

    For over a year I have been developing a private bot for the Iron Fleet, my own discord community.
    After two re-releases I think it is time to publish the bot to other communities.

    The Features

    The Iron Justice has a number of different features.
    Most prominently there is a 'Looking for Crew'-module which allows the user to be put into a special group in the discord guild for a limited time.

    There is also a profile system. There are multiple pages to the profile which let you keep track of your pirate's in-game levels, your handles on different gaming platforms and your user names of a number of social media pages.

    All profile pages can be navigated with the reaction-menu.

    Iron Justice Profile

    One of the newer additions is an Auto-Voice Channel Module. No longer do you need to have tons of voice channels in your guild. They can now be dynamically created and removed as needed.
    You can also create your own list of names for the voice channel generation.

    Auto-Voice Channel GIF

    There are also many other additional features, such as message- and activity-logging, and several miscellaneous commands.

    The default prefix is ?.

    For a list of all commands, fully documented, go here.

    License and Development

    The Iron Justice is an open-source Discord Bot, developed with the Library and published under the GPLv3 license, so you can fork the code and do whatever you want!

    You can find the Source Code here.

    Further Links

    Invite the Bot! | Source Code | Command Documentation | Join the support server!

    More infos can be found in the GitHub Repository!

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  • Thank you looks very promising, I will add it to my discord and provide feedback :)

  • Thanks @phuzzybond !
    If you need any help feel free to contact me :)

  • We have spent the better part of the last 6 months testing and using the Iron Justice in the Rogue Legends discord server. The functionality and options provided are fantastic.

    Thank you @Cradac for making this available to everyone.

  • I can confirm that its fun to use and a must have for SoT focused Discord servers!

  • The Iron Justice bot best bot.

  • @cradac Awesome work there matey, do I dare say SoT Bot of the Decade ??

  • @cradac
    Seems so nice!
    I presented it to my other staff fellow members in our SoT community, and we think we'll add it to our server too. 😁

  • Hello! The bot went beserk for a few days ago and just started flagging random people and i got flagged for words such as- Check chat, -What is happening, ehhh, okay. And then i got banned my Username on discord is DuoPepsi#8658 And i Would like help as soon as possible

  • @cradac Still works? Would there be any tutorial on how to configure it together with these positions like shown in the profile photo you put?

  • Hey!
    When I try to invite the bot it says:

    This bot can't join more servers as it has not been verified or is

    requesting gateway intents it has not been verified for Ask the bot's developer about so you can add it to your server!

    Is there any solution?

5 out of 11