Live Q+A: Gregg, Shelley and Jason talk all things Arena - NOW FINISHED

  • Are you looking to improve Arena by giving more incentives to players and avoid early leavers and eventually lead new players to improve their skill?

    For example : A punishment system for leaving a game?
    Unique titles and rewards for the best players of the seas?
    A true global ranking system that anyone can access to ?

    Arena lacks of engaging elements.


  • @pdt-mindstream said in Live Q+A: Gregg, Shelley and Jason talk all things Arena - WE'RE LIVE!:

    Arena Related Question #1:

    How difficult a time has the studio had in dealing with Joe Neate after his return from E3 as the Battle for LA Invitational Champion?
    Does he mention it in every sentence?

    Love you all! xoxo

    Jason: He hasn't stopped. He hasn't beaten me yet.

    Shelley: He hasn't mentioned it once to me!

    Gregg: We had to buy him a new hat as his old one's now too small.

  • Will Arena have a private server option?

    That would be very exciting for community tournaments and eventually bring the game a to a broader competitive audience.

  • @dotcomrobots if it was, i dont think that rep should be earnable through it. people already take over servers and ally to get free reputation this would juts make it 100 times as easy

  • @taaaamas Of course

  • Will we ever see rowboats in arena? I can imagine tons of fun hijinks if every ship starts with one on board.

110 out of 111