[Mega Thread] The Arena Feedback

  • @julian-peach

    Matchmaking really isn't the way to go for Arena.

    Problems with matchmaking are always a problem because they are never definite. Especially in this type of game. How do you balance how to Rank a ship? Averaging the players MMR in the crew??

    Ive played games like Dota 2 and other games that used a matchmaking system. Its really not as fair as you think it is.

    You think you'll be placed with individuals at your level but you really aren't. Unless the players you are playing with are exactly at your level you aren't going to get fair match ups. Then on instances where the game is deciding to raise your rank you'll be placed either against a fair match or more then likely against a team that is significantly better than you in every way because it was a rank increase match.

    Then there are issues with smurfing which will be the new whine and cry about issue. Trust me its good as it is, it forces players to adapt or learn.

    I hope they never actually do matchmaking/mmr/rankings but since they want to turn this into a Esports, I'm sadly under the impression they will ultimately do this.

  • Rare matchmaking is taking too long on pc to be a playable gamemode. Please do something to fix this

  • Can’t find arena games and it’s frustrating. Waiting in lobbies for 20 minutes or more is ridiculous. It’s usually one person that doesn’t have a crew member so everyone in the lobby has to wait until somebody gets frustrated and leaves then the cycle starts again. NEEDS FIXING PLEASE

  • Requiring full duo sloop crews is great.

    Requiring only three galleon crew members is terrible. A galleon cannot be utilised to it’s full combat potential with just three crew members, it is simply too big.

    I’d rather play in an arena game with only two full galleons, rather than five galleons with three crew members.

  • @ch1ll3ddud3 said in [Mega Thread] The Arena Feedback:

    Can’t find arena games and it’s frustrating. Waiting in lobbies for 20 minutes or more is ridiculous. It’s usually one person that doesn’t have a crew member so everyone in the lobby has to wait until somebody gets frustrated and leaves then the cycle starts again. NEEDS FIXING PLEASE

    Partially filled crews should be moved into another lobby, getting replaced by a full crew. I think this would fix the problem.

  • Please, change the commendation requirements for the Legendary Sea Dog. It's completely unfeasible to achieve at the moment. Games take way too long to start, upwards of 10 minutes even for NA and us Australians don't even have servers so we're playing on 300-400 ping every single game. It's extremely stressful playing arena on that ping, and unless it's changed or we get our own servers to play on, I will never be achieving that commendation and I highly doubt any other Australian will either because I wouldn't want anyone to go through that lag.


    I would like a faster way to mute people who can't seem to Win or Loose graciously. I don't want to hear a bunch of screaming or yelling of beyond inappropriate comments.

    Recent players list does not always show the names of everyone. Perhaps a player lobby list could somehow be accessible from the tavern between session to easily mute or block those who don't seem to know how to be decent human being?

    I understand and dont mind the usual compepative banter. What I'm addressing is the language that goes beyond the usual "you guys suck" comments.

  • @takuboto We want Arena without chest digging and selling , pure pvp last man standing , you can respawn till your ship sink , if your ship is sunk you cant respawn from death ! that what LOTS of people want . 100% sure more people will play arena if arena change like that or add a second type of arena like that or similar , PURE PVP no treasure hunting . PLEASE for love of the Pirate Lord !

  • Hello Rare,

    My friends and I are trying to find an arena match. We are trying to just get in to even an empty lobby, we'd be happy with that. Instead we are stuck on the 'Searching the seas' screen. After long attempts we'll eventually get cinnamon beard (none of us getting this error on adventure mode, just arena). What is going on, we try this with Sloops, closed crews or arena closed crew (We have to do close because we are full crews, if we try to do open crew we get the game relatively fast, but then we aren't playing together). What is going on, before when there were games in progress you'd just put us on an empty lobby, we sit around for 10-25 minutes for one game to end and you'd merge us. Now we are waiting for over an hour trying to manipulate how to do the crew build to get us a game. I'm just wanting to play and try to get my wins and games played for arena with my friends, is that so much to ask? Is this the solution you were trying for when you brought in the Opt out option, to kill the game mode for PC arena? I JUST WANT IN A SERVER PLEASE!!!

  • I'm not sure if the Arena is giving players the experience you intended.

    Matchmaking is not ideal. Over 20 minutes of shuffling servers, having the game then start with a 2 member galleon crew on multiple ships, except one, that were in a party having all 4 members.

    It wasn't worth the wait.

  • I suggest adding a new mode for Arena called "Fleet Clash." In this mode you'll have two teams of ships go head to head in a competition to secure a control zone that will periodically move positions. Points will also be earned for kills of either whole ships or individual pirates.

    Teams will consist of all three ship types, one type for each team. The crews will have the ability to either queue for the ship of their choice, or be fitted into whichever ship needs more crew. Crews without enough deck hands will have the option of opening their ship to other pirates for mid game joining.

  • I want a better PvP experience from each Arena round I play. Here are the two biggest problems I find stopping pirates from a good PvP experience in arena:

    • Problem 1: Location of Arena causes a lack of PvP

    Easy Solution: Limit arena to medium and small sized islands, such as Sailor's Bounty, Golden Sands Outpost, Sanctuary Outpost. The theme is that you can visibly see to the other side of the island in most cases with minor obstructions such as the mound on Sailors bounty, but the rest of the island is flat.

    Best Solution: Create new map specific to arena with medium and/or small sized islands using the above theme.

    Reasoning: Big islands, such as Old Faithful Isle, create more of an adventure mode effect. People struggle to find the 'x's across the isle, and when they do, they hide it or run with it. This is okay in adventure mode, but not fun in a timed mode that is supposed to be based on PvP. You spend more time digging or chasing than fighting.

    • Problem 2: Number of islands with chests are 1-3

    Easy Solution: Reduce selling points from 2 to 1 (Problem: campers)

    Best Solution: Reduce to 1 island with 5 or fewer chests

    Reasoning: When there are 2 or 3 islands with chests, this splits up the 5 (or less) crews causing a battle usually only between 2 ships. Because there is no ranking/ladder, these match-ups are usually one-sided and that single ship usually ends up winning getting all the chests and running around with them. If there is only one island with chests, all ships must battle for those chests, thus creating heaps of ground and ship PvP, assuming this island is small or medium sized.

    My solutions may not be the best to solve the above problems, but I hope they can spark some ideas to provoke a better Arena PvP experience for everyone. At the moment, it feels just like adventure mode, but on a smaller scale: Lots of chasing people with chests.

    Keep up the amazing work, this is one of my my favourite games of all time :)

  • I find that a lot of times if a ship does not have a full team, players will almost inevitably quit the match. Then I'm there, alone either trying to solo a Galleon or the Sloop until the match ends. One thing that I would add in order to even the odds in these scenarios since the likelihood of getting a new player mid match is 0 would be to add something I've pitched before. The One Man Crew curse, which will allow the last standing player on a ship to have the ability to raise anchor, angle and raise sail at a pace if the crew was helping you. For example on the Galleon, we know that raising the anchor by yourself mid battle is a death sentence, however you might just get out of that hairy situation if you raise that anchor at 4x the speed. 2x the speed as a solo sloop. Perhaps even on the Galleon all sails are rotating at the same time. This would be a more engaging Order of souls curse specifically for Arena. I feel this would not necessarily give an overwhelming advantage because it would only activate if your crew abandons you.

  • The server lag in arena is unbearably bad

  • I don't know if it's just me, but everytime I do the galleon arena there is severe lag whenever I'm near an enemy ship. This almost never happens to me in Adventure mode, only Arena.

    On Xbox, but I play in PC servers (since the game forces me to when it comes to Arena).

  • Hello Pirates,

    this game is really funny... especially with friends..


    Me and my friends, we are a group of 4, really like the arena mode. But the problem is that we have to wait about 20 minutes for a arena match to start!
    what????? you wait 20 minutes for a game which is 15 Minutes long??

    As we watch the lobby we look at the same situation always:
    mostly 2-3 teams with 4 players are ready...but then it happens.... random players join the lobby... that wouldnt be a problem, but they are definied in each team. means team 1-3 are ready with 4 players, team 4 (1 random player) is waiting for another random player, team 5 (1 random player) same situation as team 4..........ah ok, the lobby refreshes itself...that must mean that they put the 2 randoms together to team 4....but.... NO IT DOESNT.... NOTHING happens.
    And so the minutes run.... they run and run and run.... 15 minutes wainting.... 20 minutes waiting... 25 minutes waiting... really!!! for a 15 minute round ?!?

    With this mechanic it is so hard to keep the motivation for playing this game on... and the sad thing is.... we all 4 mates WANT TO PLAY IT. We want to enjoy the Arena mode, it is really funny, but the looby mechanics are so bad that this ruins the whole game for us....
    another 4 players lost, and no positive response when other friends will ask me to play this game......

    PLEASE FIX THIS and the arena will become more interesting for other pirates!! PLEEEAAAAAAASE!!!


  • Waiting time
    Galleon waiting times are still too long. It's not unusual to be waiting for a longer time than the round itself. Would Rare consider either a maximum wait time before just starting with whoever is present or lowering the number of ships that take part?

    Additionally can something be done about 1 or 2 man crews holding up lobbies? Perhaps if the rest of your team quits then you go back to a waiting screen until you have the required number of players rather than it holding up the rest of the lobby?

    I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the developers intention that the winning ship should be the one that happens to spawn closest to an AFK ship but this is often the case (Noted down my last 15 games and this was the case in more than half of them). Could the value of the chest be increased to mitigate against this or something put in place to ensure AFK ships don't spawn in the game in the first place?

    Could the reward for a 1st place finish be increased if the winning team wins by a certain point margin? This would encourage the 1st place team to continue playing to the end rather than running away as often happens.

    Could there be an additional reward for any ships getting over X number of points? Again to encourage teams to fight to the end.

  • Reducing the number of chests while increasing the value of hitting cannon shots had only increased the effectiveness of sinking afk or empty boats and reduced the competitiveness of the arena in general.

    It's the exact opposite of what these changes were supposed to do.

  • Matchmaking/ server fill needs serious work. I keep getting put in matches with 3 ships of which maybe 2 have full crews and in one case this was after a server merge in the lobby!

    In one case there were 2 ships. One had 2 crew members and the other had 1.

  • Please make three matchmaking preferences:

    1. Crossplay

    2. Prefer Xbox controller but then crossplay if no games available.

    3. Xbox controller only. If no games are available then have your crew load into an Xbox only server and wait in the tavern.

    Honestly I am sick and tired of waiting on the set sail screen for five minutes, only to be thrown into a crossplay lobby. Then I have to quit out and do it all again.

    This is a waste of everyone’s time.

  • @TakuBoto

    With the dawn of emissaries this is how I think they could revive it or at least provide us with an alternate game mode.

    Instead of islands and chest, make it so that the maps lead the players to gunpowder barrels and make it so that each ship has a sea dog emissary flag. you can earn silver for turning in enemy flags and your flag's grade goes up based on how much silver you have.

    Important notes:

    1. the gunpowder would be a resource to fight over and you would get the notification when a crew digs it up so you have an idea of who to watch out for.
    2. the first place team's flag would be worth the most and would provide an incentive for killing them whereas a team with less point's flag would be worth less silver.
    3. the flag could be worth the ammount of silver lost 1st~3000 2nd~2000 3rd and beyond~1000. This silver ammount could be claimed by any team including the team who was sunk.
    4. if a team has 0 silver their flag is worth 1 silver to avoid afk farming

    Ideally, this will shift the game away from a game of keep away and more towards a high speed ship battle.

    Please let me know what you think and if there is anything else that could be added to make it more fun!

  • The arena is a lot of fun! But it's takes forever to get going our last wait time was an hour and a half. When we finally got into the game I got dropped from the server and received a warning. After that game another 30 min wait and we got a game where I got dropped from the server a second time but then got a ban for 30 min becuase it said I was leaving games to often. Why am I getting penalized for a server drop?!

  • Cannon hit silver reward.
    I still believe cannon hits shouldn't reward points. It steers the game towards a "griefing" play-style; through anchoring an opposing ship, repeated shooting above the bottom deck and making sure the players can't retaliate, forcing them to either sit there and take it or scuttle the ship and lose points.

    Last game I played I was on the receiving end, half my crew quit so it was two vs three and the one on their cannons. I voted to scuttle to get out of it but the other player wouldn't by time I had enough and quit as well they were at 7k points with the chest still on Snake Island as the other two ships were struggling with each other.

    I mean look at it this way; you can shoot a cannon twice every three seconds, that's twenty cannon balls a minute, eight hundred points a minute for shooting a ship. Why would you ever go for the chest if you can do a thousand points in just over a minute?

    My solution?
    Digging up Sea Dog Chest +150 Silver
    Cashing in Sea Dog Chest +1000 Silver
    Kill Player +10 Silver
    Sink Ship +250 Silver
    Sink -500 Silver
    Cannonball Hit 0 Silver

    You could give points for sinking ships and reduce the penalty from sinking so you're not entirely cashed-out of points for each sink. People might still hunt other ships instead of digging up the chest but at least it won't devolve into spawn-camping to win.

    Voting for game modes
    Simple idea to just add game modes into a rotation system.
    When players join into a session, there will be a table to vote for a number of voyages. The current way the arena is played will be there along with two others (that I can think of right now) - Pirate Royale and Fleet Wars.

    Pirate Royale
    As the name suggests it's a battle royale, last ship standing. Everyone spawns on their ship with adventure starting resources and will need to hop from island to island to gather supplies, or just go right into sinking the other ships. While the game progress the red sea closes in until there is nowhere to run.

    Fleet Wars
    For this one it would require either a sixth ship or knocking it down to four. Essentially it would be focused purely on PvP, three crews vs three crews with the aim to sink ships. Each sunk ship earns a Silver coin; whichever team has the most points by the end of it is the winner.

    Points for hitting a ship with cannon balls? - ✗
    Voting table for various game modes, like voting for a voyage.

  • @dyfrin here I am searching to see if anybody is as frustrated as I am with the current state of arena and the wait times finding games. I am shocked to find this with other comments from nine months ago! I am currently grinding legendary Seadog and my average wait times are 30 minutes to an hour to get into a match. Seeing this was posted nine months ago and there’s been zero changes I think I’m just gonna give up altogether. This is very discouraging but I’m glad I found this.

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