The British Royal Navy Discord

  • To all who heed His Majesty’s Call,

    We are brave, we are ready, and we are willing to recruit you! Fortune favours the brave; but are you willing to join our ranks?

    We just reached 100 members last night and we would like to extend our invite to all of you on the Sea of Thieves Forums. Every day of the weekend, we do events called “Convoys”, where we bring in two galleons on a server and fight piracy, monsters, and skeleton infestations. On the weekdays we mostly do “Patrols” which consists of the aforementioned activities without the extra ship.

    Our organisation is based on chain-of-command. Each captain controls a crew consisted of 15 people so he could conceivably find at least 4 people at any reasonable time. We also have uniforms. (Hunter Hat, Admiral Jacket, and anything else underneath).

    Our YouTube channel is “The Naval British Empire” and every two weeks we do a video of our most spectacular or notable exploits.

    If you would like the invite, please message and I’ll send the link! Be sure to leave your discord name as well. Cheers!

    Lord Admiral von Steinsonne
    H.M.S. Lionheart

    Admiral Gillette
    H.M.S. Providence

    Rear Admiral Cole
    H.M.S. Monarch

    Commodore Nathan Hoy
    H.M.S. Formidable

    Commodore Pickle
    H.M.S. Unicorn

    Captain Archer
    H.M.S. Brookes

    Captain William
    H.M.S. Dauntless

    Captain Garrett
    H.M.S. Warrior

    Captain Horatio Nelson
    H.M.S. Victory

    From these officers of the British Royal Navy

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  • This is amazing. I have been modeling my character and his behavior after Post Captain John Aubrey from Patrick Obrian's Aubrey/Maturin series. Finding your group was serendipitous. I would love to join if you are still accepting new Able Seaman or Royal Marines for your crews.

  • @shcktroop43
    Yeah I’d definitely love to invite y’all, I am just on vacation right now so I’ll send you an invite and friend request.

  • @lord-steinsonne

    I have been looking for an active community and would love to join.


  • @lord-steinsonne

    Awesome. Enjoy the vacation. I look forward to the invite. Do deck hands have a separate uniform? Something less dressy? Just curious.

  • @lord-steinsonne If you ever need a mercenary, I always love a good scrap. Bumbis#2579

  • @lord-steinsonne i'd like to join aswell.



  • I kind of like the idea of this. Pretty much started playing last night though, so I'm about as new as they come! Might be good for me to fill in as a deck hand for a while!

  • Somewhat new to the game, but I'm a competent sea-goer already. Would love an invite if the group is still open!

    #Saaad Trash Boy#0312

  • @lord-steinsonne
    Good luck from HMS Terror, an italian crew born in April 2018. ;)
    If u want our server Discord link, contact me. :)

  • I'd love to be able to join!

    Discord is Duum Sloieyer#3735

  • I'd like to join, I play xbox mostly but I can play on PC too. Discord is leonardo-di-caprisun

  • @lord-pellew CommanderNeo#8304

  • Id love to join, my discord name is Willyum655. I'm a new player, but I don't mind, starting at the lowest of the low.

  • @Lord-Pellew would love to join you guys if you’re still recruiting. My Discord is MikeADX#8829

    God save the King!

  • Would like to join please. Gamer tag is jebilaya

  • Love to Join, Almost Pirate legend. GT: SmartGnome859

  • Gamertag: Vi0001
    Discord Tag: Vi#0011
    Age: 30
    Platform: PC/Windows/Xbox Console Companion
    Time Zone: EST
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?:
    Rep Currently:
    Tall Tales: 13
    Bilge Rats: 13
    Hunter's Call: 19
    Reaper's: 53
    Merchant's: 63
    Gold hoarders: 63
    Order of souls: 63
    Athena's Fortune: 17
    Pirate legend rn looking to get FOTD Legend
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Because I have heard really good things about this group and want to see what all the hype is about and find a crew to grind FOTD and learn something new and teach them something new
    Vere good in PVE/PVP and sinking ships, fighting Sea Monsters :), great shot with a harpoon :) Very friendly :)

  • @Lord-Pellew Sailor reporting for duty sir! (My discord is: ChickenNoOdles#6469)

  • @lord-steinsonne

    I know its been a long time since this was posted but might aswell reply, been looking to get back into SOT.

    My discord is Captain Saki#4064

  • @lord-pellew KACHIGA#6860
    Aspiring officer in the merchant navy looking for an upgrade.

  • I love this idea and would be honored to join!

    Discord particle.drain#0152

  • I've been looking for a Navy or Fleet, And this is the only one I could find. If possible, I would prefer to be a Scout if It's available. Good luck to you, Lord Admiral.

  • My discord is Elf@0679

  • I’ve been looking for something like this everywhere, so I would love to join.

    Discord: Ree#6732

  • I'd love to join you guys! This sounds like great fun.

  • I should probably mention my discord is @Skylark

  • Hi,

    i love the idea of a navy :)
    I realy like to joint the crew, and make the seas safer for trading ;)

    Gamertag: Van Straken
    Discord Tag: VanStraken#3038
    Age: 37
    Platform: PC/Windows
    Time Zone: CET/MEZ
    Language: German/English

  • Hello good sir,

    My Name is TOB, you may know me better as pope tob, guardian of the cake. As a Brit I feel it is my duty to join the navy.

    Anywho my discord name is: ruxpin64

    Thanks TOB

  • Hello! I’m not quite sure if this is still valid but I’m interested in joining. My discord GT is Greygor#2840.

  • I’d love to join you mate!

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