Less pvp

  • If you want to sail around without the risk of being attacked, then Sea of THIEVES is probably not a game for you.

  • @nintenkid9000 I get it, but every 10 minutes? Sometimes before I even get on the ship when I spawn in? Come on now. Get outta here with that ish

  • @pureformash So you think there is too much going on? There are 5 other ships on your server...at maximum, normally I'd say just 3...
    That's enough space you have out there to not come near them...shouldn't be that hard

  • @pureformash It's is sort of taking the game out of context and almost impossible if you want a have a session where there is less PVP action. I mean you have a similar suggestion as a guy that said about having private servers because of people attacking him. Could you have had a bad experience where you was being chased and attack every so often during your time playing? Maybe, that's up to you. Might want to try to server hop and see if you get in a inactive PVP server (where majority really either do quest or just want to be friends with you). And the latter statement is addressing to your topic with less PVP, just server hop, not everyone is going to attack you the moment they lay their eyes on your ship.

    With that being said in conclusion, this is a pirate open world, multiplayer game were every man is for himself. You either be the prey or predator. Gotta fight back at times if they seems to attack you.

  • less PVE and more PVP please Rare.
    When I leave The Arena I'm sure to be there, but I will not abandon the normal way, just for the pleasure of sinking the PVEs that are getting away from the fight.

  • @pureformash if you are being regularly attacked before you get on your boat while spawning in, then that is clearly a fault of the game and needs to be fixed. Same if you are literally encountering other players "every 10 minutes." However, most of us do not experience that when we play. When I've played, I encounter other players more like every hour, and a good portion of those encounters are friendly. So that's why some of us have been a bit cynical/suspicious of the frequency you've been saying you experience. But if you are not exaggerating, then you're absolutely right, Rare does need to take a look at their algorithms.

  • @pureformash max of 6 ships in a world this size is pretty darn low.

  • @pureformash said in Less pvp:

    @nintenkid9000 I get it, but every 10 minutes?

    The only way this happens is if you let it happen. Your ship has a crows nest. Use it.

  • @nabberwar Your process is flawed matey. :-). Honestly, while I agree, I don't see the every 10 minutes thing unless you are on a server with someone that is just chasing you around the map, trolling in a way, the fact is, I see PvP almost every game session. And we do not go out of our way looking for it. I rarely see "baren or empty" servers. Maybe it is my game time and server location, but the only time the seas feel empty is towards the end of the day, when most people in my area tend to be in bed.

    That being said, just last night we had just finished our Ashen Athena when we decided to go to a skull fort. Along the way we passed another galleon heading towards the DR. They popped off some bad shots as they passed by, and continued on their way. We got to the fort and no one was there. So we parked, set up our galleon to be ready for anything, and got to working on the skellies. About halfway through the fort, we hear cannon fire. Sure enough, there was a galleon approaching. At first we thought it was the ones that passed us, but it wasn't, that galleon was approaching from another direction. So suddenly we have TWO other galleons at this fort that we had to fend off, which we of course did, but my point is, PvP in this game was intended to happen more organically. Something that happened during a play session. If you are logging in strictly to look for PvP, then you will most likely be disappointed. But, if you log in, start a voyage, and then just let things happen as they come, I think you will find that PvP you are looking for. As it will simply happen. That is the design of this game. Mix of PvEvP. Open sandbox.

    Now, because Rare sees that there are many like yourself that want to enter a game looking for PvP, they are coming out with the new "Competitive Mode" in Arena. Once you have that, you will have a focused, short time period, competition to get the loot or most loot and turn it in for rewards. During this time you will of course see PvP to try and win any advantage you have over the competition. So, they are going to be giving you a way to play the way you want. While not completely abandoning what SoT is all about, the PvEvP.

  • @callmebackdraft said in Less pvp:

    @vorondil1 they never said something about private servers, thats what some people want to hear. What he was actually talking about was the option to join friends on a seperate ship on the same server (so you can have more thrustworthy alliences for instance, or a shoot of between palls)

    Private servers have never been acknowledged by rare.

    Actually, you are wrong matey. Joe Neate mentioned it in a live stream several weeks back, and has even mentioned it on twitter. Google it my friend. He responded to a request for private servers, in that case specifically for streamers, though it was not limited to that.

  • @callmebackdraft @vorondil1

    Plus there is at least one live stream where he takes several minutes to talk about it and say basically the same thing. Private Servers are coming.

  • So, you enjoy fighting hit sponge aimbotting forced spawn skeletons, aimbotting forced erruption volcanoes, forced meg and kraken spawns than actual players.

  • I be sayin' me one thing on this topic, #bemorepirate!

  • @silenius-x Actually, everything you said is pretty awesome and fun. So yeah, I do enjoy them. But I also enjoy PvP.

    True pirates #eatmorekrakenmeat.....

  • @pureformash Yeah this is wrong. This game is so special because of player interactions and how unpredictable the timing and nature of said interactions can be. Sea of Thieves is the game it is because of the way this part of the game is designed.

    As much as you may enjoy peacefully digging chests and collecting loot, Sea of Thieves is not a game where you're supposed to just go out on a ship by yourself and quietly collect treasure undisturbed. It is a shared world multiplayer game where having a crew and running into other crews IS the big experience!

    The sooner people start appreciating Sea of Thieves for its brilliant concept and design and stop wanting the game to become something it isn't supposed to be, the better off this entire community will be.

    sigh The 'New Solo Player peaceful PvE grindfest" crowd will run this game into the ground.

  • @nofears-fun You're the person that thinks having a clunky animation on guns is a good idea, so yeah, i assumed you would enjoy something like that.

  • @silenius-x Never said that, I just don't see any issue with the re-balancing for the most part. As for the delay, it really is not all that bad. Not sure why you are complaining about it to be honest. Took me half a game session to adjust to it. And honestly, the only change that they did that I would agree might not have been needed was the delay to fully equip. But it is literally 1 second. And it makes emphasizing sword play more. Which is great since this is a pirate game after all.

  • @pureformash there isn't much pvp now so this is an odd request.

  • @nofears-fun and if you read that correctly its about the custom server part NOT private servers and the way the asker states it it basicly about in this case streamers being able to set up fights within the community, this 1 in 1 coincides with the fact of people being able to join other players’ play sessions on a seperate ship NOT private servers

  • @callmebackdraft In that screenshot you are correct, as I said it was asked more specifically for streamers. But in the live stream it was asked and answered very generically. I wish I had a link to share on that, but I don't have the time to go back and watch them all. But Joe very specifically said private servers would be for community events, families to play together, and many other purposes. He was not putting any limitation on it at all. And still said it was a matter of when it happens, not if. And even said it was a personal priority for him.

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