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  • Global Moderators are Community Managers for Rare. They moderate all social and community spaces and they have the power to issue bans.

    Meet the Global Moderators!

    Lady Aijou
    I'm the resident "zookeeper", with so many pets it's kind of crazy! I've been a Community MAnager for 6 years, and it's an honor to be here working with such a fine community of Pirates. When I'm not work, I enjoy sword and knife collecting, gaming and reading

    Kenji Salk

    Hi, everyone. I've been a Community Manager since 2016, though I took a year-long break to raise a mini-pirate! I'm glad to be back aboard the good ship Rare and I spend my free time hanging with my family, gaming (often tabletop games) and reading. Fun facts: I'm an American expat living in the UK, I have a dog that looks like a little fox, and I'm a fan of the Oxford comma.

    CardShark 360
    I've loved video games for as long as I can remember. Created my own Xbox Podcast and Community website, organised several charity events around gaming and received the Microsoft Xbox MVP award for 6 years in a row. Love helping the community and attending events and expos like E3 and PAX.

    Is there a Global Moderator in my Time Zone?


    EUROPE (United Kingdom)

    OCEANIA (Australia, New Zealand)

    Moderators are volunteer moderators are officially active in the Sea of Thieves Forums and and Verified Discord. Moderators are only active as moderators in their community space. They moderate to the Pirate Code and official rules of their community. Forum Moderators cannot moderate the Verified Discord and vice versa.

    As Moderators, their responsibilities include:

    • Co-operating with Rare staff in upholding community guidelines.
    • Keeping discussion on topic.
    • Moving and locking topics when appropriate.
    • Flagging breaches of conduct with Rare admins (e.g. NDA breaches, toxic behaviour).
    • Offering help and assistance to community members who need it.

    Global Moderators, Deckhands and Moderators work closely together and regularly discuss certain information ahead of time in preparation for events, shows and policy or process changes. This allows Moderators to better anticipate high-traffic periods in the community and to provide more accurate information to community members in need of assistance.

    Moderators are not an official voice of the studio, but we do want the community to put their trust in them as they will happily do all they can to help you with the information that we provide them!

    It should be noted that our Moderators are under NDA and should not be pressed or harassed for information.

    Meet the Moderators!

    Musicmee- Forum Moderator

    triheadedmonkey- Forum Moderator
    Abhoy! I’m triheadedmonkey (…well…not really but…you get the picture) I like long walks on the beach, meeting new people and music such as Ride of The Valkyries (oops….wrong profile…but it works!)

    I saw the Sea of Thieves trailer at E3 ..2017(?) and immediately came here to sign up as an Insider and was invited to the very next Tech Alpha! The first time I played, I was hooked. Despite rarely playing online and using a microphone (with strangers no less) was even rarer…but for hours, never have I ENJOYED playing a game so much.

    I love helping in community Sea of Thieves events with Fortune (along with the various other fleets/crews/unions) and the first impression I made with them was…memorable….
    Outside of Sea of Thieves, I busy myself with a few other games (Forza, AC..), dabble in 3D modelling using Blender and very much enjoy the hijinks (and occasional usefulness) provided by using PhotoShop.
    ENJOY the Seas!

    Aerotsune - Discord Moderator
    Hello! By now many of you have likely seen me about the Discord server. And if you haven't? Well. It's likely that you just don't use it to begin with! (And of course there is nothing wrong with that.) Anyway, I was asked to do a 'Meet the Moderators' blurb, so here goes...

    I'm Aerotsune, though many have come to know me better as Badger due to my Discord nickname within the community. And, well, it just kinda stuck. To the point that I was requested to use it by some of the leadership going forward. So that's here to stay. Despite joining up with the ranks of the other fine moderators of the community (I'm talking about you, Deckhands! And Community Managers, of course...), I'm just another one of you guys for the most part. I started off a general user like everyone else. But as the community continued to grow it was decided that an extra set of eyes could be useful to help assist with the usual crew. So here I am!

    At any rate, I look forward to a continued enjoyable experience with you lovable goofs and will see you around!

    Is there a Moderator in my Time Zone?


    EUROPE (United Kingdom)

    How can I help the Moderators?

    The Global Moderators are employees of Rare and the Moderators are fulfilling their roles voluntarily out of their dedication to both Sea of Thieves and the community. Please be as supportive of them as possible!
    You can do this by:

    • Abiding by the Forums and Discord Terms of Service and Guidelines.
    • Following our Community Pirate Code
    • Being co-operative and understand that they are working as an extension of the official Rare Global Moderator staff.
    • Working together to make sure the Sea of Thieves community remains welcoming.
    • If you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to ask them questions.

    The Moderators are here to help maintain a positive atmosphere on the Forums and the Verified Discord to provide you the most accurate information available, so do your best to support them!

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