[Mega Thread] Sea of Thieves: The Arena

  • Announcing Sea of Thieves: The Arena - a new competitive game mode coming in 2019. Prove your worth in the game's fifth free content update, test your pirating skills against other crews and impress the new Trading Company - the Sea Dogs!

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    Looks great

  • Wow I wasn’t expecting this! This looks like a lot of fun!!

  • Thanks for the video, i've sat watching the whole stream on mixer and the moment SOT appears it laggggggggggs out and i missed the video! OMG! Why..... But now i've seen it.

    Thank you!

  • Great trailer but I’m not too impressed of the idea of splitting sea of thieves into two separate modes. Only time will tell and I’ll give it every chance to win me over.

    I know that they are listening to “feedback” but we’re gettimg so far away from the original vision of the game that I’m feeling a little disappointed.

  • @khaleesibot But... is this a SEPARATED game mode or a new event like the skull forts?

  • I like original sot "adventure mode," but certainly will be playing this.

  • Anddd.... did anyone spot the crab?? ;D

  • I hope it's something that you can do in the main world and not something you have to chose from the lobby.

    If that's the "Game changing" update, I'm a bit meh...

  • @amancebacabras it seems like a separate mode...they said something about choosing the "normal" style or arena :)
    But it is the PvP fraction many players wanted without harming the normal gameplay for PvE more (I mean that PvE players are not harrassed more than now) :O
    Mixed feelings about it :/

  • @skulliah

    You will choose between two modes. Either the current game which will be adventure or a condensed mode called arena.

  • @skulliah They said it's chosen from the main lobby. "Adventure Mode" and "Arena Mode." I assume their goal is to drive more players into the game in order to generate more revenue but my worry is that the team will be split between creating content for Arena and creating content for "Adventure." I had a nasty feeling that we were going to get something along the lines of something like this, it'll be interesting to see how the two modes remain connected.

    • Will I be able to use ship skins that I've unlocked in Adventure mode?
    • Will I be able to earn money, doubloons, and reputation in Arena?
    • Will there be exclusive skins, clothes, weapons, etc only unlocked in Arena?
    • How much focus is Arena going to receive compared to Adventure?
    • Will we start to see alternating DLC's for Arena and then for Adventure?

    So many questions, hopefully some are answered tomorrow at the panel. Only time will tell.

  • Can we get a HUB now please?

  • The only good thing that can come from this is if they optimize the network communication, because the servers choke enough as is in the adventure mode when you get a few ships in close proximity.

  • Sad time for Sea of Thieves...

  • Absolutely not a fan of having a seperate gamemode.

    Need more info on it, obviously, but so far i'm not digging it.

  • Huge let down fein rare
    Everytime someone asked for pve Servers the answer was ,no wenn dont want to Split the Community, and now we get a new game Mode for PvP....

  • That's going to bring so many toxic players in the game :(

  • This will be the best thing to happen to Sea of Thieves. Great work, Rare.

  • NOPE.

    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope and eerrr... nope.

    What happened to "not splitting the player base"? What happened to developing new content for the game? You mean resources have been wasted on a battle royal mode that the vocal minority have been bleating for? You mean those of us who have stuck with the vision now get to sit back and "enjoy" something we didn't expect or want?

    Nope, no ta!

  • @personalc0ffee hopefully it is like separate with only limited arena skins which you can only buy with arena money (like the doubloons) but you can equip them in both modes :)
    That's what I am hoping for ;)

  • @personalc0ffee No I think only adventure mode rewards should carry over into arena so people want to play adventure and look cool in the arena.

  • We will have to wait & see.

    The Arena... requires to be "fleshed" out.

    Anything said by any of us at this stage... is just our own best "reckon"

  • Well, it looks nice. It's good if you are looking for more fighting than exploration.
    However, I think this will have to be split between organized groups and open crew, since random groups will simply stand no chance, which will make it really unbalanced.

    Also, I'm curious what this means about time limited content. Are we going to have events/commedations for this as well now?

    Anyway, it does sound like it will split the playerbase quite a bit. I hope the normal servers won't be empty of PvP after that. I would much rather have PvP areas in the normal map instead.

  • Can't say I'm necessarily excited for it, especially since it will inevitably split-up the number of people playing the main game. I'd rather see them keep focusing on large content sets that enrich the existing world in the game.

  • Love this game but I am not convinced by this. Time will tell I guess.

  • The "split the player base" argument doesn't actually make sense considering the people that this appeals to either don't play the game currently or stopped playing the game because of reasons I have gone over in my BR post.

    This isn't going to split up anything. It is going to grow the player base and that will spill over into the real game. Plus, Sea of Thieves combat is bar none the most fun aspect of this entire game... in my humble opinion. :D

  • This is nearly the same as what happened to fortnite, save the world, a pure pvp mode came along and save the world is now abandoned. Oh well hopefully this turns out ok in the end

  • Hard to tell how I feel about this to be honest.

    Personally I think its too little too late and anyone who would have bought into all this from the get go are now playing other squad based games and those who played, got bored and left wont be migrating back in any major numbers. Yes, you will get people coming back to try it out for a few weeks but I cant see many people giving up other well established games for this.

    I wont be playing as I am not a fan of PVP only game modes. I will stick to good old vanilla SOT.

  • Crossplay??? Those old topics about crossplay will come again, PC players will win the most battles.

  • I can see everyones point on this, but it doesn't mean it needs to be knocked down. I would rather it be the main game NOT separating to Adventure or Arena mode, but to allow it as an event like Skull Forts, Skeleton Ships etc. That way you could bring in a crew roster to work in-game which players would have to sign up for but it'll be in main lobbies, only those who participate can take the treasure.

    It needs a rethink on separate game modes in my opinion, this game does not need to follow other games and have separate game modes, people will get bored of Arena and then want something else than the Adventure they have already. Maybe perhaps the Arena battle will show on players that aren't participating and they could come take the treasure like real Pirates would.

  • If this new mode selectable from the Main Screen separates the player base between PvP and what is now apparently ‘adventure’ mode then I think the game is heading in completely the wrong direction.

    I love Sea of Thieves, what it is now and what it can become - I’ve been on board for all of the changes so far but when I saw this announcement on Mixer my initial reaction was, ‘Oh God - No’. I really hope I’m wrong but this feels like Sea of Thieves chasing after the Battle Royale craze. Probably didn’t help that it was presented in front of an audience that sounded like the worst ever episode of Jerry Springer.

  • I'm pretty sad about this, it's just going to make interesting encounters way more rare in the world. Sea of thieves didn't need separate game mode and it certainly didn't need any battle royale type of thing.

    Feels bad.

    @wkd1337 yes it does, I don't know where you got this idea that all the PvP crews have stopped playing, me and my crew still frequently go around looking for a fight and from what I've seen there is plenty of other people doing so too.

    Did having fortnite turn into a battle royale bring new players to the original game ? Did battle royale make h1z1 get new players in survival ? No, it didn't. It just brought more people to battle royale mode.

  • What does that mean for the future development of the game? Separate evolution for the two game modes?

    Worst announcement ever made, how can you reveal something like that with so little information and let your players with so many questions? Rare you really need to improve your communication.

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