Is Trolling your own crew a reportable offense? Not PVP related. Pirate Code.

  • Apologies if this is a repeat topic. I did a search and got 900+ threads for 'Pirate Code Trolling Report'.

    This has nothing to do with crew-to-crew relations. Specific example: On a galleon in open crew, we had just finished a Skeleton Ship battle and had the 4 skulls and 4 stronghold chests aboard and sailing to the outpost. Our fourth member dropped off and got replaced with a player who wore ghost clothing. This player immediately climbed to the crows nest. Found nothing there and came back down. Did not say anything in chat or voice. And then proceeded to dump every loot item on board overboard. I was adjusting sails when it started. When my crewmate discovered what was happening, we immediately tried to drop anchor. The toxic new member grabbed it before it hit bottom. We had to coordinate sending him to the brig at this point to stop his actions. But now the damage was done. By the time we turned the ship 180 and sailed back slowly in the dark, we were only able to get back one skull. The trolling player had left immediately after getting brigged. I would assume that since his immediate actions were to troll us within the first minute of playing, he went to find another crew to do the same.

    I went back to research the pirate code and found the entry that states if you troll your own crew, you will get sent to the brig.

    But there is also mention of reporting behavior that breaks the pirate code. So, the question is, is it worth capturing video and nametag of players this toxic? Will Rare do anything about these types of players? Or is brigging the only solution?

    Just want to know for future occurrences. I am already used to 'living' with certain behaviors on the seas. Just want to know if I need to add this one to the list of "it is what it is".

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  • @hazeree

    Ahoy matey!

    Article 5: The Crew Bond Is Sacred

    Those who betray their crew and ship through griefing or trolling shall be sent to the brig.

    Article 7: Those WHo Cheat Shall Be Punished

    Pirates who show bad form and cheat their crew or others shall surely face bitter hardships and punishments.

    I believe this kind of behavior is against the Pirate Code and the Xbox Live terms. You can send a video and their gamertag when you repport them to the support:

    It is worth doing it, because if Rare is not aware of them they will continue and troll other people :)

  • @hazeree pretty much what @Skulliah has said, with the added mention of popping over to the support pages herewhen you get a chance to report the player in question if you can remember his gamertag?

  • There are many ways of trolling your crew. Simply sail away while they are doing their voyage on an island or blowing them up with a gunpowder barrel are easy ways to troll a fellow crew member.
    These actions can be done in a friendly manner just for a bag of laughs.

    Now, the action of the player you described is deliberately trying to ruin your game. Unsporting actions such as intentional team killing, bug exploitation and other trolling methods are considered offenses punishable on Xbox Live.

  • Thanks everyone. That is exactly why I asked. The occasional gunpowder barrel is difficult because some goofy crews do this for laughs. And I would expect making a decision on that vs the trolls would be too difficult to enforce. Same goes for sailing into an island. Even I have lost track of other tasks and forgot to turn the wheel in time.

    But the above sotry was very specific. And I was beating myself up for not capturing the blatantly obvious display from that player. Hence the reason I started this post. If I CAN capture the activity and it is a perfect display of trolling, would anyone listen? It sounds like the answer is: Yes!

    Good to know for the next time.

  • @hazeree - As other have mentioned. If you believe a player has been toxic in the game, you can submit a support ticket to Rare Support. You can also report them to Xbox Live here.

    As this has been answered, I'm going to drop anchor.

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