[CLOSED] Festival of the Damned Creator Challenge Submissions

  • Well hello there!

    If you're taking part in our Festival of the Damned Creator Contest, you're in the right place. Please post your submissions below. If you've stumbled upon this thread and have no idea what I'm talking about, sail over to our announcement post and find out how you can get involved.

    Please remember that this thread is ONLY for submissions for the Festival of the Damned Creator Contest Anything non submission posts will be removed.

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  • I'm not sure if this counts, but I did create some Festival of the Damned themed jokes.

    Why do people think the Ferryman likes his job when he doesn't ask for anything in return ………… it’s a dead giveaway.

    Who does the Ferryman get along with the best ................. kindred spirits.

    Who does the Ferryman tell about all of your embarrassing deaths ……....… not a living soul.

  • My Festival of the Damned inspired Halloween costume, complete with pirate cat! 🙂😸

  • My humble submission...

  • @stacky-a great photos.

  • I made a Galleon pumpkin for our work Pumpkin contest, it won 3rd place! :)


  • In anticipation of the Festival of the Damned, I put together this Skelly Captain costume for our work Halloween festivities! My wife makes a cute shark :)


  • @realterrortesin Hey heres mine :) Good luck everyone ! sorry it's prettty big

    halloween submission

  • This was a sloop I built my son for Halloween.
    He has medical issues and is non ambulatory and non verbal. http://imgur.com/a/HddrpJZ #SoTFestivalContest

  • @requiem-machine This is great. awesome INSANE!!!!

  • This is a drawing that I did of the Well of Fate in the Ferry of the Damned. I hope you Like It!!Entry

  • Here is my entry, an homage to horror movies! Hope you enjoy.

  • I took this unedited shot on my daily pre gaming walk on "Los Dias De Los Muertos". Is this Spooky Enough ???
    Title: "Skeleton Ship Battle Over Lake Como at Sunset"


  • Here is my entry for the Festival Of The Damned #SotFestivalContest! I hope you guys all enjoy it.

    The Curse of the Demon Clown by Captain Hitbotc and the Black Death crew.


  • Here's my entry for the contest, made some items inspired in the Mexican culture, the Day of the Dead, Ancient Aztecs and the Mariachis. alt text alt text

  • For the Festival of the Damned contest I made a full sized Festival of the Damned Lantern. The lantern has "crystals" on the inside and lights up in different colors.

    (Festival of the Damned Lantern https://imgur.com/a/EnR7Vug)

  • So here goes it, I call my entry:
    'New and interesting ways to party (row)boat!'

    Myself and my partner started playing day one, made legendary during the cursed sails expansion and are still loving the game! This update has been a fun and colourful one and we're both excited to see what the future holds for us all on the Sea of Thieves!

    Good luck everyone!

    alt text

  • Hi, there. This is our story. It's pity, but the final render get bugged in a portal scene... that 5 seconds scene I've spent about a half of a day on trying to make nice closing portal :(((( 5 seconds of the video... a lot of time waste... and it's gone (

  • The same video I've sent before, rerendered, so there are no bugs with portals

  • @EkulKcilb and @Requiem-Machine if you could check your chat messages, that would be great!

  • All the winners and runners-up have now been contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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