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  • Hello! Thanks rare! I see that in the next update you put in game missions within the colors of campfire/lanterns.

    Only question, who can't see the colors like me how can do to do that event? I need to give the account access to a friend to make the commandations and missions instead me?

    Thank you so much Rare for not interesting in ALL players...

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  • @romans96 I'm guessing you're talking about those who are colour blind? It's a very good question.

    There are colour blind settings in the menu, though I've never used them so not sure how much of the game colours they change. Would be worth having a check to see if they work for you though.

  • @luciansanchez82 I believe the colorblind options in the menu only pertained to X marks the spot maps.

  • We've passed this question on to the Dev Team to see if we can get more information for you. Stay tuned.

  • @luciansanchez82 @KnightX13 nono i know the colorblind options, i'm talking about an other kind of problems, the total blind of colors (achromatopsia), it's different from colorblind, and the colorblind features can't help these problem. I'm talking for exemple in the possibility to change the enemies color names (for us the colors is the same for crews, allies, and enemies) so in pvp i need to read the name before engage them, or the next campfire light color, it's impossible for us to recognize wich color is it and choose the exact with the lantern

  • @romans96 Oh dear that is a tough one. Are there any other games out there that cater to this condition? I'd be interested to know how they overcome the issue?

  • @romans96 How did you play the mermaid statues?
    It seems you'll need someone in your crew to help you with this.
    the only solution i see on this is a patch saying the color on the screen, next to the option to grab the light (in every lantern)...
    that must be hard to you. sorry mate.

  • people who are color blind usually can't see color combinations such as green and reds (Most common), green and blue, blue and yellow etc... Very rarely will you see a person among the color blind population who can't see any color. With that said, in order to incorporate everyone into this content, a labeling of the basic lanterns and the torches that need to be lit up would be the best way to go.

  • @nunoazuldimeter yes in the mermaid's event i played only in crew to know which statue it was, for me they are all the same, so i couldn't recognize which difficulty statue is :(

    @luciansanchez82 yes some games i have problem to play like others, for exemple the great part of fps i have difficulties to play because i can't recognize the enemies, for exemple if they are far i can't see them, or for exemple i can't recognize them if they have near a wall or floor with similar shader. For exemple COD or BF are impossile for has my same problem, also fortnite for exemple it's easiest from the games before, but equally difficult if someone is far or near a tree, for exemple. OW it's a little bit easy but the problem exists equally.

    An other things for SOT it's the similar for other games, less contrast of players with the round ambience, the color name.
    The white X for me was a very big help for exemple, because it has a contrast with all kind of maps (but with maps i can't see the different tree colors)so when i search treasures i go to see the border of the isle and what compose it

  • @Romans96 Understandable and hopefully something that will have a response soon*.

    *I cannot guarantee when "soon" will be, just that the team is aware of this question/concern and likely will respond.

  • That is a problem indeed, I hope you find a crew that wants to be your colour seeing eyedog.

    Since achromatopsia only affects a few dozen people and verry few of those I expect play SoT I don't know how much of a solution you're expecting.

  • Indeed this is an issue for some.
    I have a friend with this condition and although she does not see colour at all she can make out colours that are different due to being able to judge the differing shades of grey they appear to her.

    Fully understand how frustrating this can be for the few that do see in this manner and i hope something could be implemented to assist in this issue for both this event and future ones.

  • Hey @romans96 thanks for raising this concern. As @LucianSanchez82 mentioned we have colourblindness options but we know those don't solve everything. ( @Bran-the-Ent the colourblindness options were added to help with the x-marks-the-spot maps but they do more than just that.)

    For the Festival of the Damned the colours are a visual cue to help distinguish between the different causes of death a player can experience, and a nice way to reference those causes. The commendations are written in a way that makes this event seem colour focused but really the colours are just another tool for players to use in Sea of Thieves. This isn't ideal nor does it fully address your concern, we should do a better job here.

    I can't speak for the whole dev team but achromatopsia is new to me and I'd love your feedback on what parts of Sea of Thieves is difficult for you and thoughts on what changes would improve your experience.

  • @zz-emerz-zz I've done some accessibility work for people with visual impairments.


    1. optional labelling as mentioned so that it says the colour in text when you look at it. Suggested above, it's an obvious and easy to use solution.

    2. Audio cues for different colours. Make each colour flame have a different sound, so that people have an alternative method of identifying them. This could also work for the mermaid statues if they were to come back.

    3. Judicious use of contrast. This tends to need to be tailored to the individual, but in principle shades are easier to distinguish than colours, so someone with impaired vision may have an easier time determining between brightest, bright, dark, darker, darkest than between different colours.

    If it were me, I might look into the audio cue, even something like a tone that played when raising the lantern could work. It'd mean that people with this difficulty would have a new mechanic to learn rather than an event they cannot fully participate in.

  • Having played the event now I'm not really seeing much trouble in not seeing colour here.

    You know what you died to, you know that the Kiln has a different flame, the only commendation that's harder to do is the one where you have to make a party boat since you have to note for yourself what colour flames you've used on what lanterns.

  • @zz-emerz-zz first of all thank you for your answer.

    I will explain rapidly what, for now give me problem (and which) in SOT:

    1. The most important it's the PVP (for the animals, where i go with a cage i can see 'Gold Chicken' so it's not a problem). For pvp i have these problems: Where i fight the name for me it's the same for all, crews, allies, enemies. So during a fight or ship fight i need to read the name first and remember who is not in my crew/ally and then attack him. The second it's to see an enemy from a far distances: sometimes if someone is in the water or in a fort/isle from far it has less contrast for me and he becomes the some like the ambience (in less words i can't see the player because it has the same shader/color/contrast of the round ambience), also in water. So if usually all can see the player i n that case, i can't see him until he come near to me (it's the same for fps games, if the enemies are too far, if all peaople can see them, i can't). So i'm not asking for spotting enemies!

    2. Treasures island map colors. My friend told me that in the treasures map, the rocks, and the trees have different colors (in particular trees) that are the same of the "real-in-game" so find treasures it was easly. So i can't see differences from the tress in the map (and also in the real-in-game), because i see them all the same shader/color and also i can't see, usally, the rocks in the map, for their less contrast. So where i go/went with treasures missions, i uses the isles border and what it were composed 8curves rocks) to identify the way to find the treasure

    3. The new event: i started it yesterday with some mates of my crew. So i see that there are 5 colors that i take in different way. For which color i were taken in which death it's written in the commandations. The problems are: where i go in the island i don't know which color the island beacon is (and for 3 times i went with the same color, so i couldn't turn it and i had to go back on the ship; if i need to "steal/take" colors from other ships i don't know wich colors they have and if i need to take some color from my ship, or to put a color for the 5-colors-commandation i have to ask to someone of my crew which color i need to take.

    I know that achromatopsia it's not known like colorblind. WIkipedia can explain it better then me, but in less words who have achromatopsia usually see in the grey scale/white and black, and so they can't see the color differences, for exemple i can see that a color is darkest then an other or lighter then the other, but normally, for exemple, some color for us are the same, like red/black and dark blue, or yellow and blue, or grey and green, etc (it's an exemple to explain bettere, it's so difficult to explain perfectly sorry :( ). And olso some times who have achromatopsia can have less degrees of view (in my case i have 1/10 degrees, so i can't see far things/phrases), and also sensitivity to light, for some of us a strong light gives boredom (in fact i uses dark glasses in my life and often to play).

    1. Light: In fact sometimes, for exemple in pvp, where i have the 'sun' forward me, i see all white and it's so difficult to see good the enemy and also skeleton, ships, etc....such us in the real, if you watch directly the sun for some seconds you see all 'white'. for me is the same, but also in game and in the real it's more annoying.

    For now it's all problems that i have in mind in this moment and ...sorry for my english :)

  • @zz-emerz-zz ah an other thing: the contrast of enemies. For exemple if an enemy is at a cannon in a Raid Fort, all of my crew see him if they watch in the enemy direction. For us it's difficult to recognize them. SO an options to up te enemy contrast can helps to see like other players (NOT spotting, only see like others)

  • @zZ-Emerz-Zz
    I hope that you are not interested in this problem. But it's not a problem i will continue to play in my best with my crew.
    Already the fact that you answered me once it's important for me.
    Means that, even if for a short while, you have considered the problem.

    Thank you so much for the answer :)
    Good work with the next features :)

  • Hello! I know that Devs have to work on biggest and probably more Important things, but is it possible to know, also now, with an imminent went out of The Arena, if there is some possibility to see some helpful features for who have these problems or similar?

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