[Mega Thread] Cargo Runs

  • I'm not really caring for the cargo all that much. It is a neat idea but when I could sell a gold chicken for the price of like 3 items but now have to worry about the slightest noob firing a couple cannonballs at the ship it loses its worth to me. I think it would have been something better suited as an upgrade for a new Athena's type of mission. Forcing PLs to do something like this that would make an Athena's more difficult but with a new set of 10 levels. I do however, love the row boats. It does allow you to transport the silks and stuff, even loot and supplies but once I can buy chickens over merchandise like silks and dying plants, I will be doing them.

  • I think cargo runs have made merchant alliance more of a grind..

    The old missions would give me around 4-6k per voyage. The best cargo run gives 7x350 (2450) currently for me as I am 43. Please tell me that the merchants will either sell more than 3 voyages at a time or sell 2 normal and 1 cargo after the event. If you get a bad merchant mission now you cant reroll for golds as often.

    I feel really bad for anyone trying to level merchant now that cargo runs are the main voyage available.

  • @rcsnipes100 great points there. Both distance and danger involved should adjust price. The further the distance, the more risk to transport.

  • k so @Rare replace the random rum crates with the old spoce crates again please, they are not suited for random drop.

  • Here's a question... how come the Cloth is open in a basket style box, whereas fine silk is in a sealed, seamingly waterproof crate instead?

    Question posed last night by @octopus-lime or @LucianSanchez82...

  • @sshteeve Reasons...


  • @jeremep said in [Mega Thread] Cargo Runs:

    I think cargo runs have made merchant alliance more of a grind..

    The old missions would give me around 4-6k per voyage. The best cargo run gives 7x350 (2450) currently for me as I am 43. Please tell me that the merchants will either sell more than 3 voyages at a time or sell 2 normal and 1 cargo after the event. If you get a bad merchant mission now you cant reroll for golds as often.

    I feel really bad for anyone trying to level merchant now that cargo runs are the main voyage available.

    Merchant Quest you have to go look for the animals on different and find the right ones and cage them, cargo runs you just have to pick them up and point A and relieved them to point B.

    Also with Cargo runs you can have multiple runs at once, I have picked stuff up and delivered stuff on the way while I am doing cargo runs. Not to mention you can pick up a cargo run, throw down a different voyage and finish it in between.

    As someone who is currently grinding merchant, I love how cargo runs work, I hardly ever chase chickens anymore. Also the Devils Roar Cargo runs are pretty nice payout. If you get 8 items at 700 each that's 5,600 for one run!

  • @katttruewalker cargo runs are fun but with matchmaking it's stupid

  • @zormis I see your point and I didn't initially realize you could put down multiple runs. But the annoyances of the cloth and bottles make it more tedious in my opinion. I'd rather go find 3-4 gold chickens then worry that the slightest thing will break ALL the bottles, or how I can get the cloth off the boat without it getting wet.

  • @sshteeve —remember, your clothes need to breathe, ; )

  • cargo runs suck.
    of all things you could have spend your time on this is it.....k........
    game is dying slowly but surely, better start a new project rare.

  • I think Cargo Runs should count to merchant commendations. ( to count miles, quests purchased & completed)

  • @nunoazuldimeter I'm not sure how it would track it because as soon as you collect all of the items the quest is effectively 'completed' and it dissapears from the quest wheel/table.

  • My crew and I are no longer hearing the sound of bottle missions that are being picked up. We get the visual notification but no audio. We had it before the cargo run update. Thanks

  • cargo runs should have spices as well that can't get wet

  • So uh... why is it that the merchant alliance remains the only faction you can't really steal from? We are playing a pirate game... where stealing goods from merchants... is in no way worth your time.

    The act of sinking a merchant vessel results in the complete destruction of... you guessed it! Literally everything but plants and the occasional guard snake placed in the crow's nest. Rum? Broken. Cloth? Soaked. Chickens? Pigs? Snakes? Probably dead and even if they're not, without a voyage they are worth nothing.

    Am I really the only one who sees this as a problem? Was this in any way play tested from the perspective of oh... I don't know... a pirate?

    In other news: your cloth is not safe in a rowboat! Water occasionally clips through the rowboat both on your ship and off your ship in rough seas making devil's cargo runs an absolute nightmare! At best you can place them on the back seat and probably have enough time to get to your ship, but not both get to your ship AND row to a volcanic island like fletcher's rest to drop them off.

    Such disappoint. Much wow. Merchant alliance still sucks.

  • @daantjebnl I’ve not seen them as shore loot but I agree, on their own 350 is not worth it at all. The shore loot should be devils cargo at least for it to be worth it.

  • I'm not sure if this has to do with Cargo Runs, but I have noticed today (and had a suspicion for a bit longer) that I'm not gaining any experience anymore. I also filed a bug report.

  • So not to be a complete damper on Rares parade here, but as far as cargo runs go, its really a waste of time. As many of you have stated on both sides of the argument, "Yes, its high risk low reward (gold & experience) type of run but it shouldn't be your main focus" I understand that but, when i get nothing other than cargo runs and no normal merchant quests I'm stuck in this endless heavy grind. I'm not your typical player I enjoy grind heavy games to the fullest extent. When I sit here for little over 6hrs doing the cargo runs and not seeing any normal merchant missions it's getting a bit tiring. And of course I wouldn't mind grinding out gold hoarders or even OOS but I have them both at rank 50 and with merchant sitting at 37 and 1/2 cargo runs are making it near impossible to get the last 12 1/2 levels to reach PL. Have I tried server hopping in hopes of getting more basic merchants quests? "Yes, I have." And it still yields the same thing infinite cargo runs... and for me starting over in golden sands and have to sail all the way to the other side of the map avoiding everything for so little experience just isn't worth it. I'm not really concerned about gold I'm more concerned about the fact its just a small amount of xp for just a long trip and with nothing but cargo runs... At the very least merchants should have two pages one for normal quests and one for the cargo runs instead of forcing me to do all cargo runs.

  • I really enjoy cargo runs. I have a great time running through them by myself for a nice, relaxing time. I have a couple of things I think could be better about them however:

    -----Overall, it doesn't feel rewarding enough - They're fun and all but there needs to be a reason for someone to say "Hey I'll do this instead of resetting voyages for gold animals, it will be just as valuable."

    Gold: could definitely use a buff, probably 100 more for each piece of prime condition cargo piece.
    Rep: A friend of mine who is close to being a Pirate Legend stated that the reputation gain wasn't nearly as good as what you get for running a ship full of gold animals.

    -----The plants feel a bit awkward right now -

    So in order to do cargo runs, I have to set my ship up with some water in the hull to either submerge the plants, or have the water there that I can bucket and dump on them periodically. I know the challenge of this one is supposed make you pay attention to them and keep them healthy, but having to start cargo runs by making a hole in my ship or bucketing water on my ship just feels... weird... and adds another step in the preparation before I can set sail. I think there needs to be a more lucrative way to keep them watered.

    -----It needs to be more variable

    As a Pirate Legend, every cargo run I've ever started has called for 8 pieces of cargo. I know I can turn each piece in for 350 gold if I keep it in prime condition, so from the start I already know I'm going to make 2,800 gold (or less if something goes wrong). I don't think we should know the value of a voyage before we've even voted on it. Maybe there could be the potential to have larger numbers on your hands.

    • It's rather annoying that your cloth can/will get wet if you use a rowboat on the open sea.

    I've occationally got so much lag that my ship 'sails' below the waves. I'm a bit scared that that might make the cloth wet as well, though I haven't tested it. It may be a different cause than the cloth getting wet in the rowboat though.

  • @ottersteeth My buddy and I found that to keep the silk dry you can put it up in the crows nest. That's the best spot for it. Doesn't get damaged by cannon fire and if your ship starts sinking you have a chance to grab it and jump to a drier location.

  • I like them, and I understand why they yield less gold and experience and whatnot, but my big problem with them is they make it almost impossible to find a basic animal collecting mission, and those ones are far more profitable in terms of rep gain.

  • @commandwolfyt Well... there's always the rain to ruin it lol

  • Have you tried carrying the rum bottles recently?

    Got to the location to load them up - the volcanos started shooting fireballs at me.
    After that a megadolon spawned next to me so I visited near island to ditch it.
    Getting close to the drop off location a ghost ship spawned in front of it.
    While turning the ship to arrive from another direction another colored megadolon spawned near to me.
    I got near the island happy that at least some of the bottles were not broken entirely...
    To get hit by skeleton cannons.

    The cargo runs need better rewards and the bottles more hit points.
    (Doubling the size of shipments would also help)

  • Athena cargo runs are completed with pick up. So they are rushed and left on the beach -.- its no fun no voyage nothing

  • I usually leave my bottles in the rowboat. In the case of an encounter, I’ll launch the boat to handle the threat. Then go back and retrieve the boat full of rum.

  • Need to keep devils roar cargo within the devils roar region n not miles upon miles of dead boring sail time it some times spawns you at sanctury for a pick up at brain's bazar to to deliver at crooks hollow its a stupid amount of sail time if you work it out just for 8 items (no wonder people hate cargo) plus there should be an option from all outposts to chose between cargo or animal

  • @rip-chongy They did mention in a recent livestream that they would double the value of cargo, make them a bit less fragile, and overall reduce the distance between pickup and destination.

  • I hope that at some point we'll be introduced to more tiers of cargo. Not necessarily more types, but more valuable packs of the existing stuff.
    My idea for this is to give out bigger crates instead of multiple small ones of the same type as right now it's mostly busy work to get them from one place to the other.

    I like that changes to the base value, but just having a tier 2 crate instead of 2 regular ones or a tier 3 one instead of 3 normal ones would help out a lot. After all while the idea behind the cargo runs is nice it's arguably the most boring quest type/activity to do in the game.

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